There was a red tint on the horizon as the day began, the sun had yet to make its appearance on the day and as most people slept; Jaymz was just beginning the day. He looked over at the clock, he had overslept. His routine was to be up at five-thirty and he was a tad bit late this morning. He rolled out of bed and looked out the window for a second seeing that most of his street was still asleep. He raised his arms up and stretched and let out a growl that sounded more like a demon. He shook his head a few times and popped his neck. ..He had crashed hard last night, stayed out a little too late with Tristan and the boys and at his age, he couldn’t really handle that much partying anymore. He wasnt sure what time he had gotten home and went to bed, but it appeared to him he had only been here long enough to take his shirt and shoes off before falling asleep. He still had his jeans and socks on, one sock was hanging on by his toes so he reached down and put it back on. He walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs, he was dreadfully tired and he could have slept for another hour - but he wouldn’t allow himself to do that. He walked through the living room and into the kitchen, he flicked on the lights and squinted his eyes.. He searched around the kitchen for the coffee pot, he had been a while since he had used it - he had been at the Cafe every morning. But today he wasn’t going to make it, he just simply didn’t feel like driving this morning. He eventually found the old coffee maker and got it going, then went back into the living room and turned on the TV.

The morning news was on and of course the big news was the death of Alexander Zaslaw; he stood there for a moment seeing what this certain channel had to say which was really nothing that he didn’t already knew. As the story ended he chuckled to himself for a moment, glad to see that the public really believed that he was dead. Stepping away from the TV he went over to the front door, knowing that the morning paper was going to be there - as it was every morning. He placed his hand on the knob and stopped, there was something he had stepped on that wasn’t tile. it felt like sand. Jaymz looked down in bewilderment as he saw that sand had come in from under the door...Confused as to why the sand was there he gave an odd look before sweeping it away from the door with his foot. Jaymz opened the door and everything changed...The door hit him in the back with extreme force and slammed shut, Jaymz fell face first to the sidewalk catching himself with his hands; but something was different - the concrete walkway was gone and his hands sunk into the sand that now covered the terrain. He stood up and wiped his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. He then turned around and looked towards his house, ..and it was gone. Nothing but the barren, brown landscape. Cacti littered the land, odd looking cacti - they stood all different heights with the tallest ones towering over nine foot. They were of odd shapes, some in spiraling forms, other crooked and bent leaning one direction to the next. The spines were oversized and looked more like spikes, they were clear at the end but changed to a color of pink towards the base where purple vein-like strands circled the spikes. the strands moved slightly and seemed to pulsate..

He studied the one closest to him, reached out towards the closest spike with his hand - as his fingers hovered inches away,- the spike shot from the cacti the base protruding from the spiraling green thing. He pulled his hand back as he watch the spike shoot toward him. The purple vein-like strands pulsated even more and pulled the spike back into the base. He took a step back and the top of the cacti leaned towards him.. He cocked his head to the side in fascination with the foreign object growing from the ground. He turned to his right and looked up into the sky. It was a hue of orange and there was no sun, just the strange orange glow as far as the eye could see. Red-black clouds swirled in different directions, changing shapes as they zigzagged in the air. Some collided with each other, but rolled off like ants on a path and continued their odd patterns. He then noticed a black thing came from the top of one of the clouds, it had wings that seemed to stretch more than ten feet long, two legs that were even longer and five huge talons on each foot...It was high in the orange sky and hard to make out with the fastly moving clouds. he noticed that the head of the creature was very small and disproportionate, ..if it was a head. He strained to see but the creature flew back into the cloud that it came from as it twisted in shape and moved across the sky. Jaymz stayed there for a moment still looking at the odd clouds and noticed in every one the same kind of creature would occasionally pop out from the cloud and go back in. He stood there in wonder, his eyes wide and a look of amazement on his face.

He finally shook his head and closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw that nothing had changed. The sand, the cacti and the red-black colored clouds housing an individual creature inside. There was no sound other than the blowing sand from the breeze that never seemed to end. It was like standing in front of a fan on "low." He took a few steps and realized that he didn’t have his shoes but only his socks. He reached down and felt the cool sand then took his socks off tossing them to the side. There came a sound from where he tossed his socks, he looked down as four black things that looked like spider legs shot from the sound and grabbed the socks.. The legs bent in eight different places, their black color reflecting the orange hue the of the sky. There were spikes on the end of each leg that split in the middle like a claw - it grabbed the socks and pulled them into the ground with such force that sand shot in the sky...He jumped back as the sand sprayed over his head as the black things took the socks back into the ground.. They were gone, Jaymz spun around in a circle, watching his own feet - waiting for them to attack him as well. His heartbeat picked up and he closed his fists...It was then that his eyes took on that terrible black color, a black so dark that looked to stretch on into eternity as you looked into them. His lips curled up and his teeth were clinched... He had become angry and didn’t like this place where he was. He held his arms out with his palms up and his fingers were curled. The spikes on the cacti seemed to reach out for him, the purple veins pulsating more than ever.. He tilted his head back and let out a yell..

The sand under him swirled and stream raised and began to turn black. He lowered his hands, his chest rose and fell with each breath. He was pissed and wasn’t in the mood for this shit right now. He took a step forward and the black sand crunched under his feet. Shards of glass stuck into his feet as he walked across sand he had turned to glass. He left a blood trail in the sand with every step, but the swirling grains seemed to cover it up as if it never existed. The wind continued to blow as he walked, his eyes stayed black as he didn't want to let his guard down in this unknown place..The sand seemed to cling to the hairs on his body but not his jeans as he brushed them off of himself. The land was flat in every direction that he looked but he kept his pace moving ahead in the direction of the wind, the odd looking cacti stretching out to him as he past. He left trails in the sand that were quickly filled in leaving no proof that he had ever been there. He stopped, glanced around in all directions – his ears began ringing, the kind of ringing you get from going to a concert. He took a step back and the ringing stopped…For some reason he felt the urge to follow the wind, he again stepped forward and the ringing began again. He kept a careful eye as he walked, watching how close he got to the cacti and occasionally glancing up at the mesmerizing sky catching a glimpse every here and there of the creatures that stayed in the red-black clouds. Instantly he fell to the ground putting his hands over his ears and shaking his head..A piercing scream filled the barren landscape, even the strange cacti seemed to react to the ongoing scream.. It was loud, high-pitched and agonizing.

It went on for several seconds before it finally stopped. There was nothing following, not even an echo. Jaymz said there on the ground holding his ears when he finally opened his eyes and stood back up.. Blood came from his ears, he could feel the warmth and wiped his hand with it..He held it in front of his face and looked at the smeared blood; he then touched the other side of his face and saw more blood coming from the right ear as well. He wiped it on his jeans and kept on walking. He wasn't sure how long he had been walking, everything was the same and he wasn't sure he was moving at all. He constantly had to wipe the back of his head off as the wind blew the sand that seemed to stick to his hair. He let his guard down some and the blackness and everything that was evil and un-Holy drained from his face a little. He stopped for a moment and bent over placing his hands on his knees, he caught his breath and stood back up..and froze. Something came from behind him, it was like the squawk of a bird…but he knew that noise, the only thing that was familiar in this fucked up place. It was a crow, he turned around to see what did appear to be a crow, sitting on one of the cacti’s spines. It slowly moved in and out but the bird seemed not to notice. He had the body of a crow but the feet were misshapen and not like a crow’s at all. The legs were bare like a birds but the feet seemed to have a thin coat of black fur on them, they were half the size of the body with four razor sharp talons with webbing in between. They were disgusting and deformed and seemed to have some kind of leach or overgrown tick stuck to one of them.

The bird squawked again and Jaymz looked up at its head.. The bird had no eyes as they had been stitched shut with green thread; its mouth didn't open in an up and down motion – as the birds beak opened side to side. For a third time it squawked and Jaymz saw the inside of its mouth, each side of the beak was filled with small black teeth and each side of the beak having its own tongue. A yellowish thick saliva stretched from one side of the beak to the other as it made noises..It hopped along the cacti, moved around to the other side but never once looking away from Jaymz with those stitched up eyes. The bird worked its way up to the top of the cacti, cocked its head to the side and it spoke. It said two words, “follow sand” in a quiet raspy tone that he barely heard. His eyes watered up at the stench that came from the bird as it spoke those two words; it was the smell of death, decomposition and feces. He turned away and bent over dry heaving in the sand. He thought he heard the bird giggle and he froze.. It wasn't the same voice it had just a moment ago. He had heard that voice before and fear struck his heart. He stood up instantly and turned around. If the bird could grin he would have been – it stood on the top of the cacti and rested its head down on one of the spines. The purple veins at the base of the spine pulsated faster as the spine shot up tearing through the birds head..Its body fell to the ground and less than a second after it hit those black legs shot from the ground, six of them this time as they opened their black claws, attacking the bird and pulling it under the sand. Jaymz thought they had looked like spider legs, really, really big spider legs. Then a thought ran through his mind, ..Lady Ashe.

Charlotte, as he liked to call her. He thought of how she would die in this place, how he would enjoy watching her cry in fear, down on the sand begging to be taken home. This thought brought on a sick smile to his face as he continued to walk with the wind and blowing sand. He wasn't sure where he was but he knew he had to get out of here soon, he had an Extreme Title to defend. He could only imagine the trash that Ashe was airing on the GWA networks, what kind of lies she was telling, the trash she was talking and random things she decided to make up along the way. He knew she didn't have a chance in this match, she may be good but she not good enough to take the Extreme Title. He hated her, hater her for the lies that she told about him, hated her hypocritical ways. He wanted her to die in that ring and he became consumed with the though of this as he walked in the desert wasteland. He noticed that his ears had stopped bleeding and the sand had attached itself to the blood now leaving smeared dirt tracks on the side of his face. It was then that he came to a sudden stop, held his arms out and regained his balance before taking a step back. He looked ahead and the landscape had shifted.. he hadn’t even noticed it till now, but he should have..The land just dropped off into a huge slope, he had almost fallen down it and he was glad that he didn't. He looked around at the terrain below noticing that he was a little different than what it was up here. There were mountains below, and he began to wonder if he was actually on a huge mountain himself. But he turned back around and looked in every direction…flat, nothing but flat ground. It simply dropped off.

He sat down on the edge and placed his heels in the sand..He slid a little on the steep slope but regained his balance in the sand and dug his feet in.. he crept his way down which took forever. He kept his eyes on the ground below not seeing anymore of the odd cacti; it appeared there was rocks coming out of the sand below him and straight ahead were the mountains…He looked back up and realized these mountains didn't have shit on the sandy slope he was going down. He finally managed his way down to the bottom and stepped down. The sand down here was hotter and burned his bare feet but he seemed not to notice as the hair on the back of his neck stood up, ..he became nervous and tense and his eyes shifted back to the evil black color. He looked around at his new surroundings, the mountains were rock that looked as if they could fall apart at any time… Holes were burrowed all through the sides of the mountains.. He started to walk ago, keeping his fists closed and closely watching his surroundings. He jumped back as something scurried by him and into one of the holes in the rocks..It was fast, but to him it looked like the thing that was stuck into the crow-thing’s foot, but this was bigger and fatter. It still looked to him like an enormous tick but it moved with the speed of a mouse, even as it reached the side of the mountain and scurried into one of the holes. He froze and studied the holes, for the first time since being here he could hear something other than the ringing in his ears and it was coming from those holes.

Ahead of him he saw something shift in one of the dark holes, he watched it for a few moments before if shot out of the hole and into another closer to him. ..He thought it seemed to be hiding, they only came out quick enough to find a new hole ne noticed.. Another one of the things stirred in a hole close to him, it shot out and a black blur flew down to the ground on top of the tick-like creature as it smashed.. There in front of him stood a huge scaly thing, ..he knew what it was – it had come out from the cloud ..Its leathery wings were high and the creature was hunched over the tick-thing it has smashed. Disturbing crunching sounds came followed by slurping.. He took a step back and the thing stopped eating, it lowered its wings and raised its head…He had been right earlier, the head was very small compared to the rest of its body. Its head was just as scaly as its body, its eye sockets were hollow and its teeth were enormous.. The long teeth took over half its face, the lower row reaching above where the creatures nose opening was.. The top row of teeth hung down below the things jaw, spaced out perfectly to fit together. Its mouth opened and the teeth separated, it appeared to have no jaw bone connecting them together has the lower half of the mouth opened up over a foot wide.. It had the disproportioned look of a snake eating something bigger than its self. Its long black tongue slapped its way through the holes in the teeth.. The thing took one step towards Jaymz and spread its leathery wings.. Jaymz cocked his head to the side and gritted his teeth.. The thing shook its head back and forth and stepped a few steps back..

Its body began to shake and it fell to the ground in convulsions and Jaymz walked up to it; he lifted his foot up and slammed his heel into the back of its head.. Bright blue liquid spread across the sand as the body of the thing stopped moving.. Jaymz looked up in the orange sky, watching the clouds fly by running into each other but passing and not combining.. The creatures glanced out occasionally but seemed to pay no attention to him as they dove down and devoured the fast moving things in the holes. He started walking again, only this time making sure to watch the things above him in the clouds every once and a while. He wasn't sure of how far he had walked but it seemed like miles, he noticed that the holes in the mountains had come to an end when he past the last mountain..As he came around the last rock he noticed that the sand had cooled off a little bit and his heart sank some when he saw that he was back with the odd looking cacti and the swirling sand. He looked down at his feet and watched the sand closely.. He noticed that the sand wasn't moving with the end, the grains were moving up his feet and attaching themselves to his body hair.. A chill came over him and wiped the sand off of his body again; there came a rumbling noise, the ground shook and Jaymz looked up to the north, or what he thought was North.. There was a wall of dust about twenty feet high coming his way, against the wind. The dust swirled away the orange hue from the sky.. He took a few steps back and to his left as the dust cloud got closer.

The rumbling got louder as the dust got closer.. He had nowhere to go, and if this cloud was going to kill him – them so be it. The dust cloud hit pelting his face with grains of sand.. He choked and coughed but it couldn’t be heard with the loud rumbling.. He got down on his knees and buried his face in his hands, moments went by and the rumbling noise quieted and the sand shower came to an end.. He coughed a little more and rubbed the sand from his eyes, he stood and looked in awe at what was standing in front of him..It was a train and there wasn't a grain of sand on it..He stood next to the last car on the train and looked ahead down the path in the mountains to see the front end, but it to long and couldn’t be seen and he estimated there to be over a hundred cars. It was then that the door flew open and Jaymz stood there looking at it, his heartbeat racing, he stepped onto the train. Light music played, the stuff that he called “elevator music”.. On either side of the train the seats were empty except for the one in the very back on the right had side. There was a man sitting there wearing a black suit and he was reading a newspaper.. Jaymz took a step in the train and the voice from the other end told him to “Stop.” Jaymz’ jaw went slack when he heard the voice. The man in the back of the train put the paper down and gave Jaymz a sinister stare. He was a tall man, his head was bald and shined in the cabins lights..he had a brown beard and his eyes were solid black. This was The Man, The Father, The Lord of the Underworld in one of his many forms… Jaymz dropped to his knees and bowed his head as He stood up in the aisle

“Get up.” His voice was strong and it rattled the windows. He stayed at the back of the traincar as Jaymz got up.

“What is this?” Jaymz looked on at him with their black eyes meeting

“Its not a matter of what it is Alexi…You humans and your skin are pathetic, look at this place – not one Human could survive here..”

“My soul bleeds for you, Father and ---” Jaymz again looked down at his own feet

“Silence!!” He screamed and some of the windows from the traincar cracked. “…I don't think your worthy of your position Alexi and you have shown me that”

Jaymz didn't like hearing this, fury erupted inside of him. He knew his position was to sit upon The Throne when his mortal body passed, he looked up with anger and walked towards Him in the back of the train car. His head began to throb and everything started to spin, he lost his balance and fell – hitting the side of one of the seats busting his head open.
“Settle down Alexi, ..what do you really think your going to do to me? Your not nearly as strong as I am, don't make any more stupid decisions”

Jaymz regained his balance and stood up, He moved towards Jaymz and with ever step that He took the train rattled and Jaymz head throbbed even more. “you bruise people every week, injure them and hurt their pride. Where are their souls? Where are MY souls?? I sent Sin for a reason, to clear the path for you – for your soul to take My place. I don't think your Soul is worthy Alexi, for you haven't done my bidding. ..Let me show you what your Soul means to me right now.

He stood next to Jaymz, his stomach lurched and he hunched over, maggots spilled from his mouth and nose – thousands of them, choking and coughing he spit them out until they finally stopped. He was sweating and breathing hard but managed to choke out a few words, “..I ..will do it..

“YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IT!!!” He screamed and the windows shattered in the train car. “Your no better than that female you shall fight this week.”

Jaymz’ head came up fast and with a quickness he stood up and grabbed Him around the neck., he tried to lift him up but it was like pulling a tree from the ground – He didn't budge. He smiled at Jaymz and placed a single hand on Jaymz’ chest…Jaymz screamed in pain and fell back to the floor.. His skin boiled where He had touched Jaymz leaving a handprint. “Shes better than you Alexi, ..I cant give the Throne to someone who possess a soul that cant take one from a simple female.”

Jaymz sat there on the floor in pain and anger. He knew he could beat Ashe, Charlotte and her web wasn't going to be a problem and he knew that. Jaymz stood in front of Him “Take me..take me from his World, ..its my time.”

He laughed, “This world? Where are you Alexi? Don't you mean ‘your Earth’? ..You have one more chance to do my bidding with the help of Sin…Do it correctly and you will have your Soul, you will have your Kingdom. Consider this your last warning. Get the fuck out of my train.”

Jaymz stumbled to his feet and turned away from Him and walked down the steps and out the door.

The front door closed behind him and he looked around, ..he was back in his house. He quickly turned back to the door and swung it open…Everything was normal, the Tahoe was in the driveway – his neighbors houses were all there and the sun was setting in the west. “Had be really been gone all day?”, He thought to himself. Then he realized a pain on his chest, ..he looked down and there was a huge pink-colored scar..A hand, a huge hand… He ran his own hand across it in disbelief…he had finally talked to the Father. He closed the front door and leaned up against it…