Yes, Eye See The Spaghetti

The scene opens up outside of one of the nicest hotels in downtown Detroit; People walked up and down the streets going about their daily business as it’s a cloudy overcast day. but nobody seemed to mind after the warmer than normal temperatures they have had. A black Tahoe came around the corner and pulled into the parking garage next to the hotel, after a while of driving around looking for a spot the driver found one just big enough. Actually it was the only spot he could find and was fuckin tired of looking around for one. There was a new white Ford to the right, obviously the person didn't know how to park as they were all the way over the yellow marking line. He pulled into the spot and got as close as he could to the car on the left. The driver door opened and slammed into the Ford, the person inside could be heard screaming and ranting on at about the car parked to close. The windows in the Tahoe were tinted but we could see the driver climb over the console and open up the passenger door, and out stepped a pissed off Jaymz. He was more cleaned up then when they made their appearance in the GWA last night. He had gotten his hair cut, shaved and had clean clothes. At one point, his hair was a light brown but as age had taken hold of him the grey had started to appear. Jaymz had traveled the world in the military, been on missions such as the Persian Gulf war, other small situations and secret missions. People often looked at him as he walked around on the streets as his face was full of scars from those trips.

Now as age had, like his hair, taken hold on his physical features it had made the scars look deeper and more visible on his face. He wore a plain black t-shirt, jeans and black boots. He walked around from the passenger side of the Tahoe and opened the back..He pulled out several bags that had airplane tags on them and tore them off. Jaymz then looked around the parking garage and saw no one, slipped the bat out of the Tahoe walked over to the Ford. He smashed in the windshield and the driverside windows, again looked around to see if anyone was looking and unlocked the driver door through the broken glass. He stood as close to the truck as he could, keeping an eye on the parking garage as he pissed all in the driver seat. He finished and slammed the door back, more glass fell to the ground when the door hit the truck. He looked at his work, he knew it was nothing – he would rather have killed the son-of-a-bitch for parking to close. Jaymz picked up his bags and walked over to the elevator taking him to ground level. He opened the front door of the Hotel and walked inside; The people who were talking stopped, some people looked and others walked away in different directions. He wasn't ashamed, or embarrassed of what had happened. He could tell by the looks on their faces that people still feared Zero Tolerance. This was their old stomping ground. They had ruled Detroit, takin hold of it and claiming it as Their Town. This is where all the business was done, people were killed and lives destroyed.

He had noticed by this time that the lobby had gone almost completely silent. Criminals amongst society, it was odd how people perceived others. Its only when you get caught that people take notice of you; they see you for what you have been professed to be as on television. Murders walk loose everday, they may bag your groceries, they may work at your childs day care. But no, those are good people. Accuse someone like that of murder and nobody would believe it…but if you have the facts and a “judge” says that you have killed someone, ..then everybody hates you. People go to court and let some strange man, a man who you don't know, let decide your future and your public reputation. An opinion of a Judge can ruin your life. The city of Detroit wasn't aware of the things Zero Tolerance had done, and most of the public never had a problem with them. But now, Jaymz could see the difference as he made his way to the main desk. He dropped his bags to the floor with a thud that echoed all through the large room. A few people jumped, tensions were tight with this man in the room. He told the lady behind the desk that he had called yesterday and reserved a room. She checked, handed him the key to the room and told him he was on the ninth floor. Without responding to her he took his bags back over to the elevator and stepped inside. There were two other men inside the elevator with him.

One was an older gentlemen who seemed to pay no attention to Jaymz but the other man was a little younger and Jaymz could see that he was shaking a little. He found his amusing as he elevator came to a stop with that little “ding” noise and walked out. He looked both ways down the hall, went right and looked at the numbers on the doors. He found his room, sixth door on the left. He slid the key card into the door and the light flashed green, he walked inside and tossed his bags down on the bed. He looked over the room for a moment then went out the back sliding door to the balcony. He took off his shoes and sat down on the chair that was out there. He kicked his feet up on the railing and pulled out a cigarette, ..he took a few drags before flicking it off the balcony to the ground below. He leaned his head back in the chair and closed his eyes, ..it wasn't half a minute later that he fell asleep..


The long fluorescent lights of the hallway flew by like markers on a road two at a time, but the lights left trails…We weren’t going very fast but everything was different..The lights were brighter, the voices of the people were gibberish and hollow. My head felt like it was filled with liquid, my vision sloshing from one side to the next as we turned the corners of the hallways. Even the walls were brighter, the white paint like neon. My head sloshed to the right again as we made a sharp left turn…It was then that we came to a stop and I hear a serious of bleeping noises and then a few creaks…I almost lost my stomach as we started moving again but this ride was short and came to a stop..I could feel them doing something with my hands and feet, ..turning my head seemed like the hardest thing that I ever did as I tried to survey what was going on..But my vision wouldn’t stay still and everything moved like waves and the lights were too bright. ..Where in the fuck am I? Uuhh..Why are they moving me? Oh, my head…lift my head you asshole. ..Thats better…a bed? Its softer here than on that other thing…What do they keep doing with my hands? ..Theres that beeping noise a again..and that!! A door slam…oh shit, I wish my head would quit spinning.

I guess I’ll just lie here and look on at the lights…(minutes past by) …I must be strapped down to the bed, my cheek itches and I cant get to it…that, or my arms just wont more…those lights sure are bright….(an hour goes by) ..Im glad the swimming has stopped, I can see more clearly now. I must be in some kind of institute, ..yes, that's it. Aaarrhhh..Why do they have me strapped down??? I have to pee. …Maybe I’ll just count the tiles in the ceiling. One….two…..three….four… Wait!? What was that!??? That beeping sound, ..maybe someone is coming in. if I just turn my head…Hey, ..what is he doing over there? What does he need those machines for? …Naw, asshole, I don't think so. ..your not stickin me with those fuckin needles hooked up to that machine. Hey!! Hey!!! ..Why cant I talk!??? Oooohhhh….get that shit out of me everything is getting blurry…HEY!!! HEEEY!! DON'T LEAVE!!! Unhook me!!!! Wait…everything is coming back into focus. Whatever that is pumping into me is making my head clear up.. That's better, ..I can see again. This room looks just like my old room in the last institution…great, ..just great. And the next person that comes in here is gonna be surprised when I break these restraints...

It was then that a voice came over the intercom from somewhere in the Room.

Voice: How are you doing Jaymz?

Jaymz: I was fine until I head that irritating voice of yours. Why the fuck am I in here??

Dr. Tabon: Little hasty are we Jaymz? Do you really not know why you are in here Jaymz? Don't you remember that ONE fuck up gets you put back in this place? Maybe you should have been taking your medication the last couple months.

Jaymz: Nothing was going to get me put back in this place, ..it was Zaslaw that had me committed the first time. There was never anything that said I was going to be back in here…He assured me that I wouldn’t.

Dr. Tabon: I don't really think it matters what your bud Zaslaw had done in the past, Hes locked up forever – life in prison. Unfortunately he wasn't given the death penalty, or you for that matter. I treated you the first time Jaymz and you knew that when I testified at the trial that you and J both were coming back here. Youre a lowlife, this is where you deserve to be

Jaymz: Why don't you come down here in this room and tell me that? ..we’ll see how long you last.

Dr. Tabon: Anger, always so full of anger. What is it with you Jaymz? You were so calm when we released you several years back. If it was up to me, you would never leave this place. But for the next three months, Jaymz, your mine. Were going to have all sorts of fun.. Physical tests, mental tests..and whatever else I decide to fuck your mind with. Your strapped down to the bed Jaymz, and that is the way that you will remain until see decide that your fit to roam around your room..your like-

Jaymz: I know, I know.. “I'm like an animal and you are my caregiver.” Fuck, you still using that same old line? Its been a while Tabon, you haven’t learned anything new…Come on, you still get the invitation to come down into this room…Its been so long, I wonder what you look like these days..

Dr. Tabon: Now, you know that I'm not coming down there. You want to kill me and you always have, ..ever since our little incident the last time you were here, I wont be making any trips to your room. Listen to me, the orderly who just came into your room shortly ago put an IV in you…It wore off the effects of the drugs that were given to you in the courthouse on your wayout. Its stronger than when the last time you were in here – since it didn't work on you. So anytime that you act out in anger, or even so much as scream at me when I'm talking to you…that's whats going to happen. And as you know by now its not a fun drug, ..so don't be surprised if you get a headache or vomit shortly.

Jaymz: ..Im gonna vomit if you don't shut up.

Dr. Tabon: ..So I will be sending and orderly in there shortly to loosen your straps and let you out into your room. I will also be sending in some food so you don't vomit from the sedative. I will do this for you Jaymz, but you have to guarantee me one thing.

Jaymz: that I wont kill him after the takes these straps off.

Dr. Tabon: That's right. If you do harm him then I will see to it that you stay in those straps and on the sedatives for the next week…He’ll let you loose and you can roam around…do we have a deal?

Jaymz: Yeah… It’s a deal. I wont do nothing after he loosens these straps…I’ll lie here until he leaves the room.

Dr. Tabon: very good. I’ll see you soon Jaymz, ..we have a lot of work to do in the next three months.

Jaymz laid there on the bed looking at the ceiling, he started to count the tiles again before he got bored with that…Tabon was right, he was getting a headache…The sedative that they had given him was a lot stronger than he remembered from the first time around…He knew it effects of it were bad incase you decided to run off, ..but after it cleared your system usually you were fine. But his headache kept getting stronger, but he didn't feel like he needed to vomit. In fact, he was hungry..and he couldn't wait for the orderly to come in and bring him some food. He waited and waited, Jaymz wasn't sure how much time had gone by but he assumed that it had been hours and it was then that he heard the clicking of the door, he turned his head and looked as he door opened. It was the orderly with the food tray. He set it on the table across the room from Jaymz and told him that it had his first set of new medication that Tabon ordered that he take. Jaymz just kind of shook his head at the man…He could see that he man was scared and didn't want to be anywhere near this giant man. He was a young, stout kid but he was full of fear so all his strength meant nothing. His hand was shaking as he reached down and started to loosen the straps on his left leg. There was a popping sound, followed by another. The kid looked up at Jaymz as he loosened the straps, and it was then that fear gripped him, he knew this giant man had just broken his straps and there was Jaymz, sitting up on the bed grinning at him.

He tried to scramble away but Jaymz grabbed his neck and slammed him against the wall. Tabon came over the intercom screaming at Jaymz but he paid no attention as he advanced at the orderly who looked about to cry. Alarms went off in the building so Jaymz was aware that he was short on time. He looked behind him at the tray of food sitting on the table, it was spaghetti and a piece of bread. They gave him one of those plastic little forks and he picked it up, he snapped off the two tines on the end leaving the two in the middle. He ran over to the man who had scrambled over to the corner and laid a knee into his jaw..blood flew from his mouth as his head collided with the wall, Tabon was still screaming into the intercom. With his right hand he held the eyelid of one eye open, he slammed the fork into the eye of the orderly. Screams filled the room as he flopped in the corner grabbing at his face. Jaymz casually walked over to the plate of spaghetti and pulled the eye off the fork. It slid off the tine with a slippery wet sound and landed with a plop in the sauce, sending drops of it on the table.

Jaymz turned back around and looked at the orderly. He picked him up by the neck and slammed his face into wall..He fell unconscious to the floor face down. Jaymz could hear footsteps coming down the hall as he lifted his foot and stomped on the back of the mans head several times before five men ran into the room taking him to the floor. He fought them off as best he could but someone hit him in the head with something hard sending different colors through his eyes…They cuffed him behind him back and brought the stretcher back in..They loaded him back on it and this time used full body straps as well. There was blood all in the room, a huge puddle coming from the dead orderly in the middle of the room. Another man came in a threw a tarp over the dead man and quietly all of them left the room. The door slammed closed and the lock inside could be heard locking with a quick thud. Jaymz sat there for a second with a smile on his face as Tabon came back over the intercom

Dr. Tabon: Damnit Jaymz, we had a fuckin deal!!!!

Jaymz: yes we did and I didn't violate that.

Dr. Tabon: What!?!? What are you talking about? We had an agreement that you would touch or harm that man..and what did you do!?? you went off and killed him!! I cant have you like this Jaymz, your going to be doped up the whole time youre in here…we had a deal, and you blew it.

Jaymz: No. The deal was, is that I wouldn’t harm him AFTER he had loosened all the straps. He didn't, ..I broke free of them while he was only doing the first one…Therefor, I didn't violate anything.

Dr. Tabon: And youre still a smartass I see…this is going to be easy for you Jaymz and I'm not going to put up with this shit


Jaymz woke up and looked on at the sky of Detroit as he spoke..

I look at the days of my life and I can see the things that I should have done differently; different decisions that I could have made to turn certain situations another direction. If only we had been wiser to certain people and our surroundings that day, ..things would have turned for the better. But that didn't happen and I landed myself six months boredom But now things have almost back to the way they used to be. Zaslaw is no longer around and there are some thing we will have to adjust to in our financial situations. I don't regret any decision that I have made because whatever happens, happens for a reason. Mistakes that we have made all mean nothing now. I like to look back at my life but not to dwell on it – nothing good can come of that. But I look back to see what I can change for now, what I can do differently to make things better for myself. Everyone makes mistakes in certain degrees of their lives; for some people its their jobs, for others is their personal lives. And there are places where we don't make mistakes and we excel to that extent. I pride myself in the places that I don't screw up, where I'm at my best and better than damn-near everyone. I make no mistakes in the wrestling ring, I make it my home where everyone steps lightly and walks with care.

You walk in fear, terror and the realization that defeating me is something that doesn’t happen very often. I'm a Fifteen year veteran of the ring and I know all the ends and outs of the business; I know what it takes to win in the ring, I know what it takes to overpower your opponent and I know how to outlast the poor soul who dare stand face to face with me. You have all these younger people who come into this business and see me, see someone whos a little bit older, someone they think they can outlast… and that's where those people are wrong, they come into the ring with a smile on their faces, run all over the ring jumping from one ring post to the other – in a weak attempt to wear me down. Those people have failed and when they see that I have destroyed them their devastated to see that I didn't wear down, or that I hardly even broke a sweat. Experience is a an advantage that is hard to overcome but is overlooked by most wrestlers, they think they can step into the ring and collect wins and Titles like this was some sort of game… I will make my presence felt in the GWA, and no, I wont be doing this all by myself. Zero Tolerance is back, were free from jail and Tristan has been waiting. Weve come back together and there is nothing stopping us from reaching our status that we once were at…

We were at the top of the world, we had everything in our hold and nobody could bring us down. With Zaslaw we traveled all over the world conquering one fed after another.. destroying their towns and sending all their wrestlers away in ambulances. Groups would form to try and take us out once and for all, to try and take back control of the federation and all of their Titles; but we slapped those groups around and showed them were the power was. People make mistakes in thinking that you can throw several people together and call yourselves a team then only to come running to a losing battle. Weve spent years together training focusing on one thing to the next…we know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and what the other is going to do in the ring. Were not just some people that decided to start a “group”, were a family combined of the best damn wrestlers in the sport. So I see that this week for our big debut in the ring I get to go up against Mike Steele. Now for Mike, I'm sure that he is sitting back with a grin on his face thinking hes gonna be able to collect a win against a “newbie,” and I do hope that he is because when I beat him its going to make it that much sweeter. Now Mike I can see that you have won all your matches so far in the GWA but that good start that you are off to is going to come to an end.

Ive gotten the tape of the couple matches that you have had so far here and I can say that I'm not real impressed. You may have beaten a few guys, but you haven’t stepped into the ring with Jaymz yet and until you do, you haven’t faced a real opponent. Mike I know what its like to be ontop of the world, ive seen and beaten better talent than you. Ive held World Titles, Ive defended them against the greatest and come out on top. Its been a while since I have been in the ring but don't think that I'm going to come in with any rust. Cause you see Mike, Ive had more matches in my career than you will ever have and that I have in my favor. I wont come into the ring this week lacking anything, ..Ive spent the last few months in jail working out, preparing for this chance to come back into the business that I love. I come back in with Crazy J at my side, my former Tag Team partner in which we have ruled divisions…For years we have been a Tag Team and claimed those Belts in every place that we have been…and in all those places we have only been defeated one single time and that wasn't even for our belts, which we have never lost…I come in here with Tristan Bale, one of the greatest young wrestlers in the world. Tristan has a mind like nobody that I know, hes arrogant, hes cocky and he has earned the right to be that way.

A man that I have faced in the ring and who gave me one of the hardest matches that I have ever had, and it was the World Title we battled over. We come in here as three contenders not to be taken lightly…But we have to prove ourselves in a new place and we are perfectly content in that. You see Mike, it will only be a short time before Zero Tolerance takes over the GWA and you stand back to watch. This is going to be your first experience, and doubtfully your last, with Zero Tolerance. You get to be the example of what I can do with my opponents, ..everyone will sit and watch backstage as the New Guy comes in and tears your apart. Steele, you aren’t going to find a more powerful opponent than what you see here. I'm going to show you pain like you have never seen, I’ll show the world that I'm not coming here to mess around, that I don't step into the ring and pull of technical wrestling moves. I'm going to overpower you, beat you with my strength and endurance. I’ll leave you laying in the ring in a daze while they haul out on the stretcher and place you in the ambulance. I know what you are about, like Ive said, Ive seen you in the ring and I know how you fight. Wouldnt it be a wise choice for you to at least pay a little attention to what we have to say and what were about? You dont know anything about Zero Tolerance but you don't strut around here acting like you do, thinking your the big man when your really not.

How big are you going to be when I put you in the Silence? When I hold you up in the sky, cut off your circulation as I hold your neck and slam you back down into the mat with such velocity that you have never seen...You still going to be the big man then? You still going to walk around here acting like youre a somebody? Just because youre undefeated here Mike means nothing to me, it only shows me that someone has you put you in your place and show you that you aren’t quite cut out to be in the same ring as we are. I cant wait to get back into the ring Steele, I cant wait to get back and show the world that I haven’t lost anything in the last six months that I have been away. Already people doubt me because of the time off and my age and you better not be one of those people Steele, that would be the biggest mistake to make about me in the ring. And don't listen to the people in the media either, they have never been in the ring so they have no room to criticize me… They don't think I'm ready to step back into the ring, they don't think I have the mental state to be in this business any longer, ..and this is the week that I get to prove them wrong. Sucks to be you thought Mike, youre the one that I get to slaughter and make the example of. Your time is runnin short Mike, this is the big return of Zero Tolerance and you get to be the first victim, ..because once it hits Zero, ..its too late.