A long day pt.1

Ive always wanted to be the best since I was a child, back then I was never into competing much and I usually stood back and took watch, ..I’d pick a side, a person I wanted to win – because isnt that what you do? Even if you don't know the people, isnt it just natural to just say ‘oh, I hope this dude wins.’ We always pick a side because its part of that competitive nature in us; some people claim they don't have it and its not a part of them, ..but its there whether they want to admit it or not. But I sat back as a kid and as I got older, taller and stronger I realized that I had something.. and it wasn't just the strength because there were still people a lot stronger than me ..but it was just the look on my face, how I looked older than my age and how big I was.. I was intimidating to people – when I was about sixteen I kicked the shit out of some poor kid and the rush was amazing.. My heart was racing cause the guy was huge and I could see that he was a little scared, but he knew he was older and a little faster and I knew it to. My heart was beating so fast that night that I was actually almost a little afraid. But I didn't want to lose, not in front of all those people and some of whom who were my friends. He almost had me beat there for a while but he made the mistake in thinking I was slower than I really was.. Once I hit him that one good time I jumped on top of him and let it go… I had gotten in fights before that one, even when I was a kid – if I didn't win in checkers I would fuckin throw a fit and chunk the pieces across the house…

jump over the table and beat my cousin for winning… why? ..because I don't like to lose. Ive never liked losing and its not a part of me, its unacceptable and I have Zero Tolerance for underachieving. When I left school and all the fights behind I didn't know what to do with myself, ..i wanted to compete, I wanted to hurt people but I was unsure of where to go.. I decided the Military might be the place for me, ..and it was – sort of. It calmed me a little, it taught me to hold in my aggressions and use them at better times… I became more relaxed but that competitive side was always there and for years I still had the terrible urges to go around and just fuckin kill something, ..and some nights, well…. You know… I worked my way up in the Military and put in my time and that's when I found wrestling… I saw it could keep me fed and I could keep my stress level low… But I wanted to do it to compete, ..its all about the competition… Everything I have ever done has been to do something better than another person – and the best way for me to do that is by fighting… I don't wanna sit around and play checkers anymore, I’ll get fuckin bored and smash the checker pieces in your eyes just for a little fun. But I found this business and knew that I could succeed and beat the living shit out of people… I like it when people hate me, I love for the world to see me dismantle someone as they call for the next opponent to challenge me.. they hate me, the world would love to see me dead – and do you know what it means when the world hates you?

It means that your doing something right because people hate you for a reason. They would hate you if you sucked, people would feel sorry for you – they would want you to win matches… but no, people hate me because I win.. People fear success and hate others who succeed and all my life Ive been ruining peoples hopes and dreams, ..sending thousands of people home unhappy that their favorite wrestler couldn't come out ontop of Jaymz. There have been the occasional time that I have failed here and there during my career but that competitive drive never leaves me because I hate the people who have beaten me and I want nothing more than those people to suffer, I want to feel pain like they have never felt – and for every man who has ever beaten me has also taking a beating and a loss at my hands, ..except for that one person. I have my chance this week to prove to the world I am who I say I am, ..the chance to prove to the world why I deserve the Title that's being fought over in a few days. I don't come into the ring with the same though process for twice for one opponent, ..because I know what happened the first time around so I know what to avoid and the times to attack. This match has been on my mind for weeks and I have a job to accomplish, something that I left undone a few weeks back – and now its time to settle that business. I don't come to the ring to lose, I don't come to lay down to my opponents, ..I come to destroy them – and that's exactly what I’ll all do when we stand in that cage in a few short days…

It was a bright day in Detroit, the skies had cleared over night brining a chill to the morning air as the daily commuters headed out on their rounds to work and getting the kids off to school. The Zero Tolerance building was one of the taller structures in Detroit as Tristan Bale wanted only the biggest for the company. Men in suites came in and out the Zero Tolerance Inc. building carrying their briefcases and papers; security men paced the building at Drache’s orders and cameras caught every visible angle of the surrounding areas around the building. The lobby was massive with its marble floors and walls, the footsteps of the people echoed through the lobby as did their voices - but some were hardly audible as the fountain in the center of the lobby roared its echo through the marble walls. A man stepped into the building and caught a few looks from some of the older well dressed gentlemen who tightened their grip on their briefcases as he walked by.. He had long hair and a beard, and it was none other than Grinder. He walked through the lobby not looking at anyone, and almost as if none of them existed. He found the elevator that was guarded by two large men with broad shoulders. The man on the left was a black man who seemed not to have one single ounce of fat on him, the other was a white man who wasn’t has cut as the other man, and also was a lot fatter. Grinder got up to the elevator and the two men cut him off

"Outta my way, I got business to tend to."
It was the black man who spoke to Grinder, "And where exactly do you think your going?"

"Well, its really none of your business where Im going, so get the fuck outta my way asshole."
The white ZT guard spoke up this time, "Talkin like that isnt gonna get you anywhere, Mr....?" He shrugged, not knowing who the man was.
Grinder looked at the with like he was a retard, "You don’t know who I am!??" He was gettin pissed off and the guards stared to mock him.

"Uh..the juggernaut? ..bitch." Both guards found this humorous but they suddenly stopped laughing as Grinder head butted the black man sending him reeling back, the white guard reached out for him but Grinder ducked and gave him a shot to the midsection, the man doubled over and Grinder was about to deliver him a DDT when several more Zero Tolerance guards came over and grabbed him from behind. He tried to shake them off one by one which was successful at first but there were too many and it was then came a powerful voice came from the far side of the lobby
"Hey!!! HEY!!!!! What the fuck is going on in here!!!????"

The guards turned around and looked relieved, it was Jaymz and he was coming to assist them. It was the black guard who stood up and went over to Alexi as Grinder was still throwing guards off of him, "Sir, this man over here was trying to get up to the corporate floor, but we have subdued him - well, almost. Don’t worry, we'll get this crazy man out of here."

Jaymz looked shocked, "subdued him!? He's kicking all of our guards asses! And what the fuck are you doing anyway!?? Thats fuckin Grinder! You know, one of the owners of the GWA!!! Who’s now Zero Tolerance!!! What the hell are you thinkin"
The guards eyes got as big as dinner plates as he looked back at the struggling guards taking on the man, "stop!!! Let him go!! Hes ok, hes ok!!!" The guards let go of Grinder but he wasn’t through, he grabbed two of them and slammed them into the elevator doors leaving two huge dents as the men fell unconscious. He saw Jaymz and gave him a 'what the hell is goin on around here' kinda look. There was fury in Jaymz' eyes as he walked over to Grinder and the eight guards standing and the other two on the ground.

The black guard looked back to Jaymz with pleading eyes, "Im terribly sorry Mr. Yaroslav - nobody told us about this Mr. Grinder and--"
"I don’t give a fuck what anyone told you Brian, if you don’t know who’s in Zero Tolerance and who isnt, then I recommend you find a new job." Jaymz shook his head and looked at all of them. The lobby was dead quiet at this point and time, nothing but the water roaring from the fountain could be heard.

" Im sorry, and it wont happen again sir."
Jaymz laughed, "your damn-well-right it wont happen again, because your all fucking out of here.. I cant believe that I hired any of you retards… You all have been the most incompetent "

There were a couple groans on the disappointed faces of the guards. "and don’t fuckin argue with me or run of to Drache and cry, all of you will be out of here today. You all were told that Grinder and Al were welcome in this building and were allowed on any floor they wish - their our brothers, and ALL of you failed at your job today. Leave now! Come back tomorrow and turn in your suites and you can collect your paychecks."

Grinder stood there watching the scene, he found this funny that all these men had gotten fired - but he didn’t really care, it wasn’t his problem. Jaymz turned back to him and motioned for him in the elevator, they stepped inside and the doors closed
"I didn’t expect to see you in Detroit"
"Hell Im comin up here to see Drache, the fucker knows how to party - we were out all night in Mississippi tearin that place to the ground, you should have come with us Jaymz."

"I had to get back home, too much shit going on there to deal with." Jaymz only shook his head.
Grinder stood there and noticed that Jaymz hadn’t pushed a floor button, "Hey - you gonna push the floor button and get this thing a rollin or what!?"
It was one of the first real times that Jaymz had talked to Grinder and he could see he was a confident man who didn’t fear a damn thing - and that if you looked at him wrong he could turn into a complete asshole. But Jaymz liked that and they needed that kind of attitude in Zero Tolerance.
"oh yeah.. I forgot." But Jaymz didn’t push a button, he took a deep breath and exhaled.. His eyes turned black and Grinder saw this, found it odd and didn’t like it. All the buttons on the panel of the elevator lit up and the car shot straight up.. Both men reached for the rail inside, Grinder looking a little concerned as the elevator flew up and eventually came to a sudden stop that put both men on their asses.. There came a "dong" sound and the elevator doors opened up, Grinder shook his head, "how the fuck do you do that shit!?"

"Its my little secret."
"Well keep that shit to yourself, ..I'll take the stairs next time"

They walked out of the elevator and Jaymz led him down a long hall, there were plaques and pictures on the wall - it was a picture or retired belt that was ever won by a Zero Tolerance member, the pictures came to a stop a ways down the hall and Jaymz slapped the first empty spot, "this here - this is where the US Title is gonna go, we keep all our victories right here."
"I'd start with beating Pain before I put somethin on a wall"

Jaymz glanced over at Grinder, "don’t worry.. his ass is mine."
"uh huh, yeah, ..you’ve said that before and then Pain kicked your ass."
"yeah...well... Its gonna be different this time, Im not defending a Title - Im taking one." There was a little anger in his voice.

"Settle down big man, Im only giving ya shit... Ya don’t take jokes to well do ya?" Grinder looked at Jaymz and shook his head, he knew the big man had taken his comment too seriously.
Jaymz didn’t respond but kept walking down the hall until he got to the door with the nameplate that said "Drache" and underneath in smaller print was "ZT." Jaymz gave one knock on the door and opened it up. Drache was kicked back behind his desk with the south and west wall curtains pulled open giving an amazing birds eye view of Detroit. He looked over as they came in, "Hey Jaymz! ..what the hell you doin in so early!?

Grinder walked in the room behind Jaymz and Drache stood up from the chair, "Grinder! what’s goin on!? Didn’t expect to see you here, that was one hell of a rough night back in Mississippi - I think Im still recovering from it!"
"That was a hell of a night, it got a little too crazy" Grinder sat down on the other side of Drache’s desk, Drache shook his hand and sat back down.. They talked of the other night as Jaymz stood there looking down at the city, wondering what in the hell that Julie was doing at home right now. He phased the two men out, he could hear their roaring laughter but didn't really care what they had to say.. Alexi was just glad to be out of the house, away from Julie and the fucked up things she was doing with his mind.. He had planned to make this a long day at the office and he was sure that he could find some things to do since he hadn’t been here for over a month.. He stepped away from the window and headed back to the door, “I'm outta here – take it easy Grinder, ..oh and Drache; couple guards were givin him shit down there so I fired them” He had motioned towards Grinder.

Drache nodded with agreement, “how many of them?”
Jaymz shrugged, “Oh I dunno, ..eigth maybe… Brian, Christian, Jor—“
Drache stopped him, “woah, woah, woah… you fired eight of them!? Then tell me Jaymz, who in the fuck is down there watchin the elevators???”

Jaymz’ eye shot around the room, “Crazy J?”

“fuckin Crazy J!??” Draches face was turning red “You left Crazy J in charge of security!!?? You have to be shitting me, theres no telling how many circus freaks hes letting in here!!! Have you lost your mind!?”

Jaymz laughed at this but Drache didn't think it was funny. “Settle down Drache, … J’s not even here and—“
“Good!! The man has made the majority of my life a living hell!”
Jaymz rolled his eyes, “…as I was saying, I’ll get some new faces in here today. The people you had working here anyway were morons..”

Drache took a drink of his coffee, “yeah – you guys did so much better by letting spies work at night when Bale was incharge – good job there Jaymz.”

It was Grinder who looked over then, “Bale? ..Isnt that the guy who came to the GWA with the rest of you guys?”
“yeah that's him, the quiet little fucker!” Drache laughed, “hes been on vacation for a while, .he needed it.”

Jaymz turned and left the office, closing the door behind him – he headed to his own office, in what was about to be a long day; and what Drache didn't know is that Crazy J was headed over, now that will just make his day.