Vadim and Julie

A good friend of mine speaks about fear quite often. He tells them what their fear is, how they come about the fear.. and what heíll do about it. Sin knows about fear and if I was to ask my friend about Original Baller, do you know what he would tell me? That Original Baller fears competition, he fears the people that he knows will beat him. I mean, where is this Baller? I figured since he had just won a Title in his first match back in the GWA that he would be quick to put together a promo full of gloating and talking of how great he is.. So where is Baller? Do I intimidate him so much that he has to hide off in the corner of his room and ignore that this match is taking place this week? Are you afraid of me Baller? Or are you afraid of the punishment that you will receive in the ring? Are you scared of losing this match to someone better than you, a person that's more powerful and all around better in the ring? Feight may be the best in this business and even that is debatable because I have a score to settle with that man as we stand at one a piece; but you see Baller that comes at a different time and I have you to slaughter this week.

Did you talk to Goth yet Baller? I told you in my first promo that maybe you should talk this situation over with him and see the position that you have put yourself in. Talk to that loser and see if he has any advise that he can offer, something useful that you can bring to the match that's gonna help you take me down for the three count. Ya know, every time I think of you taking me to the mat I canít help myself but to sit back and laugh Ė because I know there isnt one chance in hell that you can get the win.. Tell me, Ödon't you see what your stepping into the ring with Baller? Do you fail to comprehend the fighting skill that I have, the power that I possess and the strength of mind that I put to work in every single match? I'm sorry that you don't see these things BallerÖ.well, actually Ė no I'm not. Cause I'm gonna enjoy watching you suffer, Iíll enjoy pointing to you as you lay on the match as I laugh, ..taunt you and make a fool of you in front of the whole world.

January 1, 2007 Detroit, Michigan, USA

My King, where is my King? My King, where is my King? My King, where is my King? My King, where is my King?
The thought ran through Julies head a million times a day. She couldnít find him, didnít have a clue as to where he was or how to get a hold of him. She tried, with her mind, but she never reached her loved one - her King, Alexi Yaroslav. Not much was known about Julie - it was a cool October night when the beautiful, loving Julie met up with the Alexi.. A man she thought that she knew, a man who was only his 'bad self' for his image as a GWA wrestler. He had lied to her, tricked her into thinking that he was a good man but he was about to 'get down with his bad self.' He gave her Soul to the Father that night in October and it was a night she would never remember; her past life before that moment was wiped away and she basically became his slave.. But the new Julie loved him, worshiped him in a way that nobody else could. From that point on, Julie was no more than a bag of walking flesh who only had the one worry - and that was her King. Since the cool October night that her body was pillaged and raped by the Father she had only been out of the house on two occasions.. The first had been to her work at Cathleenís Cafe where Jaymz had met her and let her grow fond of him.. She bit Cathleen on the ass that day and Cathleen had assumed that she was on drugs and strung out - Cathleen had hated Julie anyway and was glad she was given the option to fire her.

Her second outing was to see her father in the retirement center, the normal Julie had gone to see her father every weekend but after the night in October, that ceased. But Alexi knew that if she didnít go and see him then he would eventually start to make a few calls about his daughter and she would come up "missing" sooner or later - and he couldnít have that. ..So he had taken Julie to the retirement home and gave her one single command - and that was to give his soul to the Father. And that's exactly what Julie did, she 'got down with her bad self' and pleased Him by taking her own fathers soul as a gift. They said he died of a heart attack but it was more of Heart-break; Alexi sat outside and watched - in his mind he could see through Julies eyes and for him, it was even hard to watch. The old man had cried when he saw his daughter, got down on his knees and begged for her to straighten her life up because, as he told her, she was the only thing he had and the beauty of her face kept him going. Those were Julies only two public appearances, not counting the time she wandered around in Jaymz' yard naked and eventually made her way down to the Murrayís house.. Over the last three months her skin had become pale, almost transparent and her once short hair was now long, stringy and greasy.

She would hardly eat and she had a fixation for vinegar, bottle after bottle she would down the liquid like she was an old pro at using a beer-bong, but when she did eat she would always go outside and much on some leaves, pull up a handful of grass - stand there in a daze like a cow and eat the vegetation. Often she would eat the feces from the two of Jaymz' dogs, he noticed her do this a couple times and she would spend the rest of the day hunched over in the yard vomiting, ..of all the nasty things she ate dog shit was the only thing her stomach wouldnít allow. ..But this, this was the normal life for Julie.. A woman with no thoughts, no mind of her own - a woman who only lived for one person... Her King. ..Where was her King? He was in Russia, but Julie didnt know her ass from a hole in the ground but she did know one thing and that was her King was out of her contact area.. She tried with her mind to get him to answer but no response ever came.. She stood at the front window for days, looking down at the ruins that once was Aspen Street, before the Murrayís burnt down and destroyed everything they could before the Detroit Police had ended their reign of terror in the middle of the street. There were only four houses that were left standing on Aspen Street as all the others were no more than concrete foundations with burnt up trees to the side of him. Vadim hated this, he hated being here watching this insane bitch while Alexi was off on the other side of the world...

But Alexi was his friend, actually he was family and would do anything for the man whether he liked the situation or not. He had spent days trying to pull Julie away from the front window to see if he could get her to do something as she only stood there and mumbled to herself as drool mapped itself a course down her chin and dripped off onto the floor. Vadim knew she was strange but he had never seen her act like this.. Her legs were shaky as she hadnít slept in almost a week, she had an awful stench coming from her as she had shit herself somewhere in the last couple days.. Vadim tried to pull her away from the window but she was like a marble statue and wouldnít budge and inch.. He had to get her to a shower he thought, to get this stinkin bitch cleaned up a little.. But as he thought about it, she was better off this way than she was the day Christmas rolled around. Alexi had left many gifts under his Christmas tree and all were for Vadim, he supposed this was Alexi's way of making up for the inconvenience of watching Julie for a two week period. A scream had waken him up that morning, a piercing scream that filled the house and cracked one of the windows in the spare bedroom that he was staying in, the old man jumped from the bed and got downstairs as fast as his ageing legs would allow.. He saw Julie standing next to the tree with her mouth open, tendons standing out in her neck as if they were about to pop, and the scream that sounded like a wail of a siren that told you, "get the fuck out of here, twisters-a-comin!"

She was looking into one of the silver ornaments hanging on the tree, she reflection shown back to her, she reached for her hair and began to take it out by the handfulís with awful tearing sounds as pieces of scalp came along with it.. Vadim stood there in shock as she seemed to pull her scalp off with ease as she screamed.. She then reached for the silver ornament and snatched it off the tree, it crushed in her hand and shoved it in her mouth and chewed like she hadnít eaten in months.. Vadim ran over to her, not sure of what to do and pulled her away from the tree as she once gain grabbed an ornament, this time a red one, and tried to shove it in her mouth.. He grabbed her hand but Julie pulled away slamming the red glass into Vadims face.. It knocked his glasses off his face, shades of red blurred his vision as he closed his eyes.. He dropped to the ground feeling for his glasses and put them back on, the old man stumbled back up, his eyes darted around the room looking for Julie - he didnít see her but could hear her in the kitchen, moaning and mumbling something about "King" as she torn open another bottle of vinegar and sucked it dry. Vadim went into the kitchen just in time to see her spray the vinegar out all over the kitchen in a mist, there was red in it as well. Again, she took a swig of the vinegar and sprayed it all across the kitchen..

She then dropped the bottle and made more moaning noises as blood dripped from her mouth, Vadim stood there with his eyes wide as he had never seen Julie in such a rage as she was at the moment. She then said one word, the only word Vadim had ever heard her say, "Bogdan." He didnít know what Bogdan meant but assumed it was trouble.. Julie fainted then and fell to the floor hitting her head hard on the tile floor. This wasnít the way that he wanted to spend his Christmas but at least Julie was quiet - and wasnít spraying vinegar all over the house, which had now started to smell. He had picked her up and taken her to the bathtub, he didnít want to - but 'her bad self' needed to be cleaned and the shit ridded from her pants. Since Christmas day Julie had seemed fine, well, as fine as she was gonna get anyway. She was back to her normal spot by the front window looking out over Aspen street, her mouth was a little swollen from the glass shards of the Christmas ornaments and looked a little odd with chunks of her hair missing... She still continued to mumble to herself but the closer the listened the more he started to understand the things that she was saying.."My King, where is my King? Vadim knew she was talking about Jaymz and that something was wrong, she was acting too strange the last few days, that, and he had never heard from Jaymz since he had left the country which gave him a sinking feeling in his gut..

He told the big man not to go but he had insisted that he see his children. Vadim, becoming stressed, gave in to the temptation that he had been battling for years; he went over to the coffee table by Jaymz' chair and pulled out a cigarette and stepped out on the front porch.. He closed his eyes as he took the first drag, the feeling of the nicotine rushed through his body and gave him the feeling of "everythingís gonna be ok." It wasnít too cold outside as the sun was shining down on a clear day in Detroit and he sat there and finished the cigarette before going back into the house.. He past the front room and caught a look of Julie from the corner of his eye.. She was no longer facing the window as she had stepped away back again to mumbling about "her King".. He came over to her, noticed the fingers of her left hand were inside her mouth and a trail of blood came from one corner... The tendons on her neck stood out again as he ran over to her and jerked her left hand from her mouth.. There came an awful ripping sound of meat peeling away from bones; she opened her mouth and let out another moan as pieces of flesh hung from her teeth and a fingernail fell from her mouth. She tried to jerk away form him but the old mans grip was strong but his knees were weak and he took a step closer to her as she pulled..

Then something changed, something horrible that terrified him and would cause him to lay awake at night a few times over the next few weeks.. She took a few deep breathes and clinched her blood dripping teeth together and screamed as loud as she could, but it wasnít a Julie scream - it wasnít the scream of a woman.. It was the scream of a beast, something evil that was in pain.. Her eyes bulged in their sockets and started to tear the skin around the outside corners of her eyes.. Vadim's jaw went slack as he saw her eyes which then began to turn black, a color of black that he had seen many a times. He knew it was time to get away from her before something happened to him.. He had seen that exact same color of black in Jaymz' eyes when something bad was about to happen.. He pulled away from Julie as the sound of the beast came within her.. drips of blood came from the corner of the torn skin of her eye that looked like red tears.. Her let go of Julie and her hand went back to her mouth, gnawing on the severed fingers - He backed his way up the stairs and into the spare bedroom. It was better to be in here, he thought, at least until this little fit of hers was over with.. He sat down on the bed and opened the pill bottle that was sitting on the nightstand.. He took a Loratab dry and sat back on the bed.. He could still hear Juie, no longer the yell of the Beast but growling sounds and the chewing of flesh. ..He wished Alexi would come back as he drifted off to sleep.