The scene opens up on a clear night just outside of Detroit along a highway, the traffic was bare as the night wore on and most were sleeping. A black Tahoe pulled off of exit 258 and turned right and into a gas station parking lot. The lit up sign on the roof read "Pump and Eats." It was a shabby little gas station, the building was small and the white siding was peeling away. There were only two gas pumps that were so old they had the rolling numbers, not the digital ones. A Budweiser neon sign flickered on and off in the window. The headlights of the Tahoe shut off and both doors opened up. Jaymz and Crazy J stepped out and made their way to the door. They both wore the white t-shirts that said "ZT security" written in Magic marker. Crazy J had a manila folder in his hand and said something to Jaymz as they entered the store. The bells on the door chimed as the two men entered and looked around. Crazy J started to walk over to the front counter, it was surrounded in glass as the man was terrified that something would happen to him on the job. He sat with his back to the counter watching something on a small TV. He turned his head and looked at the men, he was a Chinese man that looked to be around forty..He was watching an old Spaghetti Western on the small TV that he didnít really seem to much interested in.. He had a crossword puzzle book that he sat down, he got up and came up to the glass as J and Jaymz stood there waiting for him to say something..The chinese man was doing the same thing, he waited for them to speak - to see what they wanted. It was an awkward moment as all three men just stood there looking around. The chinese man finally spoke, he had a thick accent and spoke really fast, he was hard to understand.
"how may help you?"
They both just stood there, they werenít real sure of what he said..Jaymz looked at J who just shrugged his shoulders..The chinese man glared at them, "How...may..ah...help..you???"
They clued in to what he said and Crazy J set the manila folder down on the counter. Jaymz turned around and walked down to the back of the store around the coolers looking for something to drink. The chinese man looked past Crazy J to see what the big man was doing. satisfied, he looked back at J who was just standing there looking at the cardboard cutout of the hot girl holding the Monster can.

"what you need? gas? smokes?"
Crazy J opened up the manila folder and handed him a piece of paper that had been written in pencil. It said "Zero Tolerance security LLC" and some other writing that was small and hard to read. He passed the paper to the chinese man through the slot in the counter. He picked it up, looked at it..A look came over his face like he had just smelt a fart. Crazy J didnít like that, he could tell the man wasnít impressed with the professional flyer that he had made up and that kinda pissed him off. "da fuck is this?"
" Well sir, Im Mr. Safety and--"
The chinese man cut him off, "No you not. You Crazy J. I see you on television, my son, ..he watch that trash"
"trash..?" Crazy J clinched his fist that he had down by his waist, ..he wasnít happy with that. "whatever. Im here to offer you security, we offer the best that there is."
The man laughed it off, crumpled the piece of paper and tossed it in the trashcan. "I donít need security, ..what you think this is? a bank?
"Well, as I have lived here all my life..I know this place and the people around here. True, threes lots of good people but we have our share of bad ones."
The man started to look irrigated, "Like I tell you, ..I need no security. Donít you see this glass??? Nobody harm me in here!"
"Yeah..looks like your in a fuckin cage" Crazy J smirked, "can I feed the animals"
"Oh, you think you a funny man"

"no, its not that at all. Im here to offer you security. Im sure at one point and time you have been robbed...Like I said, Im Mr. Safety - but you can still call me Crazy J if you like"
"Did you no hear me?? I have this glass, I need no security."
Crazy J held his arms out and looked around the store, "no? ..Then tell me, what happens if someone comes in here and steals all your chips? your candy? or all your beer? ...what are you going to do about that?" "it never happened before" He had never thought about that before, it had never happened - but there was nothing he could to about it if it did. "but I will call the police!"
Crazy J's mouth opened in shock, "The Police!?" He laughed at this, "Do you think the police are going to give a fuck about some beer?? They donít care about your little store. They would care if some asshole stuck a gun in your face and took your money..then they would care! ..There would be a car chase, it would be on TV and they would look like heros..they love that shit"

"Listen, if you not buy anything - I have to ask you leave..so go!"
Crazy J shook his head, "No, ..I think you have a problem. Guys like him." Crazy J motioned over to Jaymz who was still looking around at the cooler. "What are you going to do if someone like him comes in your store?

Jaymz looked over at Crazy J and a sick grin came over his face. Jaymz placed both hands on the first door of the cooler, he reared his head back and slammed it into the glass. There was a loud thud and the glass cracked. He did it again, over and over until the door was nothing but cracked glass. Jaymz, who now had blood covering his face, looked back at Crazy J. The chinese man screamed at J to tell his friend to stop, that he was going to call the police. Jaymz went over to the next cooler door and did the same thing - blood splattered across the glass as it cracked. Jaymz stepped back and went over to the third door as the chinese man beat on his own glass screaming at Jaymz to stop. He looked over at Crazy J and pleaded with him

"please..tell him stop!!!
J looked unconcerned, "well, ..I told you. People like him are all over the place, ..I think you need the security"
"But he your friend!!"
"It doesnít fuckin matter if heís my friend, I can guarantee you that this will happen again. Listen to me, ..you..want..the..security..dont you?"
The chinese man sighed, "no..I call the police!"
"You call the fuckin police and nobody will ever see you again, ..my friend will make sure of that"

Jaymz beat in the third door with his head, he pulled his shirt up and wiped the blood from his face..dropplets formed again instantly as he walked back to the counter. The man was now frightened, his hands were shaking and J noticed this. Jaymz leaned up over the counter, his face was inches away from the glass and the chinese man stepped back, he lowered his head and Crazy J pulled another piece of paper from the manila folder
" Listen, we'll pay for the damages to your glass over there...we donít want unsatisfied customers do we? ..all you have to do is sign this contract and we'll be on our way." Crazy J slipped the paper through the slot and the man looked it over.
"five hundred dollars?? A month?? ..I donít, ..I donít know if I can pay that..
Crazy J smiled, "sure you can. We'll cut ya a break here and there, ..Im Mr. Safety, not Mr. Im Taking All Your Money."
The man pulled a men out from his cup and signed his name, the deal was done and he passed the paper back to Crazy J...Jaymz' bleeding had finally slowed down as he kept wiping it away with his now red shirt. J put the paper back in the manila folder and pulled some money out of his pocket and began to count it. "How much you think is going to cover those glass doors?"

"I donít know...those are expensive..it cost you alot" The man was waiting to be well paid for his broken glass.
Crazy J kept counting his money, "ok..ok..I understand. ..whats your name anyway?
"Bo Jin and I am the owner of this store...when my security be here!!??"
Jaymz looked up at Jin, "settle down Bo Jangles, it'll be here when it gets here."
Crazy J slapped some money down in the slot and the two men started to leave, Jin picked up the money..He had a disgusted look on his face as he counted the money, "Forty dollars??? fuck that!! that glass cost more!!"
Crazy J spun around and slapped his hands on the glass, Jin jumped back..."Listen asshole, I told you we would cut you a break..You wont have to pay five-hundred this month...so shut up and go back to doing your crossword puzzles again." The two turned back around and walked out, they got into the Tahoe and pulled out of the parking lot.

Thanks to Crazy J over here, Zero Tolerance has come across some money..We needed these extra little finances to keep things rolling.. Weve had alot of bills and debts to pay and because were just getting started back in the wrestling business we donít have any money to sit on...All that will be no worries in a few weeks when we get a few more matches under our belt and more companies that we can get secured by Zero Tolerance LLC. The start is slow but the face of the GWA is changing, when we came here people didnít think of us as a force and they refused to see us as one. I donít know what all was happening in the GWA before we got here, ..we knew of some things - heard a few rumors. But we watched the matches and we saw the people that we could handle easily and the wrestlers that would give us a challenge. He have several goals and two of them have been reached. Crazy J and I have taken hold of the World Tag Titles and Vindication has fallen to Zero Tolerance in only a short time; but the list of things that we have to accomplish is long, but we have the time - we have the skill and the desire to get the job done. The Tag Titles were just the first of the gold that we will be taking from the GWA and it wont be long before Tristan gets his chance at a title as well...We cant be held down, nobody can do that...We may lose a match here and there but the matches that we win make up for those very few mistakes that we make. Zero Tolerance came out at of Iraq undefeated and brought home our first Gold and anyone who thinks we cant accomplish more is blind. Were focused on the future of Zero Tolerance and what the best for us is.

one by one the members of the GWA will fall, as they have been..and that wont stop; we wont call it Quits and bow down to anyone. Epically not these fools Metamania and Brett Adams. But Im beginning to wonder where these guys are, neither of them have shown their faces around here this week...but I cant say that I blame them, they simply donít have the talent or the skills to take down Zero Tolerance. I figured that Mania would come out here telling the world how great he is just because he collected the win over me a few weeks back...But I think that Mania knows the truth and heís hiding in fear of having to face the two members who make up the worlds greatest Tag Team. Im sure heís sitting at home, whining and bitching that he has to face us this week..A match that he didnít want because he hates to lose, denies the fact that there are people out there who are better than him. I hope that heís training hard this week, that heís testing his body's limits for this match; getting prepared for the beating that he and Adams have on the horizon. Mania, nobody cares that you have held the Global Title, ..your time was short and that showed us that you were a weak champion. A man not worthy of that belt, or any belt for that matter. Coming into this ring thinking that you can Adams can beat us just because of a past Title held means nothing...How many times have the two of you been World Tag Champs? ..Im willing to bet that you havenít. You donít know what its like to be part of the best Tag Team of all time, ..you donít know what its like to win World Tag Gold and never let go of it. You donít know what its like stepping into a ring, defending belts over and over and keep coming out on top.

Thatís what J and I have to prove to the GWA, ..wave proven that to everyone in other promotions but we know that nobody here cares about that. You and Adams just get to be the first example even though this isnít a Title match. We have taken down the Dark Enforcers twice and now its time we move on to a fresh kill, ..we got tired of beating that dead body the second time around and Im itchin to take down someone new and be on our way to destroying Revolution just as we did Vindication. And what can you two do about it? ..nothing. There isnít a damn thing that either of you can do. This is our match, this is our time and we will collect our victory. Now Mania can pretend that heís a kid again and go wrestle imaginary people in his backyard - which I imagine thatís what heís doing right about now, trying to build his confidence for this match to come. But when Anarchy rolls around, this isnít going to be some imaginary match, this isnít a match where he can beat that Tadashii guy, ..or whoever the fuck that worthless Global Champion was. Crazy J and I bring all business to the ring and we donít mess around, ..but I think that the GWA knows this by now. Mania wants to have a real fight with me he says? So the battle that we had the first time didnít classify as a "real fight?" ..actually, i guess not. I was kickin his ass when that loser Tony Jackson came to the ring and fucked up my win. Deny it all that you want Mania, deny that I was winning that match like you did all last week in your promos...you donít want to accept that I had slammed you down with the Silence and that it was all over with for you. What makes you think that you could have kicked out from the Silence?

You wouldnít have; you were beat..you were tired and the match was over. Thatís all there is to it Mania and I can tell you that nothing is going to change this time around either except for one thing, Crazy J and I get to not only beat you - but we get that loser Adams in the match as well. You know that I donít think highly of you Mania and I think even less of your friend who attacked us backstage... But where has he been since that day...Did he have time to go home and think about the mistake that he was making? Did he decide to take a little vacation instead of training for this match?? You two have been so quiet this week and isnít it kind of strange for a "crowd favorite" to not show is face around here? I thought of you two higher than that, no..not your wrestling skills - but the fact that you would have been out here running your mouths. But thatís fine, our talking is done in the ring, our house..our domain. Both of you need to be ready, ..because once it hits Zero..Its to late.