Fingers wrap around the doorknob and turned, fingers that show the effects of time and age.. Stained skin and dark fingernails, the signs of hard work over the years that have been done with these fingers. The door slides open on its hinges with a creaking sound, but there is something different about the door. The left side of the frame where the hinges were was taller and slanted to one side, the right side of the door frame was smaller. The awkward shaped door opened to the outside and the figure stepped out into the night. The night was silent all except for the door that slammed closed behind Jaymz. He looked around the streets of Detroit, or what he thought was Detroit. ..It had changed in appearance, the buildings looked the same – yet different. There was something about the color of the buildings that had changed, the grey and black textures seemed to stand out, seemed brighter than normal. His perception of the buildings changed, they looked out of shape and seemed disproportionate for what they should have been..It was then that Jaymz realized something, ..he shouldn’t be here. His Hotel wasn't downtown, it was farther on the west side of the city..he turned around to look at the door he came out of and to his surprise he saw that it gone. There was nothing but a huge office building behind him..He ran his hands over the wall which felt like rubber and not concrete, feeling for the door that he had walked out of, which was his hotel room ..that was now suddenly gone. It was as if the door he walked out of never existed. He wondered what in the fuck happened and stood there for a moment with his hand still on the rubbery feeling office building.

Jaymz then looked up at the sky and noticed that clouds were starting to roll in, the news did say it was going to rain tonight – he stared up at the clouds and strained to see them, ..there was something different..they had a hue to them, and they looked to be green. Could be the city lights reflecting off the clouds, he thought…But it wasn't that as he looked up and down the streets he saw that he only lights on were the streetlights…All the office building lights were shut off, not a single inside light on in the entire city… his heartbeat picked up a little bit, ..there was something wrong but he couldn't figure out what was going on. He listened to the sounds of the city but tonight he couldn't hear any..Where were the cars? As far as he could see there wasn't any, nor could he hear them. Jaymz looked around for anyone, ..a homeless person, a cop..fuck, he didn't care – where was everyone? He started to walk down the sidewalk towards the corner of the building when he stopped. He looked down at this feet and slammed his left foot down on the concrete, ..a confused look came over his face as no sound came..he started to walk again and wondered why there wasn't any echo of his feet hitting the pavement… His concern rose as he was still in a state of confusion. Once he came around the corner of the building and looked up at the four way stop lights, he jumped back and his his mouth dropped. All the streetlights were the same, not green. Not red. But set in the middle where the yellow light should have been, but the glow from the yellow light wasn't here tonight.

His mouth hung slack for quite sometime as he stood there looking at what he couldn't believe. Where the yellow lights should have been was something else, there were eyes in those holes…Huge brown eyes that seemed to look at him. The eyes weren’t set inside of the light fixture, the bulged out and pulsated with a faint yellow glow..The eyes were bloodshot with thick red vein-like strands that moved across the bulging thing inside of the light. He took a step closer and the lights facing the opposite direction suddenly spun around and faced inside the intersection, now all four looking at him. He took a step back into the street and walked away from them.. the pulsating eyes looked over him as he walked on down the street. He began to sweat, not because it was hot – because there was something watching him, and it wasn't good. He didn't know what was going on other than he was in Detroit, ..but a deserted version that he didn't know of. Frustrated and confused he walked to the far side of the street and picked up a trashcan and threw it has hard as he could at one of the smaller buildings; it hit the front glass and should have shattered – but the trashcan bounced off with no noise and he became only more confused as it floated down from the window like a feather until it got to the concrete and rolled off into the street. Thunder then rolled through the sky and lightening flashed and when it did it lit up the sky in a crimson hue with the green clouds above, then went back to black…

Raindrops could be heard hitting the pavement slowly at first but then became more rapid..Jaymz looked down at his arms and noticed that blue streaks ran down his arm, he held out his palm and let the rain fall into it..It was bright blue and smeared like paint. He started to become covered in the blue rain as he paced around, confused, in the street. The rain came down harder as another crimson streak of lightening lit up the sky showing the green clouds above. Jaymz then put his hand up to his mouth and spit something out, it was two of his teeth; as he looked at them in his hand they slowly melted away into the blue rain leaving no trace that they were ever there…His chest moved up and down rapidly as his breathing picked up. He clinched his fists and held his arms out, the tendons stood out in his neck as he gritted his teeth, or the ones that hadnt fallen out, he tilted his head back and let out a frustrated scream. When he did, all the windows in the buildings shattered – but not like glass, in huge thick blocks like Lego’s that fell to the street with thunderous roars leaving huge craters in the street…It wasn't the only thing to break, as he screamed – the rest of his teeth shattered like real glass and flew from his mouth…He was covered in the blue rain and looked like an over-sized smurf. Then something came from the clouds –

He woke up instantly in the dark of his hotel room and reached up; searing pain rolled through his hand as he grasped a hold of something, ..his eyes adjusted to the darkness to see there was a figure standing over him. Jaymz had grabbed the persons hand, he could see the silver shine of the blade the man held through the faint moonlight coming in from the half closed window shade. Jaymz took his other hand, thrusted his arm up into the elbow of the man as he held onto the other hand which had the knife. There was a popping sound as Jaymz’ hand met the mans elbow pushing it upward, making the mans arm bend in a way that it shouldn’t. The man let out a small scream and backed away as Jaymz still held his other hand with the knife. He tripped over something and fell to the floor..Jaymz rose from the bed like a body from a coffin, the moonlight caught his features, shading in the scars that covered face..It was the face of pure evil and hate, a face you didn't want to see in the dark. This man was the reason you went to bed with the lights on. He had nothing but a pair of shorts as he stood up and flicked on the lights. The man on the floor got back up, swung the knife at Jaymz catching him in the chest.. Jaymz only grinned at the man as droplet’s of blood came from the bottom of his ribcage in a swipe about eight inches long. Jaymz could see that this was one of the biggest men who had ever tried to come and take him out. He had to be over six and a half feet tall, he was muscles upon muscles and he moved with striking quickness.

With his one good arm he lunged at Jaymz and took him out at the knees. They fell over the coffee table shattering it like popsicle sticks under the massive weight; Jaymz gained control of the situation and rolled ontop of the big man, using those wrestling skills people said he didn't have..The man, stupidly, rolled and gave Jaymz his back – he quickly took advantage and put the man in a sleeper hold. Rage burned in his eyes as the man dropped the knife and fell to the floor. Jaymz stood up and kicked the side of his head for good measure and looked around, he found his jeans on the floor and put them on then followed by his torn up Guns N’ Roses shirt that looked to be fifteen years old. He looked around the room for his keys and found them, then peered out the front door. The parking lot was empty, he knew it would be – this place was a dump, he was running out of money and he had to do something soon…GWA pay wasn't getting it done at this point. He pulled the man by the shirt out the front door. The crickets were loud tonight and the sky was clear, he noticed, as he pulled the large man across the Stardust Hotel front walk. All the room were empty so he didn't have anything to worry about. He pulled him around to the side of the building by the back of his shirt and out back. There was an old wooden fence that was falling apart back there, it was the only thing separating the old tired hotel from the government funded housing behind it. There was one single light that illuminated enough light to see three large dumpsters that apparently haven't been dumped in quite sometime. They weren’t even suppose to be here, ..it was grass, the trucks didn't come back here. The grass was high and think; and the trash in the dumpsters was really, really old

Jaymz looked down at his hand, there was a huge gash running through it. He had caught the blade of the knife as the man had brought it down while he was sleeping. It hurt like a bitch, ..it was deep too. Gotta get that fixed, he thought. ..He just now noticed it as he looked down at the guys shirt to see it was full of blood. He bent down next to him and Jaymz pulled the knife from his own back pocket. He held the mans head up from behind the jaw so that he was facing him. His eyes opened a little, but he still wasn't sure as to what was going on. Jaymz, with one fast effortless motion, thrust the blade behind his chin, through the jaw and into the skull, then back out. His arms lashed out and his body shook in waves of pain Blood rolled from his mouth as his body became still. Jaymz then sat down against the wall in the grass, a brown spider ran off the tall piece of grass and across his shoulder before bailing back to the grass once again and disappearing, ..Jaymz seemed not to notice. He wiped the blood off the knife with the shirt of the dead man, then picked up his hand..Jaymz pulled the body closer to him and studied the left hand of the man even closer.

Jaymz held up the mans thumb, took the blade and sliced the tip of the finger off – not the whole thing, just the top half with the fingernail. He pulled off what flesh was remaining on the nail and tossed it to the side.. Jaymz shifted, reached down and put the thumbnail in his pocket. He went back to the hand and did the same with the index finger, followed by the middle finger and so on..he did this to each hand until he had all ten when he finally got up and walked back around the corner of the old wood fence. Headlights came on in the parking lot and Jaymz stopped, he kept close to the side of the building incase he wanted to run em down. Instead he pulled out of the parking lot and sped away, ..he would be back to get his friend sometime. Jaymz didn't understand, these guys were low-lifes, ..they were nobodies. He couldn't understand why they were doing this, ..there was really no reason. He got his keys out of his pocket and got into the Tahoe, ..he pulled out of the parking lot and drove slowly around the city, thinking silently. Finally, he spoke - and there was only one more thing on his mind.

I cant understand the attitude of coming into a match thinking that you have already won. How is that going to benefit a person? To come in with goals set enormously high but in the wrong state of mind can easily cost a person the match. I see some people who don't have their mind into it, who just don't have the right thought path to succeed in certain matches. You can come into a ring with a lesser skilled opponent with that attitude and win a match, ..but not when the competition bar has raised to a new standard. Yeah, I'm arrogant, Im cocky …but I can back up my words with the actions I perform in the ring. When I say something, I make it happen – that's the way I do things. Ive been in the GWA ring and in my short career here so far, Ive come out with more wins than losses, ..Ive yet to be pinned - and we've beat one of the “greats” in the GWA. But some people seem to feel their unbeatable. They refuse to accept simple facts that have been proven to them by us so far in the GWA. It seems that our opponents want us to be impressed with their so-called impressive talent. Ive yet to see that here by them, I haven't seen this “great tag team” perform in the ring as they claim, ..so why should be believe them? Why should we care? Hypocrites. They don't want us see what we have done in the past, but they want us to recognize what they have done here in the past against other teams. Why should we care? They don't. They act like we should be impressed that their the Tag Team champions; but we weren’t here when they won those belts – so who cares?

The losers they beat cant compare to us, Crazy J and I showed that just a few weeks ago. Things ride on a two way street but some cant see it that way, they want it to work in their favor, to downgrade their opponents but to favor themselves using the same scale…But it doesn’t really work that way does it? They seem to think that it does. We have these two guys who want us to believe their all bad, sad and scary, ..yet Fang runs around on the beach like it’s a tampon commercial. I felt like I was watching a soap opera with him and this, ..Brenda? I think that's her name, not that it matters much. Shes a distraction, so we’ll just let it play to our advantage. But Fang wants me to think that hes all “dark” then why is he tryin to get laid on a beach. You see for him, it’s all a show..Me, I like fingernails. You don't know runs through my mind and I'm not sure that you really want to. I live the way I like, I don't come out acting like Ive been in the Mental Ward, ..Im not takin tylenol tryin to tell everyone its for the chemicals in my brain.. I'm real, and that something that you cant say. You want us to believe one thing about you, but you run around showing us something completely different. What kind of sinister man is walkin around the beach? Its going to be like that in a few days as well, ..You two come out here telling us how great you are how youre going to dominate the match – but I think the world is going to see it then. They will see you for the fakes that you are. You will be exposed for the world to see and you will walk with shame and disbelief.

You know, I was watching the match last week that you two were in, ..and I was wondering why Goth had made the switch from Tony Jackson to ..Fang? Ive faced Jackson and I watched last weeks tag match and if you ask me, which im sure you could give a fuck less, is that Jackson is better wrestler. Fang thinks that he can stand in with Zero Tolerance, but if the better wrestler of the two couldn't get the job done, eh, well..you add it up… You may have put down bigger wrestlers than us in the past, but when it comes to pure skill this is a Tag Team like you haven't seen. Your not going to boot us out of here, we don't leave because of some pain, ..if you could some how defeat us anyway it wouldn’t run us off.. It doesn’t work that way Fang, it may happen with other people who fear competition and don't have the strive to succeed; but were not those people and there will be no running us out of here. Were the next Tag Team champs, it’s the first things on our plates for Zero Tolerance and it wont be long before other titles are held. These Dark Enforcers, as they call themselves, will watch as Zero Tolerance claims belt after belt…They will have lost theres first, only to sit back and watch the GWA gold fall with Zero Tolerance. Fang, I laugh at you. You know evil? ..Didnt we just go over this with your friend Goth a few weeks ago? I find it humorous when you all talk of being evil, ..do you really think hanging a man is that bad? Ooohhh, wow..Im impressed. Its obvious that you know nothing about us, that you haven't paid attention to us since we have come here.

We've spoken of the things that we have done, but listening to you talk – you don't know any of that. You put your own Tag partner through a table because you lost a match? Gee, good character…beating up a friend because you lost? I'm pretty fucked up, but even I wouldn’t do that. Its not that it makes you a “bad” person, …it makes you a piece of shit. If my partner ever did that to me, Id call him a piece of shit to and one of us would die…but Crazy J wouldn’t do anything like that, we don't have to worry about those kinds of problems. So you were a little upset that you lost? ..but I thought you were the greatest, so why did you lose? Your nerves are short and your hot-headed…its going to be fun with you in the ring Fang.. Making you mad, watching you stomp around like a small child and then waiting for you to make a foolish move and lose the match. Maybe then, when Goth sees that he has lost again, this ..boy..will stop callin everyone, “son.” I'm not your fuckin son, you sound like Lil Poot.,.”ssoonn.” I want to read the transcript of that promo, I need to count how many times he called J and myself “son..” anyway, now that I'm rambling… If you guys don't need to run around telling everyone that you’re the greatest Tag Team, ..then why do you do it? Again, it all comes back to being a hypocrite, it comes back to how you both put on a show and want people to believe in you …And for your opponents to lose confidence in themselves. Whatever applies to you at the time works, ..but nope, not for anything else.

How is it going to feel when you realize that we have won the match? ..When you see that we have the Titles raised above our heads, showing the world that were the Tag Team Champions…Whats it going to be like to see that Zero Tolerance is on the first step to claiming as much Gold as possible? Taking dominance to the next level isnt your thing, you’ve been beating up on all these bad teams for so long that its all gotten to your head, thinking that you run this place and how you two will never be defeated. Its time that you have to face some real competition around here, a team that can actually take the belts for you – and I know that's something you don't want.. I'm sure that the both of you will give everything that you have, theres no doubting that…Goth gave everything, but he failed. This is going to be the biggest fight you two have had in the Tag Division so I'm sure that you both will be in a state of shock to see that, yes, you can be beaten.. Goth claims that Crazy J is a weak link and I laughed so fuckin much I almost puked. He says all that, but the word Ive been hearing from people backstage is that Goth is the one that carries his team and Fang doesn’t prepare well in certain matches. ..I cant say that I'm surprised, I can see that loser kicking back for a week or two thinking hes better than everything, that he can win with virtually no effort at all. I'm going to enjoy seeing what happens after this match, ..waiting to see what excuses you two will come up with for your pathetic performance in the ring.

Waiting to see what the public thinks the two guys who talk a lot.. but couldn't get the job done. Goth worries to much, he wonders why I pick at everything he says…well, aren’t you saying it to me? And hey, I cant help it that youre a hypocrite, that you see things through one way. Or that you say the most ridicules things about your promos are the reason you’ve done well in this business. I pick at you Goth because its all that I can do right now, …in Iraq we get in the ring again, and for the second time I will show you why I was right in everything that I said. You make a lot of guarantees and if you think im going to let you say stupid shit without being corrected, then your wrong. You like to talk but you don't really have much to say, you see? So I pick at you, piss you off and watch your reaction. I enjoy it, you can sit there and tell me that I'm not in your head..but I know better. I know you think about me all day, wanting to get a little revenge for the first time around. Its not going to happen for you Goth, ..Zero Tolerance is the way things are going to be run around here…It’s a new time and now the moment has come for those Titles to change hands and come home to Zero Tolerance. I know that the two of you don't plan on losing those titles, you’ve stated that many times now – but I don't think that we asked you if you guys “planned” on losing them. You see, its going to be a lot more simple than that. Were just going to take them while we watch you two squirm around on the mat, crying, wanting to go sit around a room full of candles and cut your wrists or something, ..becauese, you know…your so “evil.” Its coming, Dark Enforcers, ..that great day when the Tag Team titles change hands.