The Flames

Fitzgerald and Derek Von Erick hadn’t listened to Jaymz and Sin, they told them this ragged team didn't have the skills to get it done in the ring with two members of Zero Tolerance. With Crazy J at ringside Sin and Jaymz were able to collect the victory over the two men showing the dominance that Zero Tolerance has brought with them to the GWA. Jaymz and Sin showed they were capable of working with one another in the ring, finding the trust in each other to accomplish the challenge they had at hand. They were one of the same family all because of Tristan but the trust factor was an issue going into their first career Tag match. They prevailed as Zero Tolerance does and claimed the edge in the match. It was time for change in the foundation of Zero Tolerance as the GWA has seen them. They were being investigated for the prison fire and the escaped Zaslaw, Tristan had retired from wrestling and this man known as Sin came and filled the void. Then the World Tag Team Championship belts were lost to the Blood Brothers and that left Zero Tolerance with no gold. This will be the week that Zero Tolerance makes their push into the singles competition, the time has been spent in the Tag Division with Crazy J and Jaymz and last week Sin. Tristan Bale was the only member who was in Singles Competition only, but now the three break apart and establish the new ground and the new foundation of Zero Tolerance.

Crazy J is in the rankings for the US Championship Belt, a ladder that he will have to climb upon his return. Sin faces Chaplin Graves, in a match that could show the world that Sin means business and that hes not a man to be messed with. That could be achieved with a win and heads would turn and he could no longer be left out when considering future champions of the GWA. Then, as Jaymz has a match with A.P. Feight for the Extreme Title it will be the first chance for the men of Zero Tolerance to take home the Singles competition gold. The Tag Team titles have been accomplished and its now time for the Singles Titles to fall from the GWA into new hands and watch as new Champions evolve. A.P. Feight, a man who has won all but one of his bouts in the GWA represents the Extreme Title that Jaymz will be challenging for at Anarchy. For weeks now Feight has defended the Extreme Title and has held his own weight and shown why he is the Champions. But will that go to his head? A quick rise into the GWA and taking the Extreme Title could do things for a mans mind. Does Feight think that Jaymz is going to fear challenging this man for this Title? Is he going to come into this match over confident because Jaymz hasn’t competed much in singles competition in the GWA? Feight wanted to come into the GWA and make a statement and at Anarchy this week it will be his chance to prove that hes worthy of the Extreme Title that he holds. ..But is Jaymz Extreme material?

Can he survive in a match such as this? The scars on his face shows that he can.. Scars are memories, like pictures – something that you can look back to and remember the time.. Run your finger over it, as if it was the day it happened. Scars tell stories and each one is different, unique in its own way. ..Before wrestling, when Jaymz was in the military he had gotten the first of the huge scars that covered his face by shrapnel and anything else that ricocheted off.. When his military time had come to an end and his interest in wrestling grew Jaymz got his first match ever, an Extreme match.. It was a hard fought match with chairs, razorwire ropes, panes of glass and bardedwire bats; but it happened to be the pitcher of water that caught Jaymz off guard as it slammed into the side of his face. ..and that was the first of many scars to come in result of such matches.. He went on to win that Title, and twice more over. Jaymz had stayed in the Extreme Division for years before finally opting out for other titles, he won that Extreme Title four times before he finished his career in that division. Does Feight come into this match thinking that this is going to be easily won? If Jaymz has eyes set on something hes not easily deterred by anyone who stands in the things that he desires. …He knows the chance that he has in this match to take a Title over and claim it as part of Zero Tolerance..

Taking gold from someone is something that he prides in, he loves nothing more than the look on his opponents face as they realize that they have just been defeated, that its over and they are no longer the champions. This is Feights chance to show that he really means business by taking Jaymz down in this match, but how well will Feight hold up against the power and endurance that Jaymz has? Most “big men” are counted out because of their lack of speed and pure wrestling skill and over the years Jaymz has proved them wrong with his strong points of endurance and ring knowledge. Over twelve years in the ring provide experience that cant be learned from any other area; he uses it to his advantage and it has proved to be a strong point. With Feight being under six feet tall most would believe that he would wear Jaymz down with is quick movements and high flying skills. But Jaymz is wise and knows better than to chase down his opponents, knowing that's a battle that he would have a hard time winning, ..but he knows how to come at smaller more agile opponents. It all comes back to the experience that he has in the ring and knows when to attack.. He knows when his opponents are trapped and cant make a move; he knows when they have worn their own self’s down and time to go in for the kill. A champion knows their faults and weaknesses only to find ways to avoid those areas and take other aspects of the match into focus and work on those.

Jaymz is a champion, he will prove that to the world come Anarchy when Feight finally sees the challenge that he cant get over and his statement that he wanted to make to the GWA will come to an end. Whatever it is that the members of Zero Tolerance want; they come at it with everything they have to give until the opponent is down for the three count. Another step for Zero Tolerance will be reached this week, a step up and the foundation laid for things to come in the future. Anarchy looms about the horizon with two huge matches for Zero Tolerance, one match that Feight should be prepared for because anything less would result in pain and anguish, something that he would more than be bargaining for. Can Feight handle this evil man successfully in the ring? Can he get by with his quick moves and speed? …Or will patience and experience win the Extreme Title? Jaymz knows how to win this match, confident in his abilities and the desire to take a Title away from someone and claim it as his own is the challenge that Feight goes up against this week. Feight thinks that he has faced challenges in the ring for the Extreme Title, but this week will be different as he gets his first taste as a failure against Zero Tolerance.

The scene opens up inside of an empty house, the walls are white and a dark blue carpet fills the room. The house has that newly-completed smell which makes moving into a new house that much better.. But this man was unconcerned with the way a house was smell. The front room was large and the window gave view to the front yard as the garage light shined on the Tahoe sitting in the driveway. A staircase made of marble sat along the far back wall that split halfway up and went two opposite directions. The house was enormous and really more space than one person needed, but for the first time since getting out of jail and coming to the GWA – Jaymz finally had a house to call home. And this is where we found him sitting on the staircase looking down at the floor. His hands were folded together and resting under his chin and his eyes were focused on the blue carpet as they seemed to be a million miles away. He took a deep breathe, exhaled and suddenly stoop up; he seemed to not even notice the camera as he got up from the step and walked out of the room.

He turned the corner and went through the empty kitchen and out the backdoor. More flood lights were on from the far corner of the house and shined out down through his backyard which was several acres long. The land he had Tristan build the house on was from Vadim, he claimed it was land that his father once owned and he would of liked him to have it. But just off the backporch, in the middle of the yard was a huge fire pit that blazed the orange flames in the still night of Michigan. Jaymz stepped off the porch and walked out into the yard. The shadows brought on from the flames danced on his face and made the scars look deeper than they really were; he sat down next to the fire pit and looked at it, ..its all he had done for the last twenty-four hours and was the only thing on his mind ..and it was all because of Sin. Jaymz looked on at the flames with a black stare of no reality in his eyes what-so-ever. It was as if he was searching for something, something that was important to him - as if it was something that he needed. Ever since Sin came there was something that just didn't seem right, a feeling that he had felt before. Jaymz studied those flames deep thought and it seemed as if he didn't even blink..

Why have I chose to live this life in blindness? …How could I ignore something that is a part of me? ..The pain burns my soul with every passing day as I must do what is set out for me; I don't want to live that way and I never did.. ..but the enjoyment, ..the satisfaction and relief is like a bad drug that I couldn't keep back… I tried, I tried as hard as I could to change my ways but I like to my friends and I lied to myself. ..It was stupid to do such a thing as I knew it was going to come back…Sin has spoken to the Father in the flames, as I came by I could feel it.. Like hot needles up my spine the Father was there – and talking to Sin. ..talking to Sin in the flames… I cant quite seem to do that, Sin told me that I needed to find the way, a way ..to communicate with him. He wants something and I cant deny Him of that because I know of what my future holds… .from the day I have never been frightened of anything until Sin talked to our Father. He wants it, He wants it to happen, ..but Ive hid it… and now He wants the beast to awake inside of me – Sin was sent here for this reason to make sure this would happen. To clear my path as my Father has spoken…. For my flesh to die on this earth and my soul to travel home and claim my place, to sit upon the Those of Darkness for eternity as the one True Evil. My problems have never been the chemical imbalances in my brain – that was only a small portion of that ..Its the secrets that Ive held, the ones in which I have promised that I would never set free.. But the time has come, no longer can I ignore who I am and what I was brought here to do…..

The flames continued to dance across his face as he sat awaiting answers, answers he knew that probably wouldn’t amount to what he wanted to know. Why now? Sometimes he often wondered if the Father had some plan for Zaslaw, it was perfect timing for the arrival of Sin and the plot to break out Zaslaw but was that something that was set up by the Father? Was Sin brought here to set him free? Jaymz eyes never left those flames as he sat there for hours, a noise came ahead of Jaymz – from the otherside of the firepit. Jaymz slowly moved his eyes without shifting his body and focused his eyes to the silhouette standing on the far side. It was Sin, his black leather jacket hung to the ground, his hair fell into his face – but the fire gave way to the true colors of his eyes. ..The complete opposite of Jaymz who was the holder of those odd black eyes that appeared randomly; Sins were white. A cloudy white filled his sockets, but not solid as the insides seemed to move and swirl as if it was clouds inside of a white crystal ball. The eyes were mystic and for the first time in a day he focused on something other than the flames. Sin smiled, a smile that seemed to big for his face that would truly frighten any other man. Sin cocked his head to the side and the flames in the pit died down some; Sin took one step forward and then onto the bricks on the fire pit as Jaymz sat there on the ground watching him. His white eyes seemed to shift and move and it was then that Jaymz had the feeling off hot needles being stuck down his spine. The Father, Sin was talking to the Father. He jumped up from the ground and onto the fire pit, the flames grew higher as Jaymz stepped on the bricks and turned a bright shade of blue before dieing slowly back to orange. A look of disappointment crossed his face as he looked back at Sin, whos smile had faded off his face..

“Cant you hear Him Jaymz?” Sin spoke in a quiet voice that was hardy audible. “..Of course you cant, it’s the one thing that you cant do… You have to find Him, He waits for you.. He has something to tell you..”

Jaymz only stood there looking back at the fire once more and he heard Sin say, “..Im here to clear the path for you Jaymz, He has commanded it.” Jaymz looked up at Sin for after this comment only to be looking at the darkness beyond the fire. Sin was gone as quickly and silently as he came. Jaymz sighed and stepped back down from the brick pit and sat back on the grass to, as he had done all day, ..watch the flames and wait.