..That Stole The Global Title

Smoke rolled off the cigar as Jaymz sat on the front porch and watched the vans pull into Brian Murray’s driveway, the thought the house looked funny with the broken shards of glass scattered all across his lawn - neighbors stopped and looked at the sight with some of them talking to Murray, Jaymz could see that he didn’t have a clue as to what had happened - and he wouldn’t, not until tonight when it hit him like a right hand from Mike Tyson in his prime.. Jaymz smiled at the thought as the men surveyed the damage around the house and began to knock out the remaining glass that hung in jagged pieces. He stumped the cigar out on the porch and walked around to the back of the house, he walked down the path that had been cleared in the trees in the huge plot of land that he owned.. The path was long and he kicked a few rocks down the path to occupy his mind, ..he took the bend to the right and came to the circular clearing... The fire pit sat in the middle and the headstones from his families graves worked their way around the clearing. He stepped up to the pit and looked down inside, instantly smoke started to roll from the concrete structure and moments later flickers of a blue flame came over the top...

Jaymz took a deep breath and closed his eyes, he stayed this way for a moment before opening his eyes again, but this time they were no longer brown, ..they were black, pitch black. The blue flames seemed to roll higher almost touching his nose. His eye lids flickered and opened and closed in a fast motion. The flames swirled and a face seemed to appear inside, a face of evil, the face of pain and torture and everything that was unholy. Jaymz' eyelids seemed to stop flickering and he spoke in a deep low voice that was almost a whisper, "I have another soul for you my Father." The expression in the face of the flames never changed but seemed to grow even higher as Jaymz spoke the words, as if it was excited and when Jaymz' voice faded away so did the flames.. They slowly died down until there was nothing left, but no smoke came out - nothing to show that there were flames to begin with. Jaymz' eyes cleared and he looked back to the west, the sun was still in the sky - but when it fell and the moon rose, there was gonna be hell to pay....but until then, ..all he could do was wait... Jaymz walked the path back up to his house, he had a lot of things on his mind this week - His trip, Drache’s business and all this shit with the Murray's that he needed to get settled before he left.

There was only one problem about his leaving, ...he wasn’t suppose to. The GWA had a deal with his probation allowing him to leave the state of Michigan for business purposes, but he knew the last few weeks that his probation officer wasn’t checking up on when and where the GWA was traveling, so it was almost like he had a free pass... He had already gotten his plane tickets and basically all he had to do was pack up and go to the airport, ..but that wasn’t until tomorrow. Jaymz got back to the house and went in the back door, came through the main room and saw Julie - standing in her typical spot by the front window. He had noticed something different this morning though, when Julie went to the window the curtains opened by themselves, ..he found it odd, she had never been able to do things like that before; but everyday was a new day for Julie.. She was like a baby, sort of, its just one day a parent says "well, how did they learn that?" ..But he wasn’t Julies parent, he wanted to be her lover... She loved him, there was no doubt about that but he was quite she that she wasn’t able to...."perform" in that way. She was becoming more like him, not in the performance department, but in the sense of their minds... He could do things, strange deranged things that he now noticed Julie was able to do more day by day.

Yesterday the vinegar cap screwed off by itself, the day before she caused a cigarette to roll off the table... She was becoming stronger with each passing day and maybe his dream from the night before had been trying to tell him something? ..He didn’t know what to expect from her other than she would completely obey him - she would kill herself for him if she was told to with no questions asked. He continued watching her look out the window and it was then that he heard a giggle, and it was odd because when she looked out the window it was like she was in a trance - she never spoke, never moved...even when she had to urinate she let it go right there on the marble floors. He stepped over to the window and pushed her to the side, but when he did he was the one that almost fell... She was like a tree, she wouldn’t fuckin budge.. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled, ..and nope, she didnt move an inch, it was like trying to more a building. He looked at her pale face and saw her eyes were about the same color as her skin, much like Sin's eyes he thought. He moved next to her and looked out the window to see what she was gigging about and he saw a cat in the front yard.. It was a large cat that was a white and grey mix.. He noticed the cats head whip back and forth and suddenly jump up out of the yard and then land back into the grass.

It seemed to swat at something and then jump again, ..and Julie found this funny. He didn’t understand, was she making the cat do this? The cat hit the ground again but this time managed to get out of the yard and ran straight for the window, both he and Julie looked down at the flower bed below the window.. It was overgrown and full of weeds and all there were was bushes, the cat laid in the bushes still whipping its head back and forth searching for whatever had been bothering it. Julie giggled to herself again and said"..oooohhh...bad kitty …bad kitty.." she pointed at down towards the ground and at that moment the cat leapt from the bushes - but landed on its bottom side as its right hind-leg was caught in the dirt.. It pulled and scratched, he could hear the cat whining in pain as it tried to get free but its right leg kept moving farther under the dirt until it was gone.. At that point the cat seemed as if it was sitting on the dirt as his rear and back left-leg started to sink, it thrashed and fought but the dirt was winning as there was nothing left but its head that moved wildly as the cat whined. Its mouth began to fill with dirt, and even in an animal - Jaymz could see the pain and the fear that the animal was feeling...

**hours later**

He waited all day, not much had happened - Murray had most of the windows back in his house as the men put up trash bags over the open holes in his house and left for the day.. Jaymz looked to the west and saw the sun was about to set and a feeling of excitement filled him, his adventure for the night was about to begin and he knew this was going to be fun... He had talked to Drache earlier in the day but didn’t tell him about the trip that he was planning to take, he knew that wouldn’t be a good idea to tell the Bossman that he was leaving for the week he knew what the Bossman was gonna tell him "Zero Tolerance business first, personal business second" and that was his theory because Drache had no personal life - Zero Tolerance was his life and it was the only life he ever had. Drache had said the lots were cleaned off and that Tristan’s developing crew was working twenty-four/seven to get the job done as fast as possible. He was putting up casinos and Jaymz knew why, it wasn’t about the money that the casino brought in - it was the other things, the other way of making money... and what better place can different people come in and out every single day with loads of money and not be questioned? ...And Drache could sit behind all the action and survey every single square foot of the building with the cameras posted leaving no inch left un-filmed.

He lit another cigar as he sat there on the porch, the neighbors had turned their Christmas lights on as the sun had faded beyond the horizon and the sky was a shade of pink...And Julie, she still stood there by the window as she had all day long looking down at the spot in the flowerbed that the cat had once been. He slowly finished off the cigar as the sky had turned dark and the stars shown above, ..two more hour he thought, ..two more hours until the Murray’s went to bed.. And he thought he was old, but these people went to bed earlier than he did! The hours seemed to roll on by slowly so he decided to fix himself something to eat, there wasn’t much in the house as Vadim hadn’t been shopping this week. He always sent the old man to do his shopping, and he should have because Jaymz paid most of his bills and he HATED going shopping. It was the one thing that he hated most in the world, more than Goth too - and Vadim always got everything he wanted... He fixed himself a sandwich, not the kind that Julie would fix - but some mayo and cheese because that’s all there was. He looked for some meat but couldn’t find any, so decided that five pieces of sliced cheese made the perfect, givin the conditions, sandwich. ..and finally after two hours that seemed like many more he went to the window and looked over Julie towards the Murray's house..and all the lights were off.

He laced up his black boots and threw up his black leather jacket and stuck an unlit cigar in the side of his mouth. He was the epitome of evil and it oozed from every pore in his skin.. He was massive and intimidating and jacket gave the look of fear; he brushed off the sleeves of the jacket and stood behind Julie, “I'm leaving.”

She slowly turned around to look at the big man, lifted her neck up and smiled into his eyes, “Where to my King?”
“I'm gonna go right a wrong.”
“Where to my King?”

He glanced out the window once more and looked down Asp Street for what it was, a nice place where people raised their children – the lights on the houses and decorations in the yard… Any man with a heart would have looked away, but Hate burned in his eyes and the man was on a mission.
“To the Murray’s. The man will bother you no more.”
“Will you talk to him?” Her look never changed, she had that “I'm as crazy as a run over dog” look – but she had a mind, ..she just had no soul.

“Oh yes, there will be talking.” And Jaymz slowly nodded his head.
“He kissed me.”
Rage entered the man and he clinched his fists, a slight crack came from the window as he gazed through it. “I know.” ..Brian had told him the truth, but Julie had told him another story, ..he was sure that Brian had the correct story, but he didn't want to believe the man. He believed the woman that he loved.

She never moved and never blinked, “Do you love me?”
Jaymz only stood there never taking his eye from the window and there was a silence in the house for a moment.

“My life. For you. My King.” Julies look never changed and that thought she uttered was one of the only one she could remember from day to day; her life, for him, her King. “Do you love me?”

And again he didn't answer the question, this time he looked away from the window and down at Julie, a hint of a smile crossed his face, gone so fast it may have never been there at all. Julie seemed satisfied and turned away from Jaymz and back to the window. He watched her for a second and went out the front door and stepped into the night. It seemed lighter out here than it did in his own house he thought, ..but that was good and that's the way he liked it. He walked out his driveway and stood in the middle of the street. There were no cars, no people outside, everyone was in their houses taking in the warmth. The cherry on the cigar seemed to come to life as noises were heard from coming from the side of Jaymz’ house. Snarling noises and growls, moments later the two huge dog-creatures came and stood next to Jaymz – one on each side. They were massive and their hair was a grey color, long hiding their feet. Their ears were pinned back and saliva and dripped from their mouths that were open what seemed like too far for a dog. Their stitched eyes seemed to make no difference in their paths as they did not need them. He petted each one on the head as the cigar came to life and he inhaled.. He began to walk down the centerline of the street and the creatures followed his every move, ..but with every step he took the road shimmered and seemed to move in small waves – as if a rock was tossed into a still pond.. the small waves ceased as his foot would leave the ground and continue again as he stepped back down.

What leaves remained on the ancient trees that enclosed over the road shimmered and waved above where the man walked; there was no wind, no passing breeze. He continued his way down the road with the dogs on either side growling quietly as he took a sharp turn to the left and walked up the driveway, the mailbox lid flapped open and broke off as he walked past. The windows in the front of the house had been replaced as well as most of the sides – it was the backside of the house that wasn't completed with windows yet. He walked up to the porch and the sound of wood cracking could be heard, moments later the frontdoor flew open with the deadbolt still stuck out.. The dog-things entered the house first and quickly moved their heads about – as if they had eyes in their stitched up sockets.. they growled and snarled and with two impossible leaps the dogs were upstairs looking back down waiting on their master. He could hear footsteps above him as he started up the staircase taking three steps at a time, as the passed the family pictures on the walls shattered and fell down the steps leaving a loud echo back through the house. He got to the top of the steps and dogs slowly walked the hall ahead of him, the first door on the right had a colorful note posted on it written in a child’s writing it said, “Lillian and Kaylee’s room – all boys out!!!” He looked at the sign as he heard a gun shot come from down the hall and the dog things howl. He reached for the door and pulled it outwards, jamming it in hard enough that he knew two little girls weren’t going to open it..

he heard the kids start to cry as the door pulled inward – the shot must have awaken them. He looked down the hall as another shot rang out, the blast of the gun lit up the hallway and threw the dog back – the other dog creature jumped into the room and he heard both Brian and Kathy scream. The other dog got up and seemed not to be phased by the shot as it leapt into the room.. the screams continued as Jaymz walked into the room.. The bed was to his left and he could see Kathy’s feet sticking out from one side as the creature was on top of her.. the animals body moved and tearing sounds could be heard as her feet jumped up and down off the floor. The other one held Brian pinned to the floor and that was where Jaymz focused his attention… His eyes turned that awful black color and fear rose into Brian like he had never felt… He smelt the aroma of the mans cigar - but it wasn't the smell of a cigar, it was the smell of death. The awful smell of rotting flesh that's been on the pavement in a hot summers day; his stomach lurched but he managed to keep it down as he cried. He watched the Big Man sit down on his bed and pick up the gun, he emptied out the shells and dropped the gun to the floor with a clang. He watched Jaymz, saw his own reflection in those black eyes as he pulled a knife out from his pocket, he flipped the blade open and slid off the bed and down on both knees.

He lowered the knife to Brains face as he whipped around and cried – he began to scream and Jaymz punched him in the mouth, several of his teeth shattered and that shut him up quick. He held Brian by the chin and lowered the knife to his lower lip, “You kissed her… You kissed my girl, ..thats unacceptable.” He stuck the knife in Brian’s lip and sliced it from one side to the other.. Jaymz pulled up the flap of skin and showed Brian his lip as he cried, he tossed it to the side and then stuck the knife in Brian’s upper lip and ran it across, cutting the mans lip off. Brian was in too much pain to scream he only laid there and cried; but Jaymz didn't let go of the mans chin. He got down even closer and whispered something to Brian, “For the Father, …Your soul.” Jaymz stood up and started to walk out of the room, he turned back and looked at the two creatures that were now staring at him, he nodded – and somehow with no eyes they understood. He closed the door to the bedroom and quietly left the house unseen as the Father took their Souls. For Aspen Street, all was quiet. …until the morning that is.

..I see a man who’s ready to fight. I see a man whos confident in his style and what he can bring to the ring. I see a man who thinks he can win… I see a man who trains and puts his heart into this business. I see a man who will fail. This man, hes no more than the Christmas lights that hang from the roofs of the houses.. Because you see, for a while everything is great and looks good. Its shiny, everyone looks to see – they “oohh and aaawww” over the lights, seeing their beauty for the first and only time of that year. ..They reflect off the new fallen snow and catch the eye of everyone who sees. But there comes a time when its time to put the lights away, the snow melts and world turns back to the dead grey color of winter… And everyone eventually forgets about those lights over the year, its pushed to the back of their minds and it slips away for a while… Much like A.P Feight. Sure, he looks great now – everyone sees him for the Champion he is, they see him all over the TV with the Gold around his waist. They see Feight on top of the GWA world, the best wrestler around that cant be beaten.. They like the light, they like the Champion. He’s an average persons Champion, the people look up to him – the fans love him, hes adored by many, ..they want him to win, they want Christmas year around. But ya know what? I'm the motha fuckin Grinch – I'm the one that's gonna come down ridin my Zero Tolerance sleigh to the ring and steal Christmas. I'm the one that's gonna make the snow melt.

I'm the one that takes the lights away and steals the ornaments off the trees. I pillage the house for the presents and I wont stop until I get what I want. I search for one thing and that's the GWA Gold, the Title that reigns on top of all the others – I will claim that as mine, I will ruin the hopes and dreams of A.P. and his many fans. I will destroy Christmas for them all as Zero Tolerance brings in the new year and takes the GWA in a new direction.. People will suffer, pain will be felt and there isnt one thing that the GWA will be able to do to stop us…When I come to the ring I’ll have a present for Feight, it’ll be wrapped up with a pretty little bow and shiny paper – I’ll bring that to you Feight so you can open it right there in the ring.. You can tear the paper open like you’re a little kid on Christmas morning – with a gleam of happiness in your eye…You’ll open that gift to find the biggest ass kicking you’ve ever had… You think the first time around was bad enough? I can make this one much worse for you, now I'm sure you’ll give me a better fight in the beginning but when the time comes and you cant take the pressure any longer – I’ll be there to beat you down…and you know why Feight? Because you decided to run your mouth a little bit.. You had it easy Feight, we could have come into this match and gotten it over with…But no, you had to come out here and call me names and tell me I stumble all over the ring. I figured you would know better than that Feight, I thought after the first match you would have it all figured out

..that you would have learned not to say those kinds of things to me… Cause I make you eat those words Feight, when were in the ring and I'm pounding you into the mat; I’ll remind you what you said, the names that you called me… And you’ll be punished for that Feight, because I don't take to kindly to things that aren’t true. Your gonna show the world why you hold the Global Title and why I don't? really? Well, why don't we review the facts of that Feight, ..isnt it kinda hard for me to hold the Global Title when Ive been in the Extreme Division? Since we cant hold two singles Titles at once – what was I suppose to do Feight? So yeah, tell the world why you hold the Global Title and I don't… I get my first shot at it this week Feight and that's the only reason for it; and if you don't think I'm gonna take this shot seriously then you don't know me very well. This is my match, this is the match that I'm gonna win and for the second time in your career you get to look at the winner in the ring while you walk up the ramp, empty handed, as the loser. ..its gonna be like Deja Vu all over again Feight, and hell, this is almost like the first time we fought with these razor ropes and the cage… I'm glad the cage is here Feight, it only makes it that much better that you wont be able to roll out of the ring when the beating gets too harsh for you, …there wont be any escaping the ring when the pain is too intense. No Feight, I don't need to get in your head – not like Crazy J…

Were two different people Feight, we think different and—ok well, we do think the same a lot of the time – but our styles of fighting and handling a match are different and you of all people, and Goth, should know that Feight… What didn't you learn the first time Feight? Ya know, you come out here and act like this is our first match – like you’ve never stepped against me in the ring before. Do you not know the difference between Crazy J and myself!? I figured, if anything, you would have at least figured that out on your own but I guess that's giving you just a little too much credit. Feight don't act like you know what I'm gonna say because you don't have one clue as to what I think. And why would I tell you that your not a Legend?? Didn't I already tell you that!!?? Do I need to repeat that for you? Maybe you should try hearing what I have to say and stop telling what ‘you think’ I'm gonna say because you don't know, ..you don't have the slightest clue and it really shows. Like you telling me that I don't talk a lot, ..hhmm, well that makes you the first person to ever say something stupid like that… now, I may not talk as much as you – but you don't have anything interesting to say, you want us to listen to you little fairy tale about Samoan Beer Drinker and how he trained you and all this B.S. Well, let me tell you Feight, he could have trained you all he wanted – but I would have crushed that fat fucker in less than ten seconds, he wouldn’t have stood a chance against me in the ring, ..and this is your great trainer?

Do you miss him around Christmas time Feight? Is that why you shared your cute little story with us? Christmas makes me sick and so do fat over-weight assholes like the one that trained you. I don't have to watch videos of your Feight, I don't have to replay your pats matches – because like I told you, ..I see them all, I'm there in person watching every move because I knew this match was coming… But did you listen to me Feight, obviously you didn't hear me when I said those things and that makes me feel like I'm talkin to a wall..There isnt anything that you can have up your sleeve – there isnt anything new that you can break out against me, Ive seen it all from you Feight and I know what to expect when it comes to this match. I know you don't want to think of this match like it was our first – you didn't like the stomping that you took and the beating that I gave you, …but I can tell that its still fresh on your mind because that's all you want to bring up. “The first time” or “our first match” and it shows me that your scared, tells me that you don't feel one-hundred percent confident in your abilities to get the job done. I know you’ll do your best to remove the thoughts of the last match from your mind, but when I hammer you down to the mat you’ll have flashes of the past battle – you’ll remember and it’ll be all so clear and that leads me into Two-Thousand - Seven as the Zero Tolerance Global Champion. Feight, are you really comparing Irons to me? ..Your comparing Jaymz to John Irons?

Give me a fuckin break, that steroid induced freak who preaches the Marines like its fuckin religion? Oh wait, didn't a Marine just kill his infant daughter a few weeks ago? Oh yes, a child killer – Marines are great aren’t they? But that's besides the point Feight, you cant compare people… Just because John and I are about the same height, we were both in the Service, we both live in Detroit – you would think that guy was my Good twin, ..but hes not. Hes nowhere the skill that I have, he cant stand on the level that I can…I’ve beaten him Feight and he was no challenge…and it took a chair for you to beat him? ooohhh, theres that Big Bad Extreme Feight I’ve been waiting to see.. But you wont do that, you’ll use your wrestling skills that you pride yourself in, but I dunno Feight, ..I don't know if those moves can get it done.. yeah, your one of the best pure wrestlers in the GWA but Ive faced a lot of great wrestlers and they’ve all told me the same thing yet I see that most of them have come up short and I don't think that's gonna be any different for you Feight.. I may be getting older and my career is closer to the end everyday I wake up; but don't let that blind you Feight because these last few years Ive been at my best and its not because of my size and strength, its all come down to my mind.. I didn't know how to control myself in the ring when I was younger.. I would go into matches and just beat the shit out of people, but people took advantage of my knees, ..my lack of speed and my anger.

I didn't care, give me a wrestler, a fighter, fuckin karate – I didn't care, I’d kick the shit out of the best of em’ but they would always come back and get me, ..it would be somethin stupid that would kick my ass in the end. I tried, but I was too fired up and ready to slaughter someone, Id come out on a charge and attack… but ageing does things to ya, it slows ya down – but they always told me that was gonna be a bad thing; well I don't see it that way and I'm the best I’ve ever been… Your not anything I haven't seen before, you don't hold any new moves that haven't been used… you just bring different technique, speed and everything else that makes a person different… But I'm not worried about that Feight but you aren’t gonna beat my mind in the ring… I'm getting old and I don't have time to bullshit around about my career anymore, yes I have years left, but I want to wear the Gold around my waist and represent Zero Tolerance. You talk too much Feight, and I could simply sit here and babble with you all day long because its something that I like to do but I'm not gonna do it.. I don't have to sit here and tell you how great I am, I don't have to sit here and tell you I'm the best because I know whos gonna win this match and down inside, you know it to. Tell me Feight, when have you been looking into my eyes? When have you been standing in the ring with me and seen the evil in my eyes!? You haven't! That little thing we called a match wasn't shit – we meet this week and you don't have a fuckin clue as to whats in my eyes,

..and you think my dreams stem from you? No sorry, and I know you hate hearing that but my dreams stem from a place you’ve never been, ..a place where you will never want to go… but you don't need to worry about that Feight, if anything you would think a few more hours of sleep is good for me, right? If you really think that I'm nervous then youre really off track.. What would be the point in me coming to the ring nervous? What good position is that gonna put me in? If your nervous when you come to the ring, ..of if you fear the person your facing – you’ll lose, end of story. I don't get nervous Feight, Ive been in numerous big matches over my career. There is no more pressure, there is no more tension or lack of eating and that's another thing that comes along with age Feight, ..thats just something you’ll have to learn in time. Merry Mayhem is coming Feight, and this isnt going to be the match that you want it to be…I know you want to be the Good guy, ..you want everyone to love you ..and I like that Feight because beating you and bringing down all those people is gonna be great… You’ll cry Feight, not because you lost the match, ..but because you disappointed the fans. That's the person you are, ..your weak, your too worried about what everyone else thinks of the “legendary” A.P. Feight. …You wanna know what I think? ..I think your reign as Global Champion is done