The New ZT

Aging is something that cant be avoided, it’s the one thing in life that’s guaranteed but nobody wants to think about; but your body tells you your limits and tells you when its time for a rest ..often, your mind wont listen and ignores what your body has to say, telling you that your fine – that you can go on and keep at pace. ..But a week off can do wonders, not just for the grueling period of time in the ring but the preparation that's required for the fight during the week. The thought that goes into the match, the reflection of it in the front of your mind for those long hours during the week before. The situation had never crossed Jaymz’ mind once in his career as it did during the last week. He was older, he couldnt do some of things he had been able to do ten years ago. A week without preparing for an opponent and the though of the match always on his mind had left him a lot of time to think.. He didn't realize how sore he was, he ignored the signs his body had had been trying to tell him. ..Months he had spent giving everything he had trying to retain the Tag Team Titles with Crazy J, then immediately winning the Extreme Title and defending it against some of the best the GWA had to offer. A week did wonders on his aging body, and by Sunday morning he noticed he had began to chew on his fingernails, ..he was getting restless – he knew the week away had been good, ..but the urge was there, the hunger for delivering pain would never leave…

It was a cool Monday night in Detroit, the sky was clear giving way to the moon that hung high in the air. For the most part, the streets were lifeless and deserted of headlights – but the few who didn't sleep were up to no good. Whats to do at three a.m. that's productive? Giving toys to the children? Mowing the lawn? Walking an old lady across the street? No, you don't stay awake until three a.m. to clean the house. The Zero Tolerance building loomed over the Detroit skyline where one single light was shining on the west side of the building. The smell of sweet smoke filled the lonely lit room, not the smell of cheap cigarette, but that of the finest cigars that money could buy. Two of the cigars sat burning in the ashtray on the conference table, their smoke slowly rising to the ceiling of the office. The room was silent except that of the TV that sat on the wall showing the news with that little “previously recorded at eleven” print in the bottom right hand of the screen. The office was bare, but that was Jaymz’ style; as there was a massive desk, a conference table and chairs scattered across the room. Jaymz sat on one side of the conference table, but kicked back stretching his long legs out staring down the cards in his hand. He closed his eyes, then opened them wide, sighed, and hand down his face.. he could always feel each scar embedded on his flesh, and the same thought always came to his mind: it was like a bomb of razor blades exploded in his face, ..and actually, that was half the truth. But he was tired and wanted to finish this game..

He looked down at his arm and wiped away the cigarette ash from his leather jacket, then looked up at Drache who was on the other side of the pile of money that sat between himself and his old friend. His hair hung down in his face, a face that was dramatically different from the face Jaymz had known since he met the man.. But he knew those green eyes, and there was frustration in them. Jaymz knew Drache had a bad hand, they had played thousands of times before and it was hard pressed for Drache to ever get a win against the big man, ..but he tried, goddamnit he tried. Drache had rolled up his sleeves of his white shirt as he studied the cards, he knew he didn't have a good hand and swore that somehow Jaymz had cheated because his hand was pure bullshit and he was going to play anyway. He rolled his eyes and slammed his hand down on the table, he had two pair, a grin came over Jaymz’ face as he laid his cards down showing the straight. Drache took his cigar out of the ashtray and pulled away from the table as Jaymz got up and wadded up his winnings and placed them in one of the drawers on his desk. He sat back down at the table and poured Drache another drink and an even smaller one for himself, ..he wasn't much of a drinker. The two men sat there with their eyes rimmed in red as Drache got up and wandered off to the window overlooking Detroit, He placed his left hand up high and pressed his forehead against the cold glass

“Things have changed so much while I was gone..”

Jaymz looked on at the man from the table as he stood looking out the window, ..he was right too. Things had changed and the way that Drache handled situations in the past weren’t so easy. “naw, not really.” He lied, knowing that Drache knew he was lieing, but it was far to late and Jaymz wanted to catch some sleep.

“Fang and Butler. It was a good move, wasn't it?” Drache never moved from the window.

Jaymz found the question odd, Drache had never questioned one of his own decisions before, “Absolutely. Tristan knew what he was talking about, ..Ive been in the ring with Fang and hes a good fighter. You know talent when you see it Drache, and so does Tristan.. Butler has proven he can hold his own in the GWA, hes got potential. ..why do you ask?”

Drache pulled away from the window and leaned against the wall, “Ive learned who to trust and who not to while I was away.. I learned some things about some people, people we once trusted who we cant any more.”

Jaymz shrugged, “..Those are different parts of business though, Fang and Butler make us stronger in the wrestling world. They’ll bring in more money, they’ll bring their dominance to the ring and help bring Zero Tolerance to the top of the GWA. If it’s the one thing that we've lacked in this business, it’s the man power that we've had in the wrestling world. It’s the one thing that's been holding us back.. We've done what we could over the years with a three man crew and its been successful to a point, but now, ..now we can reach the full potential of Zero Tolerance in the wrestling world. ..Youve lost trust in some people, I can understand that but you cant think everyone is gonna fuck is over… These guys wont, they want whats best for themselves and Zero Tolerance, ..its a win win situation. ”

Drache kinda shook his head, “I suppose your right Alexi.”

“I know I'm right. Just watch, in the next few weeks Zero Tolerance will have full control of the GWA.”

Drache looked down at his empty glass and tossed it to the floor, “what other avenues of income do we still have?”

This was an issue that Jaymz wished Drache had brought up to Tristan. Drache was a man who thrived on bringing in money, he loved to see his bank statements come back higher than the months before. Jaymz took a deep breath and let it out, “Well – not a whole lot actually. What we have is successful but since they put you ja--, ..er, uh, since you were “away” a lot of our income decided to go other places and some of those certain people went “away” when you did. As of now we have Tristans land developing company and the security business that Crazy J started up, and I’ll tell ya – that security shit blew up.. You slap a “ZT” label on it and these people around here will buy anything.”

Drache seemed pleased and nodded, ..”and, ..go on…”

Jaymz eyes glanced around the room, “well uh, ..thats about it, but it pays the bills. ..Do you know how much it cost Bale to have all that shit done just to get you back!?” He knew he shouldn’t have said it, but he could see that Drache had too much to drink and was too tired to argue.

Drache looked back out the window, “We have to make money Alexi ..I cant sit back and watch Zero Tolerance be a shell of what it use to be… Look at it Alexi, look at the world – look at the opportunities that are out there for us. Theres money to be made, whether it be one way or another I will take it. We still have friends in very powerful places Alexi, we still have allies in the Government and around this city, but it’ll be hard to convince them to help us again. ..But I wont sit back, I wont do it Alexi – and if bloodshed has to begin again for us to rise, ..then so be it.”

Drache stared out the window at the city of Detroit as the scene faded out

As I have said before, things in the wrestling world change from day to day ..from week to week. The only constant in this business is that pain will be delivered from one person to another on any given night. ..But the rest of the wresting world shifts from one side to another, ..one faction claiming dominance over the other, Titles changing hands here and there ..nothing ever stays the same, not even Zero Tolerance. For years we have been a three man wrecking crew terrorizing one promotion after another until we found a place to rest and call home – and several months ago we found that place and planted our feet. We came here to the GWA with our sights set on dominance and capturing the Titles as they were handed to us; and so far we have been successful. Tristan decided that an early retirement from the ring was the best option for himself and it was then that Sin came along and made us more than a Tag Team, he picked up the slack where Bale left off and we've never missed a beat from that point on… But the one thing that we lacked here in the GWA was man power. We hold our own in matches and don't need outside interference to escape with a victory, but with a deep talented roster the three of us cant simply take every single talented loser in the GWA one by one; so we needed to expand and over the last few weeks J, Sin, Bale and myself looked over the GWA for men who could best fit Zero Tolerance and claim the dominance that we desire..

Drache came away with the final decision of the two newest members and we all saw them as the best fit. ..Im older and stuck in my ways, not much of a people person and don't care to make new friends, hell, I'm still a little suspicious about Sin sometimes even though I knew his true purpose on this world isnt to be a fighter in the ring. But the name that was brought up was Fang, it was a name that I didn't like because I despise people that Ive faced in the ring… I knew Fang had talent, I knew what he could do in the ring because he and that loser he used to tag with gave J and myself some of the hardest fought matches that we've been in… Maybe that's what I despised about him… But I sat with Bale and he talked of when Zaslaw, God rest his soul, had gotten the three of us together… Three men who didn't get along, who couldn't stand to be in the same room with each other – yet here we are. I hated Bale and J, I fucked J over in a World Title match causing him to lose to some doushebag named 8ball, pinned Bale for the three count as he tried to take my World Title – and I hated those two men. I thought it over that night and decided that they were right, Fang was a perfect fit for Zero Tolerance. I'm forced to chance who I am and for an old man like myself that's hard to do.. Its hard to make friends with someone you’ve fought, someone who put their body on the line for the chance to wear gold around their waist, ..Ive respected Fang since the day we fought and that credit he has always had though I wouldn’t ever give it to him.

Ive talked to Fang and theres no tension between the two of us, we both understand that the decision for him to join Zero Tolerance was the best for everyone and with him, we will soon rise to the top of the GWA. Outside of Fang, we didn't see any veteran GWA wrestlers that were impressive, mostly a bunch of wash-ups and has-beens like John Irons, Harper and Metamania; but we took notice of one person that caught our attention from the day he set foot into the GWA ring, Rex Butler. What was there not to be impressed with? He stepped in here and acted as if he had been a veteran of the GWA, won his fair share of the Tag Team Titles within his first couple weeks – yeah, that sounds a lot like Zero Tolerance doesn’t it? Hes a perfect fit, he knows what has to happen to take Zero Tolerance to the top of the GWA and obviously hes a smart man, he knows where the power is and the advantages that taking sides with Zero Tolerance has to offer him. Look around the GWA and tell me where the power lies? Tell me who the most powerful stable in the GWA is and what anyone can do about it. Its our time and this what we came for, were bigger than we've ever been and now its time that we dominate the GWA, its time that we take all the Titles. We own the tag Team and the Extreme Titles and this week Sin brings home the U.S. Title and Crazy J brings home the Global Championship, a belt in which he deserves.

As for myself, I continue down the path of destruction leaving helpless people at my feet, men who have had dreams of winning the Extreme Title but only to come up short, ..as they all have. I got the week off last week and it was good on my body, but horrible on my mind. I wanted to fight, to step into the ring and destroy someone.. Its like my drug, I'm an addict and I crave the pleasure of destroying someone in the ring and this week I get to face this man named…Pain? Does this man really even know about his name? ..Does he really understand true pain? He may think that he does, but couldn't “pain” also be his biggest weakness? Maybe my opponent uses his name to hide that, wanting people to think hes more than he really is. Now I don't know much about Pain, I heard he made a few backstage comments about wanting a Title match after he heard I was itching to beat someone around. ..Well, he gets his chance but lets see if he cant take advantage of it. ..Do I believe that he can? No, not a chance in hell. There isnt a single person in the GWA that can strip me of this belt and the people I’ve have destroyed lay examples to the rest, who choose so foolishly, to wander into my ring with thoughts of victory on their mind. You see, I'm working on a streak and I plan on becoming the longest reigning Champion of the Extreme Title; I will leave my mark on this Division and the years will pass, ..wrestlers will come and go – but I’ll be here ….and I’ll still be the Extreme Champion.

Ive destroyed the division and knocked off every contender from the ranks yet they keep on coming back like flies to shit, weaker-minded men who chose to think they can shove me around and take me out by my knees. Ive shown the world that I'm not “just another big man” with the things that I have accomplished over my career and our time in the GWA.. My knees have been beat on, smaller men have tired themselves out running around the ring, ..all the tactics that people try and use to bring big men down have failed to work against me. ..Its all in the mind, its how to attack your opponent and use the ring to your advantage and most aren’t capable of that, …but I need destruction, I need blood and pain and regular matches don't feed the monster… I own the Extreme Division and Pain will find this out at Anarchy.