The Past pt3

Jaymz stood there and watched as the man wearing a suit finished drilling a hole in Vadims house, he threw some rolls of wire inside and connect the security camera to the other end then putting it in the hole and sealing it in. He did a good job of hiding it, Jaymz thought, he would never have seen it if he didn’t know that it was there. The man then got down and walked around to the front of the house to go inside the attic and hook up the wires. It was then that he backdoor opened up and Vadim walked out, behind him was Chuck and Tony - the two massive body guards. Vadim had a really irritated look on his face, he plopped down in one of the chairs on he back deck, not caring that it was still wet from the rain that had now stopped. It was cooler now as the wind had picked up with a cool breeze from the newly fallen rain. Chuck and Tony followed Vadim out of the house and stood there by the door with their hands in front of them. They never moved and never said a word, only stood there doing their jobs. Vadim looked over at Jaymz and took his glasses off,
"This is insane Jaymz, tell these men to leave and quit fuckin with my house!!"
Jaymz nodded at Chuck and Tony, they went inside the house and closed the door, "..Im Sorry Vadim but Im only lookin out for ya man."
Pissed, he slammed his hand down on the table, "NO! Im not some fuckin child, Im not a senile old man who has to have his diapers changed. ...I cant believe you did this to me Jaymz.."
Now it was Jaymz who was getting irritated and started raising his voice, "Goddamnit Vadim!! I don’t want to see you fuckin DEAD! Do you understand that!!?? My kids are gone, my wife is dead - Zaslaw is in jail prolly forever and you damn near got killed... Tristan, J and yourself are like my family and you know that.."
Vadim looked awkwardly at Jaymz, "oh so now your a good guy?"

"what?? A good guy? Im a good guy because I need something to hold on to!? Fuck that, you know better than that...I want the world dead at my feet. I want to walk back into that prison and have those guards bow down at my feet as I free Zaslaw. I want to walk in the blood rain, knee deep in severed body parts and watch the wind blow the intestines hung in the trees like streamers. ...but the protection of my family is important." Jaymz stood up and his hands were shaking as they were balled into fists. His mouth was closed and he breathed out of his nose and sounded like a bull ready to charge. Then something happened, his eyes seemed to change colors and suddenly the wind stopped. His eyes seemed to turn almost black and Vadims tea glass shattered instantly, the leaves from the nearest tree began to fall to the ground and not one remained.. Vadims mouth went slack

"settle down Paul Bunyan."
Jaymz spun around instantly, it was Crazy J. "Now Vadim, why did you go off and do that? ..Look, Jaymz ruined your best tree"
"I don’t care J, I want you to get these men the hell off my property"
J just shook his head, "nope. Cant do that. Like I told you, you’ve already paid for it."
Vadim stood up from the table, "and that’s bullshit too! Im paying for security that I don’t even want!?"
Jaymz' eyes had cleared up and he sat back down moments ago, "Look, ..I'll pay you back on that and I'll take care of it. Im makin more money in the GWA, plus a percentage of the accounts I bring into ZT Security.
Vadim didn’t care, he got up and stormed back into the house, J and Jaymz just sat there for a while in silence before J spoke, "Who’s going to be left after we destroy these two guys this week?"
"Nobody. The GWA will have to start putting random teams together to take us out, ..these two just cant cut it..and I refuse to call them 'Glimpse of Reality' because to me their just two guys wanting our gold"
J was lookin up at the tree that all the leaves had fallen off of, "yeah and Harper cant accept the fact that his partner just inst a good wrestler and 'were going to see a tag team like we’ve never seen before' haha"
Jaymz smirked as well, "Yeah and my shit smells like roses."
''..I dunno, I was in Vadims bathroom a minute ago and someone took a shit and sprayed that flowery Lysol stuff..eh, it don’t help..It just smells like someone shit in a flower basket."
"well, its kinda like Harper and Adams - they just want to cover up the shit they are.. They want to be out at their 'cottage' relaxing, trying to get everyone to believe they can win this match - and all their doin is tryin to hide their true lack of talent and skill.

J then went inside the house when he heard someone yelling and Jaymz followed him as well. They walked into the house and Vadim was screaming at Chuck and Tony. They were in the kitchen and Tony had pulled Vadim back by the arm and he was trying to resist, Chuck was looking at something on the counter when Crazy J burst in, "What the hell is going on in here!!??"
Chuck straighten up and looked directly back at Crazy J, "sir, I was just checking his food. Making sure that nobody poisoned it..sir."
J looked at the counter and saw two pieces of bread, meat and cheese strung all over the counter with mustard all over it. All the food had chunks taken out of it, Chuck had been eating it.
"Let go of me you asshole!!" Vadim jerked away from Tony "there is nothing wrong with my food! Nobody has been in here since I was attacked damnit!!"
Jaymz came in the room and looked over the situation, "guys..stay out front and be on watch..Leave the man alone - his food is fine because if it wasn’t I would be dead. Ive eaten damn near everything in this house"

"that’s no shit" Vadim said under his breath and walked back off into the living room. Crazy J told Jaymz he was going to have a talk with Chuck and Tony on the Do's and Dont's around Vadims house. Jaymz followed Vadim back in the living room and took his seat back on the couch..He could tell that Vadim was livid - but he didnt really care as he wanted Vadim to finish telling him what he knew about his grandfather.

"Fine. I'll tell you. Even though your being an asshole with all this security stuff. ..Now where was I? ..Oh yeah. Your grandfather gave me around sixty dollars - it was the most money I had ever had and I didn’t really know what to do with it. So I went and bought some clothes, went to the best steakhouse in town and over indulged myself. I was to show up the next morning and that’s what I did. I had all my new clothes on which was a big mistake because he didn’t tell me the day before that I was gonna be chopping some of this meat. I'll tell you, I was terrified of that man... I just knew there was something about the man that was wrong, but then I didn’t really have a clue. My job was simple after the meat was cut, ..I just took peoples money and wrapped their mean for them while he sat in his office and got drunk everyday. The best part of the day was when I got to take that car out of town to go on deliveries. A lot of the farmers who were too busy and their wives didn’t have cars.. I enjoyed the job, I got paid more than most people in town did and I bought a small house within walking distance from work, ..Slav let me use his other car so I didnt need to buy one and I was able to save up some money.

But in the first few weeks that I worked there I never understood where the meat came from, every morning there would be a new pile of meat in the freezer... Slav stayed late and cut it down to huge chunks and threw it in the freezer, ...but I never knew where it came from - and I didn’t dare ask. I did go to his house and have dinner with them a few times, your grandmother died two years before I met your grandfather so your father and your uncle kept up with the house and farm, it was their job. Your father was a wild kid but your uncle was very intelligent and a genuine good person, I can see why your uncle took you in in later years because its just the kind of person that he was. But I worked there for months and my fear of your grandfather never subsided, ..but there was something. It made your father and uncle move away. I never asked why, but those two moved to Oklahoma and left him in Texas. ..about a year later I had locked up for the night and gone back to my house when I realized that I had forgotten my jacket. It was the jacket that my father gave me and it was all I had left of him so I went back to go get it......

Vadim put on his hat and walked down the street. It was a nice night, the stars lit the sky and there wasn’t a sound that could be heard. He walked up the dead street and turned the corner and he noticed something odd, he had turned the lights off when he left, ..but now they were back on. Maybe he was wrong, maybe he hadn’t turned the lights off and thought that he had. Oh well, his mistake. He walked up to the front door of Slavs Finest Meats and opened the door, he went behind the counter and through the door.. He came to sa stop and his mouth opened wide, what he saw shocked and disgusted him. There was Slav with his yellow teeth, his red drunk eyes and a butcher knife in his hand. There was blood all over the table and his apron. blood ran down his cheeks and chin, he looked over and saw Vadim - Slav just grinned and went back to his work. Vadim started to shake, his stomach turned as he saw what Slav had. He grasped something in hus huge hand and tossed it in the trashcan, ..it was the head of a dog - a big dog. Slav had skinned it and was now chopping it into large portions and tossing it into the freezer, ..Slavs Finest Meats didn’t look so fine any more to Vadim. He backed away to the door and Slav stopped him, ..he told Vadim to take the meat to the freezer..

He didn’t want to but he could see that his man was obviously insane and there wasn’t any point in arguing with him. Vadim looked back over behind the table and saw more animals, ..dogs, cats,coyotes..So this is where all the meat came from, it wasn’t cow’s pigs and chicken it was fuckin animals that weren’t meant to be eaten. Vadim went over to the table and almost threw up, he picked up the meat and took it to the freezer; he opened the large door and went inside and instantly the room was filled with screams because there in the back of the freezer was the Mayor of the town..His eyes were bulging out of his head, his lips were turning blue - it was apparent that he hadn’t been here too long..but there was no meat on his arms, legs and chest...He had been drained of blood, Vadim puked in the freezer and it slid all across the cold floor. Slav came running over and Vadim backed off into the freezer, this was a huge mistake as Slav could lock him in and there wouldn’t be a damn thing he could do about it. Slav told him to step out of the freezer and clean the puke up, couldn’t sell the meat with that nasty smell - Slav said. It was then that Vadim saw that Slav wasn’t going to hurt him, it was like he always said - he considered Vadim like family. Vadim went to grab the mop and started to clean up the vomit when Slav spoke to him again,
"Vadim, you didn’t really think we used real beef and pork in here did ya?"
"I-I-I ..uh yeah, ..I-I did t-t-thought it was meat"
Slav let out several huge belly laughs, "Its all meat! You just never asked where it came from. But I'll tell ya somethin, ol' Tyler Jennins' who you’ve been taken meat to..He once told me I had the best beef he'd ever eaten, ...that dumb sumbitch - he didn’t know beef from the meat off of my wife's ass!"

Vadim almost became sick again, Slav's wife hadn’t died and been buried - he fuckin cut her up and sold her. Fear rose in his mind, this beastly man who stood almost seven foot tall and carried too much weight on his frame could and possibly would - squash him like a bug. He continued to wipe up the puke when they heard the chimes on the door, Slav moved with a quickness that Vadim had never seen from him.. He threw the animal parts to the side and started to clean up some of the other dead animals in the corner and looked over at Vadim who was terrified.. Slav was about to tell him to close the freezer door when the door into the room opened up and there stood the chief of Police. He wasn't in his uniform but he always carried his gun with him. He had a smile on his face as he walked in and said Hi to Slav, ..Slav was nervous but they were good friends and the Chief could sense that something was wrong. He walked over to Vadim who was cleaning the puke by the freezer; Vadim saw him coming and instantly closed the door..The chief squinted his eyes as he saw how pale Vadim was and the fact that he had vomit running down his shirt. The chief wanted to see what was in the freezer; he wasn't stupid - they were hiding something and he knew it.
“Hey Slav, whatcha got in here for tomorrow!?” He opened the door and gasped, “M-Mayor Joh-“
That was as far as he got as Slav came up behind him and slammed the butcher knife in his head, he fell into the freezer his head squirting blood like a fountain. Slav shoved Vadim out of the way and slammed the door shut. He walked over to Vadim – who backed himself into the corner. Slav put his hand around his neck and spoke in a low voice:
“If you ever…tell anyone…You’ll be in there with em. Understand?” Vadim nodded. “Now Vadim, I expect you to walk straight home and go to sleep. You’ll be here in the morning and we have work to do.

Vadim shook his head numerous time, “Y-yes..I gotcha.” Vadim slipped away from Slav, grabbed his jacket that he came back here for in the first place and went home. He sat there for hours not knowing what to do, shaking and sweating. He couldn't be a part of this, it just wasn't in him. He had an idea, he knew that Slavs two kids moved to Oklahoma – he wasn't sure where but neither was Slav, so he had no choice. As the sun was about to come over the horizon Vadim left his house and walked over to Slavs Finest Meats and looked around. All the lights were off and Slav’s car was gone, but the one that Vadim got to use for deliveries was still there. He jumped inside, pulled the key out from under the seat and pulled out of the parking lot. He knew what he had to do. Vadim went to the police station and walked inside. The three officers were standing around wondering where the chief was. None of these guys were close friends with Slav, and none of them really cared for him either.. But they knew Vadim as the “shy kid”..They could see that he was shaken and something was wrong. Vadim told them what had happened and at first they didn't believe him but Vadim told them to go look in the freezer and that the back door was probably unlocked. They asked him to stay at the station while they checked it out; he told them that he would and they took off. Vadim went back outside and got into the car, he saw headlights coming up from behind him and turn the corner..He looked back, it was Slav. He sat in the car for a minute shaking in fear when he heard gunshots ring out, he seemed to snap back in reality and turned the key in the ignition and he left Long View, Texas. His next destination: Noble, Oklahoma.

Jaymz and Vadim sat there and neither one of them said anything for the longest time before Vadim told him that he had old newspaper clippings if he would like to see them.. Said that his grandfather killed, slaughtered and sold more people than Vadim had known about. Jaymz never said a word, he simply got up from the couch and walked out the front door. Crazy J was directing the men on where to put the cameras and everything else. Jaymz took a seat on the bench swing on the front porch

Self-entitlement. Some people have a feeling of that, as if they were placed on this Earth to receive something, ..like its suppose to be given to them under any circumstance. I don't know what makes people have this sense of self-entitlement when they have done nothing on a grand scale to prove themselves worthy of the achievement that they desire. Does being part of a certain faction entitle you to definite things? Does pouting like a small child entitle you to the things you desire? This is the feeling that I'm getting from our two opponents this week. They speak of this match as if they have it won, sure they say “it’ll be a tough match” but then they go on to different stuff and make statements such as they deserve these Titles; that they are basically entitled to them. I'm not sure where they come up with this stuff, I mean hell, were not even entitled to the Belts that we have. We worked our way up the Tag ranks telling everyone they had better watch out, something was coming that they werent prepared for ..and we took those titles. Our opponents tell us they have been training all their lives for these titles; and if that's the case then this is on the top of their accomplishment list. To me, that's a bit sad. But don't get me wrong, this is an achievement to us as well ..but we didn't train our whole lives for this – hell we hardly ‘train’ at all. But these Tag belts we take pride in them, we respect the words “World Tag Champions” inscribed in the gold. But these belts, these are just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, we don't have just one certain thing that we would like to complete in our careers like our opponents do. They will lie and tell you they have more on their list as well, ..but when you train your whole life for one match – like they claim- then it has to be your number one goal. I'm sorry that they think that way, you see..were Zero Tolerance and we don't have a “number one goal” and a “number two goal” ..It just doesn’t work that way we have Goal 1.a and Goal 1.b. That's how we work, everything is equal in importance but things just come at different times and we take whats given to us..We sit back and we watch, we pace ourselves and pick the right time to take things. Our opponents on the other hand wanted to be in the spotlight, they attacked us for the world to see how cowardly they are. They don't know how to take things as they come because they want everything NOW.. However, they don't have any patience and in the end its going to get the best of them. Had they had patience they would have seen that this isnt the time for them, this isnt the moment in time for them to become the Tag Team Champions. Are they a good team? Yes. And are they are great team? No, their not. For them to say that they can defeat the Greatest of all time is a slap in our faces. Its disrespect for the Champions, its disrespect for the fact that we worked our way up through the ranks and defeated the champions. I hate Goth and Fang but I respected them as the Champions.

They proved themselves as the best in the GWA before we got here. I knew that we could beat them and so did J. We talked a lot of shit but at the end of the day they got respect from us. You disrespect a Champion and you don't know what its like to be a champion – thinking the way that those two do isnt going to win them ant Tag gold this upcoming week. But Ive often wondered this week that if they’ve been training their whole lives for this match; how long is the fall going to be when one of them gets pinned and we remain undefeated Tag Champions. I look at our titles and I see the GWA represented on them, and that's fine. But J and I, we've talked about renaming these titles – and don't give me any bullshit because we can call them what we like. When we destroy Harper and Adams we will have taken out every Tag Team in the GWA that's worthy of being in a match with us and that's when we call them the Zero Tolerance World Tag Team Titles. You can call them what you like, management will still call them the GWA’s and that's fine but everyone can see the dominance and the deathgrip that we have on these belts. We refuse to let go of them and give them to other non-worthy opponents. Challengers, that's what they are and that's all they will ever be. We look forward to this match, we want the world to see Harper and Adams are everything that we know their not. They have the public fooled into believing that their something great, that they can beat Zero Tolerance and win the Tag Team Titles.

Arrogant, cocky and in love with the spotlight - those are their greatest attributes.. Not their speed, endurance, power…none of those things. Those are the things that we possess and those are the things that make us the Greatest Tag team of all time. What surprises me is that Harper claims that Crazy J isnt good enough to brag, ya know, that's funny coming from a guy who has the …uh, oh wait. He doesn’t have a belt does he? Let me school you on a little bit of my tag history… Before I met Crazy J I had a tag Team partner named Shattered Dreams, ..we lost matches..I got pinned, she got pinned. I tagged with the Crow, arguably one of the greatest singles wrestlers ever, ..and we lost matches. Then, there was Crazy J. Crazy J and I teamed up and from that day we have never lost a match…So Harper, for you to say that I carry the load in this team is erroneous, not true, completely false. If I carried the load how come me and my past tag partners lost matches? Explain that to me Harper. I don't think that you can, you run your mouth about things that you don't know about and your only making a fool of yourself. If you know nothing about the subject that your speaking of, its prolly better that you leave it alone so you don't make even more of a jackass of yourself. But speaking of carrying the load, werent you the one saying that your partner is a little down? That his self-confidence is a little low and hes not having the best outcome in his matches as of late?

…Wouldn’t that make you carrying the load in this match? You need to look in your own backyard before you look over in ours, …but the grass is a little greener over here isnt it? You know that I don't carry the load in this match its just another attempt for the public to downgrade us and think that you two are the best there is. Oh, I do want to correct you on one thing you said, “I cant be gay – I have a girlfriend” well, uuhh Harper, ..Elton John had girlfriends to, soooo…. Anyway, that's besides the point. You know, Ive wondered why Adams calls himself, “Franchise” a name that I wont be calling him any time soon. Franchise of what? What has he done in the GWA that would consider him the “franchise?” I look at his three and seven record and I don't see anything impressive so he sure isnt the Franchise of Singles Competition. Ive seen the Tag Titles History and I don't see the “Franchise” on there anywhere.. So um, I don't think that hes the Franchise of Tag competition either? ..Is the Franchise of Revolution? ..because honestly – and you know this to Harper – theres better talent around him in that faction. For him to be running around here calling himself the Franchise is an incorrect statement, a lie to be exact. That would be like me running around here saying that Im a ‘jobber’ or a ‘wannabe wrestler.’ You see, you just don't go around here saying things that aren’t true, …I think a name change is in order for Adams, like I dunno say: Harpers Bitch?

That sounds a little better to me. Don't get to excited Harper, you seem to think that one of us cant send you to the hospital because “The Franchise” has your back…Well tell me something Harper, didn't Adams have Manias back to a week or so ago? Yeah he did, so for you to think that we cant send you to the hospital is dumb. It shows me that you ignore the basic facts, you want to forget that your boy was there when Mania went down and J ended his career. So what makes you think that he could save you when he couldn’t save Mania? Did you somehow forget about that? I thought that you had the public blind, but Ive come to see that you have yourself blinded to. You know Harper, if you want to come into the ring and look me into the eye, then you better get a stool, son. You can tell me that you don't fear us, but I'm not buying that and neither is J nor Tristan. One thing that you said doesn’t quite make sense Harper…You say that you don't want to be like me? You don't want to look like me? No, I don't want you to look like me either because theres only one Jaymz. …but you don't want to be like me? You’ve come out here all week saying that you wanted to be a Tag Team Champion….like me. So you don't really want these belts at all? ..You don't want to be like me and the last time I checked J and I hold these Tag Team Belts.. You may not want to be like us, but its not a matter of what you want - you guys cant be like us because there is one thing that separates us, were Champions.