Morning Coffee pt.II

Jaymz got on the highway and drove out of Detroit headed back to his house, he stayed in the right lane and took his time - he had a lot on his mind with Julie coming over tonight. His hands were tense on the wheel as he knew what the end result of their "date" was going to be. He reached down and pushed the button on the radio that switched to the next song on the CD, he didn’t care much for "Shotgun Blues" but "Breakdown" was one of his favorite songs on the album. The song kicked in but he seemed not to pay much attention as he looked down at he gauges in the Tahoe and saw that he had less than a quarter tank of gas. He pulled off on the nearest exit and took a left under the overpass and pulled into the small gas station which held a huge sign that said FoodMart#2. The building was painted red and was peeling towards the top, the windows were covered in bars and there was a neon sign that flashed "Budweiser" except for the W and S weren’t lit up. There was one car in the parking lot, a lime green Honda Civic that had a huge spoiler on the back and VTech stickers posted all over the back windshield. Jaymz hated cars like that, the spoiler was retarded and the VTech and Nos stickers made the car more stupid looking that it really was. What he hated more than that was the huge trashcan looking exhaust that stuck out from the car which made it sound like a swarm of mosquitoes was coming your way. These type of cars were one of his pet peeves, the car was ruined - and there wasn’t one God damn fuckin thing "cool" about it.

..But then again maybe he was getting old. Jaymz pulled up to gas pump number one, the closest to the store, and got out of the Tahoe. He shook his head in disbelieve at how high the price of gas was here as he inserted the pump into the Tahoe and waited for the man inside to turn it on.. He waited, ..and waited, and waited - finally becoming annoyed he turned away and headed towards the glass door covered in bars. He stepped inside and curved to his right were the counter was, and there was the owner of the car giving him that "you knew I wouldn’t turn that pump on, you stupid fuck." The kid was about twenty, Asian decent and had a bad attitude towards life. He didn’t greet Jaymz in a friendly manner, infact whenever took his eyes off his PSP, "Can you no read? It say Pre-pay, pre-pay. you understand?" Jaymz stopped short of the counter when the man spoke, his eyes narrowed and his breathing picked up - he wasn’t in the mood to be fucked with right now but he was willing to give this moron one more chance. Jaymz pulled his wallet from his back pocket and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill, slapped it down on the counter which caused the Asian kid to jump, and said he wasn’t sure how much it would hold and that he would be back in to get his change. Without waiting for a response Jaymz turned and walked out of the store and back to the Tahoe. He watched as his dollars rolled away into the form of gas and moments later the handle clicked and the pump stopped, he placed the pump back and put the gas cap back on, seventy-three dollars and forty-eight cents..

He headed back to the store when a feeling ran through him, the hair stood up on the back of his neck but he shook it off as he entered the store. He noticed the Asian kid was still playing his PSP and there was some money laid down on the counter, twenty-six dollars and fifty-two cents. He scooped the money off the counter and the Asian kid muttered "thanks" under this breath and Jaymz told him to "fuck off." He never looked back to see the expression on the Asian kids face, though he knew it would be shock - but hey, that’s what you get for acting like an asshole. He shoved the change in his pocket and reached out for the door and that feeling came over him again, the feeling that something was wrong. He put his hand on the door and stopped, ..he didn’t want to open this door - he looked out beyond the glass and stared at the Tahoe sitting by the gas pump.. Everything was fine he told himself, but when he opened that door and felt the heat he knew what was going on. The air seemed to pull him outside and the door slammed closed behind him. He landed in sand and stood up, he didn’t bother looking behind him because he knew the store wasn’t there - just as the Tahoe wasn’t in front of him. He was back "here" again, ..wherever exactly "here" was. The wind was strong and he could already feel the sand crawling on his skin; he looked up at the sky and saw the red clouds move across at amazing speeds.. watched them bump into one another but move off like ants and travel along their paths.

He could see the winged creatures occasionally pop their ugly heads out of the clouds, and this time that concerned him. The last time he was here he saw them come out of the clouds and chow down on the creatures that crawled along this desert floor. The cacti were back, the huge deformed cacti with their long white barbs that seemed to pulsate in and out. He stood up and wiped the sand from him jeans and the wind carried it along its path as it blew with non-stop. It was hot here, the last time he was here he only had a pair of jeans on, so he took his shirt off and tossed it to the ground and instantly the shiny black legs, or what appeared to be legs, shot up from the sand and snatched hold of the shirt with its claws and taking it into the sand.. This time he wasn’t surprised, he was now a little more familiar with this land and the creatures that roamed it. He made a grunting sound and ran his hand across his chest, the huge massive burn in the shape of a hand that was in the center of his chest began to sizzle and smoke. The handprint of the Father from the last time he had been here was burning and he didn’t enjoy this pain; he winced but looked around the wasteland.. It was oddly quiet except for the howling wind and the occasional sound the creatures in the clouds made. But today, this time, he decided that he wasn’t going to wander around as he did last time. If the Father wanted him, He would come and see him.

Jaymz didn’t know the risks of this world, he was sure that he could fend for himself as he could do things no other human could, but still, he didn’t know this place and he kept his guard up..He walked over to one of the deformed cacti and stuck his hand out over it, one of the white barbs shot out of its base - stretching the pulsating purple veins that kept it connected to the base. He did this a few more times as the barbs attacked and on the four time he stuck out his right hand, the barb shot out and with his left hand he grabbed it and pulled it free from the pulsating veins. Purple fluid sprayed over ten feet in the air from the hole as all the other barbs shot in and out frantically and after a few moments the plant-thing went still and lurched over to its side like a balloon that has lost all its air..It slowly fell until the top was touching the sand, and again, the shiny black legs which seemed to bend in six different spots popped up from the sand again, the claws chopped away at the top of the plant that was touching the ground. Jaymz took a few steps back and gave an awkward look to the thing.. He didn't like this, he had seen it before – but he didn't like the fact that the ground was vibrating close to it.. He continued to watch it eat as he backed up into something. He jumped and spun around and was shocked to see what was standing before him, it was Julie.

She was wearing her waitress clothes but they were tattered and torn, her skin was a pale white and blood covered the side of her neck and the exposed torso. She had an evil smile on her face with her eyes narrowed, unable to see the mystifying color of blue that he liked. Her black hair was a mess and she took one step towards him and raised her arms to hug him..She embraced him and as she got close he saw where the blood on her neck was coming from, there were holes in her neck – huge holes that could only be made by large fangs. He grabbed her by the midsection and pushed her back.. She looked awkwardly at him and her eyes turned black, she smiled and her teeth seemed to change to fangs and then she spoke, but not with the quiet voice that Julie had – but the voice of the Father, one of the many voices of Satan. It was deep and loud but there was no echo, just as the last time he has spoke to Jaymz – and he could see it in his mind, the bald man wearing the red suit…One of his many forms. Jaymz watched as the father took on Julies form and spoke, “This one. I want this one.” Julie closed her mouth and grinned, an unnatural grin that stretched up to her eyes as she tilted her head back and fell backwards plopping into the sand… A sand cloud shot up and Jaymz stepped back and moments later when the sand cleared – He, Julie, whoever was gone. He closed his eyes to blink and when he opened them he had his hand on the door of the Food Mart#2 about to open it.. He heard the Asian kid mumble something about him asking if he was going to stand there all day. He pushed the door open and walked back to the Tahoe that was still in the same place, got in and headed home.


Julie hadn’t been this happen in several weeks, at least not since she had found out that Justin was cheating on her with the lady from down the street. She wasn't stupid, she just didn't want to believe – like most women don't. So she had decided to face her fears and call Cathleen to tell her she would be late for work that morning. It was like any other morning, she got up and got ready and woke Justin as she walked out the door. She kissed him and said she loved him and went out the door. She was shaking as she got to the car and tears were already in her eyes as she drove around the block and sat in the grocery store parking lot. She had waited twenty minutes, the time Justin was suppose to leave, and started the car back up and went down her street – and she was right, there was Justins truck at that bitches house. Her heart shattered and tears rolled down her face as he put the car in park down the street and went up to the front door of the house. She gave two shaky knocks and seconds later the door sprung open, and there she was – wearing nothing but her bath robe. But that wasn't what bothered Julie, it was Justin who was standing in the living room without his shirt on. Their eyes met and she could see that shame filled him, and that was all she needed to see. Julie turned from the door and ran down the street to her car and drove back to her house. …That had been two weeks ago and she was still trying to get over him and she believed that she was doing a good job.

Alexi has taken her mind off of Justin even though she hadn’t seen him either, but she knew there was an attraction there. She looked at herself in the mirror as she finished up her makeup and made sure her hair was just perfect. She put on her earrings and then stood up.. She wore a black dress that was tight on her skin that she adjusted, it was low cut across the breasts giving a blissful view of what was inside. There was a long slit down the right side of the dress showing off what she had when she walked. She didn't like showing herself off even though she knew she could get away with it – it just wasn't in her and when she wore things such as this dress she became a little embarrassed. She sprayed her perfume and smiled at herself in the mirror as she left the bedroom and grabbed her purse and keys off of the table. She seemed to be floating on cloud nine and she couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy. She got in her car and pulled out of the driveway and on her way to see Alexi. The sun had gone down and the stars had made their way out into the darkness, she took a deep breath and exhaled with a smile as she got onto the highway and headed just outside of Detroit. She was nervous and she changed the radio stations over and over not even really paying attention to what the songs were.

She then decided to pull out a cigarette which she hardly smoked – thought twice about it and tore half of it off and tossed it out the window. She didn't want Alexi to smell smoke on her, but she assumed that he wouldn’t know since he smoked cigars. She lit the half of the cigarette and took a few drags off of it before tossing it out the window as she got off the highway and found her way to Aspen Street. She turned on her blinker and took a left, she looked at the houses in awe – she had never been in houses this big, nor had she known anyone with as much money as Alexi had. She saw his house at the end of the street and pulled into the long driveway and parked next to the Tahoe. The porch lights were on and the double doors opened up and there stood Alexi in something that she had never seen him in before, a nice black suit.. His hair was fixed and he looked like a Jaymz that we have never seen. She smiled and blushed as she walked up the huge steps leading to the front door, she stepped inside the main room and looked around.. She didn't seem to be impressed with the black tile floors and the, virtually empty, room. Jaymz only had two oversized chairs and a huge flatscreen TV that was mounted into the wall.

“Not quite what you expected is it?”

She had an odd look on her face, but it was evident that she was glad to be around him, “Well, ..its kind plain and simple!” She laughed a little, trying to lighten the mood and not to make him think she was making fun of him.

Jaymz shrugged his shoulders, “Its what I like. I don't have the need for a lot of possessions, but here come this way.” Jaymz then took her hand and led her out of the room and down the long hallway and took a left. They came to another huge room that was home to along table. There were several candles lit on the table and mountains of food.. Lobster, Steak, Pastas, Shrimp and everything else that Jaymz loved to eat. His hired cook for the evening brought in several bottles of wine as Jaymz pulled out a chair for Julie, she thanked him and he made his way to the opposite end of the table. They sat there and had their first real conversation and it was then that Julie realized that she was in love with this man and she always had been. They talked of their past – Jaymz told her of his murdered wife, his time in the military and his wrestling career. He never spoke of his children for it was something that he didn't think she needed to know.. But he learned a lot about Julie this night and he could tell that she had feelings for him – he could see it in her beautiful blue eyes and there was no hiding it.

She had told Jaymz of her parents, that her mother had died of cancer when she was fourteen and had been raised by her father ever since. He, now, was in a retirement home and Julie spent most of her weekends up there as she said that he wasn't going to make it that much longer and it was something that she had been preparing herself to deal with for some time now. She had never had any kids and was glad that she didn't have any with Justin. The dinner went well and after Jaymz had finished stuffing his face, which took about twenty minutes longer than it took Julie, he stood up and removed his suit jacket, untucked his shirt and rolled up his sleeves.. He took the cigar off the table and lit it up, holding it between his teeth. This was the Jaymz we knew, the one that didn't care about wearing nice clothes who held the cancerstick between his teeth that made his square facial features even more evident. He walked over to Julie and extended his hand, she took it and he pulled her up from the chair. He kept ahold of her hand and led her to the backdoor and out on the back porch,

“You wanna go for a walk?”

Julie looked around at the open field, she could see a path off in the trees but she didn't really want to go, ..something in there just didn't feel right. But she was with Alexi and nothing could go wrong, he looked down at her, “Theres things I want to show you, ..its ok, this is all my land.” He flipped on a flashlight, keeping hold of her hand he walked off the porch and she came with him. They walked down the path and shared a few laughs, Julies laughs were real, ..but Jaymz’ laughs – there was something fake about them that Julie didn't catch. She held his hand and stayed close to his side, wanting nothing more than to hold him when she saw light coming from around the bend ahead. She asked Jaymz what the light was but he only smiled at her and pointed ahead. They came around the bend and she saw the fire pit and the headstones, …it wasn't the ‘romantic getaway’ that she was expecting.

“Alexi, what is this?”

He pointed to the headstones, “this is my family cemetery. Most of my family is here”


“Some of my family members are gone and nobody knows what happened to them. This is where my mortal body will be buried.”

It was then that Julie saw a look in his eyes that she had never seen before, a look that scared her and Jaymz took notice of that. “Whats wrong Julie?”

“N-nothing, ..I just want to get back Alexi..Im just not one for the woods” She let out a laugh that was suppose to lighten the mood but it did nothing. Jaymz only stood there looking into the fire pit, she pulled on his hand, “Alexi?” She let out a small scream and let go of his hand. His eyes were black and there was a sinister grin on his face that she had never seen before. He flicked the light out on the flashlight, “Alexi, stop it!! Your scaring me, please, take me back!!”

He could see the tears in her eyes causing her makeup to run, his eyes remained that black color that reflected the flames, ..and it was then that the flames shrunk down and the darkness started to overtake..The headstones disappeared into the blackness and crunching of leaves could be heard from behind them…creatures, big, and more than one. Julie took a step back and Jaymz looked over to her, “..Im sorry Julie, ..but its feeding time and He wants your Soul”

Her lower lip quivered and she took a step back catching her heel on part of a tree stump. She fell to the ground and began to cry, her body was in shock and she couldn't move as she stood there and stared at the sinister look on Alexi’s face as the flames in the fire pit died down and the blackness took over as she saw Alexi back away and the footsteps of the creatures get closer…the flames died away and the night was quiet except for the crunching leaves under the heavy footfalls of the creatures and the quiet whimpering of the terrified Julie.

“oh please God no…”

“Alexi?... oh no, please God no,”

There came a quick scream and moments later howling came from the woods as the night went silent again. Jaymz sat on his back porch in one of the chairs with his feet kicked up in the other chair watching the path that led into the woods, would Julie be coming back? He assumed that she would and he would sit here and wait for his answer.

There is a reason for everything, every decision that we make and every action we perform is done for a certain motive. Ive been in this business for a long time now and there isnt anything that I haven't seen and not a fighting style that I haven't faced; yet week after week my opponents seem to believe that they can show me something new – that there is some innovative way that can take me to the mat and get the three count that I have yet to see. Ive faced men my size who were stronger, faster, slower and weaker and none of them made any difference. Ive faced smaller men who were exceptionally fast, strong willed and determined, but all of them seem to have the same mindset going into a match with me. They take me as another “big man” and laugh at me for that, get their hopes up for a victory thinking I'm the same as all the others. Ive lived with this in my career from day one, and it doesn’t really piss me off as it gives me something to show my opponents – it gives me the opportunity to prove them wrong. I started my career in the Extreme Division and I held the Titles longer than anyone ever had in those promotions, I defended it as if it was my life on the line and that is one thing that has never changed about me and the way that I fight. When we came to the GWA and I saw they had an Extreme Division I thought it would be interesting to see if I still had what it takes to receive brutal amounts of punishment, but Crazy J and I tackled the Tag Team Titles first as we had planned on doing.

But during that time I knew that winning the Extreme Title was the next thing on my list. Being in these Extreme Matches beings back old memories of the men I fought and the men that I destroyed; and now that Ive had a few matches with this Title I can see that the fun is still there and that I still have what it takes to be an Extreme Champion. Some people simply don't have it in them and Saul Hudson is one of those people. Hes more like a “pretty boy” and its clear to everyone that hes a little scared of breaking a bone or two, ..afraid of getting his face cut up or metal chairs slammed into his nose leaving it nothing but a shattered bag of cartilage. Hudson is afraid of getting his back ripped open with barbedwire, afraid of the wood tables splintering into the back of his neck… Hes admitted that he doesn’t want to take the punishment that is delivered in a in this kind of a match. ..And this is the man who believes that he has what it takes to win the Extreme Title? I call bullshit on that because that’s like telling Fitzgerald that hes Global Championship material. We have a man who is afraid of pain, afraid of blood and afraid to succeed. Saul believes that you shouldn’t go into a match expecting to win but that only shows me, and everyone else, that he doubts his own abilities and skill in the ring. He comes into this match with the though, “I ‘think’ I can win” while I, the Champion, will come down to the ring with the thought, “I AM going to win this match.”

That will be one of the differences that decide the outcome of the match at Anarchy, the difference between someone who is capable of winning and defending the Title; compared to someone who’s fearful of a little pain and doesn’t expect to win the match. I'm the Extreme Champion for a reason and there isnt anyone in the GWA who can take it away from me; not Saul, not Goth, not Havok… nobody, no one at all. I almost feel sorry for Saul, this pitiful excuse for an ‘Extreme’ wrestler who fears stepping into the ring knowing that hes going to take a beating… But Saul is a strange man, he acts all tough and says that he is going to beat me – beats on his own chest showing the world that, yes, he is the man in the GWA, …but then he basically says hes going to avoid all the weapons in the match and doesn’t want to take a beating?? Really Saul, which was is it going to be, because it cant be both at the same time like you think it can. …I'm know that deep down inside you don't want to come into the ring and face me, but you cant step down because that only makes you look like a little bitch and I know that you don't want everyone thinking that about you. So what are you going to do Saul, when I smash your face into the concrete and Silence your through the announcers table? Will you tap out right there just to end the match? Will you wobble up and wander up the ramp causing the bell to ring as you run off and hide? Your not made for this Title, its not meant for pathetic people who don't understand what this belt is all about,

..its not for people like you who refuse to accept what happens in a match and the beating that you will take whether you win or lose. Ya know Saul, this could very well be your last Extreme match and I would be willing to bet that you beg and plead with Grinder and Al to take you out of this division… Do you know why your in this match, other than you’re a filler until I defend this belt at November to Dismember? Your in this match for a laugh, your in this match to be made an example of, the example of what happens to ordinary men who choose to believe their something their not. You choose to deem that you are Extreme material but don't want to live up to what the Title means… You’re a sorry man and your not worthy of this Title and I'm going to prove that to you when I come down to the ring at Anarchy. Saul wants to tell me that I don't understand things, yes I did come out here and tell him he earned his shot and that he was a man who wouldn’t back down from a fight and blah, blah, blah…But Saul, if you paid any attention at all you would have noticed I said “That's all great, but I'm the Champion for a reason.” Yeah, I acknowledged you as someone who earned their shot but you didn't pay attention to the rest where I claimed that NONE of that was going to win you the match…. Now, what didn't you understand about that? So I cant tell you that you’re a man that's not going to back down from a fight but that isnt going to beat Jaymz? what?

You don't make any sense Saul, you should probably pay a little more attention…Yeah, I gave you some props but like ive said a hundred times now – it wont win you the match. Its not my fault that you didn't comprehend that or just failed to pay attention as you were sittin back pickin your nose. Another thing that you didn’t pay attention to was when I was talking about being un-beatable, well you twisted that all up and tried to take it in your favor. Lets see, Jackson ran in on my match with Metamania causing me to lose… Crazy J and I lost the Tag Team Titles because the Blood Brothers reached them first, ..Ashe knocked me out with ether and those are my losses in the GWA. Now, had you paid attention you would have heard me say “Ive never been pinned the GWA.” BUT, you’re the one that was mockingly saying I was un-beatable, you said that..not me. For me to say that I'm un-beatable would be a lie because ive been beaten here, my record shows that, and in other promotions.. Now, you can twist that around all you like as you just did but it only makes you look like a fool. No, I don't have ‘split-personalities’ when it comes to the things that I say, ..you just two things and twisted them up – that's a fact. Your sitting around telling me that I'm ‘mentally fucked up’ when you cant understand one thing from another? I'm mentally fucked up because I said you earned your shot, that you would give me everything you had – but that wont win you the match.

I'm ‘mentally fucked up’ because I said one thing and stayed with it? I'm ‘mentally fucked up’ because you take two totally different things that were said and twist them together? Oh, and another thing I'm old enough to be your daddy so running around here calling me “son” is causing people to laugh at you and see you for the fool that you are. I would sure like to see this thing that you call a ‘brain’ and that you know how to use it because I have yet to see that. You fail to comprehend things, you fall short of paying attention to everything that I say. Lets do this one more time so your oh-so-powerful brain can understand it, ..I don't want you to misinterpret the statement this time, “You …earned…. Your….shot….BUT…you…cannot….beat….me.” So, why don't you use that great mighty brain of yours to twist that all up again and tell me that “you have split personalities Jaymz, I have no fuckin idea what you said – but I can make things up!!” You’re a sad man. Now see, again you fail to understand what I say. You told me that I don't ‘want to believe that someone has an ounce of belief in themselves.’ Really? Didn't I tell you that I'm going to enjoy beating you because you were so full of yourself? And again, didn't I tell you that YOU wouldn’t back away from a fight?? YOU reminded me of that, but then you come back with the, Jaymz doesn’t want to consider that someone believes in themselves?

See, your just spouting things off that don't make any sense. I know that you believe in yourself, Ive said that!! So I don't know why you feel the need to say one thing, tell lies about what I said, and then come out and say another. I like how you emphasize the word ‘jobber’ when that word has never come out of my mouth, its just another thing that you want everyone to believe.. OH!! You know whats even better?? When you talked about me saying ‘underdog’ and that, …um, aren’t you the one that called yourself the underdog? Yeah, maybe you should go back and get a transcript of your previous promo and check that that out. I didn't call you the underdog, and again, that shows me that you didn't pay attention because I said an underdog was nothing more than a person that cant get the job done. And Saul, spare me the bullshit about your dad, I don't care to hear you talk about that.. I'm sure you have some sad little, “I hate my parents” story like all wrestlers do and I could care less. It means nothing to me, but if that gets you all fired up for this match – then that's fine, ..let it get you all fired up that way you come into the ring with other things on your mind, other things besides winning this Title.

The match is only a few short days away, are you comprehending that? Well here, since you have trouble understanding things lets go over a few facts ..and maybe, just maybe, you will be aware of the things that your ‘great mind’ and process. So here, so you don't get confused: Saul has earned this shot. Saul wont back down. Saul is determined. Saul’s name is Saul. My name is Alexi, but you can call me Jaymz… Saul will face Jaymz for the Extreme Title. Saul will lose. Jaymz will win. Jaymz is a better wrestler. Jaymz has more experience. Jaymz has more skill. Jaymz is more brutal. Jaymz is the Extreme Champion for a reason. Those are the facts Saul, and I have laid them out as easily as I possibly could for this great mind of yours. Now That I have explained it simply enough that a child could understand I hope that you get the clue. …You wont beat me Saul, you simply don't have it in you to win. I know that's something that you don't want to hear – but hey, facts are facts..and Ive laid them out to you.. At Anarchy, you are going to feel the Silence and you will come to the realization that everything that I have told you is the truth