Neighbors View

I was shocked. I, I just couldnt believe what had happened. They were such nice people those Murray's. Ya know, Brian was my doctor for many years and I never once saw a gleam of hate in his eye.. He loved people and he loved life, he loved helping people. I never seen a man with such a caring heart, a man who always wanted to help people no matter who they were.. He always wore a smile when he was at work, his kids drew him pictures everyday and he would tape them to his office door.. I dont think those kids ever got sick so I dont think they ever saw their pictures hanging in their dads office.. its a shame what happened to him... Im gonna miss him, Im gonna miss watching those beautiful girls of his run through our yard chasing after their softball. Church wont quite be the same this week, Brian and Kathy were always the first ones there other than Pastor Bill - they would be there at the door greeting people with smiles on their faces. Kathy was a beautiful woman, I'll even admit I let me eyes wander over to her in church once and I while...I think she knew, she would just smile at me and go back to listening to Pastor Bill. Its just somethin that you never expect to happen on your street - but I guess we never truley know our neighbors.

Just what they show us in the public eye.. Even my wife and I, before she went to the Lord, had our little arguements and disagreements.. People told us we were the perfect couple and wished they could be like us when they were older... But nothing is perfect, even Brian and Kathy. Kathy was so involved in our community and she was a big part of it, ..she was the one that made sure our yards were cut and everything else that goes with the Neighborhood Association... They were just good people ya know? The nicest people on our block and if anyone was gonna go crazy, I never thought it would be the Murrays - theres a couple people around here that I thought might have a screw loose but I guess I was wrong... If my wife Amy was still here, she would tell me not to judge these people and to give everyone a chance, ..and I guess thats only fair.
-Paul Tisdale, age 83. 18947 Aspen Street.


Freaks! Thats what they were! I knew from the day I met 'em he was a freak. He had that gleam of the devil in his eye, I seen it! It was there, so I cant say that Im suprised they got all hopped up on drugs and went nuts. But people around here loved the Murrays, I never talked to them personally - but I didnt like the lady, she was always too nosy and told me when to mow my yard and trim my trees and paint my house. All she ever did was gripe and I hate people who gripe and complain all the time, me, I never complain. But those people, them freaks, Im glad their off our street. Sure, they ruined my car and almost set fire to my house, but if thats what it took to get them away then Im glad their gone. Everyone tried to tell me that Brian, I think was his name, was a good man - that he was a good doctor, well he looks more like Doctor Death to me!! Im glad I never used that fool, he would have tried to kill me I bet, stuck me with some kind of Crazy Poison like he used on himself. I always be knowin there was somethin wrong with dem people, my son always tell me them girls at school was always happy, always had a smile on their faces...and I know what they was doin to them kids, they was beatin 'em!! Sometimes kids cry, sometimes they aint so happy but when you get kids who always smile.

Then that means something bad is happein at home...I bet that man beat 'em and abused 'em... I bet it was all a show for us on Aspen Street, he didnt want anyone to know that he was a kid beater - and who would have known? Its not like dem kids went and saw a doctor who would notify the po-lice, they daddy wouldnt wouldnt have that... but I bet someone found out and I betcha thats why they went crazy on us. ..freaks, and I always known they were..My wife Darlene never liked that Kathy lady either, ..she always lookin at us funny when we talked, ..hell I tried to be nice but she was too fancy for us.. She had all her teeth, and they was white like diamonds, ...I mean pearls. Them Murrays always thinkin they were better cause were not from here, because they didnt have to win the lottery to get rich. but them snooty people got what was comin to em, ..I wont miss em and neither will Darlene. I think we gonna move though, everything around here all burnt up now - trees all out of the ground and everything else... I seen 'em comin too, I told Darlene to grab Shane and Tella and take 'em to the hidin hole below the house, sounded like someone was shootin a grizzley out there.
-Clyde Fillamore, age 37 18949 Aspen Street.


I still shake my head in wonder and I ask the Lord everyday for an answer, what had happened to those good people? Was there a reason for it? I would have never seen it coming. I've lived by myself for the last six years and it gets kinda lonely around here, but I remember the day that the Murrays moved in to that old empty house... It was the worst house on the street, it needed some paint and a little bit of work but they looked like the people that could get the job done, ..and they did! I went over and intoduced myself to them and I couldnt help but adore their family. They were so beautiful I wanted to cry, they just had the perfect kids and the perfect family life and I actually became a little jealous of that. I helped them work on that house and Kathy was an extraordinary woman - she could to anything at anytime.. There were several occasions where they would come over and help me on my own house, since my husband had left me. I spent alot of time with the Murray's as they would often invite me over for dinner, and I know why. They were just wonderful people and they didnt want to see me sitting in this house alone at night - it was almost like they were my family, ..I trusted them and thought they were the perfect family.

But I woke up that dreadful morning to find Kathy in my house, her hair was a mess and there was something about her eyes... She looked empty and hollow of all emotions, I wasnt scared that she was in my house becuase I knew she didnt have an evil fiber in her body - but I guess I was wrong. She knocked over my dresser and clothes spilled all over the floor, Im not sure how - but she set them on fire and then she screamed... It was a scream like Ive never heard and I put my hands over my ears and began to cry.. She smiled and jumped through my window and landed in the yard. She broke my heart, I loved them and thought of them as my family. I didnt know they used drugs but weve all paid the price. I lost my home to the fire, everything I had is gone and my life is nothing... The only pictures I had of my daughter who died of S.I.D.S. were in there. I feel the way Kathy looked that morning, hollow and empty. Ive suffered more than any person ever should to in one lifetime, these events are ageing me rapidly and now im alone in this world and I have to start over, again.
-Shelly Ringwall, age 46 18942 Aspen Street.


What can I say? I never really knew those people, I had only lived here for a few months and Im not one to really socialize with the neighbors.. Due to my profession Im out of town a lot so I dont really have the time for smalltalk with people around the neighborhood. Am I suprised? No. People do stupid things, unexpected things that can happen to anyone and mostly the people that we dont expect. Actually, I did have one encounter with Brian just a few days ago - and to me, he just didnt seem right. It was like he was stumbling around, sweating and nervous. ..As he should have. He was taking advantge of my girlfriend who has a slight handicap.. She had wandered from the house out of the eye of her caretaker while I was away and managed to get down to the Murrays house...My caretaker found her and told me he was trying to take advantage of her, Julie is a free-spirited woman who knows no stranger - she didnt know what he was doing, or that it was the wrong thing...I was furious when I found out, I asked him about the things her caretaker had told me and he denied it... But Im a good judge of people and I know what he did, I wanted to call the police - but I gave them the benefit of a doubt that it wouldnt happen again.

Im glad hes dead, he was a cancer to society and made good people, like myself, appear to be street trash. He took advantage of helpless girls and Im sure that my Julie wasnt the first, her caretaker told me Brain looked as if he knew what he was doin, ..it makes me wonder what he did to his children at times. I think it was a mistake moving to Aspen Street, I wanted a place with lots of land where I could find peace but instead I find my street looking like a warzone. I was shocked that morning when my bedroom window broke, I heard Julie screaming and I ran downstairs - she was pointing at the man in the street, Brian. She cried as she did and I pulled her away from the window, ..he has scared her for life - so it does me no feelings of remorse to exclaim that Im glad the man is dead. I feel for his children, for they will never know thier mother and father for who they really were and what they really did. It will be hidden from them for the rest of their lives of the trash their parents were; the horendus things they have done and the people they have hurt. I have no sympathy for them, for those terrible people who had bad intentions for us all. May they burn in hell.
-Alexi James Yaroslav, age 42 19000 Aspen Street.

....The time is soon....Here in a few Days Feight will finally feel what its like to be destroyed by someone better than himself....In a few days Feight finds out that hes not the strong and powerful man that he thinks he is....In a few days there will be a new GWA Global Champion, and the short time that Feight claimed himself so, ends. The man who believes that he cannot be beat gets the biggest test of his career that he will ever face....The only thing in the world that he loves will leave his side, and he will see me walking up the ramp with the Global title...This is the week that the GWA takes a step back, and they will see what a force that we truly are....They will respect us, and I will let all of them know who the Global Champion is and who they will bow down to. I want you to suffer, I want you to see what you are dealing with...If your lucky though, I just might decide to take your life at the end of the match .I want to give you something that you will remember...I dont want to to be fast and confusing For you... the pain will be long and drawn out..

I'll make every muscle in your body scream with pain and I'll love the look on your face as you scream up to the rafters in pain....I'll take my time with you and enjoy every minute of it....Taking the title from you will be one of the best experiences in my life....To me, your just another arrogant wrestler whos ego is alot bigger than their common sense....If your brain isnt soo fried and you can reach that far back into it...you might wanna listen because its screaming at you Feight....Deep inside, your own mind knows what is about to happen tonight...It knows that your going to be a washed up has-been by the time you walk out of the arena tonight. ...Now see, if you paid attention you would know why you remind me of my old boss....It wasnt because he was better Feight, like you, he only thought that he was...He thought he was the greatest person in the world and everybody was below him....Remind you of anybody? ...The two of you only "thought" you were better...but I "know" that your not. ..Two different things there...I've seen you , I've watched you and I know that Im better than you...It has nothing with skills Feight...If this was a "Who is a better techinal wrestler match", then why would I be here? ..But its not, so you can use all those "skills" and great moves you have.

your a dime-a-dozen wrestler Feight....who just happens to be better than a handful....You can run, jump and flip all over the ring for all I care....After a few minutes in the ring, you want be able to stand up to me...Im gonna wear you out and give you a beating like youve never had before....I know there can only be one guy that is the best and you still dont seem to understand that it isnt you....This week you will find out what its like to not be the best, to not hold the title and to be lower than me. ....Thats the thing that you cant handle the most isnt it? ...being lower on the pole than me. ..Your greatest material possession will be mine and your ego will be ruined. ...I thrive on it Feight and I cant wait as the time ticks away and we meet in the ring. ...Defending a title is great, but taking it from someone is even better....Ive been waiting for this Feight...Ive wanted that title, and Im glad you have it....Ive been wanting to take you out anyway, only this makes it better....you know that you dont have the power or the strength that I have, but yet seem to ignore it and act as if it doesnt exist.....I want to see something Feight, I want to see this rage...I want to see the rage caught up inside a little man such as yourself....Go ahead, let all your rage out...I'll laugh at it..

and as I stand there and you climb and jump all over me, try and take me down...I'll even let you try first, and you better hope you do...and if you do, make it hurt....I need the pain, Im ready for it...I need my fix...Hit me as hard as you can Feight, I'll take in all of it that I can....After a few minutes in the ring you'll wonder how much more I can take...You'll start getting tired, and at that point...after I get my fix...I'll smash you, and I will make it hurt...Do you love the pain like I do, Feight? ..or are you scared of it? Everyone will know what power runs this place and they will all bow to the face of Evil and greatest stable to ever hold the Global Championship....Everyone will realize that we are the greatest thing that has ever stepped into the ring in the GWA....You are yesterdays news Feight, its time to throw you out and make a change...for the better...Some may not see it that way, but it will be for the better....Well, maybe nobody will see it that way except for us in Zero Tolerance...But that doesnt matter because who will change it once I have taken belt from you? would you dare step back into the ring with me after I take what is mine....I dont think that you would. Your world would be shattered and you will be nothing anymore...Nothing but a failure like you have always been...

The time has come for me to reign over the Singles Division of the GWA and I look forward to the change that is coming..Im going to teach you what its like to be a Champion...You think you have learned lots from other? ....Wait untill you see what you can learn me, I'll teach you things you have never thought about....Yes, you did earn your shot at the title since you won in the past but lets look forward to this week....Had I lost the Extreme Title sooner, you would never have that belt and you and I woldnt be stepping into the ring with me this week...The only thing that you are going to get better and better with is watching me rule over this place and not being able to do a damn things about it. There is new competition in the Global ranks Feight and its some that you cant begin to handle in the ring Get the title shining for me Feight, I want to see my face when I pick it up and take it with me...and I hope you see it...I hope you see your dreams and your love walk away with me....The look on your face will be great....I hoped you watched the sunrise sometime this week Feight...I hope you went outside, sat down on your porch...put the Global title on the table next you....watch the light gleam off of it, smile at it....Because next week when you see your next sunrise, that title will no longer be in your possession and you will remember what happened from the night before....

I imagine that you will walk in sorrow for a few days, you might cry on the shouldners of some of your friends and tell them how devistated that you are...and Im sure that you will tell them that somehow you got screwed....It will just be an ass kicking, plain and simple.....The only way that you can win this match is to cheat....are you going to try and take the chickenshit way out? ...All you can do is try Feight....Give me all that you have, and I'll show you that I have just a little more....Get your ass into the ring and step up like a man and take the punishment that you are going to be served....The time for your end is closing in, and the times of change are upon us....I can handle it Feight....but can you? ....Can you handle what Im going to give out? .Your time will be short though...painful, but short....After I give you the Silence one time, you wont even know what happens from that point on....So while youre out drinking beer or frolicking with the ladies...or whatever you do...I'll be sitting here, waiting for you...I'll be waiting for the time that we meet...Im going to make you a believer of the Evil....You will see that Hell is real and you will feel the fire as it burns under your skin...It will burn and sting...and you will scratch at it but it wont go away..you'll scream in pain and terror as you wonder what in the hell is wrong with you....

why wont the pain leave? ...I'll go ahead and have the ambulance outside the arena waiting for your limp body to be carried away as the world watches in shock with what I did to you...Your time has come and your fate has been chosen, and I will do what needs to be done. You know, siting there watching all of that crap with Big Drunk Somoan showed me how pampered that you are. It showed me that you never had to work for anything that you got...You expect everything to be handed you to....As a kid your mom prolly brought you breakfast in bed and wiped your ass when you needed it....Feight, you just stand in the front of the line of the people that I make believers out of.....I'll show you things you only thought were flashbacks from old acid trips that you had.......This week I make an example of you to the world....This week I will show everyone what it is like to doubt me.....Do you love attention Feight? ...I really hope that you do, because your going to get alot of it this week...You'll always be remembered as the first one....The first one to fall at the Hands Of Jaymz in the ranks of the Global Title.

I know what inside of you, your filled with dreams and goals....You will be left with an empty gap as none of those will be fullfilled....At Merry Mayhem, after our match you'll shiver...A deep penatrating shiver that will make your bones ache..then you will know what kind of Evil that you face in the ring...You will know what happened to you, and you will know what you made your biggest mistake of your life....So come on Feight, come and be the example...come be the First....Come and be the one that gets the Silence and pinned in my first match in the Global Division because when we step into that cage, I'll show you the Hell that roams the Earth,

....the Hell that you will bow down to...