"ALL for you, my King"

Alexi jerked awake and looked over at the clock, it was early - to early to be awake as he looked over at the digital clock that wasnt working.. He got up from bed and rubbed his eyes, Julie was still asleep and lightly snoring with her mouth hanging wide open.. He tried to turn the bedside lamp on, but like the clock it wasn’t working. He left the bedroom and looked out the window, the sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon but it was still dark and the moon hung in the sky. He went down the stairs and into the kitchen and flicked on the light switch by habit, he knew it wouldn’t work since the electric up stairs didn’t seem to be working, but to his surprise the fluorescent lights fluttered to life and luminated the dark kitchen. He went towards the refrigerator and saw his reflection on the shining silver box... His face was fuzzy and he seemed to have no visible features, automatically he reached up and felt his face.. His nose, his eyes, the scars all seemed to be in place.. But he looked on at his reflection and couldn’t understand why he had no features when he could always see them on the fridge, ..must be too early and his mind wasn’t working straight, he thought. Other than that everything seemed fine except the pounding headache that he had waken up with - he opened the fridge and pulled out a coke, popped the tab and took a drink.

The pounding got louder and he froze, ..it wasn’t coming from his head - it was coming from his house, the walls shook and the windows rattled as his hand went limp and the can of coke fell, hitting the floor sending a spray of the sticking liquid across the black tile. He looked out the kitchen window and realized where the pounding was coming from.. There were red eyes gazing in at him - things? people? They stood there at the window and looked to be crouching, peering in at him but he was unable to make out their features in the dark. The pounding from the outside got louder and he looked at his hand that had dropped the can of coke.. He had no indentions on his fingers, they were smooth flat and he had no fingernails He was baffled and didn’t understand what in the fuck was going on.. He heard a noise coming from the stairs and there was Julie, standing there in all her naked god given beauty...Her eyes were pitch black and seemed to bulge from her head, a picture fell from the wall behind her as the pounding from outside continued. Her left hand was pointed out to him and she held a bloodied knife in her fight hand... She spoke with a raspy demonic, echoless tone
"ALL for you, my King."
"ALL for you, my King."

Her hand turned toward the front door and steadied there. He knew those -things- were out there, whatever they were and that’s where she wanted him to go. He came out of the kitchen and around the staircase to the front door.. But as he walked he felt as if he was floating, as if he was in a different world and it seemed to take an eternity to reach the front door but he finally got there and placed his hand on the doorknob. It was hot to the touch but the heat didn’t bother him as he turned the doorknob and the door flew open. Hot air filled the room and took his breath away and he struggled to regain it momentarily as he saw that Aspen Street lo longer existed and neither did the sun on the horizon. The sky was a shade of dark red with churning clouds that moved quickly across the sky but rising from the west and falling to the east as if he was stuck in a large snow globe - and then he saw the creatures. Huge beasts that stood upright at over seven feet tall, their skin was black leather and seemed to be burnt and scared - more like a hard leather shell. Their arms hung down past their knees at an unnatural length, their teeth were sharp, black and exposed.. Their feet were oversized and looked more like talons off of a bird more than anything and they stood single-file on each side of his porch.. hundreds of them formed a hallway of blackness that led on through the barren desert that once use to be Aspen Street.

Far down at the end of the Creature Hallway stood a figure that was to far away to make out in the swirling sand. Alexi stepped from the porch and instantly heard a sizzling sound, he looked down at his feet as the skin melted away from them.. He noticed he had no toes or toenails, they were flat with no detail as they melted away.. But there was no pain, no feeling as he walked.. And again, the sensation of levitating came over him as started to go between the creatures.. He looked down and noticed that he was right, his feet weren’t touching the ground and that there was nothing left of them but black charred bones that kept on moving. He looked back behind him at the house and saw Julie standing in the open doorway with the bloodied knife in her hand and still pointing, but not at him, but at the figure standing at the end of the Creature Hallway
"ALL for you, my King" she exclaimed once more as her mouth never moved.

Alexi then advanced towards the figure standing at the other end, the creatures lowered their heads as he passed them on either side and they spoke to him - not vocally, but in his mind and it was a terrible feeling. The feeling in his head was as dirty as the creatures themselves smelled - but he got the messages from them as clear as day "Its Him." He continued to pass and the figure could be seen even more clearly as the creatures raped his mind with their one single thought. The glowing white eyes of the figure were over powering, his hair hung down in his face but seemed to avoid the powerful eyes. He was dressed in all black, his jacket blew around in the wind yet his hair remained still. There was no emotion on this mans face because Sin was an uncaring being, ..and he stood between two realms - that of man and eternal damnation. He stood before the man, between his army of creatures and looked into the glowing eyes and again saw his own reflection.. Alexi had no face, no features - and he finally understood: The creatures, Julie with the knife, Sin with his army.. ALL, ALL, ALL for him. He was dead and it was ALL for him. ALL the afterlife, ALL the souls - it was his time to rule and it was ALL his. "ALL for you, my King." Everything was his - his mortal life had been extinguished by the woman he loved, the woman he had been his burden ...and Eternity was about to begin.

A sick grin that seemed to stretch too far came across his face and his eyes held the hideous black color they were notorious for, the color of death, the color of eternal suffering, the color of everything unholy as the sand below his feet began to crack and turn into glass. The General known as Sin held out his hand and whispered, "Its time." The barren desert of sand that covered the ground behind Sin began to swirl and opened up to a large black hole. The creatures turned as on one unison spin and walked toward the black hold behind Sin. One by one they disappeared still praising Alexi in their minds as they passed until they were gone leaving the new King, the new "Him", with his General taking his hand.
"Its time" Sin said and he pulled Alexi toward the black pit.."Come with us, come home."
"Come with us, come home."
"Come with us, come home."
"Come with us, come home."
"Come with us, come---"

Jaymz awoke and grabbed the weight on top of him, he opened his eyes to see Julie - his vision swirled as he backhanded the bitch to the other side of the room.. He rolled off the bed and coughed, loosened the strap that she had placed around his neck and tightened in attempt to kill him.. He coughed and gasped for air again, nearly passing out as he got to his feet. Julie was nude and on all fours.. Her mouth hung open and saliva ran down her chin as she hissed and growled.. Her eyes were black and bulged from her face splitting the skin in the corners of her eyes. His vision steadied and he regained control of himself as he advanced towards her.. She leapt at him with her mouth wide with her intentions to kill, he grabbed her in midair and slammed her against the bedroom wall cracking the drywall and placing her through it. He pulled out of the mess and slammed her to the floor, sat his huge frame on top of her and began to lay lefts and rights into her face.. Blood sprayed from her nose as she screamed horrible sounds, talked terrible languages that he didn’t understand until she became calm, ..placed her hands at her side and closed her bulging eyes. He picked her up and took the limp body down the hall into the other room where he kept the woman while he was out of town. He strapped her to the bed and closed the door behind him. He leaned against the wall in the hallway and slumped down to the ground and it was then he noticed his feet were in tremendous pain, ..they were burnt and in waves of pain, ...He was confused and didn’t understand.. She had tried to kill him, and better yet - she had succeeded, ..but the Father took control for it wasn’t his time to rule the underworld and the Father still had time left... He knew it wasn’t a dream, it was real, as real as the blood running down his neck, ..as real as the fried skin on his feet. As real as the coke that was still spilt on the kitchen floor down below - that he would see later that morning.

We have a man who wants to assault the wrestling world, ..a man who believes hes the greatest thing to walk out of Canada, ..or so Ive been told. But this man, Acid, is a man who I don't consider worthy competition..why? Because hes Canadian, simply as that. ..I mean, Loverboy came out of Canada and so did K.D Lang so I have a hard time dealing with Canadians ..and French people, but that's a different story. It burns my ass that I have to defend this Title against someone who doesn’t even deserve the shot, a person that shouldn’t even be able to win this Title and ya know; Ive looked at the US Title history and I see so many Non-Americans on that list that it disgusts me; people who don't know what the Title is about and don't care what name is on it.. They simply see it as “gold” to wear around their waist… Much like I dominated the Extreme Division, I will do the same with this title against anyone who stands across from me in the ring, …especially people who aren’t even from this country… Do you really think I would go to Canada, join up with some crappy little promotion and win the “Canadian Title”.. Oh shit, people would go ballistic and there would be all kinds of protests to have the title removed from me.. But see, that's the thing – nobody wants to go to Canada and join their crappy little promotions, that's the reason they come to the GWA, a worldwide organization who’s home is in the United States, ..not Canada, ..not Ethiopia and not Siberia. I don't know what Acid is thinking or what he plans to do in this match because hes been so silent..

I wonder if hes been celebrating his first big win of the year and doesn’t realize that he has a match this week, …or maybe he did realize he had a match this week and it became a problem when he saw who his opponent is. I think Acid knows I'm starting the year off with a bang and he doesn’t want to be the first victim of my US Title reign; yes it’s a tough situation to be in and I couldn't imagine coming to the ring knowing that I was going to lose no matter the effort that I put forth, but hey, this title wasn't meant for a Canadian. I took the US Title in the first pay-per-view of the year and left Pain hanging out that Steel cage wishing he had paid a little more attention to the things happening outside of the ring, but he cant change that and he has to live with it for the rest of his life… He can dream and fantasize about holding this title, but in the end – Pain and myself are even. That asshole took my Extreme Title from me but little did he know that move was gonna come back and bite him in the ass a few months later.. I bet he wishes he would have done that differently in our Extreme match cause if he had – he would still be the US Champion and I would still be the Champion of the former “Jaymz Division.” ..But things worked out better for me in the end and I know for a fact that things will work out in my favor again this week as Acid will fall and see that he wasn't worth my time and effort in the ring.