The Jaymz Division

Is Pain afraid? Does Pain understand that he cant defeat me? ..I wonder this because hes been awfully quiet this week. I'm sure there will come a time during the week that he will air a promo and I can already tell you what hes going to say, ďhes the greatest, he was born to fight Extreme, hes the underdog in this fightĒ blah, blah, blahÖI hope that he spares me of the typical bullshit that people say to me week in and week out. I'm tired of hearing how everyone is the underdog, its bullshit. Theres really no such thing as an ďunderdogĒ, its called Ė I'm just that much fuckin better than you are, so get the fuck over it. That's what an underdog is, itís a person that understands they don't possess the physical or mental capabilities to bring me down to the mat and get the three count for the victory. I look at my losses and I see that my match with Metamania was interfered with causing me to lose the match.. Lady Ashe thought she was slick and slipped a rag full of Ether over my face knocking me out. ..So whos beat me here in the GWA? Who can say they came into the ring and destroyed this beast? Nobody. Pain gets to be the latest person in this cakewalk I call the Extreme Division in attempt to dethrone me, to strip me of my Title and claim that he was the first one to register a REAL win against meÖ But will I let that happen?

Will I let some fool waltz into MY ring and take the Gold from around my waist? Does Pain think that I'm going to bow down to him and forfeit the match because he beat Staniak, or somebody, last week? cakewalk I call the Extreme Division in attempt to dethrone me, to strip me of my Title and claim that he was the first one to register a REAL win against meÖ But will I let that happen? Will I let some fool waltz into MY ring and take the Gold from around my waist? Does Pain think that I'm going to bow down to him and forfeit the match because he beat Staniak, or somebody, last week? So his fighting style is ďHardcoreĒ, well that's great because my fighting style is called, ďKicking your fuckin ass from one ring post to anotherĒ ..and yeah, that's what I do week in and week out. ..We still have a few long days left and I'm already antsy to step into the ring and destroy this moron who dreams of wearing my gold around his waist.. His first shot at the Zero Tolerance Extreme Title will be a failure and I will make sure that its his last Extreme Title shot that he ever getsÖ Painís never stepped into the ring with this Champion, and I don't care about the Champions he has faced in the past Ė none of them can compare to me, I own the Extreme Division so we might as well call it the Jaymz Division; because really, Öthat's all that's left, is me.

It had been two weeks since Jaymz had let Julie from the house, her little ass-biting incident at Cathleenís Cafe had been more than he expected so he took precautions and decided it was better that she stayed indoors for a while.. He knew that she wasnít the same she had always been, but he liked her better this way - she was a little more out of her mind and they could relate better to each other.. He had been slowly phasing himself off the medications that Dr. Tabon had put him back on, it messed with his mind and almost made him..."normal" - a word that made him shudder. He had also found that within the last week that there were feelings for the new Julie, feelings that he hadnít had since before his wife passed...He was starting to love this woman, who by all rights needed to be locked away in a small padded room, but Jaymz didnít see that as a problem as he loved what she had become. She worshiped him, called him her Lord, her King Jaymz. Her mind was all but destroyed as the Father came that night and snatched her soul, Jaymz didnít know what the Father was gonna do to her, he didnít know that the Father was going to destroy her insides and tear her brain to pieces...He supposed it was to be his punishment for not doing the work of the Father over the years, that his woman was to be the burden of his life and remind him of the deeds he left undone, or not done properly.

If that was to be the purpose, then the Father Himself had failed. Julie was a terror, she had no real likes or dislikes other than Jaymz noticed she loved to drink vinegar and prance around the house naked. Jaymz had made a mistake last week in leaving Julie out of her room to roam around the house one morning as he went to the Zero Tolerance building downtown, he pulled into his driveway - and there she was, naked as a newborn baby on the front lawn. She was on her knees with her tongue held out as Jaymz' two large creatures that looked like dogs licked her face over and over. They shot back off into the trees as they saw the Tahoe pull into the driveway, she turned to see the vehicle with that blank look in her eyes as the slobber from the creatures ran down her face. He took her in the house and had his way with her, and that was the last time he left her out of the bedroom while he was away. Julie had no family other than her father, an elder man who couldnít live on his own and decided it was time for a home several years ago... She had gone to visit him every weekend while he was there, often staying almost all day long playing dominoes with him or just watching TV. She had told Jaymz this before the Father took her soul and ravaged her body, and to Jaymz' knowledge this was the only memory of her past life and she talked about the old man often. So he had decided, that maybe, it was time for her father to see what she had become.

The Tahoe pulled into the parking lot of the Fellowview Assisted Living Center. It was a nice building that looked to be only a few years old, newly planted trees graced the path to the front door from the parking lot. There were tables out in the back courtyard where old men sat and played chess, the women wandered around the garden taking in the massive array of colors that surrounded the side of the Living Center. Assistants walked from one place to another with a smile on their faces talking to the elders and seeing if they needed anything, ..Jaymz could see the smiles and knew they were fake, they hated working at this place and it was written all over their faces - he realized that this place was a living hell and he would end his own life before Bale or someone else stuck him in here when he got that old, ..IF he got that old. He looked over at Julie who looked like shit, her hair was a mess and she had attempted to put make-up on and the final result looked more like a child had drawn on her face. Her eyes were glossy and a had a white tint to them - she had that far out look that told everyone "thereís nobody home in here."

she looked over at Jaymz with a slight grin on her face, "Will you wait for me my King?" She giggled a little.

"I'll be here, but when you go and see your father - I need you to give him a message" He took his hand under Julies chin and brought it to his face, he went to kiss her but held her mouth open. He put his mouth on hers and his eyes went pitch black, her eyes rolled back into her head and her neck swelled as Jaymz stayed attached to her..Her head shook slightly back and forth as her neck pulsed, he pulled away from her and his eyes went back to normal.. She plopped back passenger seat of the Tahoe, choked and caught her breath.. She looked at her love and grabbed his hair, throwing his head back.. She bit him under the chin and released his hair. Spots of blood appeared on his neck, "Now go...Go and see your father." She got out of the Tahoe and stumbled to gain her balance. He had placed something inside of her, it was something he learned that he could do - he could pass his powers to her temporaraly and take control of her. He didnt know why she still had thoughts of her father and wasnt sure if it was a good thing of not so he decided that the issue needed to be resolved. He shut the Tahoe off but left the radio on, he cracked the driverside window and pulled a cigar from the console, he blew the smoke out the window as he watch Juile walk into Home.

She opened the front door and walked inside, the lady at the front desk gave Julie and odd look as she walked up to the counter and leaned over it.. The lady backed away from the desk and her face crinkled up, Julie had a horrid smell to her - but she knew Julie, knew that she was a clean nice looking lady; but today her makeup was more like a clown and her hair resembled that of someone who had stepped out of bed. Julie spoke softly but clearly, "I would like to see my father."

The lady looked down a piece of paper, then back up to Julie. "Julie? ..Are you ok? You dont look like yourself"

Julie took her arms off the counter and extended them above her head, "Im FINE!" she yelled with a smile on her face causing other workers to take notice of her. She placed her hands on her hips and lowered her head as if she was a model, "why? does something appear to be wrong!?"

"No, no, ..not at all. You just look more ..jovial..than you usually do, thats all."

"oh, ..well thank you. Im going to see my father now. Have a nice day." She turned and shook her ass as the lady who found it appalling as Julie walked down the hallway and to the elevator and pushed the up button. A few seconds later came the "ding" of the elevator and she imitated it, then chuckled to herself. The doors opened and she stepped inside pushing the "three" button as the door closed. The elevator rose to the third floor and the doors opened back up. The hallway was quiet, an elderly woman was being helped out of her room by what appeared to be one of her grandkids. Julie took a right and stumbled a little, went down the hall and gave a quiet knock on door three-oh-three. She turned the doorknob and found it to be unlocked and she let herself in. The room was like all the rest; a desk, a dresser, a bed, a table and the TV in the corner and all decorated in old people fashion - pictures of the family and kids strung all over.

..But in this room, there were no pictures of grandchildren - Julie had been an only child but when she was young they took enough pictures for four kids. And there sat her father in the recliner watching the History channel. He turned his head and instantly the old mans face lit up with joy but it quickly faded as he looked at his daughter. His eyes were a stunning blue just like his daughters, he had thin white hair around the sides of his head and huge glasses dropped to the end of his nose. His hands were shakey and he removed the blanket that was covering him and slowly stood up as Julie closed the door behind her. They met in the middle of the room, that grin on her face - and the look of concern on his. She reached out to hug him and he returned the hug with his eyes closed and a deep breath - he knew something was wrong but he was glad to see her as it had been over a month since she had seen or called him.

She let go of the hug and kept her hands on his shoulders, and for a moment a flash of the old Julie crossed her face, "Daddy" she said with a small voice

Despite that something was obviously wrong with his daughter, his heart melted at the sound of her voice. He almost cried, but didnít - he wanted to stay strong for her. She needed him, he thought, because something was terribly wrong. He took her hand and led her to the other chair where she sat as he sat in his own recliner. "Julie, baby" His voice was as shaky as his hands "Whatís wrong? Is Justin get you mixed up with drugs?" Her hair and makeup were a mess and me noticed the glossy look in her eyes.

She gave him and odd look and kinda shook her head, "..who?"

"J-Justin, your fiancť... Honey, your different - its drugs, I can see it in your eyes."

"Daddy, I-I donít know any Justin" And she really didnít, she had forgotten that Justin has been sleeping with the local whore down the street - in fact, he had been erased from her memory forever. "I do know King Jaymz, and I love him. Hes my Lord, hes my keeper and I will serve him forever."

The old mans eyes filled with tears, his only daughter had been a victim of drugs and didnít even realize it - or so he had thought. "James? You mean Justin - what has he got you into!?!?"

She looked up at her father, "I told you. I donít know a Justin. I know KING JAYYYYMMMZZ!!!" She shrieked with laughter and slapped her hands. Her father grabbed a hold of her hands and flipped her palms up - he looked up and down her arms for marks but didnít find any. "Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Im going to help you Julie, damnit, your my only child and I wont let you tear your life apart with drugs!!" He yelled at her causing her to recoil. It was then that he saw it, he saw hate in her eyes, pure Evil.. Something that he knew she wasnít capable of. She was always a sweet girl, a caring person that put other before he own health.

Tears welled in her eyes, "Y-You never loved me.. My King is the only one thatís ever loved MEEEE!!" She pulled away from him and pulled her knees up to her chin as she sat in the chair. Tears spilled down her fathers cheeks as he reached out to her. She let out a hissing sound that didnít sound human.

"Julie, baby, your breaking my heart" He was down on his knees in front of her, begging her.. It was then that his skin went pale as she spoke.

The voice that came from her mouth was deep, raspy and sounded as if it came from a thousand miles away. "No, not yet I havenít" A smile came across her face and she let her feet back to the floor. She reached out to her father and touched his chest, his eyes opened wide and his mouth agape. He let out a sound as he fell backward onto the floor clutching his chest gasping for air. She stood over him with that smile on her face as she looked into his blue eyes and spilled the tears. She stepped over him and went for the door, opened it and started to scream. She stood at the door and cried, screamed and kicked the wall - screaming that her father was having a heart attack. Moments later one of the nurses came around the corner and into the room as Julie laid there and cried. She had no emotional feelings, didnít care that her father had died but she knew she had to put on a show. They tried to comfort her, asked if there was anything they could do.. She cried, telling them that she had a ride outside and that if they could escort her there - that it would be great. Jaymz sat in the Tahoe as the doors opened and the two men helped the crying Julie from the building. He reached over and opened the passenger side door and Julie got in.. One of the men explained the situation, Jaymz, acting like he cared put a shocked look on his face and nodded. The men closed the door and turned to leave as Julie stopped crying and looked up at Jaymz with that same sick smile on her face. He returned it as he put the Tahoe in reverse and backed out of the facility.