Sweet Samantha

He remembered the day she was born, she would almost fit into the palm of his hand and her nose was smaller than his pinky fingernail. He held his first born child, his daughter, and for the first time in years a smile crossed his face. He felt love for this child, love like he had never felt in his dark soul and it almost brought a tear to his eye. Misty laid in the hospital bed, her face was pale but tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks as she watched her husband take on the only thing in the world that he would love Ė and that she knew. He rubbed the light brown fuzz on her head and watched it fall back into place.. She was swaddled in the blanket, her eyes closed and her chubby cheeks made her mouth look smaller than it really was. She stirred a little and let out a whine, her arm flailed and her hand stood outright. He placed his enormous finger in her palm of the infant and instincts closed around it as best it could. Again, the smile came over his scarred up face as he looked at his newborn daughter. Theres a bond between a man and his child that nobody could understand if they didn't have children, and for an uncaring man such as himself he felt an emotion that he had never felt, ..but actual pure love. Sure, he ďlovedĒ his wife Misty Ė but Samantha was a part of him, he could see his features on her small face and that moment he swore to protect her for the rest of her life. Swore that he would watch over her and make sure nothing bad ever happened to his sweet Angel.

he rocked her in his arms and looked up through his once long black hair at Misty who had dried up the tears. She was so happy to see her husband love something because she knew that deep down he was an evil man and love didn't mean a thing to him. She never saw it in his eyes, not even one time from the day they met. But as he looked up and she saw the love that he had for the infant that he had helped create she knew that for the first time in his life, he had truly loved something, ..someone. She was the most perfect thing he had ever seen and there wasn't a flaw on her soft skinÖ He couldn't take his eyes off of her, didn't hear Misty when she said that she wanted to hold the infant that she had birthed. He was fixed on her, on his child Ė his one true love on the day she was born, and he almost shed a tear. Those were the days that he would never forget, he wouldnít forget the first time that he had come home and she ran into the door, grappled his leg and told him that she loved himÖ Her face was innocent, her smile was radiant and she was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. Those moments he would never forget. The first time she had crawled into their bed and laid next to him and kissed him on the cheek. Those moments he would never forget. But the moments ran short and it was the fault of none other than his own. He made the decisions in his life and it was the path that he walked down.. but those moments he would never forget. He would never forget those baby blue eyes looking up to him and calling him ďdaddy.Ē


Jaymz sat on the back porch of his house with his hands in his face, a cigarette hanging between his index and middle finger. It was in need of an ashing and looked to be going out as he hadnít even taken a drag off the cancer stick. His mind was spinning and so was his world. He was confused and didn't know what to do nextÖ Crazy J had called, so he must have heard the news but Jaymz had decided not to answer, ..it wasn't the time to talk to people; and as if on cue the phone began to ring again from inside the house but he chose to ignore it once again. One phone call was enough and it was all he needed to hear. He could tell that something was wrong when Vadim had called, ..his voice was shaky and he just didn't seem quite right, there was hesitation in his voice and at that point Jaymz was sure that something bad had happened to Drache. He screamed at Vadim to tell him and finally he heard the words that made the very small piece of his black soul shatter. His baby, Samantha, had died. Though she was no longer a baby; but to a father their little girl is always ďtheir baby.Ē He didn't say a word and Vadim repeatedly said Ďhello?Ē on the other end. Jaymz didn't bother responding to his old friend he had been told the news and he didn't wish to speak any longer. He hung up the phone and stood there in the kitchen with his hands placed on the counter and his head held low. Vadim had told him that she died from an overdose of drugs Ė and Jaymz knew that Tyler, his son, had been right.

It had only been two months since he was in Magadan, Russia to see his kids and he now wished he had stayed a little longer and waited for her to returnÖ His mind was filled with ďwhat ifsĒ ..What if he had stayed a few more days and searched for her Ė he could have seen her one final time, or he could have saved her. ÖBut Tyler was right, she had messed around with the wrong group of people and it had gotten the best of her. But it was his fault, his fault and no one elseís. He wanted to blame Drache for bringing him into his mess Ė but it was his own decision to join and he had to live with the choices that he made. He had lost his wife because of Zero Tolerance and now he had lost his one true love, his daughter. He wished he could have seen her more, wished he could have spent more time with her but there wasn't a chance as he had to send them away years ago. His wife had been murdered by Zero Toleranceís rival faction and he knew the kids were next on the list.. Samantha was ten and Tyler was seven, Tyler was a strong boy who vowed to keep his sister protected but in the end it had failed, ..and that wasn't Tylers fault. She was a free roamer like her father and didn't take well to orders. ÖBut she was an angel when she was ten, and she had been through a lot since she had seen her mother gunned down in their front yard by that no good bastard Dotson. Drache took them the next day, he and Vadim, they came and took the kids away.

They sent them to Russia where they would be guarded and safe and they had lived there for the remainder of their childhood lives. It was the fault of Zero Tolerance, and that he tried to convince himself of that but he knew that he couldn't blame her death on Drache. It was his own fault for deciding to join up. He had looked over the pros and cons Ė and for him, the career, the money and the fame was too great to pass up. But it cost him his love, it may have taken almost ten years Ė but his daughter was taken from him. he had done a lot of evil things in his time and wondered if the Father was punishing him, ď..no man should ever lose his daughterĒ but as the thought ran through his head he knew that he was responsible for taking others grown children from this world .. He knew he was going to fail as a father the day Misty died; but it was only a matter of time before it came back around and slapped him in the face and the day was here. He didn't know what to think for sure; random thoughts ran through his head Ė brining her body to be buried here Ė and others. He rubbed his temples as he kept his eyes closed and thought of his lifes decisions. He made the choice to join Zero Tolerance and that he didn't regret, but he knew deep down inside the potential consequences could be massive. Keeping them here in the States would have gotten them killed, ..and sending them away was the right move. ..Or so he thought. But again, it was another decision that he would have to live with. ÖAnd Julie.

Julie was still in the Black Garden but Sin hadnít been around, ..and that was odd. He needed her, he knew she was in pain and that she should be back at home. But Samantha was gone and that was the front thing on his mindÖ he wasn't sad, and he wasn't sure he was capable of being sad. Emotions could be held in check if you suppress them for long enough because he had learned over time there was no need in being sad, nothing good could come from that. He missed her though, and that's all he would ever do. But when those emotions become suppressed the energy and thoughts are takin out in different areasÖ Everything inside the man was converted to hate and rage and it burned through his black soul.. ..But he releases those feelings week in and week out and it keeps the evil bastard runningÖ The rage, ..the hate it all comes back, it comes out every week in one place..Ö

Ö.in the matchÖ.So I can see that Im the most feared man in the GWA, that Im the person that almost everyone is gunning for in this match.. Good, thatís fine by me. I see that Iíve done my job over the past few months by destroying most of these people and managing to piss them off. Outside of Pain and the Global Championship that he holds - Im the focal point of this match... Iíve watched these extremely long promos that have bored me to death and I see the same common theme in all of them, ...Im their number one. I watch them get all fired up as they speak about me, see the smoke coming from their ears and the fire in their words. These people hate me with a passion for the things that I have accomplished in the ring and because I brag about it... They hate me because of the truths that I tell cause I donít run around here praising everyone and telling them how good they are, telling them how much respect they deserve... No, I wont play your petty little games and Im not gonna give it up to anyone in the GWA that isnt a part of Zero Tolerance. Im the hunted man in this ring, but its hard to hunt the hunter, its hard to bring down the tree no matter how many times you chop it. Bring all nine of you on to me at once, pile on and watch as I throw you all from side to side, peeling each one of you away without breaking a sweat, ..all the while I puff on this here cigar.

The hatred for Zero Tolerance runs deep in the GWA and this is just the match for these ignorant fools to think they can put a stop to our string of success. ...GWA's biggest match of the year and I seem to be the main event, the main attraction that everyone wants to see, all the way from the fans to these men in the ring who cant shake me from their mind... Feight dreams about me, Harper cant stand that I donít have respect for him - and Goth, well...hes still trying to look for that first win against me. I hope that these three men donít wear themselves down this week, all this talking their doing worries me that they wont have enough energy left at the end of the week to back up the words their gonna lay out. ...Ya know, I could come out here and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk and talk some more - but whatís the point? Oh yeah, I got a lot to say but Im not gonna come out here and take up hours of tv time that Al and Grinder are paying for like Goth and Feight are... Nobody wants to hear me talk that much and nobody wants to hear you two talk that long either... Hell, half way through those promos I wanted to take a nap! but thatís all besides the point cause I could really care less about their promos - let them work on their scripts and the things they want to say while Im getting ready to take the Global Title back to Zero Tolerance. Nobody wants to see that happen because Iíve run my mouth and Iíve backed it up in the ring week in and week out,

..and now I get in the ring with nine of my closest friends? I take pleasure in that, I enjoy it that all of you hate me - I like to see the fury come out of all of you when you speak my name, the fear that I can smell from your pores when you actually get in the ring to face this monster, the only monster in the GWA. Chaos may still go around claiming that hes a Monster but I believe that I settled that last week, and judging by the fact that Im the most hated man in the GWA - I'll call myself the monster this week. Your steppin in my cage and I got the sign that says "donít feed the fuckin animals" and it looks like its gonna be a nine course meal for me this week. A Chaos burger and a Feight sandwich followed by a side of Songaa, ..sounds like good eats to me - and hell, thatís only the beginning of the meal and I know that Im gonna finish it off with a little Pain pie before I collect my Global Title. This match was created for me, it fits my style and what I like to do in the ring... The more carnage the better the match is... Why? Because I can handle the pressure - I can take the beating and keep on moving while others wil simply fall and lose in a matter of minutes as every man is in my cage. Experience has nothing to do with this match because you cant be experienced with facing nine of the best the GWA has to offer... And no, not even you people who competed in the Psycho Circus cant say that you have the experience edge either since its not the same people in the ring as it was last year...

New faces, ..a new winner, ..and that'll be the biggest man in the ring. Iíve built my career on being the biggest and the strongest and its time for me to back that up once again in the Psycho Circus. ...I thrive on the big stage, I take advantage of huge matches like these and in a few short days I'll do it again. ..Whoís gonna stop me or whoís gonna bring me down? I can answer that question for you though I know thereís gonna be a lot of debate about that, as there will all week long. The talk will be thick and full of bullshit but Im gonna be the one who pulls through at the end and comes away with The Belt. Why wont it be Chaos? Because hes Revolution and I simply wont allow him to win, Iíve beaten this man last week and I know he prolly wants to get a little revenge on me - but we all know that isnt going to happen... Ya may have gotten the better of Zero Tolerance in the Tag division but when it finally came time for you to pull the repeat you didnít win, you failed - just like Revolution does when they face me in the ring. But your boy Harper like to brag, he likes to talk on and on about how hes never lost to Zero Tolerance, well that fuckin wonderful and thereís a first time for everything isnt there Harper? Oh fuck yes there is! Theres a first time for you to lose to ZT, a first time for ZT to win the Psycho Circus and a first time to bring home The Title. ...And Im gonna hold you to your words Harper, you said that you can come in and take me out? Then fuckin do it.

Get your ass into that ring and come right at me, you and everyone else are all invited to charge me at once - but donít get that shocked look on your face when you see that youíve hit a brick fuckin wall. Your right Harper, I wont hesitate for a second to end the career of you or anyone else in that ring and you think you got the balls to come in and stop me? You think strokin my ego is gonna soften me up? I know that you have respect for me Harper and thatís your own fuckin problem, but I command the respect of weak people such as yourself. For none of you have the choice but to respect me for the beatings that Iíve placed on you all - and I will never respect you Harper.. There will never be a minute in my life where that thought ever crosses my mind... Ya know, you can brag about not having a losing record against Zero Tolerance, ...but you donít have a winning record either Harper - so kinda stupid to brag about that huh? How much will you be bragging when next week when you say "well, Iíve only lost one time to Zero Tolerance?" Will you be like Pain? That means you'll cry and moan - bitch and whine about how you lost. You donít deserve this Title Harper, ..you had your chance and you BLEW IT to your own friend Pain, ..hhmm, some dominate Global Champ you were See, Pain cant handle the fact that Grinder can damn well do what he pleases,

..He doesnít like it that Grinder slammed that cage door in his face, and it wouldnít have made that much difference because Pain doesnít seem to understand I was headed that way and he never would have gotten out in the first place. Your a disgrace as the Global Champion Pain and do you know why that is? ..Its because everyone in the whole fuckin world knows that you, of all people, donít have the skill or talent that it takes to wear that belt around your waist. Weíve gone against each other two time Pain, and granted you did put up a hell of a fight both time, but this is for the Tie breaker, ..and whether or not its me that takes you out of that this match its all gonna be the same in the end when Im the first person to hoist up that Title as you sit there and pout - knowing that youíve lost, that you werenít Championship material. The only person in this match, outside of me of course, that should even be contending for this title is Feight. A man who had a streak, a man who defended that Title with everything he had and left his mark on the GWA. Weíve had our battles Feight and you were a changed man after I killed you for that Extreme Title, I turned you into something different.. I turned you into a man with a mission and look what you accomplished. You should thank me. I made you see things in a different light and you turned on something you didnít have in our first go around....

And then you beat me at Merry Mayhem, you kept your title reign intact and kept me from being on top. But donít think that make the same mistakes twice Feight, ...I've never lost to someone twice in my whole career and this isnt the week that it starts with you, or Pain or Metamania. Your one of only two men that I actually look forward to fighting, the rest of them are just business that has to be taken care of. Do you know why I look forward to facing you Feight? Because your one of the best fighters in the ring, a man who can win the Title - and a man that I have to beat to break the tie in our series. Donít get me wrong Feight because I donít respect you as a person, I donít like you and I could care less if you dropped dead right now - respect has nothing to do with fighting a person with actual talent, ..cause if your not ZT then you donít have my respect. But your a smart man Feight, you know me and what Im gonna do in that ring, infact you laid it out pretty well in your first promo, except for one little thing... I donít need to climb up the mountain to stand the tallest, Feight... I just have to take a few steps cause I can almost see the top as it is right now. You can be that wildman coming up the other side, ...but its a little darker on my side of the mountain, Feight and I still donít think you know whatís waiting for ya on the other side. But let me get to the only man whoís managed to beat me and get away with it...

This man knows who he is and he also knows that he didnít "win" that match... I believe it was that fool Tony Jackson who came into the ring and gave Metamania the win on that night... Well Mania, I thought you were done in this business? Crazy J ended your career but I see that the advances in the medical community have made it possible for even shrimps like you to survive and make it back to the GWA's biggest spotlight. Mania, do you really think that you deserve to be in this match full of real competitors? A midget like you needs to be at the table ringing the bell and when Im done with this match I'd come over there and slug ya one or two times just for good measure. Im not sure why your even in this match Mania, this is a match for the Global Title and everyone who has half a fuckin brain can see that you shouldnít be here.... I about squashed you like a bug the first time around and if I get a chance to face you again this week - well, ..its gonna end like our first match should have ended. Your a lucky man Meta, so go around and talk about how you got over on Jaymz on time, ..cause it'll be your last much like your little friend Songaa. So where you been Songaa? The last time we had a match you pulled the good 'ol Indian disappearing act on me... I didnít know that you were a ninja too! Fuck, that was the most disappointed I have ever been after a match - you just fuckin ruined the night!

Well, I guess I would leave too if I was getting my ass handed to me as well... so it makes me wonder if your even gonna show up this time around or just back away like you did last time... You know me now Songaa and you know the strength that I have, the strength that you doubted the first time around... But you wont make that same mistake again will you? After all, you were trained by a female so your skills arenít that sharp and living out in the fuckin snow couldnít have done that much for ya either the first time we met. I laugh at you Songaa, youíre a failure and a coward and youíre the lowest form of trash in the GWA outside of Goth. I hope that you come to finish the fight that you couldnít end the last time that we met. ...But I donít think your gonna make it every far in this match Songaa, you couldnít handle me in the ring one on one and now your suddenly better and you can beat nine people in the ring? ...I donít know Songaa, it sounds a little too far fetched for me to believe. Almost as far fetched as this Shane West guy winning the Global Title... Yeah sure, he may have won it in the past but that donít really make a shit to me... Hell, I hardly know this guy and Iíve never been against him in the ring so I donít really know what to expect from this man until I look at his past matches and study a little more about his moves in the ring...But since Iíve been here his name has been nothing but an afterthought and why should that be any different now?

Why all the sudden is Shane West gonna make a huge jump and take down the best that the GWA has to offer today? I donít even concern myself with this man, he has nothing with me and never has... Im sure thereís people that will be in the ring that hes pissed off at one point and time who will see to it that he loses.... No, Im not looking past you West - its simply that I donít know you.. And donít get the wrong impression either, because if you do cross my path in the ring - then you'll be no different than anyone else who comes within arms reach of me in my fuckin cage. The best bet for you is to sit back and stay away from me, let me take care of my business and save yourself a brutal hospital bill. Understand? Good, I hope you do. ..and who does that leave me with? Oh thatís right, one of my favorite people in the world, good 'ol Stan and my buddy Goth. Now I donít know why I call Staniak good 'ol Stan, ...it just seems like a good name for him...I do notice that hes quick to jump on Goth's nuts and follow that idiot around like a lost dog... But Stan, you kinda fit into that category with West because Iíve yet to face you in the ring... but Stan you cant hide from me any longer like youíve managed to do for several months now... Youíve hidden behind people to stay out of the light thinking that we would forget about you... You wanna be forgotten about because you know, like everyone else, your winning the Global Title was a fluke - much like Harpers.

You gonna hide behind Goth this week? You gonna stand behind him in the ring and hopefully let him clear out a few people before you take your stand for the Global Title? Or will you and Goth come to the ring with your heads held low in that deep depressed state that you guys in the Zoloft Group seem to have? If I was you Stan, I would write this match off, go ahead and consider this a loss because you donít stand one fuckin chance against me or several others in this ring. Donít keep living off that one Global Title win you had in the past Stan, like I told you West - it was no more than a fluke. Any blind squirrel can find the acorn every now and then, right? ..Well, you found yours once and now its time for you to go back on the prowl - but this time around there wont be anything for you to claim... You can stick around though and held Goth out of the ring when hes been defeated though. How is that gonna feel Goth? Losing to me again, but this time it happens to be the Global Title that you lose as well... How many tears are you gonna shed over that Goth? Is the Zoloft Group going to hold a special meeting for yours and Stans moral support after you two lose? Your a liar Goth, ..you know that? Sure you do - because I tell you that EVERY TIME we have a match... Usually, you just go around making this up - well, your yet to do that but the week is early... So instead, you try to come out here and use something a little different..

This week you tell me that you donít care about what I have to say... Well thatís a goddamn lie Goth... Because if you didnít, then you wouldnít have brought up the things that I said about you several WEEKS about when I beat your good bud Baller... So tell me, if my words donít bother you when why are you still so upset about it? Why are you still talking about things I said several weeks ago? I can tell you Goth. Its because you care and its because you know Im right. So for you to come out here and tell me that "its irrelevant" makes you look like a fuckin retard when you babble on about things I said weeks earlier. ...Hhmm, that makes you a fuckin liar Goth, it makes you the same fuckin liar that youíve always been except this time its on different grounds. I cant wait to see what kind of hypocritical bullshit you come out with next, the trash that you want everyone to believe - and the basic lying bullshit that you feed to us every week doesnít get you very far with me Goth... You lose to me because you get yourself all worked up and pissed off - like you already have... Fuck, I made a liar out of you and you were the first one to open up your mouth this week, ...good fuckin job Goth. Your stupid and anyone who has ever followed you as become stupid as well, much like your little friend Fang, ...we used him and spit 'em out. He was stupid, I could smell it on his Goth...

The disease that you have inflicted him and he believed that he could come out and fuck us over... Didnít work for him did it Goth? ..Tell me Goth, how long is it gonna be before he joins the Zoloft Group? I imagine that hes a little depressed right now and I donít see a better fit for him than your little click. This is my week Goth, this is my week to win the Global Title and there isnt gonna be one fuckin thing that can stop me.. Not you, ...not Pain, ..not Feight, not Harper or any of the other losers in this match... I will come out on top and I WILL claim the Global Title as mine...