It was a cool morning as the sun came up over the horizon, the orange glow lit the city as the shadows from the huge buildings in downtown Detroit cast their long shadows. There wasn't a cloud in the sky as the morning commuters made their way off to work as the traffic picked up to begin the day. Jaymz looked on at the morning through the front window of Cathleen’s Café as he took a drink from his second cup of coffee. His eyes were distant as the sun shone off his face casting the orange glow back out of his eyes. He had found this place just over two weeks ago and ever since then he had been coming back every morning. He was a sucker for routine and had been that way since he was a child; everything had an order and that's the way he liked it. Five-thirty, that's the time he got out of bed every morning – he didn't see the need for getting up any later as he felt it was wasting the day away; and he couldn't understand the people that slept until ten or eleven in the morning, giving up all those hours they could be doing something instead of being laid up in bed. So the first morning in his new house, in a new area he had nothing better to do than drive around – and he had found Cathleen’s Café. The next day he found himself at the Café again and from that point on it was his new morning stop. Jaymz took the newspaper off the chair next to him and looked at the story on the front page, “One Down, One To Go.” Underneath was a picture of Donte Roberson, the one of two people who had managed to escape off the seventh floor from the Jackson Prison fire. Roberson had gunned down an officer last week that happened to be captured on the officers dashcamera.

Turns out they found the car and that lead them to their man. Jaymz just shook his head as he read the story, knowing that Roberson was a nobody and in his mind, over-rated in the media’s eyes. He turned the page and read on as the waitress came over and poured him another cup of coffee. He never looked up form his paper as she did her job but as she turned and walked off he glanced at her from the corner of his eye ..as he did everyday, she has a nice ass. Her name was Julie and she worked the morning shift at Cathleen’s for over eight years. She was a slender woman with beautiful blue eyes; her hair was dark black and fell just over her shoulders. Her eyes always caught his attention when her hair was down, the black set the blue off as if there was something almost mystical about them. This was his waitress, the same one…everyday. He had never really spoken to her much other than the basic chitchat of a regular customer and today was no different as he sat there and sipped on his coffee. He looked down at his cup and realized that it was almost empty, and right on cue came Julie with the pot off coffee. He set the paper down on the table as she refilled his cup, she then looked over at him with a smile on her face and asked him, “should I have ‘em get it ready?” He looked at her and nodded with a slight grin on his face. She turned back to the kitchen and he again got glance of her best asset as she walked off. He didn't have to order his food because after the first week Julie had it all figured out. After two cups off coffee Jaymz would always order his breakfast: ..five eggs, four pieces of toast, four pieces of sausage, four strips of bacon and a glass of orange juice.

It was the same everyday and when she filled the third cup of coffee Julie knew the big man was getting hungry. She didn't mind him, he was a helluva tipper and she assumed that he was a nice person for everything she had seen on TV about him and his friends. Jaymz picked the paper back up and turned to the next page where the story went on about Roberson and the Jackson fire and there was one particular line at the very end of the column that caught his eye as the writer spoke his opinion that the run for Zaslaw was coming up dry and believed him to be dead or out of the country. He put the paper back down and looked on Downtown, thing had been much quieter for them the last week as the Fed’s tried other sources to finding Zaslaw and the story seemed to be getting pushed back week by week; but what is to expect in a “what have you done for me lately” world? Again, Julie came – he didnt see her but he knew she was coming, again, it was the routine – the service was fast and one two other people were here this morning, ..as usual. He folded the paper up and took his elbows off the table. Julie slid the plate onto the table and asked if there was anything else that she could do for him. He told her, “that's gonna do it..” and she picked up the coffee cup, without asking, and walked off. He grabbed his fork and began shoveling the food in his mouth; the way Jaymz ate was disturbing and almost vile – he ate as if the food was alive and had to chase it all over the plate. The front doors of the Café opened and a man wearing a black suit and sunglasses walked in the door. The calm that appeared in Jaymz’ eyes earlier was gone as he saw the man walk in.

He stood in the doorway and took his glasses off, his eyes scanned the room and he found his man and for a moment he didn't move. He saw Jaymz looking on at him, food stuffed in his mouth that he wasn't chewing and the remains that were all over his face. There was hate in his eyes, but the man found it almost amusing as the fork seemed like a child’s in his massive hand. The tall man walked confidently over to Jaymz’ table and sat down with his back facing Downtown. Jaymz lowered his eyes back to his plate and worked off the rest of the food. He then took the glass of orange juice swallowing it all in one gulp and slammed the glass back down on the table and let out a belch like no man could. It made his visitor jump, and also the older gentlemen two tables down. Jaymz looked on at the man who was sitting at the other end of his table, Detective Brantley. Neither of the men said a word as Julie came over to the table with her order pad and a smile on her face… It was a different smile Jaymz could tell, not the one that she usually wears, but the “I'm doing my job” smile. She looked over at the man who she had never seen before and asked him what he would like to drink. He was about to respond when Jaymz threw his hand up and responded, “He’ll be having nothing. Hes not staying long.” Julie looked confused but refused to argue with the bigger of the two men, who was also the regular customer, and walked off. Brantley took his hat off and set it on the table and for a few moments neither man said a word – only staring on at each other in awkward silence.

“So how have you been Alexi?”

Jaymz placed his elbows on the table and rolled his eyes “Spare me the bullshit Brantley, theres a reason that you’re here – so what is it?”

It was the response that Brantley knew he was gonna get from Jaymz and he saw no further need in skirting around the issue. “Alexi, …I'm hurting man. This could cost me my job, I’ve pleaded and begged with the people up top – Ive tried my hardest to prove you guys had something to do with Zaslaw disappearing.”

“..which we didn't.”

“Goddamnit Alexi!!!” Brantley slammed his fist on the table, Julie looked concerned from far off. Brantley was on his last nerve, he saw the attention he was getting from the customers and lowered his voice. “Their going to quit funding this investigation if nothing turns up and then it goes on the back burner; their satisfied with the fact that Roberson is dead and they believe Zaslaw is as well. …But I know better Alexi, I'm not that fuckin stupid. ..I have an offer to make you.”

Jaymz seemed intrigued at this, his eyebrows rose and he looked at Brantley, “offer denied.”

Brantley’s face turned red and he ran his hands through his hair, “Rrrrhh…I didn't even tell it to you yet, ..just hear me out. ..you ever want to see your kids again?”

To Jaymz, the comment sounded more like a threat… He clinched his teeth and leaned further over the table, Brantley saw his words came out the wrong way and had pissed the man off, he then corrected himself…”Nononono, Alexi…that's not what I'm saying. …I need your help. Please, Alexi …If you just tell me where he is, I can get you out of all this.”

“oh really? How is that?” Jaymz sighed, he seemed very uninterested.

“We can have it worked out, you tell us what we need to know and we’ll help you in return. We’ll secure you from Zero Tolerance, you’ll have your kids and you’ll be protected. We’ll change your name, ..we’ll get those scars fixed and---“ “what? Fuckin get real, where are you going to put me where I don't stand out?? In the land of Seven Foot Tall People? In a fuckin zoo wearing a gorilla suit?” Jaymz looked over at Julie who had brought him another cup of coffee…again with the routine. He took a few sips as Brantley pleaded his case. Jaymz saw the desperation in his eyes and knew the Fed’s were coming up with nothing and that everything he was saying was true.

“Alexi we can fix that, theres ways around that issue. You’ll never be tried for any Zero Tolerance crimes, you’ll have your kids in a nice house …what has Zaslaw or Bale ever done for you?” Brantley held his arms out with a questioning look on his face. Jaymz seemed to think about the proposition, “..and my friends?”

Brantley looked down at the table, away from Jaymz. “they’ll face murder charges and countless others…But you’ll be free Alexi, ..free to do whatever you want.”

Jaymz took another sip of the coffee and a smile crossed his face “okay--” Brantley’s eyes lit up as Jaymz said the word, but he should have let Jaymz finish. “—Ive heard what you had to say; and now you get to listen to my offer on this subject.”

Brantley thought he had the deal sealed, “ok!”

“Fuck off Brantley. Get out of my face and don't ever approach me with such foolish attempts to place my friends behind bars. You’ve put us there once and I wont let you do it again. ..And I’ll tell you one more time – I don't know where Zaslaw is.”

Brantley grabbed his hat off the table and stood up, he adjusted his jacket and spoke once more as he turned to leave, “I hope you burn in hell Alexi.”

Jaymz watched him walk to the door, as he opened it Jaymz responded, “Oh I will Detective, …trust me I will.” A deep quiet laugh came from Jaymz as he watched Brantley get into his car from the front window.

Things settle down in time for one reason or another, the cameras and pushy news reporters have taken a hike from the ZT building… they can believe what they want and most of them aren’t stupid; but they have nothing – nothing at all. I, however, have something that a select few people desire. When you become a Champion you’re basically wearing a huge target around your waist for everyone to see, for everyone to try and take. They’ll want to show the world their better than you, that their worthy of strapping the gold around their waists and becoming the next Champion. Week after week you get your opponents best effort whether or not they possess the skill and ability to take the Champion down, they give everything they have for that one word, Champion. Most have the heart, will and determination to leave it all laying on the canvas as they fight for that word – but not everyone comes out where they want to be. For some, it takes multiple attempts at winning a Championship only to end up in failure before they realize their not cut out to be a Champion. Others simply prevail in title fights as if they were born to win Gold and show the world who they really are. I am a Champion, and there is only one Extreme Champion. In my first Title defense Derek Von Erick got to see what it was like going against a beast in the ring, a force that he couldn't handle and a battle that he couldn't win. Erick wasn't prepared for that match, though his abilities as an Extreme Wrestler were below par he tried he best he could with the little preparation that he had.

Erick was more focused on laughing at my facial features and joking at the State where I was raised – he showed that he wasn't ready for this match and I made an example out of him. This week I get a real challenge in the Extreme Division at Last Rites. Stevie Ramone and Lady Ashe will be my opponents this week, one of them I can see deserving a shot at this Title, ..while the other is no more than a decoy, a person to get in the way of the real fight. Both of them managed to pick up victories last week at Anarchy as did I, ..but something this week has to give. Ive watched them both, Ramone more than Ashe and I have seen the things that they both of them can do in the ring. Ramone reminds me a lot of Derek Von Erick, he would rather show his face on TV and talk about Oklahoma and my face, ..nothing new. I guess being born in Oklahoma has some kind of effect on peoples wrestling skills, that it makes us weak and were not able to compete. It automatically makes you a “hillbilly” and “inbred” and it also means that you live on a farm and milk cows in the morning. That only shows me the ignorance that people have especially when Ramone is from Harlem. ..a beautiful part of town, eh? Well, at least I didn't come from a thriving ghetto – but I have better things to do than worry about where this Ramone guy is from. He walks around backstage at events with his chest all puffed out wanting to intimidate people but everyone can see what he can do, ..or uh – what he cant do in the ring.

So wow, he beat some loser by the name of Castor Summers – or something. Am I suppose to be impressed with that? What has Ramone done, exactly, that has earned him a shot at my Extreme Title? Constantly losing has to be a good one, ..or was he just being rewarded with the fact that he actually won a match? But what, let me quote him: “The fearless one always prevails, no matter what.” Well, that's news to me but I guess if he really wants to go through life believing that he “always prevails” then that's ok, but I didn't know that grown men played pretend. Ramone, I hate to be the one that breaks you the news – but you wont win this match no matter how much you want it…You cant possibly stand with me in the ring and survive the beating that I'm going to put on you. Your no more than a distraction from the real challenger in this match, Lady Ashe. Ive seen her wrestle, Ive watched some of her old tapes and I can say that shes pretty impressive…for a girl. Now I wont sit here and downgrade her because of her being a female because I once tagged with one of the greatest woman wrestlers of all time, Shattered Dreams. I never fought her outside of training, I left our opponents to feel the damage that she could cause. As good as she was, she could never compare to the greatest of the male wrestlers. Now, I don't know much about Lady Ashe other than she has held just about every single Title there is in the GWA, including the Global Championship.

I don't know what her mindset is going into this match: if she’s confident, if she’s anxious, nervous. I do know one thing – she thinks that shes going to become the next Extreme Champion. Well, I have new for her.. ..The landscape between the time she won this title and now has changed. I wasn't here when Ashe won the Extreme Title, and had I been …I know that he result would have been a little different. Ive fought other women in the past and people often ask if you go easy on them, or if there is anything that you do differently in the match that you wouldn’t do with a man. The answer is No. Ive destroyed those other girls in the past but none of that matters because Ashe is going to be the best female that I have ever stepped into the ring against. Is she going to be the best wrestler that I have ever faced? No, she wont. But she will be a challenge and I look forward to that. It amuses me to see that Ashe thinks that she’s some Sinister Being with her oh so scary red eyes, …well that's just fuckin great. It will be a wonderful day if my life is taken from his world before hers. She will be greeted at the gates of Hell and she will have to bow down at my throne and beg for her soul, beg not to be tortured, beg not to be in pain… She thinks shes some kind of Evil but she really has no idea. For shes all show and I'm real. My veins boil with the black blood, my soul lies across the River of Styx and the day I get to join it I will rise in ecstasy.

She may brag about taking our Revolution but that is something that Zero Tolerance has done as well in our short time here in the GWA. We prove ourselves and we continue our rise to the top of the GWA week after week capturing Title after Title. Last week Crazy J brought home the US Title to Zero Tolerance after people said he couldn't do it without me in the ring. He proved those people wrong and we laughed at them. We knew what Crazy J could do in the ring and people ignored that. …I hope that Ashe inst overlooking me, I hope that she sees the challenge that awaits her in the ring in a few days. The “Hardcore Queen” better bring her best this week if shes even going to compete with me, the Champion. So she managed to beat Harper last week and threatened to send his soul to hell and how he would scream in pain. ..Save it this week Ashe, because there will be no screaming in pain for me – there will be no sending my soul to hell. There will be you, in the center of the ring, with me looking down over you as you cry for you life …as you realize your not so Evil and Sinister as you want everyone to believe. That your not so Hardcore as you tell everyone that you are. There is no doubt that this is going to be a great match between to talented wrestlers but I don't think you have what it takes to go around with me… My endurance is one of my strong points and can you deal with that Ashe? Are you going to be able to keep getting up over and over again?

When the blood streams down your face and you eyes fill with tears, …will you be able to stay with me in this match? You can call yourself a nighmare or whatever, you can claim that you cant be stopped but I have other plans for you. ….You and your soul. But it starts this week at Last Rites and you get to see what its like to stand against a member of Zero Tolerance; and you’ll also get to find out what everyone else who has stepped into the ring with us knows: We win. We don't come to lose, we don't come to mess around and play in the ring like it was a sandbox. We come to the ring and we mean business. This is the week Ashe, this is the week you realize that the Extreme Division just isnt cut out for you anymore.