Yakutsk, Russia pt.II: Bogdan Zakhar

December 24, 2006

Bogdan Zakhar watched in fascination as the lumbering man worked his way up the Road of Bones.. The man was a giant and he had never seen anyone of that size before.. He wanted to stand next to the man, touch him – feel his skin.. For hours he had stayed ahead of the man and waited impatiently for the man to just give up and call it quits.. He knew the man was a fool as he had nothing but several beanies on his head and one jacket… The man was American, because only an American would be foolish enough to walk down this road where there were no Inns or places to stay. He watched, waited for the man to die so he could feel his skin… He shivered at the thought and excitement ran through his body causing a nervous giggle from his old mouth. Bogdan was a tall man himself standing over six foot, he was heavyset and that was being nice because in reality it was a lard-ass, but when you lived in the freezing cold you needed that extra jacket that you couldn't take off.. He had a thick grey beard that curled at the ends, crumbs stuck in it below his mouth and dried mucus stuck the hairs of his mustache together.. He ran his old hand across his nose leaving another trail of mucus across the sleeve of his jacket.. His teeth, or what teeth he had, were orange and decayed – so disgusting it would have made an orthodontist turn away in revolting fashion. He put his binoculars back to his eyes and watched the man, he was hunched over now and dragging his feet – Bogdan knew it was about his time and that sense of childish excitement ran back through his body again.

He sat inside of his old truck that appeared to be as old as Bogdan himself when the lumbering American Beast fell in the snow.. He jumped up in his seat nearly hitting his head and let out an odd crazy laugh, spraying saliva on the windshield and rubbed his hands together.. He turned the key in the ignition of the white truck, that blended into the snow so well, and it sputtered to live with a loud backfire from the tailpipe. The gears grinded and the wheels spun in the snow as it lurched back onto the road – Bogdan never stopped with the insane giggling as he turned the bend and drove towards the American Beast in the road. The truck came to a stop and Bogdan’s shaky hands pulled a pipe wrench from the back seat and it wobbled in his hands… He wasn't shaky because of fear or the cold, ..but excitement, he had waited all day for this moment and it had finally come.. His old feet crunched in the snow as he stepped from the truck and went over to the American Beast laying face down in the road.. He was massive, not only tall but the man really was a beast.. he slowly ran his hand down the back of the Beast’s jacket and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and the giggling little laugh came back again for only a second… Bogdan was old and it took what strength he had to roll the American Beast over, he thumped onto his back and grunted, slowly moving his head back and forth.. Bogdan pulled the beanies off the mans head and rubbed his hands together in exhilaration..

The mans face was square and made of granite, Bogdan noticed he was solid as a rock as the American Beast slowly opened up his eyes… The smile went away from Bogdan’s face and a look of sympathy came over it as he leaned down next to the man and asked him if he was ok, and that he was going to help… The American Beast seem to understand but his eyes lolled in his head and he wasn't quite all there… ..Then, that sick grin came back over Bogdan’s face as he helped the American Best sit up in the road; he almost fell over on his back but Bogdan grabbed his arm to steady him.. The Beast seemed to be collecting his mind and Bogdan saw his chance.. He picked up the pipe wrench that he had laid in the snow and swung it at the back of the Beast’s head causing him to call unconscious, once again, in the snow. And again, Bogdan rolled him back over, sat on his knees next to the man and giggled once more. He lowered his head and touched the Beats skin on his forehead then proceeded to lick the spot that he touched. Excitement once again took him over as he stood up and took the arm of the Beast and drug him back to his truck.. He opened the back door and struggled to get the man inside – this took quite sometime and almost every ounce of energy the old man had - but he had eventually succeeded and got back into the truck, turned it around and headed back the way he had come. He kept an eye on the American Beast and the pipe wrench in the passenger seat incase he came to – but Bogdan didn't believe it was going to happen.

He drove much faster than Jaymz had, being accustomed to the weather conditions it was nothing for the old man. He drove down the Road of Bones for quite a ways before coming to a path off to the left of the road.. It was rocky and bumpy, he went around several downed trees in his way before coming to a bend in the path and pulling up next to a small shack. The small house looked to be only two rooms and it was in bad conditions.. the windows had been boarded up and it almost seemed to sway in the stiff wind.. Some of the bricks had fallen away in places leaving only the wood boards to keep out the cold that tried to beat its way in. Bogdan shut off the truck and got out in a hurry mumbling Russian talk to himself.. He opened the back door and pulled out the American Beast by his feet, his head slammed against the truck as his body hit the snow. Bogdan pulled him up to the house and kicked the door open and struggled to get the man inside. It was warm in here, the fireplace glowed of red and oranges and a huge stack of firewood sat against the west wall. The house creaked and moaned as the wind took its toll on the old structure; there was really nothing in the house but some old wooden chairs, a table and some knives hung on the north wall.. there was a stove on the west wall and pans scattered all over it along with some chains and rope. Bogdan hobbled over to the stove and pulled the rope sending some of the pans crashing to the dirt concrete floor..

he went back over to the American Beast and tied his feet together; once he was finished he pulled the jacket off the beast and proceeded to cut away the multitude of shirts that he was wearing.. Once he was bare from the waist up, Bogdan had his hands over the mans skin and got that excited shake back to him, he was amazed at the huge spot of burnt skin on his chest that was in the shape of an enormous hand, Bogdan then flipped the Beast onto his stomach and ran his hands over the skin on the Beast’s back.. Drool ran down his mouth and into his beard as he jumped back up and got a knife.. It looked dull and rust had started to take its time on the steel, but he seemed not to care as he put it between the shoulder blades of the Beast and made a cut, it wasn't deep – but just deep enough to peel away the skin.. He pulled a strip roughly two inches wide and seven inches long from the man then proceeded to do it again, and again… Finally, the beast started to stir but Bogdan had his trusty pipe wrench and did another number on the Beast knocking him still. He continued to make strips of skin from the beast until he had a small pile that he placed in a pan.

Jaymz’ vision was blurry and his body rolled in pain, he heard the crackle of wood burning in a fire; his head throbbed and mind swirled as his eyes took in the view of his surroundings.. The orange glow of the fire came in first as he blinked a few times and his vision cleared.. Quickly turning his head he looked around at the old shack, ..saw the wooden chairs, the stove and the other few items that were in the small room.. He caught sight of an old man as he sat up and realized he didn't have a shirt on – but his jacket was close to the fire as were his shirts that appeared to have been cut.. he became cautious and looked at the dirty old man.. His clothes were smeared in dirt and he looked like a trashy Santa Claus.. He sat with a steaming cup of …something and rocked back and forth in the chair.. He sat up and pain rolled through his body, he caught sight of his right hand and saw frostbite was close to setting in.. he was sure of it on his toes because they hurt the worst, along with his back – damn it hurt. He tried to stand up but his legs were weak and plopped back to the floor.

“Names Bogdan, Bogdan Zakhar ..take it easy, .your weak.” He spoke in Russian but he had a lisp, or so it appeared – but Jaymz had caught view of his teeth and wondered if his tongue had rotted away with them as well. “I found you out there, you wouldn’t have made it.

“How l-long…how long was I out?” Jaymz, who spoke Russian back, rubbed his head and felt two huge bumps, the source of his pain.. He winced as he touched it.
Bogdan took a drink of his mug, “Little sore I bet. My apologies, your mighty heavy and I had a hard time getting you in my truck, ..ya slipped a little on the way out and hit your head a good few times. But you’ve been out since I picked yout up.. You came to a little but didn't last long when I got there.”

A lie. Jaymz knew it was a lie, he had done something to him while he was out.. Now, there was no fear of this old man because he didn't pose a threat at all. Jaymz knew that even in his weakened state that he could easily crush this old man in a matter of a few seconds… but right now, he had a place to stay – and he wanted to find out what had happened. “I uh, I appreciate it.”

“Why were you walking down that road? ..Its killed many a men.”
“I'm headed to Magadan, ..my Jeep got stuck and quit on me. ..where are we?”

Bogdan let out a half-laugh, “Magadan? Youre a long way from Magadan and you wont get there on this road.. Bridge is washed out.” He stood up and went over to the stove, “Might want to check them shirts, sorry I had to cut them but I couldn't get them off of ya.”
He pulled a pan that was sizzling off the stove and pulled some strips out and placed them on two plates. He picked up another mug and came back from the stove and handed the mug and one plate to Jaymz before turning and going back to his chair. Jaymz set the food down and reached for his jacket that was warmed from the fire and put it on.. He leaned up against the side of the house and picked up the mug, took a smell – it was coffee. He took a sip and it tasted ok but the warmth it put in him was even better and seemed to take some of the pain away. He looked a Bogdan who had a sick grin on his face, he chewed his food in smacks and made grunting sounds as he did.. To Jaymz he looked like an animal and he picked up his own plate.. It kinda looked like bacon, but still kinda chewy.. He picked a piece up and look at it

“Rabbit. ..The way I cook it.” Bogdan spit food as he talked

Jaymz took a smell of the food, and like the coffee it seemed fine. Tasted all right to but he also hasn’t eaten in almost two days so anything was going to taste good at this point in time. “So how do I get to Magadan?”

“I can take ya, I know the paths around here to another main road.. Maybe you can hitch a ride, but I doubt it.”
“why is that?”
“your not wanted here. Why do you think someone sent you down this road? ..Nobody come this way because theres nothing here… Road of Bones is a long dead end, you would have gotten to the bridge and seen it was out.. and by the time you turned around to drive back you would have run out of fuel.. Ive seen it a many of time.”

Jaymz was staring to become a little worried, but we wanted to see what the man had to say..”Where were those people goin?”

“Same as you.. Goin to Magadan, mostly foolish Americans such as yourself.”
“Did they make it?”
“Don't know. Don't care. I take them to the closest station and let them figure it out from there.”

Jaymz, now having a little more energy, wobbly stood up (his head sweeping the top of the shack) and his body rolled in pain once more causing his vision to spin for a second; he zipped up his jacket and picked up his beanies, “well, lets go.”

“We aren’t going anywhere right now. I saved your fuckin life and you cant hang around here for five minutes!?”

He meant to kill Jaymz, and this had just now clicked in his mind.. he didn't take people to the roads, maybe had let them see the road from a distance to get their excitement up, and then he did the job.
“I thanked you for saving my life,” there was anger in his voice now “Thank you for the food and the coffee – but I'm ready to go.”

“You will go when I tell you.. ..And I'm not done with my coffee yet you American fool.”
“Then just tell me how to get there, I’ll walk.” “you’ll die.”
“maybe I will.”

Jaymz walked up towards the old man whos sick giggles came from his rotted mouth as the view switched to outside the house.

The wind swayed the crooked old house as Bogdan laughed inside, but suddenly his laughing slipped away to more of a whine, the smoke from the fireplace came out faster and thicker with a darker black color.. Moments later Bogdan screamed something about a ‘path’ as blue flames shot from the top of the fireplace and the boarded windows glass shattered from the inside as the boards blew off into chunks laying in the snow.. Bogdan’s scream was cut off with a squeal as the bricks on the fireplace melted away and blue flames shot out in all direction as Jaymz stepped from the house, ski-mask and beanies on his head and got into Bogdan’s old truck and drove back down the drive.

***January 12, 2007***

He sat in the dark with his face unseen, the unmistakable eyes of evil could be seen but nothing more.. He moved in the darkness, but settled, and spoke..

Words… words shape who you are, not just what you speak – but also how you speak.. My friend Songaa really worries about what I say.. He doesn’t the like way that I talk to him, talk down about him and tell him he wont win. Songaa once said that I couldn't get into his head, that my words would have no meaning but yet I sit back and watch his promos and I see that he was wrong. He wonders why I talk about him when a mouth wont win this match, cant understand by I belittle him on television… Its because I enjoy it, Songaa.. I enjoy tearing people like you down, I enjoy people like you sitting back sayin you wont listen to my words… that my words wont bother you and make you think a little. You told me that I couldn't bother you Songaa and you were wrong. Ive downgraded you all week and you always have somethin to say about it.. You want to try and comeback with something that tries to prove a point against what I say… Yet, it doesn’t bother you? If it didn't bother you then you wouldn’t think about it – and you certainly wouldn’t talk about it. I know you assume that you can come into the ring and beat me after you’ve been training with a woman but I want you to carefully think about what I said, ‘…training with a woman.’ Do I need to say it again? That little twig of a girl is gonna show you some technique and maneuvers that's actually gonna work on me in the match!? You’ve been sleeping in the snow to long Songaa, you’ve been –clearing your mind- so to speak, ..but me?

Ive kept pretty low this week Songaa, ..I sit here before the world to see but you have yet to see your opponent this week, Ive hidden back in the shadows.. Ive been watching things, taking care of some business that wasn't settled. Ive been ready to get back into the ring, the urge to fight and destroy something has taken hold and has to be released.. I feel sorry for you Songaa, Ive never seen a man who’s faired to well when they’ve stepped up against me after a few weeks off and I don't expect that to be any different this week.. You make up some strange things Songaa; I could give one fuck less about what you names means and why do you think I would.. I never said, ‘Songaa is a real interesting name – gee, I wonder what the fuck it means!?’ I don't care if its your first name, last name, or alias.. to me, it sounds like some shit your ma and pa made up at the ‘honky-tonk’ one night when they was getting a little to torn down ..but then again, that would explain a few things. Now, if you want to claim that it means strength, then that's fine with me.. But Songaa, I don't care how strong you are – you can throw me around, slam me – I don't care, but youre only gonna be wearing yourself down and then I’ll take the advantage and claim the victory. Be as prepared as you claim but I’ll show you your faults, the things you didn't prepare for – the things that, ..woman.. didn't show you in your training. You keep speaking of this ‘war’ between Revolution and Zero Tolerance but I don't see this war that your talking about..

I see what has mainly been one sided battles where Zero Tolerance walks out as the winner.. I don't call that a war Songaa, but ask Irons about war, ..thats all he wants to talk about, the big Marine he is or whatever. Go ahead and pull the trigger Songaa, you just seem to love the idea of joining Revolution, you hype them up and make these claims of how great they are – so why don't you just go ahead and do it? Might as well, you can join that band of losers after youre defeat and realize that you, along with the rest of them cant get past Zero Tolerance. Youre a pathetic man Songaa, you want to have this sad story about how you can never enjoy life, or anything you do, to the fullest until you know everything.. You’ll walk about this earth with your head held low and your bottom lip puffed out in depression because your PATHETIC! Save your sad bullshit for someone else, save it for your opponent next week, cause then, you’ll really have somethin to be sad about and you can piss and moan to them about how rough life has been since you lost to Jaymz. lets see if that girl of yours taught you how to cry, ..girls are good at that so she might have trained you for that as well.. Did she train you how to get down on your knees and beg for you life? ..Thats something else that you might wanna know when you stand against me in the ring – cause you’ll be lucky if you don't end up in a hospital when were done. I don't have compassion for people Songaa, I don't give one fuck if you died in the hospital as result from the beating that your gonna take; I could care less if half the world was suddenly wiped off the planet..

You on the other hand, would go about your sad little life, whining and crying about how you’ll never be happy, you’ll never be satisfied and you’ll piss and moan everyday of your life. You’re a Walking Depression and a reservation is a good place for you, it keeps you away from normal people who don't want to listen to your depressed lifestyle… I may be an evil piece of shit, but I don't walk around sulking all the time, bitching and whining about my life and the direction that its going. Since you don't have one “happy” thing in your life, then how in the fuck do you expect to come in to the ring and beat me? I've been getting ready for this match, I'm prepared – and while you walk around and whine? ..Beating me isnt an option, its an illusion that's in your head, nothing more than a dream.. and Dream, well, they rarely come true. Smoke on that peace pipe a little more and get further illusions about how this match is gonna go.. Songaa, you get to find out what Zero Tolerance is all about.. Maybe, just maybe, when I wrap my big left hand around your neck and lift you up to the rafters, so high that your ears pop…I’ll hold you there while your air supply cuts off… As your eyes bulge and you claw at my hand, kick your feet and struggle to get away… That's when you get the sensation of a freefall, but the force of a slamming into a Semi Truck… You’ll hit that mat Songaa, and for you – all there will be is Silence… can you hear it?…I’ll hear it, ..right after I deliver it.