Zero Tolerance US Champion
Bruised and Beaten

Goddamn joke is what it was.. I had that match wrapped up before it started to smell like shit

Jaymz got up off the hospital bed and looked for his jacket, ...He had bandages on his face and arms and one covering his right eye - he picked his black leather jacket up and put it on over his white wife beater, wincing in pain for a moment.

They made it clear though, they were comin for me and I was the biggest sumbitch in the ring, the best damn competitor, ..but I got the quick one pulled over on me.

He walked out of room Three-oh-six into the hallway and went down the right wing headed for the elevators as a nurse chased him down the hall telling him that he couldn’t leave yet, her footsteps were loud in the large wing as she came close.

Fuckin doctors, I just wanted to get some goddamn stitches and the next thing ya know they want ya to piss in a cup and hook ya up to all these machines just to tell ya that your gettin old and to watch what ya eat - but Im a busy man and I aint got time for this kinda shit, ..just string me up and let me go. My back was tighter than a noose holdin a giant man and screamed at me with every step - but pain lets ya know that ya aint dead...yet.

Jaymz stopped as he heard the woman chasing him down the hall, he turned to face her and he could see that she was a petite woman, her face showed the wrinkles and wear of smoking over the years and she had medium length brown hair which seemed familiar..

She reminded me of my Julie and I missed her, ..and I needed her back.. Her mouth moved but I didn’t hear a damn word she said but she made the mistake of pullin on my jacket and she shouldn’t have done that. They all stopped what they were doin and looked up as she screamed - but Im not in the mood to fuck around with anyone - I got things on my mind, ..and Im a little pissed off.

The doors of the elevators closed and Jaymz cold hard stare glared on at the people on the third floor who were coming over to the nurse who lay on the ground as her blood splattered on her white uniform and down to the cold tile floor; tears streamed down her face as a couple of doctors came to her assistance and one at the nurses desk getting on the telephone. The elevator made its slow decent down to the lobby floor and as the doors opened there stood a security guard. He was maybe in his forties, well built but looked dumber than a rock and before the man could react he was jerked inside the elevator so fast he didnt have time to scream as the doors closed behind him. Moments later the doors of the elevator opened up and Jaymz walked out alone as the doors slid closed once again.

He'll think twice about doin that shit again, but Room Three-Oh-Six is empty right now so he'll be good for the night, right along with that fuckin nurse. I needed some time to myself, some time to think but most of all I needed to sit down. The night was cool and opened my lungs to the chill, felt great, fuckin hospitals stink like old people. But I needed to find a damn taxi and rest these legs of mine...

The streets were mostly dead this time of night as Jaymz pulled a cigar from his jacket pocket, he lit it up and stood there for a moment as the smoke swirled around his head in the still night. He looked up and down the street for a taxi and finally found one and walked over to the door

"Hey man!" a voice came from behind, "I called this Taxi!"
Jaymz looked at the man dressed in a nice suit, "Not any more - and don’t argue with me bud, ..this isnt your fight to win."
The man rolled his eyes as if he cared, "Didn’t you fuckin hear me, I CALLED this Taxi, this is MY cab!"
Jaymz glared at the man with his one untaped eye as the man pulled Jaymz hand off the door handle and flung the door open. He got one foot inside before Jaymz put his hand on the mans shoulder.
"Nice night for a walk aint it?"
"Huh?" There was a concerned look on the mans face as he left the giants grip tighten on his shoulder

Good thing there was a dumpster in that alley, Id sure hate to stain all that concrete

Jaymz adjusted his jacket as he walked out of the alley and noticed that the taxi cab was gone, and he knew it would be; after all, it was a business and the man had to make a living and sitting around waiting for Jaymz to "take a walk" wasn’t good for business. He started back up the street and headlights appeared, catching his face in the light causing him to squint his one good eye.. There was a faint glow on top of the car and he made out the words "taxi", he signaled to the driver and the car pulled over to the curb and as Jaymz stepped inside he told the driver to take him to Five-Twenty-Seven Fallon Lane. The driver was unsure of the destination and Jaymz gave him the directions as the car pulled away from the curb and headed north.

So they were gunnin for me and they made that damn clear, ...and its exactly what they did cause they didn’t give a damn about winnin that match as long as I lost, I guess in the end, ..Im the only one that lost. Finishing third aint no fuckin consolation prize either, I lost and that’s all there is to it. The world wanted to see me lose so they got what they wanted as well but they need to remember it took a ring full of people to take me down.

Jaymz lit up another cigar and cracked the window. He didn’t give a fuck about the no smoking sign posted on the back of the driver seat as the Asian man glared back in the rearview mirror of the car as the smelled the aroma. Jaymz leaned his head back and closed his eyes - sleep was something rare the last few days but he knew it wouldn’t be tonight.

I couldn’t go to the house, Vadim would be there and all he would want to do is talk about the match and I really don’t wanna hear it. All I needed was three things, ..a beer, some sleep, ...and Julie. But my mind keeps racing back to the match and I should have won the damn thing, I was teamed up on and the odds weren’t in my favor, ...but all is good, ..cause I got a score to settle with some one now...

The Taxi pulled into a nice looking neighborhood and turned down Fallon Lane, Jaymz looked over at the house on the corner and noticed the car in the driveway, was Julie's ex-fiancé’s car and he was till shacked up with the girl that he had been fuckin around with the day Julie's soul was taken from her.. The Asian man looked carefully at the addresses and found Five-Twenty Seven and pulled into the driveway. Jaymz leaned over in the backseat and pulled out his wallet, he paid the man is fare and stepped out into the night in front of the dark house as he flicked what was left of his cigar and stomped it out in the driveway. He came to the front door and reached for his keys, he stopped. He didn’t have a key for this house, but he had a better way to get in... His eyes turned that terrible shade of black for only a few seconds as the deadbolt slammed into the door - he turned the doorknob and stepped inside.

It smelled like Julie, the old Julie - the one I didn’t care for. The smell of vinegar and piss is sweet and I didn’t care to much for this clean smell, just wasn’t my Julie.

Drache had bought the house after Julie left, to him it was just another investment and another way to keep Alexi out of trouble, he had the yard mowed and the mail collected every few days to keep the appearance up so the neighbors wouldn’t complain. Jaymz closed the door behind him and flicked the lights on. It was a nice house, it was dusty, but nice. The carpet was white as was the leather furniture.

Tristan's style, ..all this white leather. I looked up on the mantle of the fireplace and there was somethin that caught my eye. I held the picture in my hand and it was almost like holdin my Julie... She didn’t look the same in this picture cause she had more color to her skin, her eyes were a piercing blue that would make men my size fall to their knees.

His face changed as he wiped the rest of the dust off the picture and saw Scott, her ex-fiancé, with his arm around her. He clinched his teeth together and smashed the picture in his hand.. Shards of glass stuck in his palms but he seemed not to notice. He went into the kitchen and pulled the fridge open, there were several Coors Light in there that had never been opened, ..left over from Scott he assumed. He popped the cap off and headed back into the living room plopping down into one of the white leather chairs

Boy, you really had to fuck up this time didn’t ya Julie, you were a bitch for tryin to kill me but I got over it - someone else didn’t. Ya knew he was gonna get ya didn’t you Julie? ..It wasn’t my time but you had to go and fuck everything up and now look where you’ve landed yourself, ..Id take the torture for ya Julie and you know damn well I would; but you screwed up big this time, but I'll fix it... I'll make everything right…..I decided to start from square one, decided to go back to the day that Julie became mine.. My legs still screamed in pain, but so did Julie and she couldn’t escape it so why should I? My mind raced and all I could think about was getting someone, wrapping my hands around someone’s neck and making them pay for the suffering Julie had to endure. ...I was more than a little pissed off. I reached for my jacket pocket, I didn’t have any more smokes...that’s all right, cause I knew Scott would have some and I knew he was gonna be one happy sumbitch to see me.

His heavy feet pounded the driveway as he walked up to the first house on the corner where Julie's ex had been staying since that fatal night.. He noticed that none of the front lights were on but some in the back of the house were. He knocked on the door a few times and saw movement from the back of the house, ..he was able to make out a man putting on a shirt and half running to the door. The deadbolt unlatched from the inside and the door opened a little, and there was Scott.. His hair was a black tangled mess, he had stubble on his face and his eyes were red as blood.
"gota smoke fella?"
Scott looked awkwardly at the big man, "uumm,..yeah..hang on."
The door closed and seconds later it opened again, this time all the way as Scott had two cigarettes in his hand, "Here ya go, ..but live around here?"
Jaymz took the cigarette from the man, placing the other behind his ear and fired the other up. He held it between his teeth as he smiled at Scott and put his hand on the mans shoulder and squeezed tight, "Nice night for a walk aint it?"


February 28, 2007

So things didn't go quite as I had wanted them to… I didn't win that fuckin match and that was one of my goals. But what can I do? Shrug my shoulders and go on, …no, I know you all want me to fall apart and say this will be the end of my career – but I’ve been in big matches before and I’ve won the majority of them, so this aint no big downfall to me… Ive stepped up after losses and proved my worth and this sure as hell isnt gonna be any damn different. ..But see now, I know what the GWA thinks of me – I know they all saw me as the man to beat, ..sure they did – cause if they didn't they wouldn’t have all attacked me.. They tried, they tried and they tried some more… I watched that match again and I want you to find someone who took more of a beating than I did, ..tell me one goddamn person who could have withstood the onslaught of people that I faced in that ring at one time… Time and again I was beatin, but I got up until finally I got a quick one pulled over on me by that idiot Goth. So there Goth, I bet that made your day didn't it? You beat me. You pinned me. You finally accomplished something that you’ve never done, …and that you’ll never do again. That's a fact Goth, ..and I'm comin for ya. Your saw your advantage and you took it, but who wouldn’t? ..but see, I wanna show you something Goth – I wanna give you a little reminder of what its like when I didn't have to throw multiple men off of me during the course of the night…

and don't give me this bullshit of, “well we all were beat around by several people..” bullshit, it was clear that everyone wanted my head and that was apparent as the promos rolled on the TV nonstop all last week… So ya got me, you got me when I was most prone, but I guess that's my fault huh? Yeah, …but you know what happens when were one on one… you had to have half a ring full of other guys to wear me down to collect the win.. So what should I do, Goth? Should I continue on my US Title reign or should I let the Geronimo have this belt… I dunno about that though, he might try and bury it in the ground and grow a tree or some shit… Cause if I did decide to pull a cheap stunt and give Songaa the belt, where could I go? ..well, “up” is the only answer… I mean fuck, look at our new Global Champion – that would be a breeze.. I’d kick Feights ass, West, Harper – and whoever else to took to take that Title from you Goth, because I know that you wouldn’t last with me one on one, …and I'm not the only one who knows that Goth, because you know that yourself. Oh - and what about this powerful, almighty Revolution? What exactly did they accomplish in this match? Pain showed the world why I call the GWA Global Title a revolving door and Goth will soon keep on the tradition that Harper started a short while ago …after Feight fell on his ass, and he did it again the other night.

I sat back and watched the end of the match from backstage, and I'm a competitor – so yeah I wanted someone to win and it damn sure wasn't Goth… No, I wasn't cheering for Feight – I just didn't want that sad, depressed excuse of a man for a Global Champion as its almost a disgrace to the GWA and the wrestling world. He weaseled his way to win and he knows hes lucky, he knows that his time is short and the revolving door is about to kick him out. …So yeah, it was a brutal match… I was bruised and beaten and sore as hell the next day… its been a while since Ive had that much action at one time and age is slowly starting to set in, but this is what I was built for – I was made for fighting and I’ll be damned if I ever come out and quit so one of you bastards will have to kill me in the ring to get me to leave… And yeah, that means you Songaa – are you capable of killing me? …Now that's really a dumb question that I don't need to wait around on for an answer; cause the answer is no. now I'm sure your little fatass hobbled out of that ring as fast as you could, …you saw who was still standing around before you went out – and hell I couldn't blame ya cause I wouldn’t want to stand in the ring with me neither. I am glad that you just didn't turn tail and run off like you did the first time, you can claim that you were chasing Chaos or whatever, but really all you were doin was runnin from an asskicking that you knew was gonna happen.

You think I was really worried about you Songaa, you think that's the reason that I came for you in that match? Fuck no! what world are you livin in? ..your not a kid so quit playin pretend, this aint no fuckin joke Songaa. I seen you and I decided that since you bailed on me the first time that I had a little somthin for ya from the last time. Songaa, let me explain somethin to you; it doesn’t matter if everyone in the GWA with over five matches has lost one…. What difference does that make? Is that somehow gonna bring you to victory? ..No, it isnt and its just some pointless babble to get your OWN hopes up thinking that you actually have a shot in hell at taking this Title from me. Were not ‘everyone else whos had five matches” because that's just stupid Songaa. Ya know, I'm gonna win because “after I wipe my ass, I always go back for a second opinion – you don't, and you go around with racing stripes.” tell me; how in the fuck us that gonna win me the match? Do you wanna count the individual hairs on each of our heads and decided whos gonna win the match because they have more hair? No! That's just as dumb. Its skill versus skill, it has nothing to do with the ten thousand losses that Goth has, ..its gonna come down to whos the better wrestler, ..and well, ..I don't think that's really up for debate.