Its Coming

The scene opens up on a clear night just outside of the large house that Truman purchased for the members of Zero Tolerance. He assumed that if he bought them something that they would cooperate with him a little more. The night is cool as summer ends and fall approaches, a slight breeze puts a little chill into the air making it feel later in the year than it really is. The cameraman pans around the house and the surrounding areas, there is no movement of anything living.. He pans to the house and makes his way to the front porch. He has been here several times before and hes one of the official Zero Tolerance cameramen, so he knows that he can enter without having to knock. He makes his way up the steps and opens the door. The room is dark, and appears that nobody is here. He freezes in his tracks as goosebumps form on his arms. He knows that hes suppost to be here to film Jaymz' current promo, and he admits that the huge man freaks him out. A sounds comes from the left side, farther back into the house. Refusing to take a step until he can see what in the hell is going on, he gropes for the light switch and flicks it on. Instantly the room fills with light from the bulbs above and everything in the room can be seen clearly. The cameraman gasps as soon as the darkness disappears, standing before him is Jaymz. Jaymz is only wearing a black pair of baggy pants, pockets running up and down each leg. All we can see is his torso due to his height and the lack of it from the cameraman.

Jaymz torso slowly moves in and out with the shallow breaths that he took, the cameraman now frightened takes a step back into the closed door and pans up to the face of Jaymz..His hair had been cut recently, stubble grew on his face making it look wider than it really was. The scars that covered his face left shades of pink, the skin stretched and slightly wrinkled as the body healed itself over time. The longest scar ran behind his left ear, slanted down across his neck and down to his collar bone. Jaymz' eyes were empty, there was no emotion in there whatsoever as he stared right into the camera. He then turned his back to the camera, then walked across main room and around the corner. The house was dead silent and it appeared that there was nobody here except for this large man. The cameraman took off after him and turned the corner. Jaymz was already halfway down the large hall as he tried to keep up. The hallway was empty for the first half but the farther we get we notice that there is a door on the right, still following Jaymz the cameraman takes a quick glance at the door. It was a thick wood door, still shining with the new wood finishing on it... He paned back down the hallway, halfway down there was a window looking out to the west to the clearing below. Beyond that, trim from doorways appeared into our view. There were two doors on both side of the hallway, the first two doors were directly across from each other and Jaymz walked right past them..Again, the cameraman made sure to glance at both doors; the one on the left read "Tristan Bale."

On the right "Crazy J" both in a gold plaque with the name in blue letters. The cameraman nearly had to run to catch up to Jaymz as the next set of doors were spaced far apart. Jaymz turned to the left and opened the door with the plaque reading "Jaymz", on the opposite side of the hall the other door read "Truman." …he somehow thought that he was part of Zero Tolerance these days All five of these rooms had to be huge because of the spacing between the doors, and that was true as Jaymz opened his door. For those who have followed Jaymz throughout his career the inside of the room came as no surprise. There were no bright lights hanging from the ceiling, a desk with pictures of the kids and wife, no windows, no carpet. This is who Jaymz is and this is how he chooses to live his life. Most people don't understand the man, confused by the things that he does and in disbelief at his actions. He bleeds the black blood of evil and he leads a life of a dark path, doing what he chooses and what he feels the Lord of the Underworld would want. A faint blue light spills out of the room and across the hall...The pale light hitting Jaymz in the face gives him an eerie look as those hollow eyes look off into the room. He steps inside and the cameraman follows. The floor is made of black marble, as are the walls. The room was lit by blue flames along each wall, the flames were held inside small fire pits made of stone coming out of the marble. The blue flames danced in a waving motion, but looked more like liquid the closer you looked at it.

There were only two things in the room, there was a large flat screen TV above the door way and on the far side of the room was something that sat off against the back wall. The back of the room was dark, the blue flames coming to an end...Jaymz walked across the room becoming more of a shadow with each step that he took...The cameraman slowly followed him across the room where light gave way...The thing against the back wall was some sort of chair, it was attached to the wall, looking like it was actually a part of it. It reached to the ceiling, the sides and the top were twisted and mangled all around the seat..It was hard to say what it was made of, it was the color of the marble floors and walls but it wasn't shiny. What little light was left still gave the floor and walls a shine but the mangled thing protruding from the wall seemed to suck the light away. He sat down in the chair and for an instant it almost seemed to shift for only a moment...Jaymz lifted his head, the empty brown eyes gone, replaced...by those black ones. The eyes so black that it looks as if your looking into space, a color of black soo deep it would make your eyes do tricks...There is no mistaking the evil that this man is, you can see it in the face and it screams at you. He leans back into the chair and only sits there...Dead silence in the room, but after a few moments he breaks it....

Truman bought us this building, wasn't that nice of him? He seems to think that hes a part of Zero Tolerance these days. Hes not Zero Tolerance and he never will be…He doesn’t have the skill or the mind, ..hell, he cant even wrestle. He wants us to do all these promotions just to get our name out for some reason that I don't understand. Its pointless, everyone knows who we are, especially Goth and his silent partner Fang. This is the week that they are going to lose in Iraq, soldiers will be filling the seats just to see the best in the world get after it in the ring…I respect those men, Ive been in situations like that before so I know what they are going through. Goth and Fang don't…How are they even going to make it out there? They want to hide in the dark and never see the sunlight, ..but what are they going to do in Iraq? ..Thats a little out of their element isnt it? A former soldier fighting in front of thousands of other soldiers? Yeah, I can tell you who they are going to cheer for in this match. Were no crowd favorites and were hated by everyone, but my history is going to be enough to win over this crowd for Crazy J and myself. Its not that we come out here and “claim” that were better wrestlers than Fang and Goth, we are better. Its that simple.. We don't have to act like it or pretend that we are the best, its something that we know – and it’s the way our minds will function as we come into the ring. These two men want to deny who the better athletes are and they can keep on saying those types of things for the next few days

..but it wont be any longer than that – and we’ll make sure that happens. Im kind of confused how they can even claim that in the first place, true, Fang can because he was lucky enough that he didn't have to stand against us in the ring several weeks ago; instead he left a better wrestler than himself to take the fall…Then, Goth fell at my hands. Yet, he still runs around the GWA insisting on telling us how good his is and how there isnt a chance in hell that they can lose this match. Fang and Goth want us to believe that these two titles mean everything to them, but to me it looks like Fang is more worried about his personal health and the longevity of his life…Where is your friend Goth? He seems to be taking his match lightly, yet you cant keep your mouth closed; has he fun off and left you? Is this going to be a two on one match in Iraq? The silence from your partner is intriguing, is he off training Goth? …Is he getting prepared for this match? Somehow, I don't really think that he is. If these Titles mean so much to the both of you, I expected to see Fang more interested in this match, ..instead he would rather be gettin laid on the beach, ..I bet hes still there because we haven't seen him since. Now that's dedication, isnt it? You’ve talked of how great he is what a talent this Fang is in the ring, …All I can say is he better show his face after all this talk the two of you have spewed at us. Goth wants to keep referring this is match as a war, and were going to be in Iraq? ..I find that disrespectful.

Those men are putting their lives on the line, going against men who want them dead – who would love nothing more than to see them dead. Killed with guns, knives and bombs…you want to go over to Iraq and tell them at this match is a War? Go ahead Goth, but I don't think that your going to win over many friends that way. You know nothing of war and what its about…You’ve never served your country and fought in battle but you have the nerve to call this a war? This is a fight, a match, a competition that we get paid to do for titles for Championships. Your sorry fuck, do you think these soldiers are doing this for a fuckin belt!? For some gold?? ..and you call this a war in front of thousands of soldiers? Pathetic. This is going to be the first real tag Team defense for these two men, so far we've heard all about the teams that they have faced in the past and how they have beat them. That means nothing to us, we could care less about the teams that they have faced in the past. They haven't faced a team that's near as skilled as the two of us. Their coming into this fight thinking that its going to be like every other match they have been in. They want to refuse the fact of that Goth and his other partner have already been defeated by Zero Tolerance; Its as if it never happened, ..how soon they forget. The second time around is going to be that much better, we’ll enjoy the victory more this time around – the reward is higher and that wont be kept from us. Whats going to happen this time when you lose?

It would be hard to ignore that Vindication has fallen under Zero Tolerance when three of you will have lost, ..whos left? ..Dawg? It doesn’t really matter, Fang just becomes the next one to come up short and Goth gets the reminder. Hey Goth, you’ve danced with the devil in the moonlight? ..So did The Joker in Batman, only he said it better..hhmm, but anyway, how did that turn out? The biggest challenge that you have ever had in a tag match is going to be this week, we are the best Tag Team that you have ever faced, ..and Yeah, you’ve heard that a thousand times, I know… But you cant ignore it when we hold those titles up in the air…I don't care what other people have told you or the guarantees they have made, only to come out on the losing end – were not like them, were better ..and thats something we have to prove in a REAL Tag Match. But you see, ..now when Goth gets into the ring with me, the “oh shit, oh shit..” starts running through his head because he knows the damage that we can cause on his body and the pain that we can put him through. Fang just gets to learn, he gets to see what real tag team wrestling is all about..Not like this shit that Goth tries to come up with…You compare us to Milli Vanilli? Huh? …this is after you say J has nothing better to than telling you ya might get a sunburn? ..its true, you do. anyway, how would we even compare to Milli Vanilli? Yeah, ...good one Goth… I was looking for it to be funny, something that might of fit a little better, ..that was your weak attempt at humor?

Now, when you compared me to Lurch, that was good..I’ll give you that. It doesn’t make me mad or bother me, ..I can tell that the things I say seem to bother you some – I like that. I pick at you, mess with your head all week and find enjoyment in that. You don't like it that were cocky and arrogant because you want to believe that the Dark Enforcers are the best, ..that they cant be beaten. Titles switch hands when we get to Iraq and its going to be a long flight home for the two of you, but hey, you’ll have less luggage to carry right? ..so you can look at it that way. It didn't matter who was in front of us on the contenders list, Its prolly better that one of them lost his partner, it would have saved them a lot of trouble and punishment to begin with. We would have thrown them to the side with no problem, the only difference it made was to move out shots at the Titles up by a week or two…You two don't need to be concerned about that, ..even though you are. Why would that thought even entertain your head? Its because your worried, ..you wanted those other teams to beat us first, or to wear us down before we got to these Titles. You know that your going to lose this match, deep in the back of your mind both of you know exactly what is going to happen. You’ll give us a fight, you have the “potential” to beat us, ..but thats the most I'm gonna give to ya.. The chances are slim to none that you guys can win this match. I know your confident that this match can be won and sending people to the hospital doesn’t impress me, fuck, you can go kick someone in the face and send them to the hospital, big fuckin deal!

Oh gee, ..Goth and Fang sent someone to the hospital, I better watch for them – their some badasses. I'm glad that your confident coming into this match, that's what I expect from you…If you don't come into this ring with that confidence then your going to lose this match even worse than you did the first time. What I don't understand Goth is that you basically claim that your two different wrestlers when one match is for gold and the other isnt. You think theres going to be a difference if we get our chance in the ring? Are you suddenly a better wrestler? No, I don't think that you are. You may have more drive and determination when your fighting for those belts, but all that's gonna do is prolong your suffering in the match. You wont want to go down as easy, still thinking that you can win this match when you have already lost but don't want to accept the reality of it. I thought that we had been over this whole “what we've done in the past thing” ..You don't care about our past achievements, but yet again, you still don't seem to clue in that we don't care about yours. You came out here and told us that it doesn’t matter at all, ..and what did you do? ..Go on and tell us more about the things you two have done in the past! Huh? You just don't make any sense Goth and you never have, ..thinking isnt one of your strong points and that's clear to everyone. A tag match requires lots of thinking, more than just a singles match, ..of course you don't have to think as much when your going up against inferior competition that the two of you have faced before.

We keep our minds on the match while Goth is busy visiting guys, ..or girls..or whatever those two people were and Fang cant keep his mind of some girl for more than two days. I know you like to paint your face Goth, whatever gets your jollies off. ..you know, girls paint their faces with make up, ..children paint their faces, ..clowns pain their faces. So tell me, which one of them are you? You paint your face because you like to, what else do you play with when nobody is around? When we leave Iraq, you’ll be doing a lot of pouting when nobody is around.. Of course there is a team out there that can beat you and I'm glad that the two of you see that clearly, and you can deny it all you like – but we are the team that is going to take the Titles away. That is actually the best part of the match, knowing that we can beat you, ..that we will beat you, but you both are in such denial that you cant entertain the thought that we might be even slightly better than the two of you. I would call it more than slightly, actually, but that's not the point. This is not a match that either of you want to lose, not just because of those titles – but you want to beat Zero Tolerance, ..you have to beat Zero Tolerance. This band of “new guys” comes in and takes out Vindication within the first month in the business? You guys are only the first in line, so don't feel to bad about ..it will happen to many others to come as well as we work our way up the GWA and we capture the Global Title, ..but that's in time.

Screaming for Vengeance is going to be the first step, one goal accomplished and then time to defend the belts that we will hold. You ask me what is wrong with your attitude, ..its the way you hold yourself – how you act one way and say something different… you tell one thing but contradict yourself five seconds later. ..Its not just your attitude, you see? Its everything about you, you scream of a dismal person, a man wants everyone to feel bad for him..An emotionally fragile man who sits around in the candlelight wanting everyone to feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for you Goth and I'm not going to feel sorry for your friend either when he gets his first taste of Zero Tolerance. …You can feel sorry for yourselves on the flight home…you can wonder what in the fuck you did wrong. You can work on new things and fix weaknesses…you two can try all these things but you will always, always refuse to see the truth, ..the better wrestlers, are Zero Tolerance.