"Go To Hell?"

Hey man, ..go down and have a talk with Randy Templett... The son-of-a-bitch has been screwing us over for months! ..Clayton told me something was wrong and its that our profit wasn’t adding up with the guards we have out. Hes got over twenty guards of ours in that building, ..tell 'em all to leave and come to the ZT building to pick up their new job assignments..Oh, and show Templett that paper I gave you the other day, you know what to do with it.. He thinks he can screw with our money and get away with it, ...but Jaymz, he doesn’t know me like he thinks he does ..He believes he can screw around with Drache and Zero Tolerance but we gotta show him how its done. ..Its downtown, you cant miss the big building but its Eight-Fifty Three Lampley street ..and there’s a parking garage next to it .. so go get the job done, Big and Ugly.

Jaymz jotted down the address on a napkin as he had the cell phone stuck between his shoulder and his ear as he listened to the message.. He lost control of it and it fell down between the driver seat and the console... He let out an irritated growl and just shook his head.. He wasn’t the first cell phone he lost - or the tenth for that matter. He looked up at the skyline of Downtown Detroit and he could see the enormous glass building no more than a few block away as the sun reflected its light in all directions off the glass walls. He took a left and drove down the slow-paced one way streets, knowing that the slow car in front of him was an old man he waited till the last oncoming car passed and gassed the Tahoe around the old station wagon and for good measure brake-checked the old man to see how quick his reaction time was.. Jaymz watched as the station wagon slipped all over the road as the brakes came on.. He laughed at this and caught glimpse of the old man flippin him the bird in the rearview mirror. He drove straight for a few more blocks and came down Lampley Street looking for eight-fifty three. He had a dark purple bruise on his neck that he rubbed a little, it was a bruise necklace that Julie had given him last week - when that bitch had tried to kill him. He didn’t regret beating the shit out of her, breaking her nose and maybe a few ribs - but she needed to know her place..

So he had locked her away, which he knew wasn’t wise for her mental stability but he really gave two shits less about her mental stability at this point.. She had killed him but the Father sent him back because it wasn’t his time... He knew Julie was aware that she had killed him and that he shouldn’t have been able to come back, and maybe this had surprised her - but she got what she deserved for her little stunt. Jaymz found Eight-Fifty Three on the right side of the street and the huge parking garage that sat next next to it, he drove past tall building and down the street to a smaller structure that was dilapidated with a small parking lot out front that housed several cars to people who refused to park in the parking garages. He backed the Tahoe in, lit a cigar and stepped out and began to walk back down to Eight Fifty Three.. the tail of his long leather jacket flew behind him in the stiff wind as the smoke swirled about his face and followed the same path as his jacket.. The cold was brutal as it had been all week long, but after spending a few weeks in Russia he learned that Detroit Cold wasn’t shit like he thought it use to be. He noticed several girls cross to the other side of the street to avoid him - but that was normal and just like Drache had said, "Big and Ugly." ...People were intimidated by him, ..but people weren’t scared of his height, they weren’t scared of his build - what scared basic everyday people was the face of the man.

The scars that covered it and the uncaring eyes with no sympathy for people or any living thing ..and people feared it. More people moved out of his way as he came by and in front of the building with the address Eight-Fifty Three.. He looked over and saw what he had expected, a bunch of old men dressed in suites carrying briefcases scurrying in and out of the building as if they had somewhere important to be. He walked past the front doors and then looked at his reflection in the glass -"Big and Ugly" he thought. He flicked the cigar at the building and the cherry hit the glass exploding into hundreds of red embers as they fell silently to the concrete and burnt away. He cut to his right as the building came to an end and walked into the parking garage moving past the yellow and white bar where you pay for your ticket.. The man in the glass beat on the glass and opened the window.. He asked Jaymz if he had a ticket, and he did as the old man in the station wagon did to him, he flipped the man the bird and continued walking into the parking garage.. He heard the younger black man get on the walkie-talkie to get a security guard and heard him say something about "big and ugly".. He paced around for a moment knowing what was about to happen when he heard a voice come from the entryway of the parking garage.. it was a big stocky man wearing a suit, he half-jogged up to Jaymz but slowed down a little once he made out the face
"Well yeah, ...who the fuck else would I be!?"

There were two tags on the mans suit, on the left breast was an ID card with the mans face and under it the name, "R. Flowers." On the right breast was a path sewn on to the suit, it was black with blue lettering and the two simple letters of "ZT." Jaymz grabbed hold of the mans name tag and examined it before letting go
"So, R.....R-r-r-r-r-r..??" Jaymz made a gesture with his hands
"Oh, sorry sir! Ryan, Ryan Flowers!"

"Ok Ryan, ..let me tell you somethin - what you need to do is get your ass down to the ZT building and collect your new job, your off assignment here - and so is everyone else... So go, go round them up..chop, chop!" Jaymz clapped his hands as if Ryan was a child. He backed away a few steps with a confused look on his face.
"But uuhh, Mr. Yaroslav, wouldn’t I have to clear that with my supervision here?"
"Fuck no!! You do what I tell you to do.. You work for us, not these retards - hes only renting your services, ...your ZT's bitch.

Ryan, ashamed, turned and walked away from Jaymz headed back to the building
"Or hey!!!! Flowers, come here! ..I got a better idea, ..why don’t you just call up Templett and tell him that someone’s down here waiting for him - someone with financial business to discuss"

"yes sir." Flowers got on the walkie talkie to someone named "Falcon" and noticed that Flowers called himself "Night Stalker." Jaymz rolled his eyes and shook his head at the childish names they had given each other, Flowers saw the look and his face turned red a little, once again shaming himself in front of his boss. He told "Falcon" to pass the message along to Mr. Templett and put the talkie back down. "ok, Their gonna tell him - is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Yaroslav?"

An evil grin came over Jaymz' face, "Yes Ryan.. There is." Jaymz pointed to a truck with huge tires on it. "I want you to go over there by that truck, stick your head under the tire and wait for me to hit the gas."
Ryan had a shocked look on his face but started to go that way, "I-I..uuhhh, ..but--...I have kids...P-please Mr. Jaymz, I-d-dont--"

"Oh Flowers shut the fuck up you whiny little bitch! Goddamn, I was just fuckin with ya." Jaymz laughed to himself a little, he did find it amusing that Flowers would have done it on his own freewill. "Now do what I told ya, ..go tell the rest of our guys that they are to LEAVE this building or none of you will have jobs when you all go down to the ZT building and pick up your new assignments."
"Yes sir! Im on it right now!" Flowers took off in a run towards the building as Jaymz paced around and waited.

A few minutes went by when he heard the echo of footsteps coming from the same direction that Ryan had come from, a man came around the corner wearing a grey suit. He was a tall slender man with a black goatee and horn-rimmed glasses.. His hairline had receded some but near the front his head there was still a little hair, and to Jaymz it looked more like an island. He had a casual smile on his face, the smile of a devious businessman that he had never trusted. Drache had the same smile, and if you weren’t ZT family then it wasn’t a smile to be trusted. He extended his hand as he reached the big man and Jaymz returned it back with a shitty smile and tons of force in his shake. He could see Randy's face contort with pain though the scrawny man tried to hide it.
"So what can I do for ya Alexi?"
"Your not doin shit for me, your doin it for Drache."
"Hey, shouldn’t he be cutting me a price break on the security? ..Afterall, he did get his shipment last week."
Jaymz had a disgusted look on his face, "You already get benefits Randy - and you’ve been taking some we didn’t know about either."
He had a confused look on his face but Jaymz could see that it wasn’t sincere when he spoke, "I don’t know what your talkin about and I have a lot of things to do - so if you have any gifts for me, hand 'em over."
Gifts??? Who in the fuck did this guy think he was?? "You’ve been fuckin us over Randy, you didn’t bother to tell us you had twenty of our guys workin here."
"That’s not the way Business works Randy, you know that. I told Flowers to leave and the rest of them will too because they no longer work for you either."
"You cant take them away, your not Drache and you cant tell them what to do!!"
"wrong!!!" Jaymz yelled in his face "Oh, and another thing Randy." Jaymz pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to him, "I have an order here from the city of Detroit and it says that this parking garage must come down and your building more be evacuated"

"Your so full of shit Alexi, Im not even gonna believe that!"
"That’s fine, your the one that’s gonna spend an arm and a leg to get this garage torn down without damaging building next to you, blocking off a city street and having it inspected all over again - plus the cost of rebuilding, ..if the city even lets you have this building back, ..that’s Business Randy."
Randy snatched the paper away from Jaymz and looked at, his jaw dropped open and he shook his head, “No! This is bullshit!!! Theres not even a good reason for this!!”

Jaymz laughed, “A good reason? ..We don't need a good reason!”
“The hell you don't! ..How come you guys have one and I don't then? ..This is bullshit” Randy was furious but honestly believed it was nothing more than a threat.
“Why don't you have one!? ..Dont you know who inspected this!? Tristan Bale himself, ..did you forget he does inspection work for the city, ..its all about friends Randy, ..and you’ve shown that your not one of them…. Don't worry though, I'm sure your copy is in the mail today.”

Jaymz stopped, the hairs on the back of his neck went up and he could feel the presence coming closer – he could feel it in his spine and behind his eyes.. Randy saw the sudden change in Jaymz and looked around the parking garage seeing nobody, not even the young man at the front of the garage collecting money – and he became worried.

“Go to Hell?”

The voice echoed across the garage but came with a hollow tone.. There was a crackling of glass and an implosion sound as it imploded inward - Sin came around from the far end of the garage between the rows of parked cars with his head slightly down.. The parking garage fell silent and Randy suddenly felt a strange warmth run down his pant leg as Sin began to walk, because there was no echo of footfalls as there should have been… But he froze and couldn't move until his nerves shattered as the windshield of another car exploded as Sin passed, followed by another and another. One by one the glass imploded inward as Sin walked, almost seemed to glide, to them.

“Go to Hell?”

He repeated once more as he came closer.. Drool slid down Randy’s right cheek as he stood in his frozen stare, Jaymz turned back to see the man and his eyes were horrible black hue, a hypnotizing mysterious black that seemed to stretch on into eternity – but Randy didn't notice, the other man terrified him so bad he couldn't move. Sin then came by Jaymz and stood in front of Templett, grabbed his shirt by the collar and leaned close to him, their noses almost touching and Sin whispered
“…..your soul……”
He let go of the man who had turned a ghostly pale color and fell to the ground. He whimpered a little and slowly his brown in his eyes began to fade and they stood there and looked at the terrified man as they took on a gray cast, ..but he never said a word. Jaymz began to laugh quietly but it was in a voice that wasn't his, it was as dark and hollow as Sins voice – and as if one, they turned away from the man and walked back to where Sin had been seen… And somewhere off on another level of the parking garage, a car exploded – followed by another, and another as if they were a falling line of dominos and Sin shared into the laugh as they left

And once more, the words echoed off the wall “Go to hell.”

..The Psycho Circus…Ya know, Ive heard all about this match since the day we stepped in the door of the GWA, this thing is hyped year around and Ive seen the past winners – Ive faced one of those past winners and destroyed that bitch.. Ya see, I want to be a part of the Psycho Circus – I want to be involved in the biggest match of the year because what kind of a big match could you have without Jaymz involved? Yeah, yeah, ..you call it bragging and my ego being to big but I call it confidence. Most people don't see it that way but I know if I made it to the Circus I got a better chance than most to win – why you ask? Because I'm better than most. Whos gonna beat me? Goth? Pain? Feight? Harper? All men who have fallen when Ive been a part of the match, the so-called “companies best?” Havok maybe? They guy who wanted to fuck around with us like hes someone? I’ll tell ya what Havok is and its not like the stories that others will tell.. They want to praise this man, tell him what a great wrestler he is… People are intimidated by this man and look how quickly the cowards fell to his feet as soon as he walked back into the door… Did Zero Tolerance come callin!? Fuck no! Its not like Havok is a “must have” kinda guy, this foul who calls himself “the son of Satan” or whatever… Plleassee, spare me this shit – you may be somethin because I didn't believe there was anyone else who came from the same place I did – but then Sin came along – but I call bullshit on you Havok.

So what made you decide to come back? …Or more importantly - why did you leave? Go ahead, tell the world the real reason behind your departure. I mean, I’d leave to if I was a man in your shoes… You know I was lookin for you, I hunted you down, you KNEW I wanted a match, you KNEW I wanted to plaster your ass all over an arenas walls because I wouldn’t keep it in the ring. ..but you left. You bailed. I wanted to end that win streak of yours, I got tired of hearing about how great Havok was and I wanted to show the world what Havok was like under pressure.. But again., you left. You bailed. I'm watching you Havok and I hate you - I hate you with a passion. Why? I don't know why, theres no logical reason for me wanting to snap your neck – but I guess all that has to work itself out another day doesn’t it? What worries me more about the Psycho Circus is the qualifying match that I have this week. I know what Rex can do, hell if he was the shit of the Earth he’d be in the Depression Faction taking heavy doses of Zoloft everyday and not in Zero Tolerance… Rex is a challenge and I know that hes going to come into the ring and give me his best, ..hes knows my strengths and what I don't do so well in the ring.. Were family, we talk about these kinds of things – we work out, we train… Were familiar with each other and this will be the first ZT verses ZT match in the GWA. Rex is a big man that doesn’t fuck around, he comes into the ring and takes care of business – and hes young.

Look at where Rex is now, look at what he can do at in his early twenties, …this man will be a GWA Global Champion before its said and done and I have the unlucky privilege of facing him in the fuckin “qualifying” matches… However this has come about is fucked up, Jackson must have set this up to keep as many ZT members of the psycho circus as possible… The world know what we would do if we all made it to the ring, but the world doesn’t want to see us win – so once again we face the odds and as usual we’ll prevail cause that's the way we do in ZT… We get the shit done and taken care of, but it all starts with Rex and were gonna see if the new Brawler can take out the old Brawler. Rex knows I'm ready for this match, we talked about this weeks ago but now we have to face each other and one of us will be goin home and one will be going on to the Psycho Circus. There will be no hard feelings between us, there wont be any tension because this business.. Rex wont be my friend when that bell rings – to me he’ll be another opponent and he better think the same way when he get into the ring… No, there wont be any cheap shots and there wont be anything out of line because we respect each other… And should Rex fall and I win the match, He knows I’ll help him up and I know he would do the same, because were ZT family and business stays away from friendships.