Sunrise pt.II

Jaymz had stayed for a while when Detective Brantley left, drinking his last cup of coffee and soaking in the morning. Julie came back over and asked him if there wasn’t anything else that he wanted, and like every morning - he told her No and to just give him the ticket. He didn’t really need it as it was the same everyday; but it was her job to bring him the ticket. She set it face down on the table and gave him a smile, told him to have a good day and walked off. He looked at the ticket, Eleven-seventy three was the cost of his morning. He pulled his wallet from his back pocket, folded up a Fifty dollar bill and laid it under the paper. He took the last drink of his coffee and got up. The daily commuters were in full force when Jaymz walked out of Cathleen’s Cafe, the people in their suites with their briefcases and the ones scurrying along pushing their kids off to school. Cathleen’s didn’t have parking in front of their building as it sat right on the corner, he waited for "walk" signal to appear on the stoplight and he, along with the rest of the still half-asleep morning commuters, crossed the street. He found the Tahoe, unlocked the door and got inside. He sat there for a moment and took a deep breath; ever since Brantley had brought up his kids its all that he had on his mind. It had been over four years since he had seen his kids, Misty and Tyler. He was an uncaring man and his soul was a black as tar, but there was one small piece of the giant man that had feeling and it was for his children. He was a parent and no matter how vile and wicked his life was and all the evil things he had done, ..his children he held close to his heart.

Four years with no contact with them had been hard - Tyler had wrote him once while he was locked up and Vadim had responded to him telling him that his father was traveling the world and that when Jaymz got back he would relay the letter. They lived with Jaymz' only living relatives in Russia within the town of Kirov. He knew that his children didn’t like the life they were living as they were being watched and followed by members of Zero Tolerance who had been issued by Zaslaw at the time. He didn’t fear for their lives at the time with the faction known as Clawz being gone, ..but they still had members running around trying to reorganize. Zaslaw had fought with them Clawz for years in trying to gain control of the underground powers. They failed in their attempts as Zaslaw had too much political power and better resources, Clawz on the other hand, was a bigger group with more members than Zaslaw's - but it didn’t win them the war. They were led by a man named Dotson who Zaslaw had grown up with but had different opinions on how things should have been run and they parted ways. There were hard times for Zero Tolerance as the battle with Clawz was coming to an end, Dotson knew he had to do everything in his power to take the men down so he began taking out people who he shouldn’t have in attempts to win the mental edge. He had failed in the end, but it came as a high price to Jaymz. He had lost his wife and two children. It was a cool night in late November, Crazy J had been invited by Jaymz' wife to come over for dinner that night - it was an event in celebration for their first reign as Tag Team Champions together. The night went well as the three adults sat on the back porch, having a few drinks and talking about the match and what was next to come.

Dotson showed up that night and it was the night that Jaymz' life changed forever. Jaymz tried as hard as he could to keep Zero Tolerance business and wrestling away from his kids... He was an evil man, a man who did no good but he refused to let his kids see him that way. Dotson walked into the backyard that night and shot Taylor, Jaymz wife. Crazy J saw what was happening and made a move but he was a second too late. More shots rang out from Dotson’s men and J and Jaymz had no other option but to back off and let Dotson get away. The next day he had sent his children away, more as a forceful move from Zaslaw and Vadim than anything; he knew that this was the best - and only option for their safety. It was the last day that he ever saw his kids and he wasn’t sure that he would ever see them again. Jaymz sat in the Tahoe with a blank stare on his face before he finally snapped back to reality and pulled a cigar from the console. He lit it up and exhaled a a cloud of smoke that rolled across the dash and windshield. He turned the key in the ignition and rolled the window down some as the breeze came in and swirled around the smoke. Since the night he lost the kids and wife his whole mindset had changed from that point on. He knew of the Evil inside of him and that was always part of the problem, as well as his experiences on secret missions in the military was another part, and his mind deteriorated even more from that night on. He had been with other women since he wife had died, for simply more than the pleasure of releasing the pent up tension that men get; but he didn’t have any feelings for those women and could have strangled them and left them for dead when he was done with them, and could have cared less.

He wasnt capable of loving anyone but his children or much less caring for anyone else besides Vadim and his Zero Tolerance brothers. He considered them all like family, but he couldn’t love them like family and they knew that - his dark soul wouldn’t allow feelings for others and it never would. He would give his life for those men because he knew they would do the same for him, they were family. Zaslaw, Bale, J and himself had been thought a lot in the past years; more than most people should have to go through but they took the cards that were dealt to them and made the best of the situations. Jaymz took a few more puffs from the cigar and stubbed it out in the ashtray. He looked up and saw the backdoor of the Cafe open and out walked Julie, he noticed that she had changed from her work clothes into something more casual and made the observation that she looked even better wearing normal clothes. She got into a white Taurus and pulled out into the street, she never looked into the parking lot across the street. ..If she had, she would have seen him sitting there looking at her. She drove off around the corner and he looked away. He pushed the small button on the dash and said, "Vadim." The ringing of a phone could be heard from the speakers in the car and Vadim answered

"How are you today Alexi?"

"I’ve been better, ..I guess." Jaymz shrugged his shoulders and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.

"I was going to call you later, that Detective Brantley stopped by my house this morning and--"

"Yeah Vadim, he caught me earlier this morning as well and you wont believe the shit that he was talking about."

Vadim laughed on the other end, "Well, I bet he was telling you the same thing that he was tellin me...He tried to get me to rat you guys out, ..He still thinks that you guys are hiding Zaslaw." And they were, but Vadim knew better than to talk about it over the phone, ..they had to play stupid.

"He tried, hes desperate. ..Tellin' me that I could be around my kids again and they would hide me, ..you know. All that typical bullshit. I need something though, Vadim."

There was a silence on the phone as Vadim didn’t respond, he knew what Jaymz was going to tell him and it was a conversation that he wanted to avoid. "I want to see my kids, have them flown here."

Vadim sighed, "..Alexi, ...you know that isnt possible. With all this crap surrounding you guys right now, its just not wise ..and you don’t want your kids seeing all of this here."

"Well fuck it then, I'll go to Kirov and see them." There was anger in his voice.

"You know damn well that you cant do that either, ..it'll break your probation if you leave the country - as soon as you come back you'll be in jail. It took us long enough just to fight getting them to let you leave the state of Michigan to travel with the GWA. Alexi, this just isnt the time for it. I know its been four years, I know you want to see them, but really, ..its just not the time for it yet. We need to let some of this blow over before then, lets just take this a week at a time and see what happens.

Jaymz didn’t say anything for a moment before he finally told Vadim good by and pushed the small button again ending the call before Vadim could say anything. He started up the Tahoe and pulled out of the parking lot, he had to go see Bale. He had talked to Bale the night before and told Jaymz to stop by at the Zero Tolerance building the next morning. He wasn’t really sure what it was that Bale wanted to talk about, he had an idea that it was about the Extreme Title and him being focused on the match...but Bale didn’t have to worry about that, ...Jaymz was ready. (the scene faded out)

I sometimes wonder what life would have been like had I made different choices, but doesn’t everyone think that from time to time? ...I wonder what life would have been like had I not joined up with Alexander Zaslaw, had I not had kids and so on. One thing thought, I would still be who I am. My destiny wouldn’t change and my soul wouldn’t be saved. I was born into that, and I will die a glorious death with my soul sitting on the Throne of the Underworld. I wait for the day because I know that its coming but the beautiful part is that I don’t know when or where its going to happen. People fear death, everyone wants to die in their sleep - but if you ask me that the pussies way out. I want it painful, I want to feel it down to my bones, I want to scream ..not in pain, but in pleasure. I know what’s going to happen to me when my mortal body leaves this Earth and I join the Underground; there will be nothing but joy and a smile across my face. ...That is far off, but the smile I will have on my face isnt; that will come this week when I destroy these two pitiful opponents that the GWA has placed in the ring with me. Lady Ashe, the one who I gave credit to just earlier and maybe, ...just maybe I was being a little to nice to the bitch who wears too much of that whore-red lipstick. She seems to be more concerned with where the rain is coming from and letting it beat down on her face. Save it Ashe, save the rain for a time when you need it again.. absorb it in your body because in a few days as you lay on the canvas and look up at the monster who has defeated you, you will cry. ..

we will see that rain and only this time it will spill down your face. Everyone will see the tears, the tears of pain, the tears of fear and terror. Speak in your languages that you make up, act as if your something that your not ...I know the Father and I know you have no special place reserved for you as Sin and myself do. Congratulations, you managed to beat Harper...should I applaud that feat? Would you like to brag a little more about it? Hell, its something that we accomplished not long after we got here to the GWA and it was a fairly easy task to complete; but you don’t need to be worried about him being the FORMER Extreme Champion, you don’t need to speak of Harper and tell him that your the "Hardcore Queen" because Im sure that he could care less. ...do you see Harper in this match? ...Did you face Harper for the Extreme Title last week? No, I don’t think that you did - so go ahead and spew this "Hardcore Queen" shit to me because I find it humorous that you call yourself that because of your past accomplishments in the Extreme Division, but it was like I told you in my last promo Ashe, ..I wasn’t here then and the competition has changed since then and now you get to deal with Zero Tolerance this time around. You may think were some pushovers like Revolution, but they have proved that their weak and they cant standup to the better wrestlers of the GWA. "My broken body?" ..Naw, it aint broke and I don’t know where you get that from, little girl; but you need to understand that its time you took a backseat to me in the Extreme Division.

You can talk about Harpers Broken Body, my Broken Body or whatever but I know that Im up and moving around today and cant stand it that I have to wait a few more days to crush that pretty little head of yours. I'll be the one wrestling next week while you back at home having "teatime" with your pinkie up in the air. Go ahead and keep on bragging about what you have done here in the GWA before I made my presence felt in singles competition. None of that is going to help you and Im not impressed by any of it. "former this" and "former that" ..that’s wonderful that you cant hold on to a title and that shows me what kind of a Champion you are, ..oh wait - your only a "former" Champion also known as a "paper" Champion. A thing of the past, a part of history, something that nobody cares about any more. You have to stand in the ring with the current Champion, the one that people have seen for the past few weeks and will continue to see as I sweep past you and this other loser that was placed into the ring with me. You can call yourself the most feared opponent in the GWA but like Ramone, I didn't know adults still played pretend. What makes you the “most feared opponent in the GWA.” The fact that your washed up? Is it because of you have done in the past? Because you know, I don't fear you at all and I sat around thinking about it and couldn't come up with not one single reason as to why I, or any of my brothers, should be afraid of you.

You want to boast of the things you have done here in the past and that's all you’ve got – you see them think that just because you’ve won gold before that we should all bow down to you…Why should I even show up? I'm going against the “most feared opponent in the GWA.” Oh fuck, Ive already lost just because this little girl thinks she owns this place. You may run with Al and Grinder, who do run this place, but when it comes to what you can do against me in the ring – the only thing you’ll be runnin is your sorry ass back behind the curtain in shame as Ive slaughtered you all over the ring. I got sick of watching your promo and the gloating that you did, the pointless dribble of who you have beat, ..well that's fuckin wonderful – Ive beaten some of those same people that have held Global Championships, ..like the current Champion for example …and? Who really cares? I could give a fuck less if you pinned Satan himself, …but you wont get that chance this week. Ya know, theres always a first time for everything isnt there? You went on and bragged more about how great you are and how you’ve never lost a match when fighting for a title, so I feel privileged to be the first one that breaks that streak. ..I know about streaks being broken, Crazy J and I came to the GWA never having lost a Tag Team match in our careers – but we saw the GWA is a place where streaks end. We saw the talent and knew it was going to be tough and our streak came to an end. Ive had mine broken and now its time I turn the table onto someone else.

How are you going to act when you realize that you just lost your shot at the Extreme Title? Are you going to run off and cry like girls do? Make up a whole bunch of excuses as to why you didn't live up to the expectations that you have set for yourself? You can talk on the phone and make all these promises how your going to bring me misery, torment and everything else – but your going to look pretty foolish when I raise that belt up in the air as I remain the Extreme Champion of the GWA. I hope that you make me bleed, I want to feel the blood running down my face so that I know its real – that were alive and that I'm about to kick your sorry ass all over the ring. I don't take pride in beating little girls such as yourself, but your so confident and cocky that its going to bring me pleasure to see your squirming on the canvas…Your eyes shooting back and forth across the ring for a weapon as you drag yourself to the ropes, ..while I stalk you from behind before I stomp on your head and pop it like a grape. Go ahead, slash me in half as you say – I’ll just pick up my fuckin legs and beat the shit outcha with ‘em; well, that's if you even last that long in the ring with me. You bash on my past opponents just because they lost last week, but oh that's right! I forget, you have NEVER been beaten have you? See Ashe, you concern yourself with things that don't really matter – don't worry about Feight and Harper, you’re not facing them.

Don't be concerned with who beats who on any given week because there comes a point when we all lose and I look forward to adding one more loss to your nice looking record. I know that's not what you want to hear but you better get used to hearing things that you don't like because at Last Rites you get to hear the ring announcer tell the world that I am still the Extreme Champion. ..And after the bell rings that doesn’t necessarily mean that I'm done beating you down; but I'm sure at that point people will feel sorry for you, “oh, look at that big mean man picking on that fragile little girl, hes so cruel.” You can call me scum, whatever, I wont disagree with that as Ive done lots of things worthy of that title; but don't think that you can just stomp all over Zero Tolerance because if you do that could be a mistake that could cost you your career…A career that you seem to be so proud of, and I'm sure that's something that you don't want taken from you. I’ll be sure to bring a cup to the ring with me for this match and as I beat you senseless during the course of the night, leaving a trail of blood across the ring – I’ll be sure to fill that cup up so you can have your “bloody cup of tea.” I know its not what you had in mind when you say retarded things like that, but I take it in a different way and hey, if that's what you want, ..I’ll be sure to give that to you.

Hey Ramone, I see you didn't like being compared to Derek Von Erick, but if the shoe fits…. Anyway, do you want to know what else you have in common besides basically repeating what he said in his promos last week? You don't deserve a chance to take my Title from me.. Tell me, what exactly have you done to earn a shot to stand with the Greatness that you call Jaymz in the ring? And yeah, I may be a little crazy but I'm not stupid so don't get the two confused. You however may be the stupid one but that will only be determined when you either decide to show your face at Last Rite and step into the ring… Standing across from me in MY ring will be the stupidest thing that you have ever done and I will make you pay the price for the ignorant move that you will make.