The last few weeks had been hell on all the members of Zero Tolerance. It had been five weeks now since the Jackson Prison fire and Riot and it was still all over the news. Their faces appeared on TV as frequent as David Letterman and it had gotten to the point that none of them watched TV, other than the GWA network. Most of the escapees had been captured and Detroit seemed like a better place than it was a few weeks ago – but there were still two men on the loose that the FBI just had to have. Donte Roberson and Alexander Zaslaw. Roberson had been caught once and it was the news of the week as he slaughtered a police officer that was caught on the dash-camera of the police car. Officer Donald Streaks had pulled a blue Accord over for Failure To Stop, as he approached the driverside window Roberson pulled out a .38 and blasted it in the officers face. He fell to the ground and Roberson stepped from the vehicle and put four more holes in the deceased officers face. This action had enabled Roberson to take the number one spot over Zaslaw, for a day anyway. Tristan hated the attention and avoided the media at all costs and to most people Sin, Crazy J and Jaymz stood out in the spotlight because of being seen every week with the GWA.

There had been no arrests made and the suspect list was long but the government wanted nothing more than it to be the men of Zero Tolerance. To put Bale away this time along with this man Sin; and to show the world why Crazy J and Jaymz should have never been released from prison to begin with. But there was nothing, nothing at all that they could be booked on. Bale had been questioned, a search warrant was issued for Jaymz’ house; but damnit they tried their hardest up to this point and still came up with the same old thing, ..nothing. Agents were made fools of last week as Bale and Jaymz met Vadim outside of Detroit in an old house. Vadim had information that Tristan needed but he also wanted to see how serious the FBI was, and who was leading the charge. They rushed in on the house as Bale and Jaymz left only to find the old man sitting in the recliner drinking a cup and was in shock they had the nerve to intrude on him. Crazy J had disappeared for a week and that caused a lot of speculation but now hes back and feeling the pressure as well. It had been a slower week for Jaymz as the media craved less attention as each week passed and the issue was pushed back a couple stories.

There had been no other searches on his house but he knew they were still watching, taking pictures and hoping that he was slip just one time. But the attention and the constant pressure from the Law was something they had become use to over the years, Sin wasn't here then but Jaymz had a good idea that Sin wasn't loosing any sleep over the issue. …Actually, he wasn't sure that Sin ever slept anyway. This week was the first time he had seen The Bossman since the day that Crazy J and himself had gone to the prison to visit him before the breakout. ..He was sure that something had changed in the man, he didn't seem like his self when they moved him this week. He was loud and demanding, his nerves were shot… But could you blame him? Weeks of hiding in the worst living conditions surely hadn’t done him any favors. They knew what had to be done next and the plans were about to change…It was time to get the Bossman back.

The scene opens inside the front room of Jaymz’ new house just inside the front door; things about the house have changed – last week there was carpet but now the floor was lined in black tile. The pillars on the staircase had been replaced with marble as had each individual step. It was odd as there was no way to replace it without tearing half the house apart. Jaymz sat there on one of the lower steps with his fingers closed together, his elbows on his knees. His head was down but his eyes were open and he seemed to be in thought. He had things on his mind, the Zaslaw situation took a backseat to the things that were bothering him the most. Sin. Actually, not so much Sin but of where he came from…and why he was here. Sin had come from Home to see the patch cleared for Jaymz’ destiny; the Taker of Souls was here and had orders to fulfill. He could speak to the Father across the River of Styx if he chose to; something that Jaymz couldn’t do to his knowledge – but Sin had told him different and it was something that he needed to learn. It had been on his mind since then, weeks now he had tried and done things he believed that could help him accomplish this but they all came back to the same result, failure. He raised his head and looked up, his face was unshaven and the stubble gave way to more grey than it had in the past years.

The cut from his match with Feight was scaring nicely, and there was nothing on that face that told of any good from this man, pure evil raged on inside his eyes and when he looked at you there was nothing but a shroud of Hell that surrounded his face. He looked over at the bottom of the staircase and on either side was a post that began the handrail. The top of each marble post was hollowed out and rounded off inside. He turned his head to the side and continued to look on at the two posts back and forth.. The room became cold and his breathe was evident as the air in the room was still and it seemed to hang in the air. Blue flames appeared in the hollowed out pits of the stairposts, flames that were small – no more than five inches tall – and they moved with a slow tranquil motion. The flames were suspended above the cut outs and the light the small flames gave out were amazingly bright. A small grin appeared over his face and more sinister than ever as the blue glow took over the room. He never moved his hands and it almost seemed as if he never blinked and he talked with a low voice, never raising it once.

Some people don't take Title matches very seriously once they win the Gold, confident in their abilities to get the job done they come into the match arrogant and overconfident, not respecting the standard that the Title is held to. Those people don't hold Titles very long and cant understand why they lost when it happens. ..We don't see things like that in Zero Tolerance. We take pride in wearing the gold around our waists and as far as were concerned when we take a Title: Its ours. We don't like giving things away that belong to us and we know what has to be done in order to keep our belongings. We failed to do that in the Tag Division as the Blood Brothers took those Titles from us but the same cant be said for Derek Von Erick this week. We came to the GWA and worked our way up in the ranks to earn our shots at Gold, we were patient as we took care of business with the people that were placed against us in the ring by the management.. We've been successful up to this point, slipping only a few times here and there but our victories have outweighed the few losses that we have received. It didn't take me long to win the Extreme Title as one week J and I lost the Tags, …the next week I Tagged with Sin and we won, ..and last week – I brought home the Gold to Zero Tolerance. I went one week without holding Gold and that says something about us… Crazy J fights for the US Title in his first match back without a title since we lost to the Blood Brothers.

Everyone saw what we did with those Tag Titles and it couldn't be denied that we deserved chances for singles gold after that – and it didn't take long. Then we have Derek Von Erick, and what has he done to earn a shot at this Title? Hes lost more than hes won in both singles and Tag Matches yet he keeps getting shots at Titles? This will be the second time that I get to deny this loser his chance at Gold and this will be the week that Erick realizes that hes overmatched when he faces this giant in the ring. This is a man who has his thought process all messed up and it shows with the things that he says to me. Derek tells me that I need to reply to his promos, like theres a law that says “If your opponent airs a promo – you must immediately get a GWA cameracrew and air one directly after.” Now how fuckin stupid is that? Derek I don't have to “reply” to any promos you air, or even anything that you say for that matter. I find you amusing and the rest of the public finds you moronic because of the unintelligent things that you wish to say to me. You don't need to be worried about when I air my promos and if I'm going to talk about you at all, ..whether you want to believe it or not Erick, I go through life not giving one single fuck about you. You, and everyone else after you who wishes to attempt to take my title from me, are all the same as I see just another person that I can slap around the ring and claim dominance over. Don't be worried if I retaliate in a verbal war or when my next promo is coming out Erick, all you need to be concerned with is that I will be in that ring

..I’ll be standing there grinning from ear to ear looking at my next victim that will scream in pain, beg for their life and wish not to be destroyed by this giant that you call Jaymz. What makes you the hottest person in the GWA? What have you done that makes the rest of the roster fear you? Is it your amazing winless record in the GWA Tag Division? Could it be you’ve lost more matches than won in the singles division? Oh, I know what it is! Its your below average wrestling abilities and your lack of swagger in the ring that gets the job done that everyone envies, right? What else could it be? Your not a champion, you haven't beaten anyone of any significance and I don't see people on the roster beating down your door to join the n.x.w or No W.i.n.s ..whatever it is that you two call yourselves. And if Fitzgerald is in this little club then why are you knocking his abilities? Isnt he suppose to be your friend? I mean, your basically bitching that hes the one that cost you the match over Zero Tolerance, ..gee..wow…what a Tag Team partner you are. And you can come out here and say that you held your own in that match? Well if your that good then you should have been on the winning side no matter what your partner did or didn't do, but you couldn't get the job done Erick and that's the only thing that matters. So you can sit there and make all the excuses that you want but when you get up off the canvas at Anarchy and see that youve got nobody to blame this loss on, it might then be the moment that you fully understand that you can hang in the ring with me.

Yes, you do see people wearing Zero Tolerance shits all throughout the arenas but most people hate us. Your merchandise? Yes, I have see that to ..arent those the shirts they seen off to charity because nobody will buy them? Yup, those were the Derek Von Erick shirts that they shipped off to third world countries that don't even have a clue as to what the GWA is. You can keep on with your cheap taunts and cracks about my face but that only shows me that you fear stepping into the ring with me, ..I know that you don't want to admit that but you have to face the reality.. and the reality is that your just not cut out to be a champion, ..especially when you face Zero Tolerance. Get ready for this match Erick, I want you in your best shape that way you can see what its like to go one on one with Jaymz… There will be no excuses this time, no blaming it on outside people. You learn this week Erick, ..you didn't the first time we fought but I know that I'm going to get through to you this time….