Marlboro Fuckin Lights, ...in a box

As Jaymz drove down the street he thought that maybe he was over-reacting to the whole situation, afterall, it was early and Vadim usually walked in the morning and messed around with things in his yard. He decided that he would give Vadim a few more minutes before he drove all the way over there and pulled off to a small diner that had one of those neon signs that didn't light up all the letters that said “Jamie’s Diner” The J and the E flashed on and off and they always did as far as Jaymz could remember. The diner was in need of work, the white paint on the side was chipping away and a few of the windows were cracked. There was a Folgers sign that sat in the window that had turned yellow over time as the sun worked its ways on it. It was never really busy here as there were only three or four cars in the parking lot. Actually, this was the first time he had been back here since he got out of jail. The turned the Tahoe off and stepped out, the buzzing of the J and E neon lights caught his attention and he glanced up at it, ..they should shut off soon he thought – the sun had been coming over the horizon for a while now and the traffic on the roads began to pick up. He walked up the front steps, hunched over as to not hit his head on the doorframe and stepped inside. The bells chimed on the door as it slammed closed behind him but none of the patrons seemed to notice. He didn't recognize any of the people in here, the people closest to him were an older couple who were talking about the game of dominos they played with their friends at the senior center the other night…

Jaymz was surprised at that comment, last he knew Zaslaw had that place tore down and replaced with one of the ZT offices, ..they must have rented a new building he thought. Jaymz looked farther down and saw a man sitting by himself hunched over a cup of coffee with his eyes half closed..he had a thick beard and wore grease stained overalls, Jaymz knew this man wasn't looking forward to work this morning, and that cup of coffee was prolly his third of the morning. Jaymz walked past the older people then past the half-asleep man and sat down at one of the booths near the end. It was only a few moments later when the waitress came by and dropped a menu down on the table. Jaymz looked up at her nametag, Doris. Wasn't there always a Doris that worked at a Diner? She looked to be in her late thirties, she had long black hair and bright blue eyes. She had an average build but even better legs Jaymz thought, she was quite attractive. But, one problem, ..she had the ring on. Taken. No chance. That was fine though, he wasn't really looking for a woman at this time – he was still devastated that apparently Sandy had died, tortured her and left her to starve in a storage building. They called her a wax dummy and laughed at him. There was a point in which he really believed that she was a wax dummy, but he knew that she wasn't…So he played along with Tabon and the Doctors, never really telling them what he thought about their comments. Doris asked Jaymz if there was anything that she could get him to drink and he told her, Coffee – black.

She smiled at him as he walked away, he made sure to look up and see if the rear was as good looking as the front, and yes it was. He went back to looking at the menu deciding what to eat. He wasn't real hungry, he was still concerned about his friend – in which he had real no reason to be concerned except for that feeling that he had. He closed his menu just as Doris brought over the coffee and sat it down on the table.. She asked if he was ready to order and he told her that he wanted four eggs, runny, and three pieces of toast, ..she kinda looked at him strange but she wrote it down, and again as her job required, she smiled as she turned and left. Jaymz sat there for a minute looking at the bearded man wondering if he was actually asleep, he hadn’t moved since Jaymz had come in here. But why wouldn’t Vadim answer the phone? He called before Vadim usually went on his morning walk. He used to run but the doctor told him that was too much on his ticker and that he should slow it down a little bit and changed what he was eating.. Vadim was an older man who was in his early seventies; he was an old friend of Jaymz family and a business partner of his uncle so he had known him basically all his life. Vadim could see that when Jaymz was a child that he didn't have hardly any friends so he went out of his way and did things with the child. He took him to football games and that sort of thing and they spent a lot of time together. But as Jaymz grew older and didn't enjoy the sort of activities that he did when he was a child, he didn't spend much time with Vadim through those years…

They stayed out of touch for a while until Jaymz got out of the military and decided to go into the wrestling business and after the very first time that Jaymz was on a televised event on a local station Vadim got down there as fast he could. He helped Jaymz as he got into the wrestling business and did a lot of the negotiating and the business dealings. That was until they met Zaslaw and then Vadim became more involved in Zaslaw’s business and helped them as a group and not just Jaymz. Vadim was the one who could get information from anywhere and from anyone, but in the end, it almost cost the old man his life. Zaslaw had called Tristan, Jaymz and Vadim to Miami to finish up a little business. Vadim was to find out the exact position of the target and Jaymz and Tristan were to take out the trash. It didn't go so well as Vadim ended up getting shot in the elbow, losing the lower half of his right arm. From that point he kinda faded back from the business and avoided all charges. Doris came out of the kitchen with his plate and set it down in front of him..Four eggs, runny, ..with three pieces of toast. She refilled his coffee and walked off again with that smile on her face. Jaymz picked up the first piece of toast and a fork, he slapped two of the eggs on the piece of toast; put the second piece of toast on top of that followed by two more eggs and the final piece of toast. He bit right into the middle of it and the yolk ran down the sandwich and all over the plate. The old sitting a few booths up saw this and watching with a disgusted look on her face…

Jaymz caught a glance, stopped chewing and looked up at her; she quickly looked back down and took a nervous drink of her coffee, he thought that was funny. He finished up eating the sandwich and finished off his coffee in a record time just as Doris came back over to see if he needed anything; she was shocked to see that he had cleaned the plate with a quickness she had never seen. She asked him if there was anything else that he wanted, he shook his head and told her he had to go..he wasn't sure how much his food cost so he threw some money down on the table that he pulled from his pockets, some changed clanged on the floor and seemed to wake up the bearded man. He stepped past Doris who had a confused look on her face and went out the door. He got into the Tahoe and pulled out into the street and headed out of town.. He called Vadim again on his way and still nobody answered

**The feed goes black momentarily before the scene cuts back in**

Jaymz pulled into the street that Vadim lived on, it was far out of Detroit in a quiet place. Those places where rich old people live, the ones that like to live in silence and want to step away from all the noise and people…Jaymz had noticed that some of Vadim’s neighbors were really, really strange. He thought he should have called Tabon about some of these people that lived around here, some of them old people were just a little odd. Each house was on two acre lots so your neighbors weren’t real close, but there were trails back behind the houses where Vadim and the other old people did all their walking and everything else that old people do. He drove down the street as Vadim’s house came into view…Everything looked alright, the sun was up now so he could see through into the backyard..He got closer and pulled into the driveway. He got out and looked around, there were some lights on inside he noticed, ..he looked over at the garage door handle, it was turned, that meant his car was in the garage. Jaymz knew because Vadim didn't have a key to unlock it from the outside and whenever he was home he locked his car in. He walked over to the front porch and looked in the window as he went up to the door, ..there were a couple books in the hallway – and then he knew... He knew right then that it was one of two things, ..one group was disabled, but then there was someone who wasn't happy. This wasn't random, to good of timing.. Jaymz went to open the front door, hoping that it was unlocked – and it was.

The door flew open and Jaymz stood in the doorway… fury burned in his eyes, the tendons stood out on his neck as he looked over the front room.. Books were scattered all over the living room floor, the tv was laying on the floor with a huge crack through the screen. Furniture was moved out of place and the fishtank had spilled on its side.. The home theatre system was still there, all the electronics, all the expensive paintings were still there – the room was just in shambles. That wasn't good. He started to walk down the hallway and down the small staircase to the main room, which was basically a larger version of the other room and there it was that he saw Vadim laying face first down on the floor. This room was torn up as well but there didn't seem to be anyone else down here as he looked over the room..He went down to Vadim and put his hand on his neck, ..he was still alive, supporting his neck Jaymz rolled him over and looked him over. His glasses has been smashed on his face, looked as if someone had punched him right in the eyes, ..there was little blood from there but his nose poured as his face was swelling from the impact.. Vadim groaned and opened his eyes for a second with pain as he tried to move his left arm but the attempt fell short and he laid still. Jaymz saw blood on the side of his own jeans and looked down to see blood was coming from the stub end of his right arm, ..He noticed a shirt that was lying on the floor next to some golf magazines and picked it up, he held it over the end of Vadims arm for a second then let it up, he saw that they had carved an X in the end of his arm…

Jaymz hated this for Vadim, this had nothing to do with him and it was a meaningless attack in the first place. So Jaymz did something that made him shudder, something that he had never done in his life. Something he claimed that he would NEVER do.. and he hesitantly called the police. There would be no more calling Zaslaw to come and fix this mess…the cops who were friends of Zaslaws would come out here, investigate – and when the suspects were identified, they gave the names to Zaslaw. But that wasn't going to happen this time, Zaslaw was locked up and so were some of those policemen; and the ones who weren’t were now working at McDonalds at the age of fifty-five years old. They lady answered and Jaymz told her the situation and to send an ambulance, he told her the address and hung up. Jaymz was about to get up when Vadim tugged at his shirt, his eyes were about halfway open and he attempted to clear his throat as he motioned for Jaymz to come closer

“I’ll be fine, ..I-I think they broke some ribs” he spoke in a quiet voice “..two white guys.. one Hispanic, ..they h-heard you coming and they took off out the back…”
Jaymz looked out the window, he wasn't worried about them – he was worried about other people seeing them, he hoped they hadn’t but everyone else on the street seemed to still be in bed, Jaymz went back over to Vadim

“I hope nobody saw them, ..change your story up for the police and—“
Vadim cut him off, “I know..I know..but Jaymz, ..who did you manage to piss off this time?”
A kind of shocked look appeared on Jaymz face, “Some guy in jail, ..it was petty shit, that's all.”
“I guess some things never change do they?”
Jaymz never said anything, just shook his head in agreement..he sat there for a moment, thinking when he told Vadim that he would be right back. He went backup the small staircase and went outside and got a cigarette from the Tahoe, he took a few drags as the first police car could be heard coming down the street, he leaned back on the Tahoe and wished he had doubled his meds today because when these asshole got here they were gonna give him shit. The first police car whipped into the driveway and killed the sirens and the ambulance could be heard coming up the street as well..two officers stepped out of the car, the one in the passenger seat got out and slowly walked over to Jaymz adjusting his belt with a shit-eating-grin on face as he walked up to Jaymz

“So what have you done now Jaymz? …What else have you murderers fucked up this time?”
He strained to control himself and did his best, “The house is clear, so send your boy in there – to the back, and have the paramedics get the fuckin stretcher in there for my friend” He glared down at the officer as he motioned for the other to enter and the paramedics followed. ..”and were not murderers..”
“Not murderers!?” the officer looked shocked
“If I was a fuckin murderer I would still be in jail”
“yeah, and don't you know about O.J. Simpson, same deal..
“Far from it..”
“I'm not going to sit here and argue with you about this Jaymz, so tell me what you know and we can get this done and over with.” He pulled out his pad and Jaymz started talking

He didn't really say much, he told the officer that Vadim hadn’t told Jaymz who had done it because he was incoherent at the time.. The officer believed his story, he knew about Vadim and that he was Jaymz friend and also damn lucky to escape without any charges. They rolled Vadim out of the house as Jaymz was talking to the police, he told Officer Asshole that's all he knew and hurried over to the ambulance asking where they were taking him. The paramedic told him where they were going as he slammed the doors and kicked the sirens back on.. Jaymz went and got back into the Tahoe and drove back to Detroit.. he wasn't sure where he was going, ..too many things were going through his mind as his cell phone rang, he picked it up off the passenger seat and looked at the number, it was Tristan. Jaymz pushed the speakerphone button.

“Jaymz! Whats goin on man?
“Not much, we got some trouble though..”
“Yeeaahh, ..you know, that's actually what I was calling you about”
Jaymz shook his head, he knew they had gotten to Tristan too, “what happened?”
“Well I was at the coffee shot when these two ass-clowns came in lookin like hit-men out of a B-rate movie; They came to take me out, ..you know whats goin on??”

“Yeah, I need to talk to you about that, …I gotta get ahold of Crazy J and tell him to watch himself.. I'm leaving Vadims, their takin him to the hospital – hes beat up pretty good.”
“No shit? ..I’ll get a hold of J and see if they got to him too..hey, do you know these people?”
“Yeah I do.. We need to talk about that, but I got something to do right now..I gotta check this out..”
“Where you goin?”
Jaymz sat there for a moment before answering, …”the jail.”

He then told Tristan he would call him back shortly and hung up the phone. He made the long drive back to Detroit in silence, he had lost the ambulance miles ago and they prolly weren’t even there yet but he had so many things on his mind and he had to see Lucious. After a while of sitting in the quiet he turned the radio on but never paid attention to it, if he did he would have seen it was Aerosmith and hated them with a passion. He got off the highway and made his way though the streets of Detroit. The morning commuters had made their morning start and this only irritated him even more as it slowed all the traffic down. He pulled into a parking garage, took his ticket and drove around until he found a spot. He went down the elevator and crossed the street..A few people looked at him strange as he had Vadim’s blood on his clothes.. He walked in the main door and emptied his pockets, the guard at the door looked at him a little funny seeing the blood on his shirt; but Jaymz walked through the metal detectors with the clearance of not getting “beeped”, he collected his things and moved down the hall and to a window…An older white lady came to the window and asked him if he what it was that he needed.

He told her he needed to see Lucious Warrior, but she only sneered at him and shook her head and responded, “Don't you know? ..He escaped last week and they aint found em’ yet.” Jaymz slammed his fist down on the small metal counter as hard as he could, it bent under the weight and caught the attention of every single person in the room. He turned around to leave as one of the guards came to see what the commotion was about. He grabbed Jaymz by the arm, but was simply tossed aside.. The other guard called in for some officers as he attempted to stop Jaymz from leaving the building but five other men came from around the corner..He stood there looking at them, stepped up to them and attempted to walk through him. They grabbed on and tried to take him down, but he pulled them closer to the door and seemed not to notice they were there until one of them hit Jaymz with the tazer in the back of his knee..The shock buckled his knee and send him down to the floor with all the weight he was hauling. They almost got him in the cuffs as he was screaming for them to call Dr. Tabon, one of them did and as they finally got him in cuffs Tabon came running from the opposite wing. He looked around and saw that nobody was dead, or appeared to be dead anyway. He was relieved, Jaymz hadn’t killed anyone, so everything was fine

“Un-cuff him, get those off of him!!…Hes here to see me!” They reluctantly unhanded him and he stood up glaring at them and Tabon came over
“you guys can go..go back and do your jobs. …So, Jaymz…I see that your taking your pills, I was worried I would find a room of dead bodies in here”
“Spare me the shit, ..when did Warrior get out?”
Tabon looked a little confused, “Why does that matter to you Jaymz?...Did you help him”
“For your reasons, it doesn’t matter at all. Its of no concern to you, ..when did he get out?
“Last Wednesday, ..dont you ever watch the news?”
Jaymz turned his back to Tabon and walked out the door..He went back through the parking garage and got in the Tahoe and pulled back out onto the streets.

I dont understand why some people feel the need to do some things, ..attack an old man? ..Try and take Tristan’s life? I’ve dealt with groups of people like this for most of my life. I thought I met the worst of them when I was in the military. Evil men with horrible intentions, men who I have killed and the men who tortured me. I try and look past those years in my life as some things are just better forgotten; but there’s nights when I have those dreams of those events, dreams that cause me to wake up sweating and go outside for a smoke.. But I cant talk to much about those things or the places that I have been, it would cause me trouble within the law and I don’t need to spend more time in jail than I already have. So when I got contacted by Zaslaw and he explained some of the things that we would be doing, the jobs that would be assigned - I assumed it wouldn’t be as difficult or at such a high level that it was on, ..I was wrong. Some of the people we fought against for Zaslaw were trained just as I was in a military-sense, others were just ruthless killers who eliminated the presence of life for their own personal gratification. But we didn’t fight them just to fight for the fun of it, everything we did there resolved around business deals and land ownership. Almost all- well, that would be a lie, ..actually, ALL the time - we got what we wanted. It may had resulted in loss of lives for our group, financial destruction for others...But it didn’t matter to us, we took what was ours.

The point is, everything we were involved in had a reason, and the reason wasn’t to kill people - that came as the cost. Now, things have changed. Were not that group of the past, in the ring were the same, but in outside lives everything has changed. this man, Lucious Warrior...He claimed that he was my friend, that he would help me when he got out of jail...Said he had businesses and ways of making money...He thinks that he’s big-time but in reality he’s a lowlife, a simpleminded crook...Had he been someone of any importance, Tristan might have been dead. ..Then again Tristan can hold his own but experienced men wouldn’t let the Hit sit around and tell them what to do...Now I see were dealing with people that we could have wiped clean from this city less than a year ago. We have decisions to make, but first I have to find Lucious...Theres no reason for this, its pointless...He’s mad because I didn’t help him escape? ..childish. But those things shall be worked on in later time, ..I first must address my opponent this week. Metamania, a man who claims that he has changed - who has a different view on life and this business we call wrestling. A man full of renewed confidence, for some reason that I cant understand. He claims that there will be no more excuses, no more lies for his actions in the ring, ..his losing is what he’s referring to. He tells me that I’m going to be staring at a champion...Well tell me Mania, what champion am I going to be looking at? The last time I checked you don’t hold any gold in the GWA..

But I also took a little time and checked over the official GWA website and saw that your not even a contender for a belt...So tell me again Mania, ..what kind of champion are you? Do you not realize that I have a shot at the Extreme Title coming up in a week or so? ...and you want to talk about champions? You can keep on telling me that your an accomplished man in this business but it seems to me that you haven’t risen to the standards of the GWA, that you’re not quite the top-rated talent that you think you are. You may have accomplished things in your past but normally I’m not going to sit here and argue with you about that as I have accomplished many, many things over my career - which you would care less to hear but you kept going on, and on, and on about how you have done things that I haven’t...So what have you done that I have not? Are you undefeated in Tag Matches? Crazy J and I am, we came in here last week telling everyone we've destroyed promotion after promotion; capturing the Tag Team titles early in our tenure and leaving undefeated champs...Have you done that? Have you gone years without losing a Tag Team match? ..have you ever been in a Tag Team match Mania? ...And you dare come out here and tell me that you’ve accomplished everything that I haven't? You see, everyone wants to talk about the titles that they have won and how many times they have held them...but Mania, that’s not what makes a champion a legend; its how long you have held onto those Titles.

Crazy J and I are Tag Team legends and we came to the GWA with that attitude and told the world the Facts. Did Hernandez listen? Did Gold listen? ...what about Goth? ..No, none of them listened to us and it appears that you haven’t listened to me either. Tag Team legends, have you accomplished that? No, you sure haven’t. From one place to another we captured the titles and left those places in shambles as the Champions... You want me to go on? ..What about the Title everyone wants, the one we all dream of having but not everyone gets...what about World Titles Mania? How many of those have you won? ...It doesn’t really matter because I know that you’re reigns weren’t shit, short lived tenures that you prolly cried about when you lost. I hate comparing things as I told you Mania, but you decided to keep on running your big mouth. How many times have you gone undefeated as The Champ? When I first came into this business I took my lumps but it wasn’t long before I captured my first World Title and I held onto it with everything that I had...That’s when wrestling was in its prime, that’s when the greats were around. The time when wrestling was serious and not as colorful as it was now...Did you defend your Title and come out on top twenty-seven times in a row? No, ..I dont think that you have. I defined myself on that reign, I rose to the top of the business in that span of time and no one could knock me off...Those were the old days, it took twenty-eight matches for me to lose that Title, almost six months...

Your lucky if you could keep a title for more than six days. I wasn’t a legend at that point because I was still new in the business, ..but I never heard of you...And I know what your going to say, "you beat the same people over and over." ..wrong. We fought different promotions in those days, people saw who I was and voided their contracts with other promotions and signed where I was just to try and take my belt from me...I would beat them, and they would leave. Legends..., that’s who they were. Can you compare to that Mania? Did people blow contracts and bigger money away just to get a shot at you? I don’t hardly think so. I wont call myself a Legend, Mania ..other people do that. I call myself one of the most dominate wrestlers in the sport and when my career ends, then I will call myself a legend. A legend that you will have fallen to. Don’t sit there and tell me that you have accomplished more in the ring than I have, ..its simply not true. If you’ve won fourteen World Titles in your career, you’ve lost that Title fourteen times and that’s a sign of a weak champion. Someone who doesn’t deserve the right to be called a Champion, ..much less a legend. You cant compare to me Mania, do some background history before you start calling me out, telling me that I haven’t accomplished shit. But if you just want to take it closer to the Present, then like I told you, ..I get a title shot - and what about yourself? ..oh, that’s right - you get nothing. Zero Tolerance can come in here and two weeks later be contenders for a singles title and the Tag Team Titles?

...Don’t try and downgrade me, you’re only making a fool of yourself. Talking about Titles and championships when you, yourself, cant even buy one in the GWA...Again, spare me this shit you spew from your mouth. Ive told you my standards of being a Legend Mania, you are satisfied? ..Does that please you? I doubt it, because Im sure that isnt what you wanted to hear. You wanted me to say that I’ve seen you in the past, seen your glory days and the things that you have done...But no, I haven’t seen that and I don’t think that I ever will. Your washed up Mania, your finished. Maybe five years ago you would have stood a chance against me in the ring, ..but in today’s world, ..that isnt going to happen. Like I told you, I know this isnt what you want to hear but I’m telling you the facts and the things that are true, and one of them is: is that you will fall to the Silence just like the hundreds before you. Mania, why do you lie? Why do you air these promos that are filled with such false accusations? Since you haven’t followed my career, then how do you know that I haven’t been beaten by someone who has the same amount of ring experience that I do? What makes you so sure of that? ..Well I can tell you that your wrong and your ten years in the ring is less than what I was beaten by. Don’t tell me who I have and haven’t lost to and how old they are, ...you don’t have a fuckin clue.

Mania, I watched the second promo and do you really honestly believe that you’re the best because you beat Chaplin whoever? ..wow, Ive watched that guy and if you say that makes you the best, heh..then we have different standards... Now maybe I can understand where you come off calling yourself a legend. How is it going to feel Mania when I destroy this new “attitude” that you have? Your jumping all over the place telling us how suddenly re-focused you’ve become, and this new love for the sport that you have... You’ve been doing this for ten years and you just now figured out that passion for the sport is needed to win? ..are you serious? How can you be born with a new love for the sport Mania? Don't you have to love it when you start out in this business? People don't make it very long in this business if they don't have the passion, and I'm not saying you don't – because you’re here…But its more of what I told you earlier this week and you showed us more of that. You love the fans, everyone knows that…But what happens when the fan favorite starts to fall? Oh yes, you remember… The little things like autograph signings, and merchandise ..those start to shrink fast and you just cant handle that, so you come out here telling us about this new love and passion you have for the sport just trying to get the peoples attention again and so far I can see that its working. The little kids talk and I'm sure you help old ladies across the street, wouldn’t that be so nice of you? You can talk about having a re-birth and being a new person but that isnt going to save you Mania..

When we get into the ring pure strength and force is going to prevail; not some new cocky attitude that you’ve suddenly come up with. You get to face me in the ring and see how its done, I got to show you what real pain is all about…its not like taking a beating, struggling to get up from the ring and be fine an hour later after shaking it off. No, its not like that. Your about to step into the ring with one of the biggest, most powerful men that you have ever faced and I get to show you what pain is all about.. A pain so deep that it makes the marrow of your bones ache with pain…pain that you have never seen, ..I can show you things, ..wonderful, terrible things. You come into that ring with and you come in with a wish to die. That ring is my home, Ive traveled all over the world in my lifetime, but the one familiar face to me has been the Ring, its always been there as a home for me when everything was constantly changing..and I don't take kindly to strangers in my house.. You have to watch yourself Mania, I'm quicker than you think for a man of my size; but that's fine you just go on thinkin that, whatever works for ya. You come out here and tell me that I am underestimating you when you say that you might as well have this match already won? What has gotten into your head this week? If you think you have this match won then come on to Anarchy thinking that. Walk your happy up to see me and I’ll you why this match wasn't yours to win; you maybe be an, …average.. wrestler, I guess.

So I don't really underestimate you, and what you consider underestimating is my will to win… And don't try and tell me that your doing the same thing, you’re the one who said you have this match already won…Ive never said that, Ive told you why I was going to beat you and how I was going to do it. Sure, you could beat me. I just wont let that happen..I never came out here and said I was unbeatable because that wouldn’t be true, …but lets just look at the facts and common sense tells us that you don't really have much of a change with me in the ring. I don't need to know what your childhood was like, I could really care less if you had friends or not Mania. But it was the same thing I told you earlier, ..it still wasn't real, and it never was gonna be. I don't understand something Mania, you claim that beating Chaplin whoever was an impressive victory, but when Zero Tolerance beat Goth and his friend that's no big deal? So in a future match if I was to face Chaplin it wouldn’t be that big of a deal – just because I would have faced him then? Sounds more to me like your pumping up your past opponents and putting mine down just to make yourself feel a little better… How many times a day do you pat yourself on the back or go smile at yourself in the mirror? The way that you see things is all out of perspective Mania, its not about the fans, ..its not about the little boy on the street…its not about any of that. Its me and you, ..that little kid isnt going to help you then, ..not when you stand next to me and look up and see my face before I annihilate you in the ring,

..you might be lucky though Mania, I might be through with you after the bell, ..but the way you see things lately, I think you might need to be beatin a little more to wipe this ignorant shit from your head. ..and the best part of my day will be when Metamania leaves in a ambulance…Why do you always feel the need to scream in your promos Mania? ..Yeah, good way to keep control of yourself…I thought you were focused and calm, ready for this match not letting anything else get into you mind? Well, you know what? You failed. Look at you, You’ve let me in your head, you’ve let me get each and every little nerve you have…You cant go five minutes without thinking about me, it eats you up and you cant stand it. Ive gotten in and you cant deny that Mania – it shows in the way you talk, it shows with this weird attitude that you have come up with over the last few days…because its all a show. You fear me, your heart stopped when you learned who you had to face in this upcoming match and you’ve tried not to show it all week long, ..but Ive seen it, ..I don't know who else has, but its there…You’re a sad man Mania and you need to have something done about that. I have an excellent doctor that I pass along to you, he specializes with the Mind. So you think you know why my parents left me, huh? No, its not one of those bullshit stories wrestlers tell backstage about how sad their childhood was and how their parents are dead. I'm not going to tell you any of that. I never knew them Mania.

I was raised by my aunt and uncle since I was a small child and I consider them my parents…they spoiled me, they raised me the best they could…I don't have a sob story for you there, and you don't have a clue as to why they left me much more than I do. But that isnt going to make a difference in this match, just like your fans…none of that matters. And why you asking me what I'm smoking “these days?” Marlboro Fuckin Lights, in a box – that's what I'm smoking, so what does it matter to you. Hey Mania, How am I a fake? …After all this circus bullshit you’ve done this week, im still waitin for the clowns to come out by the way – you have the sense to come out here and tell me that I'm a fake? No, I'm sorry..it doesn’t work like that Mania. Whats fake is this show that you have been putting on, whats fake is telling everyone that you have this match already won. Its also a mistake that you are going to pay for. You cant tell me that I'm scared Mania, that's wrong and it’s a lie. You shouldn’t come out here and assume things like you have been. ..if you come into the ring scared, then you come in the ring to lose. When Anarchy comes, ..in these next few days you’ll start to feel the tension, the nervousness, the fear that you will have stepping into the ring with me. For you Mania, your world strikes Zer0 at Anarchy.