He had done a lot of thinking that day, mostly about Samantha and how he wished his kids had never left, ..but he knew there was no choice for them as keeping them in the States would have gotten them killed within several weeks. He did the best that he could, or he assumed it was the best he could do by having them sent away. He thought about them alot for the first few months they were gone, he had taken a few weeks off wrestling at that point to clear his mind a little.. But Tabon had him pumped up on so many drugs he didn’t know Monday from Thursday or Tyler from Samantha. He had lost his grip on reality, he roamed the streets causing havoc and destruction where ever he went - leaving people injured and a few dead in his path. Drache had had him put away, he knew that Jaymz couldn’t function as a normal member of society and he was only going to being unwanted troubles back to Zero Tolerance. And that was the changing day in his life, he was made to come into the lights of society as Drache had sold Jaymz' building that was nothing more than a slaughter house for the innocent that he swept off the streets for no good reasons but to feel the enjoyment and high of murder. He was an evil sinister creature when Drache had met him and only his kids could take the hate from his eyes, they were the only two people in the world that he showed affection for.

Jaymz had become pissed after Drache had him placed in a mental ward and Tabon pumped him so full of med's that he didn’t even know where he was going. His once long black hair was shaved off, he was forced to eat as they kept him in the small room and often Drache would come and visit him.. He would tell Alexi that he was doing better, that he even looked better since he had been admitted. He looked more intimidating with his shorter hair and even more so with the added weight on his frame. He was no longer the tall long-haired, rail thin man that he used to be. He spent several weeks in the ward as he worked out and took mental evaluation tests just to show Tabon, ..and Drache.. that he was healthy enough to return to society. The two had talked it over and decided that he could be let go as long as he stayed on his medication - which he didn’t. Vadim had come to live with him after the event cause the old man knew that someone had to keep up with the bills now that Misty was gone and it was only a short time before the house was sold as Jaymz never wanted to return.. He didn’t want his old personal life, his kids were gone and his wife was dead and he had no use for that house. He spent the months getting back into wrestling and traveling around the world staying in hotel to hotel. ..But he would never forget that night that his kids left him...

The evening was spent in the house in silence for the most part. Nothing but the ticking clock high up on the wall could be heard. It was that night that Jaymz knew he wasn't fit to be a parent. His late wife was the one that took care of them from the day they were born. He brought home the paychecks, the source of what kept his family healthy and happy. She was gone now and this was something that he could no longer do. That night, he called up his only living family members. The two children looked on at their father as he spoke in a language that neither of them knew. After that, he called Drache but walked off into the other room out of reach of the small ears. He came back into the room, set the phone down on its cradle and walked over to his two children. He got down on his knees in front of the couch, lowering to their level as best he could for a man his size. He looked his daughter Samantha in the eyes. When a man looks at his daughter there should be a look of love, a look of forever holding on to her. There was none of that on that fateful night. There was no emotion on his face as he placed both his hands on her cheeks and kissed her on the forehead. He looked into her deep blue eyes one more time, his angel, ..his first born. He looked over at his son, the boys eyes watered up on the verge of crying. Tyler knew, he knew that this was the last time that he was going to ever see his father face to face again.

Jaymz pulled him close and whispered something into his ear and the tears made their way down Tyler’s cheeks. Jaymz pulled away from his sons ear, kissed him on the forehead and stood up. Tyler reached over and grabbed his sisters hand and held it tight. He was to look after her, all they had was each other. Jaymz stood up, looked at them once more and walked out onto the front porch.He assumed it was the last time that he would ever see his kids again. It wasn't long after he made the call that Drache pulled up into the driveway. He looked around at the maculate house that Jaymz' wife had kept up, wondering how a man tha was so evil and uncaring could live in a place like this... Another car pulled in behind him and several men stepped out and followed Drache into the house, not a word was spoken by anybody. Jaymz walked over to the side of the porch, his back to the front door as to not see the kids as they left. Drache took them that day, guarded by men as they went to the airport where he left the kids with three large men. They were to make sure that they made it to the old country where Jaymz only living family members were. The men that went, they were to never come back. They now protected the two children, never letting them out of their sight. Life was better for them now, life away from the danger that their father brought with them..

Jaymz got up from the huge leather chair and walked around his desk in the Zero Tolerance office building, catching a glimpse of the sun rising over the skyline of Detroit as he walked out of the office and down the hallway.. He came to a stop and looked at the framed pictures and plaques on the wall, the last one was a picture of himself holding the US Title over his bloodied head with Grinder at his side as Pain looked on from inside the cage. The words "Jaymz - GWA United States Champion - January 28, 2007" were on the small plate under the picture with a shiny replica of the belt in a case above it. The pictures lined the walls of every belt that a member of Zero Tolerance had ever won.. Tristan Bale, Darkness, Crazy J, Jaymz, Al Cohol, Fang, Rex Butler, and Sin - the title history of the company was long and the US Title was the last on the wall as it was the last Title won by a Zero Tolerance member. Jaymz glanced to the right of the US Title plaque and looked at the empty wall, he placed his hand up there and drew the outline of another frame with his finger, it was the place where the Global Title plaque was going to hang when he won it at the Psycho Circus in just a few days. The thought made him smile and he continued down the hall as he came to the elevators and the doors opened..

He pushed the floor button inside as the doors closed and the jerk of the elevator started and climbed its way up several more floors before the door opened and he stepped through. He took a left as he exited and a beautiful blonde headed lady, Drache’s secretary, looked up and smiled at him. It was a fake smile, the smile that she showed everyone but it was a part of her job - and he didn’t return it, he didn’t even acknowledge her. He made his way down the hall past a set of huge double doors on the right side with the name plate "Bale" on it. He kept his pace and walked to the end of the hall where there were another set of double doors. He didn’t bother to knock or stick his head in to see if it was ok that he entered - he simply threw the doors open and walked inside. Clayton Maxwell jumped up as the doors hit the walls inside with a thunderous roar. Drache was sitting at the desk with his reading glasses on, he slowly raised his head and it was clear that he didn’t approve of this person beating his doors around. Clayton stood next to him with papers in his hand as they saw Jaymz enter the room.. Clayton put on a smile as fake as Drache's secretary and Jaymz didn’t pay him any attention as he walked to the desk and had a seat in the empty chair across from Drache, who’s stare never moved away from the man.

"So your just gonna come in here slammin my doors around and not close them?"
Jaymz didn’t reply, he looked up at Clayton and motioned for him to go back and close the doors. Clayton, who was scared of the man anyway didn’t protest as he quickly went across the office and quietly closed the doors. Clayton came back over to Drache’s side of the desk and pointed out something in the papers to him, something about "now that we don’t have to pay him."
Jaymz seemed interested, "Now that we don’t have to pay who?"

Drache didn’t look up from the papers as he studied them, "Fang."
"You mean we actually paid that asshole in the first place?" Jaymz almost laughed as he made the comment
"Well, not much... Its not like he really did anything - he kept Rex from getting those Tag Belts back cause hes such a shitty wrestler. But no, ..He didn’t really get involved in the Zero Tolerance business, .I didn’t let him."

Jaymz pulled a cigar out and fired it up, "well that’s good cause he would have ended up fuckin somethin up, ..hell, we found out about his stupid little plan so I know there’s no way he could have kept his mouth shut with our business.
"He never would have gotten that far Jaymz, ..I never trusted him from the first day cause anyone who is a friend of Goth, past or present, cant be trusted."
Clayton decided to add his own two cents, "I was never a fan of him anyway, he was kinda shady."
"Shut the fuck up Clayton, ..nobody asked for you opinion." Jaymz took a puff off the cigar and blew it in his face.

Clayton looked back at Drache with the 'aren’t you gonna defend me?' look. but Drache only looked back up at him and handed him the papers that were lying on the desk, "Here take these - oh, and I need you to get Bale's people out to my new building, we gotta set up those new offices"
"Yes sir." Disappointed that Drache didn’t take up for him Clayton gathered up the papers and nodded at Jaymz as he walked past the desk and headed out the office. Drache waited until the doors were latched before he asked Jaymz for a cigar.
"I'd give you one, ...but I don’t know if I could trust you with it."

Drache was a big man and usually he could contain his emotions but he clinched his fist and his knuckles turned cold white, "and what the fuck is that suppose to mean Alexi?"
Jaymz kicked back in the chair and cocked his head to the side with a crazy look on his face as he spoke with his deep voice, "I shouldn’t have to tell you Drache."
"I told you that I was sorry about Samantha, but what could I do Alexi? ..She was a problem child anyway."

It took everything he had not to jump from the chair and strangle the man on the other side of the desk, "Problem child? The problem is that you got mixed up with that asshole Dotson years ago, and look where its left me Drache.. They invaded my personal life... What about your family? or Bales? or Claytons? ...I don’t think that any of them have fallen victim to your business."
Drache shook his head, "If you just came here to give me shit, then get the fuck out of my office."
"They were suppose to be watched Drache, I told you that nobody was watching them when I went there last month, ...I told you several months ago the guards weren’t doing their jobs from the letters that Tyler had sent me. ...You didnt do your job, their protection was guaranteed... but evidently your 'guarantee' is no better than the shit out of my ass"

What Drache said next was a mistake and he knew he shouldn’t have said it as the words were leaving his mouth, "I didnt do my job? ...Who’s a failure as a parent?"
Jaymz jumped from the chair in a rage, the cigar between his teeth was bit in half as his tendons stood out on the back of his neck.. His eyes turned black and Drache’s desk exploded into thousands of splinters that sunk into his arms that were covered his face, ..and from what he could see the splinters moved around Jaymz, not one hitting him. The force had thrown him to the floor but it didn’t take long as Jaymz hoisted him into the air and placed him against the wall with one hand as he came within inches of Drache’s face - and all he could see was his own reflection in those black eyes.
"Let me tell you somethin, ..boss. Don’t criticize me. Don’t tell me that I didn’t do my job because your the one that failed me.. you promised me they would be ok, you promised they would be fine - and what the fuck happens - Samantha is dead.
"Clawz didn’t kill her Jaymz."
"I know that you asshole, she died because I wasn’t there - she died because of the business you got into before she was even born."

"No! No! Don’t turn this shit back on me, ..you had the chance to move there - you had the chance to go and see them and how many times did you do that Alexi!? How many fuckin times did you ever go see your children??" There was no fear on his face as Jaymz held him against the wall, only anger ..and respect. They had never really fought before but there was a first time for everything
Jaymz dropped him to the ground and Drache instantly stood up and got as close to Jaymz as he possibly could and looked up at the man, "I’ve given you those chances Alexi, I’ve asked you if you wanted weeks off all those years ago and you never took 'em - so don’t come back in here throwing all this shit on me. I didn’t make you join up with me, you did that on your own fuckin free will and you knew the potential consequences. Don’t you blame this shit on me Alexi, don’t you fuckin do that - you could have corrected this situation yourself but you DIDNT!! ...now, if you'll move I’ve got to get these fuckin splinters out of my goddamn arms."

Jaymz turned away in anger and sat on the windowsill and once again looked out over Detroit, their home - their stomping grounds. Drache took his suit jacket off and winced a little as most of the splinters managed to stop in the jacket and he shook them off. "Arguing isnt going to get us anywhere Alexi."
"No, but killing you will."

"oh that’s good. Kill me then, ...lose your big money, lose all your jobs and you'll lose the person that "cleans up your messes" - and you know what I mean... Its gonna be hard to stay out of prison when you lose all our political friends."
Jaymz didn’t say a word as he only sat there and stared out the window, he knew that Drache was right but he would also never kill the man, it was his anger talking, "Have you talked to J? ..or Rex?"
Drache shook his head 'no' as he shook the rest of the splinters off, "No, actually I haven’t. Its been pretty quiet with just you around here. Having J gone for a while is nice, the man just seems to bring a fuckin circus in with him every time hes here. ..and I haven’t seen Sin either."

Jaymz thought about it for a moment and then hre realized that he hadn’t seen Sin in a while either and that made hi wonder about Samantha... Was Sin hiding something from him? It was Drache who interrupted his thoughts.
"What about this match this week?"
Jaymz shrugged, "what about it?"
"Well, Im assuming that your gonna fuckin win and bring that Global Title home."
"You worry too much Drache, ..you know Im bringing that Title home. ...Have you watched any of the promos that my opponents have aired this week?"

Drache nodded, "yeah a few ..and Ive noticed that your the main attraction and you didn’t even have to say anything to get those guys are fired up."
"That’s the thing, ...Im not gonna sit here and argue with them all week. Ya know, I’ve been looking forward to this match since the day we came to the GWA but I never expected the biggest match to come out with the most boring promos that I have ever watched. I mean, who in the fuck wants to sit and watch these guys say the same things to each other over and over again? its a bunch of blah, blah, blah inside of a three hour long promo - and its boring the shit out of me and everyone else I assume

"I know what you mean Alexi, in the ones I’ve watched I’ve seen all this talking but the thing about it - is that none of them have anything to say. They don’t even seem to be concerned with the fact that there’s a title on the line, ..they’d rather shit talk all week long.
"I know, ..and let 'em. Cause none of them are going to be in the right state of mind to fight, ...Ya know, usually I get them all pissed off so when they come to the ring they fight out of anger and it cost most people the match... Not this week, Im sittin back and watching all them piss each other off... Oh they try and get me, but like I do every week - I just sit here and laugh at 'em as I make fools of them; but so far they seem to be doing a good job of that themselves."

Drache agreed, "you mean like Goth wanting you to talk all day long so you'll lose focus on the match?"
"Yup, now does that make sense since hes the one that’s run his mouth all week long?"

The tension had completely gone out of the room by this time and Drache had sat on the opposite side of the office in one of the chairs after fixing himself a drink, "Well, you have to look at the man that you’re talking about, ..he doesn’t care about the Title... He only wants to beat some of these people so he can have some bragging rights. ..But its not like you have that much to worry about anyway, hell almost everyone in this match fears you, just look at all the time they devoted to you – telling you how great that you are and how you’ll destroy half the people in this match.”

Jaymz nodded, “Well it’s the truth Drache, ..what the fuck else are they going to say? I mean, they’ll throw their insults like they always do but I wont bite, I never do… They respect what Ive done in the ring and what choice do they have? Ive fuckin dominated this place and the ones I haven't beaten will fall to me this week in the Psycho Circus..

Drache finished off his drink, stood up and paced around the room, “Pain will be tough to get past.
“bullshit…Hes not that good.”
Drache glared at Jaymz, “You better not be overlooking him Alexi – the guys the Global Champ for a reason.”
“I could give two fucks less if hes the Global Champ, Drache.. You saw me beat him the last time we faced off… Don't let him scare ya just cause he has the belt… You know what they say: You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end…its still a pig.”

“No, Alexi, actually Ive never heard that before, ..its good though – funniest thing I’ve heard all day. So, anyway…have you figured out what your gonna do about Samantha?”
It took Jaymz a moment to answer, “…yeah, Vadim’s got everything under control. Hes gonna make sure she gets here and then after I win the Global Title we’ll put her in the ground… On my property, in my cemetery - where she can be with her family. I'm just ready to get this match over with. I'm tired of having to sit through these extremely long promos that make you feel like your watching the same one over and over again… These guys don't have anything interesting to say – so I'm sure as hell not gonna give them much to talk about. Most of these guys want everyone to be impressed with how much TV time they take up and well, ..I give them very low ratings, nobody likes watching the same episode over and over, ..and that's what it feels like. I think Metamania’s about the only one that's figured it out yet, ..hes kinda doin the same thing I am and that's sitting back letting these fools bicker and whine all week long when really they don't even know what their arguing about.. Yeah, I love to argue but with so much shit being flung around, I'm gonna sidestep it and come in as one of the only focused people in the ring that want the Global Title.

The silence came back over the room again before Drache spoke, “You need to shut Harpers mouth for him cause that man doesn’t have a clue as to what hes talkin about… he thinks Zero Tolerance isnt shit.

“And why let that bother ya, Drache? I don't let it worry me, ... I'm not worried about Harper or a single individual in this match because there’s going to be so much going on that its gonna be hard to fight someone one on one in that cage for very long.. I mean, just look at Chaos, hes so worked up in a frenzy because he lost to me last week he can’t even fuckin think straight – and of course hes upset – I would be to if I lost to someone better than me. If he comes in the ring with that fiery pissed off attitude he’ll be one of the first people out of the match… That's why I'm not worried about some of these guys, us better wrestlers in the ring will weed out the trash to begin with before we let the real fight begin. Chaos will prolly be to busy with Songaa anyway, but I dunno… Songaa might just wander around the ring with a finger in the air going “Jaymz, you must wonder…” no, Jaymz don't wonder shit - I told that to the guy the first time I fought him ….Goddamnit Drache, see what you did… I wasn't gonna do that.

Drache Laughed, “…I like your train of thought better now than when you came in here.
“I'm just ready for this match.. I'm ready to take the Title.”
“I like the odds..” Drache went to the table to make himself another drink.
“Nine guys, ..Yeah I like the odds to – especially against the ones Ive never faced before, like Stan – that fucker wont know what to think the first time he meets with me in the ring… ..and not just him, but everyone who stands in my cage because this is my match... Its my time now, I'm gonna be the next Global Champion and I’ll be the most hated person in this business, ..oh yeah…I like the sound of that…