The Left Cheek

Julie had stayed in the spare bedroom of Jaymz' house over the weekend, she had stopped having the odd dreams and the random laughing at nothing. He had gone by her house to pick up one thing, something that she would need only one more time.. Jaymz sat on the front porch of his house as the sun worked its way over the horizon with a cup of coffee in his hand - he had been up for several hours thinking how things were going to be now that Drache was here and what was going to become of Tristan. Jaymz assumed that he would take a little time off to be with Nicole during her pregnancy, the last few months had been tough on Bale and Jaymz knew that. It was then that the front door opened and Julie walked out, she shielded the sun from her eyes as it had been the first time she had set foot outside since that dreadful night. She was wearing her Cathleenís Cafe waitress dress, the ones that Cathleen thought were absolutely wonderful and Julie always hated. Her foggy eyes had lightened up back to a blue color, but not the piercing blue that they once were.

Her hair was a mess and her skin was still pale, she had a far off look in her eyes and any normal person could see that she wasnít all there anymore. Her neck had healed at an incredibly fast rate, the stitches were gone and there was nothing but a scar and a little bruising...And that smile, the smile that seemed stretched too tight and to far up her face never left as she sat down next to Jaymz, called him "My King", grabbed his face and licked the side of it from his ear down to his chin... He never looked at her but wiped the saliva off of his face as a Taxi came up the road and pulled into the driveway, he stood up and extended his hand to Julie who took it and he walked her down to the Taxi, opened the back passenger door and helped her get in..He went over to the driver and told him to take her to Cathleenís Cafe, and that he should wait for her to come back - because it wouldnít be long. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two one-hundred dollar bills, the mans eyes lit up and he told Jaymz he would hang around as long as needed. Jaymz nodded in satisfaction and walked back to the porch as he watched the Taxi pull away...

He knew it wouldnít be long before Julie came back, Cathleen would fire her once she saw the way Julie would have.. To Cathleen, Julie would appear to be drunk and out of her mind, thereís no telling what she would do when she got there but Jaymz knew her stint at Cathleenís was about to come to an end. This was a day that Jaymz wasnít looking forward to, it had been several months since he had talked to Dr. Tabon and he had been avoiding him for a reason, ..he was tired of taking medication and in his mind - he didnít need the shit. He was aware that he had mental problems but he knew where they came from and Tabon only thought that he did; he tried to tell Jaymz that it was the things he experienced in the Military that had warped his mind...But Jaymz knew better, he had been his way since he was a child - since he knew of the evil that was inside of him...True, some of the disturbing things that had happened to him over-seas sure hadnít helped his mental state. He stubbed the cigar out on the porch and went back into the house and poured the remaining coffee from the pot into the sink.

He mumbling to himself about how Tabon decided to make a house-call...But what could he do? Tabon could have him put away back in the Crazy House again, but he didnít really feel like spending six more months, at the minimum, in that fuckin hell hole. The doorbell rang and a pissed off look came over Jaymz' face, he left from the kitchen and went to the front door flinging it open, ..and there he stood - the asshole himself, Dr. Tabon. Tabon was a short man, bald on top and had a bad attitude towards life. he had a stack of papers and a pen behind his ear.. The cap to the pen was in his mouth and chewed to an unrecognizable piece of black plastic that made Jaymz want to slap it from his mouth, ..he thought it was disgusting that people chewed on plastic or their fingernails - thatís what they make gum for. He stepped to the side and Tabon entered the house, he looked around and took a few notes, probably saying that the house was bare which was normal for a house that Jaymz owned.

Tabon asked Jaymz how he had been doing but he did nothing but shrug his shoulders and grunt. He then made a few more notes on his paper and asked Jaymz to see his prescription bottles, and again, without saying a word Jaymz walked over to the small table in the living room, opened the drawer and pulled out six pill bottles; one by one he tossed them quickly to Tabon who couldnít catch them and dropped them all over the floor, he cussed under his breath and managed to get all the bottles, he took the lid off each one and counted the pills inside and made more notes on his sheet of paper. He then got another piece of paper and wrote down how many refills were left on the bottles. Jaymz paced around the living room hoping that Tabon would say that everything was fine and that he would be leaving - but he knew that wasnít going to be his luck, Tabon was an asshole and wanting nothing more than to have Jaymz committed all over again.

Tabon took the chewed up piece of plastic out of his mouth, "Well Jaymz..I have some good news and some bad news. ..which one you wanna hear first?"

Jaymz just glared at the man and rolled his eyes and a smile came across Tabons face, "Well fine then - I'll just tell you. The good news is, is that you seem to be improving...but the bad news, ...I have to take you back anyway"

"What!?!?!?" Jaymz' eyes got as big as dinner plates "what in the fuckin hell for!??"

Tabon laughed at this, "Because Jaymz - your not making the kind of progress that I had imagined that you would...I mean look at this place, ..its all black and thereís nothing here... Its like your living in an empty room. You have no friends outside that old man Vadim, you havenít met any new people - your still wrestling, which tells me that youíre still violent and the pills arenít working."

Jaymz could see that Tabon was enjoying this, "Thatís a bunch of bullshit... You knew I was gonna get back into the wrestling business as soon as I got out of that hellhole. ..I havenít hurt anyone since Iíve been out of the Ward, Tabon, and you know that, ..and Im talkin outside of the wrestling ring."

Tabon shook his head and wrote something else down on his sheet of paper, "That was only part of the terms Jaymz, ..you had to make new friends, new relationships, control your anger - which your not doing right now - and show that you can be a positive influence on society ...so far you have done none of that"

"Be a positive influence to society?? What? you want me to go around doing charity work!? Give me a fuckin break, I sell tickets for the GWA - I put asses in those seats and people come to see me... Most people hate us, but to some, Zero Tolerance are their idols."

Tabon nodded his head, "hhmm..yeah, ok...I'll let that one slide, but the rest of it...Youíve done none of that..Your kids are still on the other side of the world and I donít see any new people in your life. Which I cant say that Im surprised because making friends wasnít one of your strong points."

Jaymz wanted to knock the fuck out of Tabon, all he was doing was pissing him off, ..trying to get Jaymz to fuck up so he could be put back into the crazy house, but it was then that the door opened and for Jaymz it couldnít have come at a better time..Tabon looked up to see this deranged looking woman walk in the door with a huge smile on her face..." and uuhh, ..who is this Jaymz?"

Jaymz walked over to Julie and stood with his back to him, he had noticed something on her lip and wiped it off as he realized that it was blood, he spun her towards Tabon and kissed her, "..This is my girlfriend, Julie."

Tabon had a disgusted look on his face as she pulled back and began to lick the big mans face as she had done earlier, Jaymz pulled her back, "Julie, this is Dr. Tabon." Julie freed herself from Jaymz and walked over to Tabon, she got real close to him and smelt his neck..He shrunk back as she giggled to herself and sat on his lap and started sniffing his face...He tried to work his way free as Jaymz came over and pulled her off, telling her to go into the kitchen"

Tabon stood up and adjusted his shirt, "what in the hell is wrong with her?? What kind of drugs is that lady on?"

"Shes not on any drugs Daniel, sheís just a very ...interesting soul. I love her. ..So as you can see my anger is settled, I have met new people and Iíve held a steady job with the GWA...Youíve counted the pills, Iíve been taking them. I donít really think thereís a reason for you to be here any longer Dr. Tabon."

Tabon glared at Jaymz and snatched up his papers, "Hhmm..This isnt what I had expected, I was really looking forward--"

"..to testing me again, yeah, I know.." Jaymz had cut him off, he walked over to the front door and opened it up.. Tabon stayed there for a minute before stomping out of the house.. Jaymz stood there with the door open as Tabon stopped and turned back around
"Oh, and Jaymz...You have to meet with your probation office tomorrow as well...If you donít make progress with him, or if I find out that you fucked up one time - you'll spend the next whole year with me!"

Jaymz gave him the bird as he turned back around and slammed the front door closed, he went into the kitchen to see what Julie was doing and found her sitting on the kitchen table with a bottle of vinegar that she was drinking...Most of it ran down the sides of her mouth covering her clothes..Jaymz seemed unconcerned, "..I guess work didnít go so well?"

She cocked her head to the side as that grin stayed tight on her face, " Work? That place you sent me, my King? ...That Cathleen lady was a BITCH! a BITCH!! a BITCH!!!" Julie giggled a little and drank more of the vinegar, this time spraying it from her mouth as it landed halfway across the kitchen, "I hated her..She tried to boss me around, my King. So I bit her cheek off."

Drinking vinegar and spewing it across the kitchen didnít worry Jaymz, but when Julie talked of biting Cathleenís cheek off he seemed a bit interested, "you bit her cheek off? on which side of her face?" She giggled again with that far out look in her eyes, "who said anything about her face my King? ..I got down on my knees and bit her cheek off. ..The left one.

A grin came over Jaymz' face, "You do know I cant let you out of the house for a while because of that right?"

"As long as Im with you my King"

He had trained her well, he thought. He smiled as he left the kitchen, he heard her spew more vinegar across the kitchen and just shook his head as he walked out the back door and sat down in one of the chairs on the deck.

Iíve always been told things thereís things that I couldnít accomplish, standards that Iíve set for myself some people said were too high but over my life I have proved most of those doubters wrong. I was told that I couldnít make it in this business because I would be to easy to bring down, that the little guys would blow my knees out and run all around me.. I was told that I didnít have any wrestling skills and I would only hurt myself in the ring... Well, when I first got into this business I started to believe those people.. I lost my first few matches badly and I suffered some broken bones and what confidence I had was demoralized - and I saw that a few of those things that people said were right. ..I had no wrestling skill and today I still donít possess much of it, I donít feel the need to put people in submission holds, I donít need to execute flying moves from the ropes that take perfect execution ...No, you see, that just isnt me. Yeah, I can do some wrestling moves but I would rather stick to what I know... So I had to adapt, I had to change the way I did things to fit it - to win. I still thrive on my monstrous strength but that isnt what gets me through the match, ...its in the mind. Its all upstairs. A man with little wrestling skill cant go into a match and start swinging left and rights or you'll go down to the mat in a matter of a few seconds... Its knowing when to strike, knowing your opponents and what they like to do and waiting for the perfect chance to finish the match off quickly.

I was told that I was too slow to be in the ring, that I didnít have the endurance to last with smaller men in the ring...But they couldnít have been more wrong as wrestling is what I take pride in and its how I make my living, ..Im a success in this business and there isnt a damn person that can tell me otherwise...I love what I do, I enjoy beating people into the ground and seeing the looks on their faces as they experience pain they have never felt before. Every week my opponents tell me the same thing that those certain people did when I entered this business and every week they learn, they learn as they lie in the hospital bed that I am the biggest challenge that they have ever faced. They learn that everything they have done in the past means nothing when I step into the ring...Such as Irons is going to learn this week. The short-tempered hothead who thinks that I am going to be no challenge. You see, I have Zero Tolerance for the ignorant stupid people that roam this earth, the ones like Iron who believe they can walk all over anyone who stands in their way.. Irons is one of those men who believes that he cant be beaten, that hes the best wrestler the world has ever seen.. Please, give me a fuckin break. Irons wants everyone to think that hes Marine training in hand to hand combat is going to win this match for him.. Does he not realize that lots of wrestlers have been in the military? That lots of wrestlers specialize in hand to hand fighting?

.. Iron thinks hes the only one to ever train that way, like he has some special talent that nobody has ever seen, well, ..Im not impressed by some has-been of the GWA. He refuses to see whatís in front of him and thatís going to be his downfall, Irons wants to live in the past off the things he has accomplished then, against a bunch of now-retired wash-ups like himself. But what is so impressive about John Irons? That hes three inches taller than me? That hes been around the GWA a little longer than me? Could it be that his mind is a tad bit smaller, ..along with something else I would imagine cause the boy looks 'roided up. And yeah, I called you "boy" because Iíve got about ten years on you - and again, that shows me that you know nothing as that mouth of yours keeps on flapping. Who exactly have you beat since youíve been back Irons? Nobody worth a damn I can tell you that but you want to go on and brag about it? winning to matches and you want to run around here, "Im undefeated and nobody has beat me yet!! Nobody will EVER beat me!! But if I do lose, I can make up a pretty good excuse" .. Yeah, that sounds just about like Irons because I bet you will make up a few excuses when you see that beating me isnt as easy as said.. Would it have been real smart of me to come out here and brag that I beat Mike Steele and some other nobody that left after our match when I got here to the GWA? Do you think that anyone would have cared? What you donít seem to understand Irons, is that youre below me - understand?

I am the Champion, Im the one standing at the top of the Extreme Division and your looking up at me only wishing that you could have this belt...Speaking of this belt, as you run around here calling yourself a Legend and how "this is your belt." Do me a favor, explain to me how this is "your belt"...The way you act, its like you held this title for over a year on numerous occasions but once I looked back at home on the GWA website - I damn near fell over in my chair seeing the truth. and the truth is that your a worthless champion...you donít even deserve to be in the same sentence as Champion...You held this Title one time??? But wait!! It gets better!! You lost it on your very first Title defense?? You held this Title for ten says and lost it?? So yeah, that tells me you only had about one match - and you call this YOUR Title?? Fuck, you hardly had time to get the nameplate on it changed, you didnít even have this Title long enough to actually call it, "yours." Your Pathetic Irons and you proved to me that your a nobody in the GWA. ..Weíve only been here for a few months and Iíve already accomplished more than you ever have?? Two Extreme Titles and the Tag Titles...but what have you done besides show that you never deserved to be called the GWA Extreme Champion in the first place? Hell, I figured youíve held all the Titles with all this talk of how long youíve been in the GWA and who all youíve beat...

But you havenít done anything Irons, to me it looks like youíve been an average mid-level wrestler your whole life ...all this after you tried to tell me how great that you are just because "you were here in the GWA opened its doors." Well congratulations Irons, youíve been outdone by me in only a few short months, ..now doesnít that make you feel special? I thought I was going up against one of the "great all time GWA legends" but now I cant help but laugh at how you hyped yourself up... Do you just say these things to make yourself feel better? So then you'll have some confidence when you come into the ring? You may be taller than me, and you may be a little more cut ...but your accomplishments have been out shadowed by a "newbĒ here in the GWA. Not only that, you reside in a second tier stable compared to Zero Tolerance Ė we've had our battles with Revolution and we've come out on the top for the most part and I don't think that's going to change this week Irons, you just get to be another victim and when its all over you can go tell your great ďleaderĒ Harper how you blew itÖ How Jaymz was more powerful and out-thought you in the ringÖHow Jaymz showed your what real punishment and power is all about. I know you want to win this match Irons but you simply don't have the mind frame and attitude to get it done.. I may mess with you in the ring, taunt you and mess with your nerves because youíre the kind of person that gets all out of your skillet and throws a fitÖ Can you keep calm in this match?

Can you contain yourself enough in this match to get the job done? You may think so, but I don't and I know what its going to take to win ..Iíve done it all my life, Iíve been in every situation possible and this isnt going to be anything different.. Its rare that I face a man of my size but Iíve gotten the job done every time and this isnt going to be any different.. Your Marine training, your three inches of extra height Ė none of that is going to make one Goddamn difference is this match. Your looking at the Extreme Champion of the present ..and the Extreme Champion of the future. Facts are facts Irons, and you can argue all that you want but youíre a Has-been, a thing of the pastÖZero Tolerance is here and you get your first taste of defeat by one a member of the best group of wrestlers in the GWAÖ