The fluorescent lights filled the small room as Jaymz had his back to the camera and was working with something. He picked up a hammer and beat it down on the wooden box that sat on the table. It was one of the coffins and the other three were lined up beside each other next to the table he was standing over. He had learned what he needed to know about his family, some he knew – and some he wish he hadn’t found out. He picked up the old wooden box and laid it carefully on the floor next to the others. They were falling apart at an amazing rate and he knew he had to get them back into the ground before they deteriorated completely. He turned around and faced the camera as he walked towards the closed door. Jaymz looked better than he had last week, he had shaved and seemed to have gotten some sleep as the circles under his eyes were now gone. He wore a “Ringmaster” T-shirt with the sleeves torn off, an older pair of jeans that had holes in the knees and paint stains up and down the legs. He lowered his head as he exited the building behind his house. It was quiet today, the sun was high in the sky and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was colder than it looked though, but the cold had never bothered Jaymz, in fact, he liked the cold more than he did the heat. There was a reason for that, because living in Oklahoma you couldn't wait for winter to come and knock out the heat that never seemed to leave even at night time.

It was humid, always humid and that was the thing he hated most; so now living in Michigan – he knew that he could never go back and live in Oklahoma. The winters were absolutely frigid and the summers were decent at best, and he liked that more than anything.. But there was one thing about Home that he couldn't do without and that was land, lots of land. So when he had Tristan build his house Jaymz had made sure he had ample supply of ground to roam around on.. He didn't like neighbors, he didn't like fences and he didn't want to walk out in his backyard and be looking at someone else house. A man needed land, because it’s the only thing that you cant make more of. He looked on past his house at the land he owned which was covered by trees only a few days ago. Now, there was a path down the center of the trees that had been knocked out. He reached inside the rolled down window of the Tahoe and pulled out a cigar. He pulled out a lighter and slightly tilted his head to the right as the end of the cigar caught fire and formed its cherry. He exhaled and the smoke swirled around his head, he turned back towards the path and started to walk down it. The sound of the newly laid gravel crunched under his feet, as did the leaves that had fallen from their trees. The oranges, yellows and deep red colors of the leaves gave some life to the path as he took his time in walking to wherever it led. He walked a lot and it was when Jaymz got his best thinking done, he was alone and by himself and that was the way he liked it.

He thought about his upcoming match and what Zero Tolerance had accomplished since coming to the GWA.. He knew he had a worthy opponent this week, a man who would train his best to take the title from him.. A slight grin came over his face at the thought of someone taking the title from him. Jaymz then took one last puff off of the cigar and flicked it out in front of him on the gravel path. He caught up to it a few steps later and smashed it out with his foot. The farther he walked a noise could be heard and with every step it became more clear. It wasn't loud but there was something unnatural about it, something that would make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Jaymz came to a bend in the path that led to the left and no more than twenty yards later there was a huge circular clearing in the trees, ..and the source of that noise. His dogs were there, the dogs he frightened people away with at Halloween – the dogs that didn't really look like dogs. Their faces were buried and sprays of dirt came out from behind them. In the center of the circular clearing there was a large concrete pit that stood three feet high and about eight feet from one side to the other. Smoke rose from the pit as it appeared to be smoldering away inside but as Jaymz walked past it blue flames shot up from inside. Flames that danced and moved like liquid floating in space.. They moved slow in a hypnotic pace which caught the cameraman’s attention for a moment. Jaymz walked past the pit and to the top of the clearing.

There was a perfectly dug square hole about seven feet long at the top of the clearing and on either side the dogs furiously dug. Above the hole, and the two that the dogs were digging were tombstones with the name “Yaroslav” on them, ..this was his new family cemetery. He clapped his hands once and the dogs, if you want to call them that, stopped digging. They looked up at their master with their stitched up eyes and sat down. They were huge and stood around four feet tall on all fours. Their hair was long, more like the mane of a horse making them look fatter than they really were.. Their fur was white mixed in with grey but gave away at the feet which looked to be oversized compared to the rest of it. They were awful, hideous looking creatures and nothing like them had been seen before. Jaymz spoke one word that wasn't English and the huge creatures moved over to him, he patted one on the head and it waved its tail a few short times. He walked past them and over to the perfectly squared holes they had bug into the earth next to the headstones, he nodded his head in satisfaction – and then something changed. There was a rustling from the left side of the clearing and a noise that was clearly made in protest.. Jaymz eyes turned that awful black color and the dog creatures became excited as their long tails began to swish back and forth. They stayed in place, antsy, wanting to get up but their master hadn’t told them to.

Breaking of branches came from the clearing and a large buck deer came into view.. He moved his head frantically, pushing his feet back but still moving forward. Jaymz never took his black eyes off the buck as he walked towards his pets.. Their stitched up eyes focused on the buck that wanted to get away and Jaymz held each of them by the back of their heads. His eyes instantly went back to normal and Buck took off across the clearing, he released the dog-creatures on the animal. They jumped up and leapt across the clearing in one single stride, much farther than any dog should have been able to jump.. They opened the mouths and showed their fangs, their bottom jaw dropped like that of a snake swallowing something to large. They were creatures of Hell and he had somehow brought them back when the Father had visited him that day. They landed on the buck, one going for the neck and tearing its head off with the extended jaw with one close of the mouth. The other went for the mid-section and blood sprayed all across the clearing. The howled in unnatural tones, grunted and made noises like no animal should make. The sound of bones crunching could be heard as they quickly devoured their meal. Jaymz stood and watched the whole incident, as he always did when he was feeding time, with a sick smile on his face.

But then there was something that was wrong, ..they stopped eating. Jaymz learned they never stopped eating until every last drop of blood was licked off the dirt. They raised their blood-covered snouts and looked back towards the path in the clearing for a moment before the shot off with surprising speed, Jaymz quickly turned and looked towards the path – just in time to see the creatures leap for the person that was coming up the path. The man screamed in terror and dropped to the ground; and for the first time in Jaymz’ life – fear took over him. He screamed another word that wasn't English and the dogs stopped.. One skidded to a hault, the other flew over the man lieing in the road. They stood there with their heads hung in shame, knowing that their master didn't approve. The man, shaky, stood up. It was Vadim and he had never been so terrified in his life. He wore khaki pants that were now covered in dirt, a green sweater and a windbreaker. The right arm of the windbreaker had been folded up and placed inside of itself since Vadim lacked that arm. He walked over to Jaymz with a half scared, half pissed look on his face as he walked up to Jaymz.

“Alexi, what in the fuck are those things??” He looked back towards the creatures who still held their heads in shame with sweat on his face and still shaking a little.

“Oh, those are my pets….dont worry, they wont bother you again.”

Vadim stared off at the creatures, still visibly shaken at what nearly happened to him. He knew the image of those fangs coming right at his face wouldn’t leave his mind for the rest of his life, ..which would be soon if his heart didn't slow down. Neither of them said anything for a moment as Vadim couldn't take his eyes off those things – and Jaymz knew what he was going to ask.. “Where did you get those things ..and what are they??”

Jaymz looked over at the creatures with their stitched up eyes, they lowered their heads again, it was as if they could see him looking at them. “Well, ..their dogs I guess, you see them as well as I do. But I found them here after the Father visited me, you know, that day I walked out my door and everything was all fucked up.”

“Oh…can they see?” “Oh yeah, they can see…Not with those eyes, but their looking at us right now. Their hearing is exceptional, and if they hadn’t been eating they would have come for you as soon as you pulled up into the driveway.” Jaymz looked over at the dogs and nodded his head, they then turned and ran off into the trees. “They’ve never bothered me once, it was like they knew me from the minute they were here.”

Vadim didn't respond and his heartbeat slowed down, he turned and looked at what Jaymz had done.. He saw the concrete fire pit, and the three square holes that Jaymz’ pets had dug. He walked over to them and read the headstones, “Did you learn everything that you needed to know Alexi?

Jaymz followed Vadim over to the holes and stood next to him, “Yes. More than I needed to know prolly. ..But I need something else, Vadim. I need one more.”

Vadim turned to face Alexi, “No. that cant happen. I'm sorry Alexi.”

A Pissed off look came over Jaymz’ face, “And why the fuck not!?”

“Nobody knows where you father is, nobody hardly knew him at all. Ive told you almost everything I know about him and—“

Jaymz interrupted, “Then what haven't you told me!?” He looked down at Vadim demanding to know

Vadim seemed not to really care about the demanding tone of voice, “He wasn't like you Alexi. I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘trait’ or something passed down, ..but its almost as if it was searching for the right one.”

“So my great-grandfather wasn't the ‘one’? ..and none of them ever were?” Jaymz knew what he was saying was true, he just didn't want to believe it.

Vadim looked away, “yeah.. pretty much. Its found its home Jaymz and that's inside of you. You’re the Left Hand of God, you are the One, and you know that your destined to sit upon the throne… your ancestors Souls weren’t the ones. They died for what they were, nobody wanted to believe them or believe the things they saw with their own eyes.”

Jaymz didn't really have anything to say, didn't really know what to say. He knew who he was and always did, but he never knew how it came about – and with the last few pieces that Vadim had put together for him, he now wished that he didn't know. He looked down at the ground in thought for a moment, “oh well…Just make sure my son doesn’t find out any of this.” Jaymz turned away from Vadim who only nodded his head. He started back down the path and the old man followed behind, knowing that Jaymz was thinking and it was better not to disturb him. Moments went be before Jaymz cleared his throat.

It seems that the times are changing in the face of the GWA, but then again this is wrestling and nothing stays the same week from week. New faces come and old ones go, men with high hopes and dreams walk into the GWA doors hoping to be the next greatest thing, only to find themselves in the street two weeks later. We came to the GWA and everyone kicked us to the curb but that's expected of new people coming into a promotion; but we weren’t the ones that were kicked to the curb. Crazy J kicked Metamania’s career to the curb and for the last two weeks my opponents haven't come back after the beating that I have given them. I put that bitch, Ashe, on a stretcher and she hasn’t been seen since – as I matter of fact she was taken off the official GWA roster, ..I put an end to her career. Last week, Chaplin gave it all he had – this man who didn't know exactly who he was or where he was going in the GWA couldn't take the physical and mental torture that I put him through.. Chaplin realized that he wasn't cut out for the Extreme Belt, that he didn't have what it took to be a competitor in the GWA ring. Chaplin is now gone, just another person that will fail to come back to the ring after a match with me. I know where Chaplin is now, hes a home.. crying over his loss, knew that he had to defeat this beast in the ring to show everyone that he was great, that he was a force in the GWA. I do give Chaplin some credit, he had the physical capabilities to win the match but he didn't have the mind to go along with it.

Metamania is gone, Ashe is gone and now Chaplin is gone as well. ..All a result of Zero Tolerance.. two injured and one mentally beat down.. Who gets to be the next person that will end their careers against of the us three greats? …We told you, ..we told all of you that people would fall at our hands – that people would leave the arena and never come back… But did any of you listen? No, none of you did. It will be a privilege to make sure that happens to more GWA wrestlers. Havok would be nice, to watch that idiot squirm in the ring and beg for his life would be a sight to see. So Havok didn't like our Halloween Costumes the other week – he looked like he was about to shit himself when he saw four Nate Havok’s standing in the ring and it was nice to see that it pissed him off. But taking down innocent people just to get us out from backstage? Now does Havok really think that made us come out? Its fun to mess with this man, hell, all he had to do was say “you three get your sorry-asses out here and lets settle this.” That would have been the fastest way to get us down to the ring, messing with Tex only got us laughing – and that was a good thing for you because if we had come down to that ring with a serious attitude like that, things would have taken a turn for the worse for you and your friends. You see Havok, we will meet in time..Im a patient man so I don't care how long it takes, but I know that time will come – and I look forward to the time that your ass stands in the ring and becomes another number in my win column.

But first, I have a real fight this week. I don't face some female bitch this week, and I don't face some mentally fucked up retard who thought he deserved a shot at my title. This week its Saul Hudson; the number one contender for my Extreme Title. A man who deserves a shot, someone who has does something right here in the GWA to get a chance at what I wear around my waist. I’ve seen Saul and I know what hes about.. This is a man who I could beat all over the ring, knock him within inches of his life – only to have him come back out the next week and demand a re-match, willing to put it all on the line to try again. Hes a man who knows what he wants and tries to take it, this is a man who isnt going to back down or be afraid. This isnt a man who isnt going to get distracted by outside situations or the things that I tell him; He’ll stand with me in the ring in attempt to show the world that he deserves to be the rightful holder of Extreme Belt. Well ya know, that's all great but I'm the Champion, and the closest he’ll ever get to my belt is when I walk down the ring with it. I'm gonna take joy in beating someone on such high hopes, a man who thinks that he can rise to the top in the Extreme Division. I enjoy watching people fail and especially when its at my feet, when I can see everything inside of someone give up and break it brings a smile to my face.

When I watch football games, I cheer for a team to lose, enjoy watching them get embarrassed… but they always have one thing in common, it’s the ones who haven't proved anything yet they come around acting as if they have.. Sure, Hudson has earned the shot at this title and to face me in the ring – but who has he fought? As he competed his way up in the rankings what big name has he taken out along the way? Those nobodies he beat cant measure up to what I can in when that bell rings. …So Hudson wants to play the underdog role and do the whole “David and Goliath” comparisons, whats next? Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Ive heard the David and Goliath thing more than I ever care to, and really, I think Ive put that theory to rest in my years in the ring.. Do you know how many times Ive been pinned for the three count since Ive been in the GWA? None, not one fuckin time. Ive proven that “Goliath” beats “David” in the modern day world so you just need to adjust to that. Saul thinks he has it all figured out, he knows how to bring Jaymz down, he knows some little secret that can take me to the mat and cause me to lose the Title. You said that you watched the match but it doesn’t look like you paid that much attention. Youre going on basic “big man” tactics to bring someone down, you think that we all have the same weak spots but you couldn't be more wrong Hudson. The way you talk it sounds like Ive never been in a match before – like you’re the Champion and I'm some nobody whos just getting into the business.

Yeah, I have a few weaknesses but youre nowhere near perfection – nobody is, not even “King Saul.” I got the “Bastard Prince” last week and now I get the Almighty “King Saul.” Who just so happens to knows all my weaknesses. .. I may be one of the oldest wrestlers here so I'm not the quickest guy around, but for a man of my size you would be surprised – and since you don't know that I can see that you didn't pay attention to my matches as you have claimed. Do you really think that I'm going to come running to the ring goin all crazy and jumpin around just to wear myself down in a short time? I take my time in the ring, I know when you attack and when to let the fight come to you. I know my opponents and what they like to do in the ring, I do pay attention to your moves Saul; I watch the reactions and the way you move when your attacked. I don't watch the opponents in the tapes, so I couldn't even tell you who you’ve faced – I watched you. I watch MY opponent and I do know where to attack. And who are you to tell me that I'm wrong? I get the job done in the ring because I do my homework as most people don't. Hudson you’re a fool to believe that I don't stay in shape, ..yeah, I smoke here and there – big fuckin deal. Do you want to see me work out? Would you like me to air a promo where I'm my gym working out? Fuck no, who wants to see that shit? Why would I want a camera around me interrupting my thought process when I'm focused?

You think I can coast in the GWA by sitting around smoking cigars and drinkin coffee? You don't need to be worried with the physical shape that I keep myself in but if your going to worry about something like that then maybe you need to worry about your physical health after this match is over. I'm not real sure where your getting all this un-fit and out of shape crap, its really something that you’ve made up in your mind to make yourself fell better, ..alot like Chaplin did. It was easier for him to laugh and call me names than to deal with the truth that he was going to lose.. You want to believe that I'm out of shape and laugh about it, and like Chaplin, your fate is going to be the same. I'm sure that you’ve faced lots of men bigger than you in the ring but I can tell you Saul, that none of them..not one, is going to be the challenge that I bring to the ring. I cant wait for this match, I want you to slap me over the head with a chair, the steel steps – anything, I don't care!! It gets me fired up when I get that first real shot of pain and after that, I'm good to go! And I'm not sure where your getting these crazy ideas that the match is going to be twenty minutes long.. You really honestly believe that you can stay in the ring with me one on one for that amount of time? Good. I'm glad that's what you believe. After five minutes have passed and you come to grasp the fact that you’ve never faced such power in the ring before, youre going to wish you had never been in the ring for more than twenty seconds, much less twenty minutes.

Saul, for a guy who knows so much and pays attention to everything, you sure don't know a whole lot about Zero Tolerance. Crazy J hides behind me? Really? Where was I when he was winning the US Title? Oh that's right, I was backstage watching Baller get his ass handed to him by Crazy J… And when has Sin ever hid behind me? The only tag match we had together he was the one that got the job done. ..Those are ignorant statements Hudson, and they don't make sense so maybe from this point on you should pay attention a little better before you go runnin your mouth. And whats even better? All this coming from a man who doesn’t even have a Title, or have even held one in the GWA. He rags on Zero Tolerance and then comes out with this pot-shots at the Country that my family is from. ..Hey, that's fine with me. I'm American, I was born here, I did my time in the Military. You can talk shit all you want and that's fine unless you speak about the land I stand on. Now that will get you killed and not just by me either. You can come out there and try to make me mad but I don't bite on that, I sit back and laugh at the things that you say. Your cockiness, your ego, you walk around with your chest puffed out acting like your someone because you get a shot at my title. Let your mind spin this week, think of all the ways that you can beat me, and let it consume your mind… I'm going to put it to rest Saul, and when I get my hand around your throat the time was hit Zero, ..and when it his Zero, ..its too late.