Tristan raised the glass to mouth and took the last drink of the Grey Goose then set hte cup on his desk.. It wasn’t unusual for Tristan to have a drink, in fact it would’ve been unusual if he didn’t have one. But it was early on this cold Tuesday morning as the clouds took over the sky and blocked the sun. Tristan walked over to the window in his office and gazed out over the city as there came a knock from the office door. Tristan straightened himself up and stepped behind the desk as Jaymz walked into the room. Two men, opposites, yet alike in many ways met with a nod and Jaymz took a seat in the white leather chair across from Tristan’s desk.. Jaymz was in his usual clothes; black boots, jeans a t-shirt and his long black leather coat. He pulled out a cigar, which he knew was going to piss of Tristan but on this day Bale seemed not to care. There was business that needed to be taken care of and Jaymz was the man for the job. Smoke swirled around his head as he tilted his head back and blew smoke circles into the still air of the office. Bale pulled out the bottle of Grey Goose and poured two glasses and slid one to the opposite end of the desk for Jaymz, he took the cigar out of his mouth and tapped it over the glass. The white and black ash fell into the glass and sank to the bottom, ..not that - Jaymz knew had pissed Bale off. You dont ruin a good glass of Grey Goose that the boss had paid for. They didnt need to say anything as they both knew the job that had to be done - They both glanced up at the clock and saw it was fifteen till nine.

Jaymz stretched in the chair and plopped the cigar into the grey goose and it fizzled out. He stood up and once more nodded at Bale and left the office. Bale sat there in silence, this was a good day for him as Jaymz was about to make the "pickup"...A smile crossed his face as he raised the glass to his lips once more. Jaymz drove through the side of town that he wasn’t real familiar with, ..Detroit had its good places but this defiantly wasn’t one of them. The buildings were run down and falling to pieces and the roads weren’t that much better. A lady pushed a shopping cart down the sidewalk that looked to be filled with every possession that she owned; a few empty cans, an old tattered jacket and random trash she had found all over the street. Her eyes were sunk in her face and she stared at Jaymz as he drove on, ..he knew that look; she knew everyone on this side of town but she had never seen him before and that had caught her attention. Jaymz looked down at a piece of paper that he was holding, whatever it said was scribbled and hard to read but it appeared to be an address. He took a right down Scott street and looked at the numbers on the buildings, ..or the numbers that still remained on the graffiti covered structures and he came to the end of the street and took a left, he quickly looked back to his right and slammed his brakes on as he noticed the building that he was looking for. He put the Tahoe in reverse and pulled into the alley between the two huge dilapidated buildings..

Trash was littered in the alley and it looked like someone had been living in the dumpster.. Jaymz got out of the Tahoe and walked to the backdoor, he pulled it and saw the metal door was locked - not wanting to knock he then grasp the door with both hands and let out a yell as he pulled the door off of the building. A loud echo came from inside as the door busted off its hinges and landed half way inside.. Pigeons flew from the boards on the ceiling as he stepped inside. There were needles on the floor, empty beer cans and a burnt out fire pit - every step he took echoed inside of the empty building as he found the door way leading to the stairway.. He door squeaked in protest as he opened it and left it that way as he made his way up... The staircase was covered in graffiti as well and made up of mostly things that he didn’t know. Gang signs, scribbles that appeared to be words that he didn’t know and lots of Hatchetmen covered the walls. He worked his way up to the fifth floor and opened the door and like the one below it screamed in protest and led to another hallway. The doors were marked and started with the number five-oh-one on the left side, he diverted his attention to the left until he got to the door that he was searching for, door five-ten. He knocked a few times on the door lightly, but loud enough to echo through the dead hallway. He stood there for a few moments and finally he heard footsteps in the other side followed by locks being unlatched. The door opened, but only a few inches and a blue eye appeared from the slit. There were wrinkles around the eye and white frizzy hair on top of the persons head.

The one eye looked up and down at Jaymz before the person closed the door and unlatched the last of the locks. seconds later the door opened up and Jaymz stepped in...There was the man with the blue eye, ..he was an older gentlemen with white hair and a beard, his eyes were wide and darted from one side of the room to the other. Jaymz noticed that there was a light on in this room, that there was furniture in here...not great furniture, but livable. The windows were boarded up but Jaymz saw that they could be moved to give a view of outside. There was a TV on in the corner showing some old black and white movie, the television set appeared to be older than the movie with its turn-dials and rabbit ears. Other than that, the room looked like the rest of the building had - old and falling apart. The older man closed the door behind Jaymz and locked what seemed like fifteen locks, he turned back and looked at Jaymz with those wild eyes.. A smile came across the mans face as he twisted and worked his hands together like a small child on Christmas morning about to open their first present.

"So you must be the one that they call Jaymz?" He cocked his head to the side which Jaymz found kinda odd.


"good, good...Well its nice to finally meet you" The man extended his hand, "The names Dean."
Jaymz only looked at the mans who finally got the clue that Jaymz wasnt going to shake his greasy looking hand

"but uhh.., I suppose your here to see your friend. Ive made the final touches just this morning so he may still be in a little pain but everything went well."

Jaymz just nodded his head in agreement and looked on at the odd-looking fellow., “But uh, ..Mr. Jaymz, I think you and your friends are going to like what I have done… My people have put in lots of work into this project and—

Fury erupted in Jaymz’ eyes, “project?? Your calling him a project?”

“Well, its uh, more of—“

Jaymz grabbed the man and slammed him up against the wall, a sick grin came across his face as he looked at the terrified man – and then a voice cam from behind

“Put him down Alexi.”

Jaymz froze, still looking at the man and a moment later let go of the man sending him to the floor. Jaymz turned around and faced the man. He wore only jeans and held his shirt in his left hand.. His hair was jet black and hung down to his eyes, thin razor sideburns that etched along his jawline and formed a mustache and goatee.. His eyes had a demanding look and the green in them was the only thing that Jaymz recognized. His torso was covered in tattoos, images of scales covered his chest while his sides and arms were covered in dark different designs. His arms were thicker and his body more built, ..and he stood there looking on at Jaymz who didn't say a word. Jaymz took notice of the man but couldn't take his eyes off this mans own green eyes.. He saw this man for who he was, a clean cut man with short hair, a man with no tattoos, a man with a personable face…But this man, the one that stood before Jaymz was completely different. He silence went on before Jaymz broke it


“No. The name is Drache. The man you speak of no longer exists.”

Jaymz didn't recognize the voice either and his guard went up, “Then how do I know that its you?”

A smile came over Drache’s face and he took a few steps closer to Jaymz, “..What is there not to believe Alexi? Clawz, ..Dotson, your deceased wife Morgan, ..Darkness, Steel City, Vadim.. What is it that you want to know, I can name it all.”

It was then that Jaymz saw this man was serious and wasn't fuckin around with him..Jaymz extended his hand and Drache returned the shake but followed with a hug that Jaymz seemed uncomfortable about.. Drache put his hands on Jaymz shoulders and sighed, “Its time to get me the fuck out of here – we got business to take care of”

..The Bossman was back.

I know that I'm not a real well liked person and most would rather see me dead than roam this earth but I'm not one to care what people think of me… Irons wants me to believe that I have ruined the wrestling industry, and you know what..hes right. I came into this business and took promotions to the ground, I made them suffer and left no man standing in those rings as I took their titles and refused to let them go; destroyed their roster such as I'm doing here in the GWA.. I ruined this business for a lot of people, ruined the lives of a lot of people, shattered fans hopes that I would lose and disappear forever, …and I enjoy that. And when the time comes for Irons to stand against me in the ring he might find out what a ruined career is all about..He’ll get to see the pain and suffering that others have gone through, laying there for days wondering if he’ll ever be able to return to the GWA ring again.. ..All this, as your looking out at Detroit, the city that Zero Tolerance owns.. “your town?” Please, nobody here gives a fuck about you – we thrive in this city, Zaslaw owned this town when he was alive; born and raised here along with Crazy J. This is the home of Zero Tolerance and this is our city whether you like it or not; we own it and we do as we please with it. The Navy? ..Please…Irons, I know you think your funny with all your little gay jokes but it only made you look childish and it shows me that you get pissed off easily, but hey, what can you expect from a Marine?

Do you know how many times Ive seen a boy from the Airforce take a Marine to the ground and just whoop the shit out of em? Oh its great, we use to sit back and laugh at the Marines, these guys who though they were all bad ass but getting beat up by pilots. “I have a closet full of semen” ha..ha…ha? ..wow…You’re a real funny guy, did you think of that all by yourself? You know Irons, I don't feel the need to sit around here like an old men and talk of missions that I have been on, most of those things shouldn’t be talked about but I see that you don't agree with that.. And I'm sure your little story was a little skewed in places to make yourself look a little better, but hey, that's what you Marines do. And I'm sure that gets you all fired up, spittin with your face all red and lookin like an idiot that you sometimes do because you don't like to be talked down to, ..you don't like for your boys to be talked bad about and that causes you to get all fired up and stomp around town like a freak tearin things apart…But what makes you think that the Extreme Title is yours? Do you have it in your possession? ..because the last time I checked I didn't see this belt around your waist. Just because you happen to beat some nobody for this title in the past doesn’t mean its yours, its Mine. It has been for weeks and its still going to be Mine when I'm finished with your sorry ass at Dismember. Go around thinking that you cant lose this match because you were here in the GWA before Zero Tolerance was and see what that does for you.

See what happens when I laugh at you as I hold the Extreme Title above you and the crowd boos my victory. You’re a thing of the past in the GWA and as far as I'm concerned your some new person around here that I haven't got to slap around yet, ..and I'm glad to get this chance. You come back into the GWA thinking that were all suppose to fear you because you beat people in the past. I don't care what happened when the GWA opened its doors, I don't care about the matches that you were in then – you should be more concerned with whats happening right now and whats gone on in the past several months. Faces come and go in this business, you never know whats going to happen in the wrestling world from week to week and whos going to come and go; whos going to step up and plant their feet as the next best thing in the GWA… You see, Zero Tolerance is here and things have changed since we've stepped foot in the GWA ring, taking out the veterans and new people alike and when you come to the ring its not gonna be any different. Irons I don't care what your style of fighting is, and the last time I checked we don't use guns and grenades in the ring, even in an Extreme match – so you need to get your mind off the Marines and back into wrestling. ..But you might need to bring a gun to the ring because I don't really see any other way that your going to be able to take me down; your strength will be matched and the blows you lay on me wont be as effective and that's something I assume you would have figured out by now.

Then again , I have to remind myself who I'm talkin to and make it easier to understand. So Irons, what your telling is that you only joined the Marines to beat people up? You go around beating up small pathetic people who only know how to use a gun? Wow, ..gee..Thats impressive. You do know, that's not the only place where you can go and fight people? Apparently you don't. You want everyone to think your this big time American Hero when all you want to do is beat down on smaller, weaker people.. I always found it more interesting to fight people who stood more of a chance in the Underground Fighting scene, people that would actually give you a challenge for a minute or two – but I guess that's too easy for our American Hero John Irons. You can go on and brag about your record since you’ve been back into the GWA but two matches isnt going to impress me any and I don't give a fuck who you have beaten. Those people that you have beat in the past are gone and their gone for a reason, ..maybe you should follow along with them and save yourself the beating. And oh no, I didn't beat Goth and AP Feight, lady Ashe, John Harper and even that whiny little bitch Brett Adams…but you see Irons, that's all happened in the last few months; that's the current state of the GWA and you get to become a part of it.. You get to be just another person that's going to see what Zero Tolerance is all about and what we can bring into the ring.

You seem to be so consumed with the fact that you’re the bigger man, “Jaymz can comprehend that I'm the bigger man” and all the other shit you spewed at me…But do you really think that three inches is going to make that much of a difference? Uh no, ..Im sorry to tell you that it wont Irons.. There is no advantage for you in this match…Same size, same weight – but I'm the Champion and I'm the Champion for a reason and I could care less what Grinder and Al think of me – and could give a fuck less who they send in the ring to try and take my Title from me.. I go into the ring, destroy people, earn some Gold and collect a check for it. They knew what they were getting when they signed us, Crazy J and myself were fresh out of prison the day we arrived in the GWA, ..hell, they let us out just in time for us to make our first appearance at Anarchy while we were still wearing those stupid orange suites. You need to see the current face of the GWA Irons and that's something that you don't want to see. You don't wanna come to terms with the fact that there are now people here who you have never stepped into the ring with, ..people who are better fighters than you, ..people who you know nothing about. The past is gone and so are all your opponents, all your victories and its time that you have to prove yourself…to me.

You act as if I should just bow down and give this Title to you without a fight but that shows that you don't know me very well; I back away from nobody and you wont be any different, “Extreme Legend.” ..You sun has gone out and your time has passed, but your looking at the future of the GWA and it’s a sight you want to ignore…But you cant Irons, its just not possible for you to disregard something that's right in front of your face…Your mad this week, whats it going to be like in a few weeks after I destroy you and then you see that ZT is still standing strong and Crazy J is the Global Champion. Listening to someone speak and putting it together in your mind is a hard thing for you to accomplish isnt it? No, I didn't make two references to me getting screwed over, ..it was all the same subject, that's what came to my mind at the time and I went with it, ..I didn't jump from it and you took it the wrong way to begin with. ..I mean, weren’t you the idiot who claimed that I needed them to be there to win? ..So what I did was give you an example as to why they would come to the ring if it was needed. ..I know you failed to understand that; as you have most everything else that Ive said as well, but like Ive said before – Its no shock to me. I do hope that you take a good look at this belt that I come down to the ring with; look at it real close and get the reflection of your own face – but make sure to look at the nameplate, look where the Extreme Champion is…what does it say? Jaymz.