Zero Tolerance US Champion
Bruised and Beaten pt.II

Sleeping wasn’t gonna be as easy as I thought it was. Scott's face had said hello to a brick wall and he whined like a bitch before it happened, ..but what do ya expect?

Jaymz laid there in the backyard of Five-Twenty-Two Fallon lane and looked on at the sky. Scott wasn’t a problem anymore and neither was his crack head girlfriend that he had shacked up with when he left Julie; and he laid there in their backyard with the second cigarette that Scott had given him earlier in the evening... He was smoking like a freight train tonight and he wasn’t sure of the reason why; maybe not being able to sleep had something to do with it... But it made his back feel better, and his legs to.. As far as he was concerned, he could lay here and smoke the night away. The stars were easier to see here as they were farther away from downtown Detroit and he almost missed them... The stars were brighter at home and there seemed to be millions of them, he would lay on his back as a kid - just as he was doing now - and gaze at them, wondering if they were really eyes of the Gods watching down, watching us. He took another drag from the cigarette and flicked the rest of it in the yard. There came a vibration from his pocket but he didn’t bother with it, whoever it was would leave a message, he didn’t really feel like talking to anyone right now.. Seconds later the vibrating stopped and there was a single beeping noise, ..indeed they did leave a message. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and looked at the number, it was Vadim. He put the phone on "speaker" as the green glow reflected off his face and punched a few numbers and moments later Vadim's message came.
"Alexi, hey...its me. Uh, ..I was just gonna tell ya that Samantha is here and that we really should put her in the ground by tomorrow. I had it dug yesterday, the plot right next to yours, and, just give me a call and let me know what’s goin on, ..take care."

My sweet Samantha... I didn’t want to put her in the ground but then again I didn’t want to do a lot of things. I found myself thinkin about her durin' the match and I wish I had kept my mind on her - because when I didn’t I started thinkin about winning, ..and then Goth pulled the cheap one on me. Samantha was a strong person, like her father, and I figured she could take care of herself... I knew what she was doin these last two years - but she didn’t put up with shit and would set people straight, ...hhmm, ..wonder where she got that from? I didn’t get cold layin this fuckin grass even though it was way below freezing - it felt good just to be out here...and I think my minds keeping me warm cause its doin enough work for the rest of my body tonight, ..and so are my lungs. My body needed the rest, needed the muscles to relax to get my mind back straight again. ..A mother fucker could come through here right now and go to hackin on me with an axe and I wouldn’t give a damn, chop me to bits for all I care - just let my legs rest. Oh, but my Samantha, ..I fucked up this time and there’s no way to make up for it, cause what’s done is done and I cant do a damn thing to fix it. ...But I'll see her again, because when Im King she'll be my princess.
Jaymz' upper body shot up like a corpse from a coffin and spun his head around, the noise was loud and he wanted to know where in the fuck it was comin from.. He looked to his left and saw a black bird about twenty yards away.. It made its annoying sound again and hopped along the ground for a moment before it found something in the yard worth eating. Jaymz laid back down on the grass

Fuckin bird... I didn’t understand what the thing was doing out here at night and it took me a while to clue in, ..but once I saw what happened, I knew all about this little maggot bird. I was hopin’ it would make its way over to me so I could drop my fist on the damn thing like a hammer.. but I wasn’t ready for the little bastard to jump on my chest, ..fuckin mistake for this pest. It was too slow and didn’t see my hands, but I enjoyed the sound of the bones cracking when I twisted its head. I tossed it to the side, but it was when it jumped back on my chest that I knew about it.

The bird rolled of Jaymz and fell to the ground with its head twisted to around to its back.. But the bird blinked its eyes and the head moved, there were a few cracking sounds as it came back to its natural position and jumped back on Jaymz. He shot up again, this time onto his feet with his fists tight..

...Sin....I should have known, ..and his fuckin bird Sabbath.

He paced around the yard for a moment as the bird flew off and sat on the corner of the house still making its irritating kawing sounds that didn’t really sound like any other bird he had ever heard. He walked around and listened cause he knew that he would prolly hear Sin before he saw the man... The time rolled on and Sabbath never made another sound and Jaymz got tired of standing.. He plopped back down to the grass and went back to watching what stars he could see.

...Hell I knew he was around cause that bird wouldn’t go far without him... But you don’t shoot an animal on the run or one that’s lookin for ya, you wait till they lie still and take your best shot, ..go for the kill. ..That’s the kind of bastard that Sin was, ..I knew his tricks and I knew how to bring him out. I wasn’t surprised when the stars blacked out and his white mug was lookin down at me.

”The fuck you doin here?”
Sin stepped back as Jaymz stood up and adjusted his jacket and reached into his pocket to grab a cigar…old habit but he didn't have any smokes.
“ fuck…you gotta smoke?”
“Alexi don't ask foolish questions, know what we have to discuss.”
Jaymz glared at the man, “…I don't think this is the time Sin”

“Well Alexi, I didn't ask what you thought.”
“..And you didn't ask for an asskickin neither, ..but I smell one a-comin.”
“..its about your daughter, Alexi” There was no emotion on the mans face as he spoke to the dead girls father. But Jaymz only glared back, his eyes turning a shade of black but not totally and he took a step closer to Sin.
“ took her didn't you?”

It was a stupid question, but that's what we do – we ask dumb questions just to have someone verify it so we can take it out on them because that's our nature, …and it was in my nature to fight.”

Jaymz grabbed a hold of Sin’s jacket and smashed his face into his, “..where did you take her? WHERE??”
Sin shrugged, he didn't seem to mind that Jaymz was pissed, “well – that's for you to find out, ..I cant tell you that Alexi”
“Your goddamn-fuckin-wrong Sin, you better tell me or I’ll kill the both of us just to find out.”
“And then what happens? ..What happens to Julie?” Sin was calm while Jaymz shook with rage.

He was right, …Julie would die in the Garden and her soul wouldn’t belong to me, ..because it never did and it never would.

“Bring her back to me…now.”
Sin laughed for a moment as he pulled away from Jaymz and took a step back, “Well now that's something else I cant do.”

Jaymz didn't find this as amusing as Sin did, he launched himself at the man and tossed him into the grass… His eyes turned black and bulged from his head.. He wailed on Sin with lefts and rights, giving everything he had but the man only laid there and took it, ..laughing. Smoke rolled from the grass in the backyard before it burst into flames in several spots quickly spreading closer to them. Jaymz screamed in rage as he pounded on Sin, ..and it was at that point everything changed.

…I knew I fucked up when the fire went a pale white color and fizzled out, ..that was my fire, but nobody could fuck with the things that I do, ..not even Sin.

”Your wrong Alexi”

There was a shocked look that crossed Jaymz’ face as he held his right hand in the air ready to strike Sin again. But Sin only grinned and shook his head “no” at Jaymz. He placed his hand on Jaymz’ chest and pushed with little effort but the giant man flew off of Sin and collided with the house. Sabbath let out a “kaw” that sounded more like a mocking laugh as Jaymz crashed through the dining room window.. The glass shattered and stuck into the back of his legs, which already hurt, as he sat stuck in the window frame.. Sin’s eyes were glowing white as he silently walked up to the house, crunching over the burnt grass. Jaymz looked up at Sin..
“I know what you think, but you didn't know – you weren’t aware. ..and yet, you’re the one to be King? You’re the one to be the ruler of the Underworld? ..I dunno, Alexi…You cant even reach your full potential… I showed you nothing of what I can do and your not even aware of the powers I hold… In fact, your still not aware of the power that you yourself hold.. Keep getting angry, ..and maybe, …just maybe You’ll get Julie back.”

Sabbath landed on his shoulder as he backed away from the window and jumped for the tree, he swung up on the branch and onto the top of the house…

…uuuhhh…I didn't think shit could get any worse than it already had, ..Ive gotten my ass kicked twice too many times this week… and I damn sure didn't know he could read my mind. …I knew he had taken Julie, but what was I gonna do about it? ..He flicked me like I was a fuckin bug, ..and goddamn this glass hurts…

There was a sickening suction sound as Jaymz pulled himself up from the window frame and the glass came out of his legs, what was left on the shards of glass was black smears.. he fell down to his palms and knees and sat that way for a moment.. He used his left hand to fish into his pocket for a cigar, ..damnit – the habit was bad, ..he needed some smokes. He winced in pain as he stood up, he grabbed the back of his leg and then looked at his hand, ..the bleeding wasn't that bad he noticed. He walked across the backyard and the grass began to smoke again and as he kicked the fence down with one huge foot the backyard erupted in flames again, but this time they were blue and moved swiftly to the house that was Five-Twenty-two Fallon Lane.


I don't understand people who speak on issues that don't concern them, or yet ..subjects that they don't even know about. For instance, Songaa wants tell me that its partly my fault that Julie is gone. My fault? So I'm the one that made her tried to kill me? I'm the one that took her soul? No, ..but I did lead her out behind the house, ..and she became a better person. Do you know why she tried to kill me Songaa? ..No, ..really you don't; yet you wanna act like you do? She tried to kill me because she loves me, ..because I'm her King and she wanted to see me obtain that title… its time for her to come back, but what should I do about it Songaa? Please, enlighten me on how I can solve this little situation; because I would sure love to fuckin hear this one. Cause see, you don't know Julie and you don't know her mental state or the things that she believes and your gonna tell me who’s fault this and that is? ..and Julie probably saw what coming? ..What did she see coming Songaa? She sees nothing but her love for me and its only a matter of time before I get her back. Oh Songaa, ..don’t get King mixed up with that sorry little girl Ashe, ..or Charlotte as I liked to call her, “I was always gonna be so tangled in her web” and whatnot but I slapped that little piece of trash around and finished her off, …and where has she been since that match? Songaa, you don't listen very well do ya? Yeah, I said maybe I should lie down and let you win so I could get to Goth,

..but in the end, didn't I say that it wasn't gonna be that way? Didn’t I tell you that you weren’t gonna beat me? Didn't I tell you who the better wrestler was? Oh yeah, you loved hearing my comment – it got you so fired up that you didn't even listen to another goddamn word I said! You musta blanked out after I talked about lying down, …Pay a little more attention the next time, alright Songaa? You actually believed that I would come out to the ring and LET you have my belt? Hittin the peace pipe a little too hard, eh? You’ve gotta fuckin be kidding me, ..If I told you that I was the goddamn Easter bunny are you gonna get all excited about that too? Settle down Songaa, don't get too fired up about it, ..cause it isnt gonna happen.. I never expected you to take that comment so damn seriously, ..I figured you would know me a little better than that but I can see that I was wrong. When did I ever question my ability to come up big? Did I ever say anything remotely close to, “man, I don't know if I can win another big match.” No, no, no…..and no again. Damnit Songaa, really didn't pay attention did you. Well sit back and get comfy because I'm about to line you out once again… how did you get all of that out of “I’ve lost big matches before, but what can I do? Shrug it off, go and prove my worth like I’ve done over my career” ..yeah, it went somethin like that and you tell me that I'm questioning my ability to come up big!? ..You wonder why I correct you in front of the world Songaa?

..I know you don't like it, but when you start babbling on about shit you don't have a clue about, what do you want me to do? Send you a letter? Write you a note on a post-it? ..I do find it funny Songaa, its fun to watch people like you talk about things you don't have a clue about.. so why would I just let it go? Why would I let the world believe your bullshit propaganda and the fact that you don't listen very well? .. For one it gives me a chance to make a fool of you to the world and two, ..well, ..its fuckin fun, ..I like it. You live in one big Fantasyland Songaa, I’ve already told you to stop playin pretend and quit worrying about the GWA roster and who’s had five matches.. you think I'm doubting myself and that you can take this Title from me? Hhmm, I guess I have to break in a harsh reality to you this week Songaa… I do hope that you come into this ring thinking that I'm gonna give this match to you, that I'm gonna take it easy and blow the US Title away from Zero Tolerance.. No, you took me too serious, but we've been over that… Look at the Global Championship Songaa, week in and week out nobody has been able to establish any dominance over that Title in several weeks, ..but Ive got the US Title for several weeks now and one week longer when I beat you… And you know why a Title becomes more valuable? Because someone dominates the division, why do you think Feight’s last few matches as the Champ were considered “the best of all time” wasn't because it was Harper or Pain or some other loser, its because he established his dominance, and you see Songaa, ..thats where I'm going with this Title. I'm gonna sit here and watch you fail and all the people who step up below you… and one day far off in the distance, whenever that shall be, I’ll lose this Title and I’ll be remembered as one of the greatest US Champions to ever grace the GWA. …That was my goal with the Extreme Title and that's my goal for every title… So settle down and don't get too upset that I'm not gonna hand this title over to ya this week. But as I stand the US Champion I’ll watch as Sin and I dominate our respective divisions while the names change, the other belts going from one waist to another and we sit back and laugh, watching these people who cant establish some sort of dominance. I'm glad that you want this Title Songaa, that's only gonna make beating the shit out of you that much better this time around. I’ll gloat, I’ll walk around the ring with that title and make sure that you see it as the crowd boo’s me and I laugh, ..laugh at them, …and laugh at you. You have your hopes set awfully high for this match Songaa, and well, when I put you in the Silence your gonna be high enough already and I’ll send you crashing down with all your dreams of being the US Champion. I know you deny this, your shaking your head no this very moment. ..But don't be afraid of the facts, ..dont be afraid to see the truth Songaa. seem to be a wise man, or that's what you want us all to believe.. so after all this living in the snow and shit you fail to realize that your stumpy little ass is gonna get squashed when you come into the ring with me Monday night? …I don't think that you know what you’ve got yourself into this time around Songaa.. you can put all the heart into this match that you want, all the determination, passion and what the fuck else ever you want, ..but that doesn’t make you any different from everyone else that Ive destroyed over my career.. its old hat for me Songaa cause when people fuckin hate your guts they want to beat you so bad they cant stand it, ..and even moreso when you have a Title… I seen it for years Songaa and you aren’t going to bring anything new to the ring that I haven't seen before.. but bring me the fight, do me that favor – cause by Monday I'm gonna be really pissed off an I’ll have some aggression to take out, ..and unfortunately for you – I'm about to take a few years off the end of your life.