Yakutsk, Russia

Its about time that my opponent has decided to let the public see his face and hes none other than Jay Gold, ..oh wow…so basically I'm fighting Jay Gold going by a new name? ..And now you live on a reservation? Well, I guess you’ve such made some changes in your life over the past few weeks Jay G—uh, Songaa – or whatever you go by this week. That's fine, I don't really care what your gonna call yourself this month because its not gonna change the end result of this match. Why are you trying to come out here and compare our last two matches like they have something in common? So your telling me that you losing to Meta and Tadpole isnt as dampening as losing to A.P? …basically, your saying that you would rather go through life losing to people like the losers you lost to at the House Show instead of losing a match for the Global Title? You try and compare these matches but you cant, those matches weren’t even on the same level… Nobody cared about your match and that's why it was at a house show… Millions of people from all over the world tuned in to watch the match that A.P and I had – you see the difference yet? Those millions of people wanted to watch two of the best wrestlers in the business fight for the highest title the GWA has to offer… and you? ..What match did you lose? And before you go around whining and crying about me saying I wanted “one of those bigger names”…your not a bigger name. Nope, sorry – but your not.

Now I can see that you clearly got all upset about the comment, prolly had to go and hit the ‘ol Peace Pipe a few times to settle down a little but you need to understand that your not one of the big names… Who in the fuck has ever wrestled Songaa before!? If you want to keep talking about how great your past is and who all you’ve beaten before…then why in the fuck are you going by the name, Songaa? Songaa hasn’t don't shit in the GWA to my knowledge… Jay Gold has, and you keep referring to that man who you “no longer are:” So you need to pick a name and stick with it.. Or we can just call you Jay Songaa – that way you can talk of this great Indian future but keep the matches of the past, right? See, you have too many things on your mind to be ready for this match – me? My mind is clear… You cant see me, only stare at this black screen and listen to my voice.. your too worried about the things that Ive said to you – and I'm just getting started. You want to come out and make a big impression for your girl, to give you something to believe in… but when your riding a two loss streak, wheres your confidence going to be then, “warrior?” You can spare me all the Indian Warrior crap – I grew up in Oklahoma so I know all about Native Americans, ..I knew the ones south of town would get drunk on mouth wash and beat the shit out of each other in the part of town where decent folk don't go when the sun goes down. Yes, some are good people – but some, like you – just want to “be” Indian..

What to be a part of something, to feel wanted. So you ran off to a reservation and joined their little group and became an “Indian Warrior.” You don't impress me any Songaa and I don't see one thing that you bring to the ring that I should fear. I could care less if I'm impressing you with my words – what I have to say isnt gonna make one damn difference when Anarchy comes around. I wont get use to losing Songaa, that's just something that's never gonna happen – why should I change my ways and accept something different, something that I don't like? So I lost that one match and suddenly I'm going on a losing streak? Where do you come up with this stuff Songaa? It shows that you don't know me, that you aren’t aware of the things that I can do in the ring. Oh, your just so casual and laid back and not a single worry on your mind, but next week you’ll change the way you think after your takin one of the most devastating beatings you’ve ever received. Ok, so your not in Revolution yet – but the way you talk it sounds like you’ll be there soon and suddenly it makes them a band of superstars on their way to the top of the GWA? Harper? Irons? Chaos? ..those three losers? ..I’ll give Pain come credit because he did manage to beat me – but your gonna tell me those three Zero Tolerance whipping boys are gonna turn into ass-kickers and take out Zero Tolerance!? ..All this with the great Warrior Songaa!??

I laughed when you spoke, it was a good laugh and everyone needs a good laugh once in a while no matter how black your soul is. Revolution has never made a stand against Zero Tolerance and there wont be a time in the GWA where they will accomplish that feat either.. So go ahead and join up with them Songaa, take that band of losers that never seems to die off and join their pathetic ways… You only wish that you were a part of Zero Tolerance, you want the exposure, you want to be surrounded by talent and power – but “average” wrestlers don't do so well on our side of the ring. I'm glad you wanna work your way up through this company Songaa, its great you want to earn your shot at Titles, but that's gonna be kinda hard when you cant get around Zero Tolerance… Were draped all over the rankings for damn near every title – so how are you going to advance past us Songaa? I don't think you understand what Zero Tolerance is all about so it’ll be time for me to show you the ropes, and show you how its done…

December 24, 2006

If he had a heart, it sunk. He slammed the brakes of the Jeep to the floor but it didn’t stop... It slid on the ice and spun to the right, did a three-sixty and slowly came to a stop facing what he had seen off to the left of the road. The countryside was bare all except for the one tree that seemed to be bigger than it should have been; he continued to look at the tree with the feeling of regret and despair. The color seemed to run out of his face as he reached for the door handle without looking - he missed the first time but found it the second. He opened the door and stepped out into the howling wind.. He didn’t feel the piercing cold this time, didn’t seem to mind that it was twenty-five below zero as he walked like a zombie off the road and into the tall grass that was covered with a new coat of snow that crunched beneath his feet with every step. He looked on at the huge tree set off in the countryside and never took his eyes off the object swaying from one of its branches...He knew the shape, knew the height and could see the white eyes from here; It was Julie. He picked up his pace and came closer to the tree, and he was right - it was Julie. He still had a look of shock on his face as he fell to his knees but never taking his eyes off of his love.

Her body swung in the breeze, the rope creaked as it rubbed against the branch it was tied to and there came the occasional "thump" as her body blew back and the heels of her shoes (shoes that she never wore) hit the base of the tree. Her hair had been wet when she was put out here but it was now frozen solid, sticking out in odd directions and covered in snow.. Her eyes were white, as they always were, but they bulged from their sockets leaving the veins clearly visible on the sides. She had a look of horror on her face and it was the first time he had seen that... She had always had that far-out look on her face but he knew that she was always happy, content with her life that she had with her "King." Rage came through him for a moment, but the sympathy for Julie quickly came back as he looked on at her bulging eyes and slack mouth with her tongue that poked out just a little, almost like a turtles head he thought. Alexi didn’t know what to think, his mind raced and wondered if they were still around here looking for him and wanting to put him on a taller branch. How did they get Julie here so fast and how did they knew this was the road he was going to take.. He left her at home with Vadim, so that meant that he was as cold as Julie and there was no telling what they had done to him.

He sent his kids here to get away from all of this, but he realized that he was out of his element - away from Drache and the eye of Zero Tolerance and they could take him easily here just as they had Julie. He wondered if Katrusha and his two children were dead as well. It had been a mistake to come here as it had cost Julie her life (or what was left of it) and Vadim as well. He stared on at his dead love with a broken heart.


Pain rolled through Jaymz' chin and a swirl of bright colors ran through his mind - he was confused and disoriented as he looked around. Sleeping, he had been sleeping. The jeep had gone off the road and slammed into a snow bank causing his head to slam into the steering wheel.. He looked out the windshield at the bare countryside, not seeing the tree that he once saw in his mind.. A dream, only a dream. Julie was alive and he could feel that, he would have known if she was dead but he couldn’t shake the dream from his mind. He came to his senses and looked around in the rearview mirrors, he could easily back out of this but first he wanted to step out and see if the God-Forsaken cold could shake the dream from his mind.. He put on his hat and stepped out and took a few deep breathes, he looked down at the road and saw just how bad it really was.. Alexi had passed the town of Yakutsk this morning and had asked directions on the least-traveled way to Magadan. The older man told him to take the "Road of Bones", that it should be ok this time of year since it was so cold that water would be frozen over in places where parts of the road had collapsed and he should have been able to travel over it.. Alexi had almost turned around the first time he saw the sheet of ice running over the old road, afraid it would break and he would fall to a cold death...

but it didn’t and he kept on going down the worst road he had ever driven on; chucks of road had fallen on in places that he had to swerve around but other places were fine and that must have been where he had fallen asleep. He knew about the Road of Bones, Vadim had told him about it several times over the years as he once had a family member who helped build it. It was constructed during Stalin's time by men who were no more than slaves that worked in the brutal cold for over twelve hours at a time on food rationings so low that a rat couldn’t survive on. They dropped like flies with everyday that passed until the road was completed, but the men who died didn’t get a proper burial; they didn’t even leave them behind but instead used their bones as material for the road, hence the name "Road of Bones." It was a graveyard that cars passed along, a historical marker to some people as thier family members were a part of this road. Jaymz had had enough of the cold and decided it was time to head on to Magadan, and hopefully he would get there soon as he hadnt slept in three days since the events that had taken place at the Hotel in Moscow. He got back into the Jeep, refreshed and awake, and rubbed his hands together before he turned the key in the ignition...

but the Jeep didn’t start, its sputtered and choked but never came to life. It wasn’t fear, but something like that crossed his mind as he realized that if this fucker didn’t start he was in a whole world of shit.. There was nothing around here, no gas stations, no hotel. nothing - and it was twenty five below zero. Jaymz knew he didn’t have the clothes and gear to make it out in the cold for an extended amount of time. The engine was still warm so he turned the key to the "on" click and let the heater run as he pulled his bags from the back and began to rummage through them.. He pulled out several beanie hats and the ski mask he had been wearing earlier in the day when he had stopped to get gas.. He only had one coat, and it was thick but this one jacket wasn’t gonna get the job done. Alexi knew he had no option, it was walk your ass in the snow or die here from the cold in the Jeep. He kicked off his shoes and slid on several more pair of pants, followed by several long sleeve shirts and a few more pair of socks. His shoes were tight but he squeezed his feet inside and took a deep breath as he zipped his bags (which were almost empty) back up and opened the door of the Jeep. He could still feel the cold but it wasn’t as bad with the layers of clothes on as he slung his bags over his shoulder and began to walk to Magadan - or anywhere that happened to be closer.

It could have been worse he supposed, it could have been cloudy and snowing - but the sun was out and the only bad thing was the wind, it stung the exposed skin around his eyes and his fingers.. He found his pockets didn’t bring him much warmth and decided to tie knots in the ends of his long sleeve shirts and keep the stubs in his pockets... But he needed a cigar first, his nerves were on end and he hadn’t had one since the previous night. He lowered himself to the ground, pulled the ski mask halfway up his face and cupped his shaky hands around the cigar and after several tries it took flame. He stood back up, walked backwards with his hands in his pockets and his head down - keeping the stinging wind off his face as he smoked. ...It was the worst cigar he had ever had, he couldn’t even stand to smoke it in this kind of cold so he flicked it out and watched the cherry instantly burn out as it hit the snow. He pulled the ski mask down, turned and walked down the quiet beaten road. Time, actually hours, rolled by and the sun moved from one end of the sky to the other, he was becoming tired and his bottle of water had frozen hours ago.. He didn’t think at the time but he didn’t need that bottle of water - the fuckin ground was covered in snow!

As thirsty as he was, he resisted the temptation to reach down and grab a handful of the white stuff and cram it into his mouth; but he knew better than to do that - he was already freezing and the snow would only drop his bodies core temperature down and that was something he didn’t need. ..His knuckles were in pain and even though he couldn’t see them he was sure it was frostbite.. He stopped for a minute, swept the snow off a fallen tree and sat down with his hands on his knees... His world began to spin and his teeth were chattering so bad he was afraid he would bite his tongue off; it was then that he stood up from the log and stumbled back - he regained his balance and worked his way up the road some more... He didn’t know exactly how far away he was from Magadan and he hadn’t seen another person, car or house as he had walked all day long... He knew he needed to get out of the cold as night approached, but where would he go? He assumed he was gonna die out here as he couldn’t any longer lift his feet - they slid forward and felt like they weighed two-hundred pounds a piece and it was then that his vision began to spin worse than it had that day and he collapsed in the street. He let out a grunt as he fell and tried to lift his head but it fell back to the snow as he blacked out.

...Somewhere up ahead, a truck was coming down the Road of Bones.