..Later That Night

The scene opened up in the pitch black; the ticking sound of a clock could be heard with the pitter patter of the rain hitting window panes. Lightening lit up the sky and gave a blue haze to the room. It was a bedroom, but the flash so quick there was no telling who it was. For the split second the skies fireworks lit the room we could see a bed with its residents laying still, and an empty chair just across the bed closer to the double glass doors leading to the balcony. Pitch black took over again leaving nothing more but the familiar sound of the ticking clock, the noises of life - the noises that you take for granted until their gone. Thunder rolls through the night and followed by two strikes of lightening. The room lit up once more, but this time by the black doors there was a figure - and what looked to be another figure moving quietly in the darkness.. ..And again the darkness took over as the rain slapped the glass doors. Moments passed and there was a sound of the people in the bed as they stirred around under the sheets, and then it ceased. Lightening flashed in the distance once again giving the glow inside of the room.. The figures were still there, one now in the chair and the other leaned up against a the wall. Thunder shook the house as the room went black once more; the person in the sheets moved around in the bed once more and coughed.. He was awake. The sound of sheets being tossed back could be heard and a soft thudding on the floor as the person got out of bed..

Footsteps could be heard as the man moved away from the bed, there was a squeak of a door closing and a light came on as the bathroom door shut.. We could see the back of the man, ..and he seemed familiar. The sound of urine could be heard beyond the bathroom door then followed by a flush. The light gazing out from the bathroom door sank back into the darkness and the squeak of the door came again as it was opened. Lightening flashed in the sky once more and we could see the man - his eyes were as big as dinner plates as he had seen the figures sitting in his bedroom. He wore nothing but his boxers and we knew this man, it was Tristan Bale. He didn’t know who these men in his room were, he clinched his fists ready for a fight. Ready to protect his pregnant wife and unborn child. His eyes adjusted to the darkness as he saw the figures move, Tristan never took his eyes off the figures as he reached down beside the bed and flicked on the lamp. As the sudden light blinded everyone in the room, Bale lunged at one of the men - He heard Nicole scream - His eyes adjusted as he lunged at his attacker; he tried to stop himself but it was too late, He put an uppercut to Jaymz' jaw just before Sin grabbed him and pulled him back. Fury erupted in Bales face, Nicole was sitting up in bed - her face as pale as the sheets. Bale jerked away from Sin and stood there looking at both men, his adrenaline was pumping and he was ready to kill someone.

"What in the fuck are you two doin in my house!!???" Bales face was turning red. He looked at Jaymz and Sin who were both soaking wet from the rain
"I thought we were always welcome here?" Jaymz said with a sarcastic tone
"Not in the middle of the fuckin night - and damn sure not in my bedroom with Nicole in here"
Sin had been leaning up against the wall never looking at Bale but looking at the floor, "One down...Several more to go..."
Bale had a confused look on his face and looked over at Jaymz who motioned over at Nicole who was paying attention to every word, "Guys, uuh..Why don’t you go downstairs - I'll be there in a minute".
Bale watched the two men leave muddy wet footprints on his white carpet as they exited the room..He shook his head at this and looked back at Nicole
"Tristan how did those guys get in here??" Her face was still pale, Tristan went and sat next to her in the bed with his arm around her
"You know you don’t gotta worry about these guys Nicole, Sins with us and you’ve known Jaymz for years"
Nicole only shook her head, "It's not that Tristan ..If they can come in - Im certain that someone else could to..Someone who means harm"
Tristan narrowed his eyes and had a serious look on his face, "Like who??"
"well..nobody in particular, ..Im just concerned..
"baby, you don’t gotta worry about nothin. This Sin guy is sneaky and you know Jaymz can get in anywhere he wants to..Whos better than those two?
"that’s what I thought. You lay down, close your eyes and listen to the rain...I gotta go talk some business and I'll be back in a few minutes" "at this hour?" Nicole disapproved of discussing business at this hour of the morning.

Tristan told her that he wouldn’t be gone to long because they didn’t have that much to talk about. He threw on a black pair of Adidas running pants and an old wrinkled white t-shirt and then leaned back over the bed to kiss Nicole. He smiled at her, turned the light off and closed the door behind him as he left the room. She had managed to calm him down, she was good at doing that type of thing. But when he stepped out of his room and looked downstairs at the living room a little bit of anger came back to him. He didn’t mind that Sin and Jaymz had come to talk business but he didn’t like the fact that they wandered in when they could have knocked on the window to at least let him know they were there. Using the phones was out of question, the FBI had tapped all the phones and talking business was impossible. Tristan walked to the end of the staircase and looked out the front window before going down...Yup, there was still a van sitting across the street and he knew they would be there for several days. Tristan went down the stairs and into the living room where Jaymz and Sin were sitting. Sin had nodded his head at something that Jaymz had said - but Tristan missed it. Jaymz had turned the TV on, it was ESPN showing a rerun of the most recent Sportscenter from earlier that evening. None of the other lights were on in the house, Bale didn’t want it to look like something was going on at three twenty-five in the morning. He was sure the agents could see the glow from the TV, but didn’t everyone occasionally get up and watch TV in the middle of the night? Tristan went over to the small bar and pulled out three shot glasses, filled each of them with Grey Goose vodka and walked back to his guests..He handed one of the glasses to Jaymz and the other to Sin. He held his hand out in a "stop" gesture and shook his head. Bale downed Sins drink followed by his own then sat down in his leather recliner.

"So what’s up guys?"
Sin grinned, "I told you..One down, ..several more to go."
"What he means, is..We took out that one agent" Jaymz took a small drink of the vodka "Peterson, or whatever his name was"
Bale shook his head in approval, "..and I guess you two made it look like an accident?"
"You mean like, he accidentally caught on fire?" Sin was enjoying this
"On fire?? ...you made it look like an accident, RIGHT?"
Jaymz shifted around in his chair, "well, uh...ya know. not really"

Bale put his face in his hands and sat there for a moment, he had told these guys they needed it to look like an accident so the FBI didn’t come looking for something else other than Zaslaw. He had a lot of things on his mind with running Zero Tolerance for the time - he now saw what Zaslaw went through and it wasn’t as easy as he first thought.
Jaymz finished off the last of his vodka, "But they wont know what happened, so we don’t have to worry about that...Sin and I got it taken care of"
"Well good, I hope that you did. I've had to move Zaslaw one more time because those fuckers keep getting closer and closer to him...Right now I think that hes ok in his new spot..Im not even going to tell you guys where hes at right now, that will just make it better for all of us. But theres things that we need to work out in order to get him back…but its all just going to take time; and we have plenty of that. ..and Jaymz, you know Zaslaw; hes a patient man so he’s willing to set this out until we can get everything right to bring him back.”

Jaymz shook his head in agreement as Sin stood there listening when he finally spoke, “We have to convince them that hes gone, I know a way we can do that – but I need some time.”

Jaymz and Bale weren’t quite sure what Sin was talking about, but Jaymz looked over at him and saw the evil that resided in his eyes, that burrowed deep down into his soul.. ..Jaymz knew that he could work with this man in and out of the ring – but it would all come down to trust. ..The last two days he had spent a lot of time with Sin and trusted the man each more by the hour… But Jaymz always held his guard up just in case.

It was then that Bale got up and told them that they could discuss things tomorrow, that they would meet up and come up with a concrete plan. “You guys can stay here tonight if you want, ..just don't turn any lights on”
Jaymz shook his head, “naw – I'm good. ..But hey, whens that house of mine gonna be finished?
“In about two more weeks Jaymz, ..Im sure that you’ve shattered everyone of Vadims nerves.”
“If you don't watch it, I’ll more in here with you and Nicole”
“yeah right Jaymz, Hey Sin did yo— …where the fuck did he go?? Bale looked around the room, none of the doors or windows had been opened
“Hes always fuckin doin that shit Tristan, …I'm still a little weary about him, ..but theres something about him, …it reminds me of myself…”

Tristan didn't reply, he stood there with his own thoughts on Sin before he finally snapped out of it and told Jaymz that he was going back to bed.. He unlocked the back door and once again told Jaymz that he could stay but if not, to use the back door. Jaymz watched Tristan go up the stairs before he walked out the backdoor and into the rain. He pulled the collar up on his coat and peered over the fence, all clear. He jumped over the fence, lowered his head and put his hands in his pockets as he walked down the streets

My opponents seem to think that Sin and I need to be all over TV, but they don't need to be concerned If and When we decide to air promos; because at this point it should be the farthest thing on their minds when it comes to this match. Erick and Fitzgerald need to be more concerned with their health going into this match; more concerned with the fact that losing is the only option that they will have in this match. I was always under the impression that the GWA didn't allow children to wrestle but as I watch the promos that Erick has been airing I can see they have lowered their standards when it comes to signing talent. I couldn't help but wonder if this man, eh-uh..child had an education over the third grade level? That, or does he go to Childrens Hospitals and have then write the script for his promos? I dunno about that, if he was letting the sick kids write his scripts it would be something worth watching. I went back the other day and watched the matches that our opponents have been in and watched their moves, ..and I wanted to shoot myself. These guys are nothing but a joke and a disgrace to the GWA and their almost a waste of our time and effort. But I guess that Fitzgerald and Erick should be privileged to even step into the ring with us; its not everyday that people off the street get to step into the ring with some of wrestling’s finest. Ya know, I don't really understand these promos that Erik throws out across TV, it seems to be all incoherent babble about peoples faces and the way they talk?

I don't know what he was talking about most of the time, Erick runs around like the Tazmanian Devil ..pining signs to peoples backs and screaming for hamburgers. Does he really expect people to come out here and take him seriously? Does Erick really think that people see him as a threat in a match? ..Im not sure what world this kid is living in, but his way of thinking is all fuckin skewed when it comes to stepping into the ring. ..I mean, he came out here and made fun of my face? I really hope that isnt the best that he has, I assumed he would come out here and tell us all how they were going to win the match and the easiest way to do it.. Has anyone ever noticed how many times Erick talked about AIDS, or HIV in his promos? ..Im becoming a little concerned that he might be trying to hint something for us – I'm thinking that he should possibly be tested for STD’s before we get into the ring with this child. Ive got an AID’s ridden face and Sin is “scrawny” because he has HIV and all that other stupid shit that, this guy worries about all this and cant focus on his match? I'm not even sure that focusing on the match is going to help these two this week when they get their first taste of Zero Tolerance. Erick runs around here like hes someone in the GWA yet he cant hardly buy a win but they think they can step into the ring with Zero Tolerance and win? Then we have this Fitzgerald who claims that he came down with …stagefright? ..are you kidding me?

A wrestler that suffered from stagefright!? Tell me Fitzgerald, if you had stage fright then, are you gonna piss your fuckin pants when you come to the ring this week? Will you even make it down the ramp with your partner just to get your ass kicked in a matter of minutes? But what I don't understand is that you talk about being a 6’6” Monster, ..oh yeah? The Monster that had stage fright? The snarling beast that came out from backstage only to tuck his tail and run? You want us to fear this “monster” yet you tell us your scared to come to the ring? I'm not real clear on what your thinkin there Fitz, its like your telling us two different things at the same time and don't you see that? Oh, and do you really think that I'm going to be scared of you just because your 6’6”? Well I'm taller than you are and outweigh you by fifty pounds almost; but you want to come out here and call us a twerps? You two just need to sit back and watch your own promos and see the ridicules things that the two of you say. Fitzgerald, you don't have to worry about is overlooking you – because really, like Ive told you already, Ive watched your matches and I don't see anything that impresses me or makes me shake with fear and think “oh my God, Fitzgerald and Erick actually have a chance at winning this match” ..There isnt one thing that crosses my mind that thinks we are going to lose. ..True, I don't know Sin very well but if Tristan says that this man is Zero Tolerance material; then hes a damn good wrestler.

You two want to sit around here with your weak attempts to piss me off, but I don't go for that and I laugh when you two air promos. ..See, you two don't really have a clue as to what were all about or what we in Zero Tolerance can do.. You two claim that you would like a chance to step into the ring with Sin and myself, ..but I don't think that the two of you understand what we can do. That's fine though, you want to say that I have “pimples on my face” when that is nothing more than a lie… You two think this is going to be all fun and games, thinking that your going to come into the ring and have a good time. The two of you think that your going to be high-fiving one another after this match. But you two are in more trouble than you realize.. You two don't know of the evil that runs through my veins, you don't know what Ive done to random, innocent people while I was in the military. …Those are things that you don't want to know, those are things that would cause you to stay awake at night… you two need to take a look at what you have standing before you this week at Anarchy, ..Were the reason you come outside at night when you hear the dogs barkin; and were the reason that you go to sleep with the motha fuckin lights on. For Fitzgerald to come out here and say that we aren’t committed to this match is just another thing that our opponents are wrong about. They should know that I'm committed to every match – that I don't accept losing two weeks in a row and that we strive to get better. I guess they didn't take these notes but I cant say that im surprised. But I guess at Anarchy, which is only a few short days away – they will find out just how wrong they really are.