Sunrise pt.III: The Next Day

The man wore a Detroit lions baseball cap, he had on a blue t-shirt and jeans as he walked into the huge office. He had a thin white beard that covered his face, he was an older man and his ageing hands were shaky as he turned and closed the door behind him. The office was immaculate, the fish tanks in the walls with the swirling colors of the fish as they moved around their small space. And there he was, sitting at his desk in the back of the room, Tristan Bale. He had his elbows on his desk, his hands folded together - covering the lower half of his face. As the man approached Mr. Bale, he stood up and extended his hand and the older gentlemen shook his hand. Bale then motioned for the man to sit down across from him, as he himself sat back in his huge white leather chair. The only noise in the room was the ticking of the clock, Bale looked on at the man - his eyes shifting all over the room, feeling uncomfortable, he didnít want to be in here. Bale then leaned over his desk and asked the man, "I assume my friend brought over the goods last night?" The man never made eye contact but only shook his head Yes. Bale smiled and nodded his head one time, "Good. Your getting paid very, very well for this job. Make sure that its done right." Again, the older gentlemen with the thin white beard nodded his head as the scene faded out...

It was like every other morning, the sun was coming over the horizon and the air was cool. Julie Davidson walked out her front door and closed it behind her. She lived in a nice quiet neighborhood where everyone minded their own business, ..unless your grass wasnít cut, then they would become the asshole neighbors and call the association and complain. Julie took notice of the lawn compared to the others on the street, it was about time to be cut again, ..that was if Dean could get off his ass and do something when he got home from work today. She was getting tired of Dean, true - he did work hard but part of owning a house was keeping up with the maintenance that was required of it. She found herself cutting the lawn most of the time when he got off work, ..she didnít really mind it at first - but it was really a "mans job" and Dean ought to be the one taking care of that. She was wearing her Cathleen's Cafe outfit with her nametag above the left breast. She threw her jacket on as he walked off the front porch and over to her green Taurus, got inside and pulled out of the driveway. Driving to work was one of her favorite parts of the day, she liked listening to the morning show and just thinking about how the day was going to go. She didnít mind working at Cathleen's; but like Dean - it was just getting old. The only interesting thing that happened at work was that huge fellow that came in every morning. He was interesting, ...he always ordered the same thing everyday and in the same routine. She had seen that some of the other regular morning customers seemed to be a little afraid of him, and he had actually run a few of them off - but he didnít know that.

He hardly paid any attention to anyone and he stared out the window the whole time he was there...She wasnít stupid though, she caught him taking a few glances at her from behind...She didnít mind, she was proud of what she had back there; and didnít mind if the big man was checking her out. She didnít believe the things that they said about him on the news, he seemed like a nice man and he never bothered anyone. Hell, he gave her over thirty dollars for a tip every morning and sometimes she felt bad for taking it. The first day he came in she was amazed at the amount of money he had left her; but returned it to him the second day...That day, when he left she found over sixty dollars for a tip...She knew it was a battle that she wasnít going to win, he would return the money to her everyday if he had to. She took her time driving to work, savoring every minute of the quietness and alone time that she had. Julie made her way through downtown Detroit and it wasnít bad as she beat the majority of the traffic every morning and today was no different. She took a right on 174th and there was Cathleen's Cafe; she pulled into the back, put the Taurus in park and sat there for a moment listening to the last segment on the radio. She chuckled at the joke they told and turned the car off. She got out and walked around to the side of the building. The backdoor was always locked from the outside and she had wished that Cathleen wasnít such a bitch and would unlock the fuckin door in the mornings. She glanced over at the parking lot across the street and noticed a few cars were already there and the older women were already inside having their morning coffee.

What she didnít notice was the Tahoe that was parked behind a white truck, and Jaymz who was slouched down in the driver seat. The took a right at the corner of the building walking in front of it, she looked in the windows and saw Holley serving the first morning customers. Julie smiled at her through the window, put her hand on the door and was about to open it; when she heard a scream from around the corner she just came from herself. She kept her hand on the door but turned her head back, she saw a younger woman in her early twenties come around the corner of the Cafe and dive on the ground... That was when it happened, it was so fast that Julie only saw a blur of the whole thing. As the woman dove and hit the pavement a black blur came from the side of the building, veered right through the intersection and slammed into the abandoned brick building across the street. There was an explosion and she realized that it was an SUV that had slammed into the building. People stepped away from the burning vehicle, one man attempted to open the driver door and held the man slumped over the steering wheel - but the flames were hot as they started to consume the inside of the vehicle... Julies mouth was agape and she felt something on her hand - she jumped and quickly turned her head back around and there was Jaymz with his hand over hers on the door. She was startled but he seemed calm, she noticed. She tried to tell him that they needed to call an ambulance but it came out as a stutter and only fragments. She knew he understood what she was saying as he pointed across the street and she saw that four other people were on their cell phones. He opened the door, placed his hand on her back and ushered her inside. She seemed to snap back into reality as she walked in. Holley was frozen with a pot of coffee in her hand and the customers glared across the street at the burning vehicle. Jaymz acted as if nothing had happened and took his seat where he always sat every morning. He watched the SUV burn as Julie brought him his first cup of coffee and she still had shocked look on her face.

"this is terrible, ..oh God, I wish the firemen would get here fast."

Jaymz never looked at her, he kept his eyes on the burning vehicle "Well, Im afraid is going to be too late for him, that whole damn cars on fire."

Julie stood there next to Jaymz and stared on at the burning wreckage before she turned and walked off. A few seconds later sirens could be heard in the distance and the people outside turned their heads looking up and down the intersection not knowing which direction the sirens were coming from. He sat there and worked on his coffee as if nothing was wrong when two fire trucks flew around the corner and a police car came from the opposite directions. The firemen jumped from the truck pulling out the hoses and hooked them to the hydrant on the corner. Water sprayed from the end of the hose as a one brave fireman opened the driver side door; flames shot out and he took a step back before rushing to the SUV again and pulling the body from the seat. They put out the fire that was covering the man as the others tended to the blazing wreckage. The fireman that pulled the man out knelt down by him for a few moments then looked back over to his partners and slowly shook his head in a"no" motion. He went back over to the fire truck and pulled out a blanket, he straightened it out and placed it over the body on the ground. Jaymz watched all this from his chair and when the fireman placed the blanket over the body a hint of a smile came across his face while he sat there slowly drinking his coffee as the scene faded out...

I have found in our short time in the GWA that some people on this Roster want you believe one thing as they tell it, ..but then suddenly they change their minds or they completely forget they said what they wanted you to believe. ...Iíve been in lots of other promotions in the past but thatís one of the two things that stand out to me in the GWA compared to the others.. People here seem to think we all have short memories. The second difference is the talent, the level in the GWA is set to a higher standard than other places I have been in - and thatís all that really matters when it comes to getting into the ring. ...But Im bothered by the first difference I mentioned. Harper did it, Adams did it, Feight did it, Goth did it, and now ...Lady Ashe does it to. She talks and talks but I donít really think that sheís hearing the things that she says..Ive already told her that I was tired of her constant bragging about what she had done in the GWA. she beat this person, that person, won this match, beat this Hall of Famer, beat that great wrestler and so on...But what does she do? She airs another promo, and when she talks I didnít know if I was watching her first promo or the most recent one. She went on and on again about the psycho circus, how she beat eleven people and blah, blah, blah...and after all that she comes out and says that "she doesnít like to repeat herself." Really? Then why does she feel the need to repeat herself? Is it because she has nothing more to say? ...Does she think I didnít pay attention to her first promo?

She went on with the same boring babble that she spewed the first time but lets all remember, "she doesnít like to repeat herself, Jaymz." Maybe she has the mental capacity of a three year old. She came out here beating down on pointless things such as my promos so I felt the need to address her stupidity on the words that she spoke. She can call my monologues long and boring, and thatís fine but when I say something - I stick to it. I donít change my mind from day to day, or say one thing but do another such as she does. She can poke, prod and criticize my promos all she likes; but I guess we can all play that game cant we Ms. "I donít like to repeat myself, even though thatís all I do"? And if you really want to talk about boring - who really gives a fuck about your narration at the beginning of your promos: deserts and flowers, rain, mother nature.. Thatís fuckin great and all, but do you realize I could give a shit less about all the pointless narrated trash? Really, you need to step back when you criticize others promos but I donít expect you to do again because "you donít like to repeat yourself." You know when kids are going up, some families have the older brother and the younger sister and its always the older brother picking on the little sister - fuckin with her, making her scream and cry and running off and telling. ...I had friends that had little sisters and we always pestered them and usually we got in trouble, ...but the best way to piss off a little girl is to take her Barbieís and pop its fuckin head off, walk around holding it by its hair in the air as she would scream and cry.

Its been a long time since I've done that and back then it was fun to torment little girls, ..well Im glad I get that chance again but this time your going to be that Barbie doll and Im going to tear your fuckin head off and carry it around the ring showing the world how wrong you were and why you couldnít win this match. I know you didnít like me calling you good, ..for a girl - and you want to believe that Gender has no effect on the outcome of this match - maybe youíre right, ..but I doubt it. Because really, your no different than those scrawny little "high flyers" that jump all over the ring doin flips and all that other shit that smaller wrestlers do. You no different from them, you may have a high pain threshold as Iíve heard that women do - but thatís all the better for me...It only means that I get to smash your face against those steel steps a few more times than I do the typical male loser that makes the mistake of getting into the ring with me. Your going to teach me about fear, Ashe? What is there to teach me? Do you really think that I walk into the ring with fear in my eyes? Do you believe that I'm going to come to the ring shaking, hesitant to stand against you? What would be the point in even fighting this match then? If you walk into the ring with fear of your opponent then you have already lost the match. I don't have fear, I don't fear my opponents, I don't fear people on the street, I don't fear the creatures of the dark, I don't fear death and I sure as hell don't fear some little girl threatening to take my Extreme Title from me.

There is nothing that you can teach me about Fear because in my world that's a word that doesnít even exist. Keep on talking about how I should be afraid of you and your abilities in the ring, I love to hear what my opponents think Ė its some of the best laughs I get, especially this whole ďfearĒ thing you want to bring about. I could care less if I have impressed you, even when I win this match at Last Rites and you walk away unimpressed, Iíll just shrug my shoulders and dangle the belt in front of your face just to reconfirm the fact of who actually won the match. You, on the other hand, want everyone to be impressed with you; its as of you think I'm going to bow down to you because you constantly brag about the things that you have accomplished in the GWAÖbut am I impressed? No. But you don't like to hear that because you thrive on your past success, you want to re-live that and you want it to be the present. But it all means nothing Ashe and nobody is impressed, so keep on telling me how great you are. You know whats funny about that Ashe? You downgrade the people that you have beat, you make them seem like nothing but then you go on to tell us how great you areÖ Well, if your opponents werenít shit then what makes you great? If you beat a bunch of nobodies then how do you know that your as good as you say? Itís a double standard and your full of them just like the majority of the GWA roster.

Weíll see how ďgreatĒ you are when you actually have to face a real challenge come Last Rites. You and Ramone seem to think that this is going to be an easy match where you can coast to a victory Ė and I'm glad that the both of you think that way because when I destroy the two of you, its only gong to make it that much better. I'm glad that you call yourself the Living pain bringer, but cant you decide if youíre the Living or the Un-living? Either way, whatever you feel like for the day, I hope that you bring me some pain.. I feed off the pain, I love to feel the sensation going through my body as my opponents see that they didn't harm me, ..it only made me stronger. People have had to learn that the hard way over the years when they have stepped in against me. ÖAnd now you get to bring your cocky living, un-living, half-alive, or whatever you are, ass to the ring to face the greatest wrestler that you have ever gone against. Can you destroy my soul Ashe? Can you destroy something that isnt here? Can you destroy something so black and evil that you would have to travel to the underworld to retrieve? Even if you did beat me, which we all know isnt gonna happen, my soul would be the same and remain in the same place. You really don't know what your talking about most of the time Ashe, ..you don't know if you want to be alive or dead, you don't even realize that you repeat yourself and you don't realize that you know nothing about your opponents, and in the end that is going to be your downfall. I cant wait to see the fear on your face, the tears in your eyes, your choking attempts at begging for your worthless life as I have my foot on your throat as you know I'm going to squash you for the pathetic bitch that you are. Walk your happy ass on down to the ring, and don't forget to bring your Barbie.