Getting Close...

It had been three weeks since Zero Tolerance blew up the jail in southern Michigan, all in the attempt to get their leader, Alexander Zaslaw, out of jail. Things didn’t go exactly as Tristan and the others had planned them.. The FBI knew that Zaslaw was on the loose and tried their hardest to find proof that Tristan and the others were responsible for the fire that killed so many prisoners and guards. Tristan didn’t know the kind of pressure that he was going to receive and now he wasn’t sure if it was the right move or if it was just the wrong time. Zaslaw had been hidden from the world in places that they assumed the FBI would never look, but in the first two weeks Zaslaw had to be moved three different times, ..they were close. Real close. It had been all over the TV, not only Zaslaw but some of the other big-time criminals that had escaped and Detroit was locked down tight, so tight that Tristan couldn’t go take a shit without the FBI wanting to come in and sniff it. Road blocks were setup going in and out of Detroit, hundreds of people were being taken in and questioned - not just because of the prison break but the death of two FBI agents in a span of three days. And again, the FBI was certain they knew who the killers were, but they had no concrete evidence to back those claims up on....things were getting uglier by the minute.

Tristan sat at his desk with a glass of Grey Goose vodka, the room was all silent except for the enormous fish tank and that mounted in the wall as the air was pumped into the tank and water cleaning devices did their job. Beautiful fish filled the tank, bright blues and yellow, Orange and black and all different colors filled the glass and moved back and forth. Tristan stood up and went over to the west wall where the window was. He placed one hand on the glass over his head, keeping his drink in the other and looked on at downtown Detroit from one of the highest points in the city. And there they were, the police and agents that surrounded his building stood below deterring potential business away; he knew what they were doing and it wouldn’t work. Tristan had huge contracts across the world with his land developing company that could keep him up and running for years to come; but that only happened as he escaped incarceration unlike Jaymz, Crazy J and Zaslaw had. Not only did Tristan and Zero Tolerance receive huge amounts of pay from the Land Developing business but Crazy J had started the Zero Tolerance Security which was now run out of this building and that business was thriving with all the criminals now on the loose; business owners were paying for Twenty-four hour security which was coming at a hefty price. So for Zero Tolerance, money was of no issue as much as the FBI tried to make it. Their belief was that, without money they couldn’t afford to hide Zaslaw - or pay people to hide Zaslaw.. Since they didn’t know all the facts or if they were actually hiding Zaslaw they were at a standstill, ..but they were close, .too close.

Tristan took a drink of the Grey Goose and rattled the ice around inside the empty glass. There was a knock at his office door and before he could turn around and tell the person to enter, the door opened up - he had assumed it was another agent here to question him on this whole situation; he rolled his eyes and turned around - it was Jaymz. The big man waltzed right into the office and closed the door behind him, Tristan caught a glimpse of two men in suites inside the waiting room..The secretary must have been doin her job; he had told her nobody was allowed into the office other than Zero Tolerance members. The door locked closed and Jaymz turned back around. He was wearing a black "ZT" shirt and some old torn up jeans with black boots on. Tristan adjusted his red Armani suit and walked back to the small bar and mixed himself another drink, following it up with a drink for Jaymz. Tristan turned back around and found Jaymz sitting in the chair across the desk, he two the two glasses and handed one to Jaymz who took a small drink of the vodka and cringed, ..it wasn’t his choice of drink. Jaymz looked over at Tristan who had dark circles under his eyes, it was something that he had never seen in the man before. Neither of them needed to say a word, they were both pondering what to do about the current situation as they knew moving Zaslaw again would be tough under the current surveillance they were under. Tristan opened a drawer on the side of his desk and pulled out a box, Jaymz flipped the lid open and pulled out a cigar - tore the end off and held it between his teeth.

His huge hands covered his face as he went to light the cigar, smoke rolled over and disappeared as the current from the air conditioner shifted it around the room..He dropped his hands and let out a puff of smoke right into Tristan’s face...He was testing him, on any other day Tristan would have gone ballistic about smoke being blown in his face.. They had come to an agreement, Jaymz couldn’t smoke cigarettes in the office but he could smoke cigars because it smelled a little better - even though Tristan hated them both. Tristan let the smoke roll past his face and he just closed his eyes ignoring the attempt that Jaymz was making to piss the man off. Jaymz pulled the cigar from his mouth and ashed it into the glass of vodka, another pet peeve of Tristan - but again Jaymz got no response from that either. Jaymz pulled the chair closer to the table and rested both elbows on the desk with the cigar between his fingers, smoke rising up into the air like a chimney.

"So what are we gonna do Bossman?"

Tristan only sat there swirling the glass of vodka in his hands watching the liquid go round and round, he never looked up from the glass as he responded to Jaymz
"I cant do this Jaymz, I just cant to this anymore...I don’t know how Zaslaw put up with all this, this...this...SHIT!! All this fuckin media and police bullshit. It was fuckin great workin for him when he was the one who had to deal with all the bullshit that came with this job.'

Jaymz sat there and took a puff of the cigar, "All this bullshit? Were not half of what we use to be, and as far as those guys in the suits out there are concerned - were in the Wrestling business. They don’t care about your Land developing business or the Security. they want Zaslaw, and they want us all in jail.

Tristan finished off the drink and slammed the glass down on his desk, "I know that Jaymz, but Goddamnit - they just wont leave me alone. I just cant do this, they want to talk to someone - I'll let them talk to you. There, your in charge of Zero Tolerance from now on. Your the oldest, you’ve been around the longest - you take charge.

Jaymz' jaw went slack and the cigar fell from his fingers, Tristan didn’t seem to mind that it was burning a hole in his white carpet, Jaymz stood up and leaned over the desk and glared at Tristan..He spoke in a low voice and his tone was anything but playing around. "Listen bossman, Zaslaw put his faith in you to run everything that we have left until hes able to come back - I cant do this for several reasons. One, they fuckin hate me and would kill me if I had a toy gun in my hands...speculation would never leave if I was in charge. Two, you running out on this whole deal makes it look even worse. You have the business mind of us Tristan and you always have... Don’t fuck around with things that don’t need fixin'. ..Times are tough right now but your the only person that can do the job and do it right, understand? Its not an option Tristan, there’s no "open office" date that we can pick a new leader for...you were chosen and that’s the way it is.

Tristan didn’t respond for a while, unsure of what to say other than he knew that everything Jaymz had said was right, there was no backing out - not on Zero Tolerance, not on his family. "..yeah, your right. But damn this is hard - trying to keep all this from Nicole, and the two Agents that you and Sin were suppose to take care of and make it look like an accident, ..you two haven’t helped make this any easier"

Jaymz picked the cigar up off the floor and looked down at the huge black hole that was now in the middle of the white carpet, he brushed over it with his foot - unaware that Tristan had seen the cigar fall and knowing that there was going to be a burn there and took another puff off of it, "well, J and myself never made it easy on Zaslaw either ...just part of the business, ya know? But we'll watch it..we'll be a little more careful - and the way that shit is going right now we'll have to be a little more careful...Fuckin cops are all over this building like roaches now."

Tristan agreed, "Yeah...and their close to Zaslaw again so were gonna have to get him moved, their too close this time Jaymz."

"Alright bossman, don’t worry - we can make that happen. Just give me the ok and were good to go."

"Do it, have them do it today, because if we let him sit there till morning I think we'll all be in jail by that time." Tristan looked at Jaymz and motioned for him to get the job done.

Jaymz got up and left the office and walked back out into the lobby, the agents were still there arguing with the secretary that they needed to see Tristan as she continued to tell them he was booked for the day and that they would need to come back tomorrow.. They stopped talking as Jaymz closed the office doors behind him, glared at him and seemed to be frightened. He paid them no attention as he walked out around the corner and to the elevators... He almost pushed the "down" button but decided that he would take the stairs, yeah it was eighty floors, but he had time before he needed to make the call and have Zaslaw removed from one place to the next.

Ya know, there seems to be so much going on right now in the GWA, ..people teaming up with other stables and some people who just cant mind their own business. For instance we have Chaplin, now here is a guy who has had no problems with Zero Tolerance as our paths have never crossed; but since he joined up with Revolution the other night I guess that he felt the need to stick his nose in places that weren’t warranted. I guess that this Chaplin guy didn't see that he made a mistake when he attacked us as now he has to face Sin in the ring… I saw what the man could do last week and I'm only glad that hes on my side. Chaplin don't you see what you have joined up with? I'm glad that you accept John Harper as your Leader, a man with a huge ego who absolutely hated it that Mania was incharge of Revolution. Having a leader is one thing, but what is Harper a leader of? Uuumm, hes the leader of Bret Adams’ leash but other than that I don't really see what Harper can lead… But when Zaslaw was around he led groups of people all over the world, corporations and businesses – and everything else that he had his hand in. And as of right now Tristan leads us on a smaller scale, ..he doesn’t tell us what to do in the ring – the wrestling business is left to J, Sin and myself. So basically Revolution takes orders on how to wrestle from Harper? Tells them who their going to fight and what Title their going to go after? …Yeah, it has to be – because theres nothing else that Harper can “lead”.. J, Sin and myself are a group – we make our own decisions and not one is the greater and that's the way that it should be when it comes down to a group of wrestlers who are on their own in the ring.

But I guess that some people are blinded by a Name and a Logo. …Surely that must have been what Chaplin was seeking because what is there for him in Revolution? And I mean besides that he needs someone to come into the ring and make sure it ends in a “no contest” and not a “loss” when he sees that Sin is about to pin him… Could Chaplin see that he wasn't a great wrestler with his one week Global Title hold? Did he feel left out and abandoned? Whatever his reasoning’s are there isnt a good one that can explain why he would go and have a “leader” when there is nothing to lead. I watched Feights promo earlier and I also had to get a transcript of it as well to understand something to understand something that wasn't real clear to me– but we’ll get to that part in a minute…Anyway, I don't understand why Feight comes into this match acting like hes the underdog, …like the interview lady told him – Hes the one that has the title… Well, he skirted around her question and avoided the issue of being the underdog and went off onto another subject. ..What Feight wants is the world to see him as the underdog and it would be easy to do so, why? Because I'm so much taller than he is, stronger and more powerful… So he wants everyone to think that hes the underdog, but when he comes into the ring hoisting that title above his head its hard to ignore facts; He is the Extreme Champion and there is no underdog in this match… Its Feight versus Jaymz, small versus big or however you want to look at it.

I never saw a “point spread” or anything to determine who an underdog would be, but by judging from some of the wrestlers backstage they seem to think that Feight is the better wrestler, which is acceptable because he does hold the Extreme Title but since people are counting me out already wouldn’t that make me the underdog? In my mind I could care less because I know what I can do to the ring and what I can do to small opponents who wish to stand in my way. He also seems to think that by winning this title gives a stable some “political boost.” No, that's not the way it happens – I was put in this match because I was the number one contender for the belt, not because I'm Zero Tolerance, not because it helps our status. I was put in this match because of my skill and I will come into that ring to win a Title, not solely to make Zero Tolerance look better – its up to everyone else to determine where Zero Tolerance is on the map of powerful Stables. We take what is given to us without thoughts of making Zero Tolerance look better because we know that will happen every time we win a match. Feight can bring all the fight that he wants but does he have the endurance to stand with such a beast in the ring? Can his small stature stand and win against this monstrous frame? Can Feight survive the punishment that he will receive from such strength? I don't think that he can, I know that he believes that he can just because he beat Tommy Knox.

I could care less about this Knox fellow because the last time I checked hes not in this match and hes not the one whos going to give Feight the beating of his life this week. He carries the attitude that its him against the world, that he thinks everyone in the GWA is out to get him – that hes a wanted man. Feight do you really believe that Sin and Crazy J give one fuck about you? All they care about is that I win the Extreme Title and bring it home to where it should be, they don't care about you – in fact, not once have they ever brought your name up in a conversation before this week when we learned that I will become the next Extreme Champion. The world and the rest of the GWA stables aren’t out to get your Feight – its me and only me. I'm the only person that you need to be worried about this week, I'm the one that's going to be stalking you around the ring, my eyes will be on you and the Title that I will claim in less than a week. ..not Vindication, nor Revolution and not the rest of Zero Tolerance, ..this week its Jaymz and I hope that you remember the name because you’ll be saying it a lot in your sleep as you toss and turn in a pool of your own sweat next week…You’ll awake knowing that you lost, that your reign as a Champion came to a sudden halt when a better wrestler stepped into the ring against you. Now Feight, before we go any further – I do have to ask you something.

As I was watching your promo you said something that boggled my mind, and I didn't really understand what it was that you said; so I went and had a transcript of your promo faxed to Tristans office and after that you became the joke of the day. At first when I watched your promo I thought you said “lole” and I didn't know what “lole” was so as I read the transcript I saw “LOL” and it took me a minute to figure out what it was…Isnt “lol” a term for “laughing our loud?” So when you head something that's funny while your out in public do you say “oh my that was funny, lole?” Are you not capable of laughing or do you have to go by cheezy internet terms in your daily life? Are you a machine that come kid programmed to talk that way? I dunno, I just though it was funny, hahah—oh wait, I mean l-o-l.. We've been going through some hard times but when Tristan and I read that in the transcript this morning we just couldn't stop “l-o-l ing!” Feight tells us how hes going to win this match, what the outcome is going to be, but what’s the reasoning behind defeating me in his mind? The fans. The fans are going to somehow magically will Feight to a win; overpower me with their cheers and signs and cause me to lose the match. You gotta fuckin be kidding me. Oh boy, he has the fans on his side; can you see me as I tremble in terror from this man known as Feight with the fans on his side… They can stomp and clap all they want but I guess this will be the first match that Feight has had to fight where his body will be decimated, tortured and maimed by myself…

And when those fans clap and cheer his name – I will laugh at them, I will toy with him more just to show him that the fans will not make one damn difference in this match when it comes to winning and losing. You know Feight, your right that I have been in the GWA longer than you but what does that have to do with anything? Just because I don't have as many singles matches that you do makes you a better singles wrestler? You’re a better singles competitor because J and I shredded the Tag Team Division for weeks? Why would we enter to singles competition when we were the Tag Team Champs and defended our belts just about every damn week, took out the best teams week after week… And don't forget who pinned Goth in that “tag” match which was really a free-for-all with no Tag rules implied at all. I'm not sure if you were here for that or not, and I could really care less if you were – but the point is, is that Ive taken out several good wrestlers in the GWA so you cant come here and count me out because Ive been in the Tag division. I do give Feight some credit because he is the Champion, so he deserves that… But its not his time, its not his destiny to defeat me this coming week at Anarchy. ..And after I win this title, maybe if hes lucky, he will get another shot at some point in time to attempt to avenge the loss that he is going to be receiving. …And it comes this week – and its sooner than he thinks.