..What helps you win? Did you really say that?

The scene opens up inside of the hotel room where Jaymz had been staying since he had gotten out of jail. He was packing the rest of his things into his bag, about to go to a new hotel for a few days before he had to leave again for Anarchy. Anarchy was going to be an event, traveling to places that he never cared to go. If he wanted to go to Edmonton , then he would go on his own...But nnooo, the GWA has to drag his happy-ass over there. Jaymz wasn’t even sure he knew where Edmonton was, ..wasn’t it in Canada? He hoped not. As fast as he was concerned, Canada was the cause of all the worlds problems. Blame Canada. For everything. When he thought of Canada, he thought of the South Park Movie. He thought they did a good job of portraying Canada, and that was even more reason not to go over there. He got everything he had inside of his bag and double checked the room. There was one more thing that he had to get, he didn’t forget about it. He leaned down and pulled something out from under the bed, some kind of case. He took it over to the small table where the sun was shining in from the window. He opened up the case, you almost had to shield your eyes from the gold glow from inside.

It was one half of the Tag Team belts from the last promotion that Zero Tolerance was in, it was his motivation – to once again capture the gold. He knew it wouldn’t be this week, but soon. He ran his hand over his former Tag Team Title, admiring it for a moment. It had been quite some time since he held a Title before that, it hadn’t taken him long to win one once he got back into the ring, They won the Titles in only their third matches in the last promotion...Jaymz was just ready to get back into the in a few days. That was another problem that he had, it was hard for him to sleep on the road. He found it was easier the longer he was in this business, but now it was like starting all over again, he had to fight himself just to go to sleep last night...He forgot to take his sleeping pills with him when he came here, he knew that had been a mistake. He also knew he had been doing weird shit at nighttime that he wasn’t aware of. Now this was something that he couldn't tell Vadim about, There is no way that man could find out something like this, he would try and have him committed all over again. Committed. Jaymz had almost forgotten about that, anger raged inside of him.

He tried to let it go, even the other day when Vadim came over to his hotel room talkin about the mental ward, he ignored it…But honestly, he could have gotten up and killed him for that he was so mad. But he couldn't do that to Vadim. Vadim had done a lot for him, given him many opportunities and chances. So, Vadim said one thing he didn't like, so what? …And well, maybe it did help him a little bit, but not much. What was wrong with Jaymz couldn't be corrected, in fact, being there for the last six months had only made it worse. At times he was ok, but then there were the other times…His kind would wander and let him refuse to sleep for days. Occasionally he didn't know dreams from reality…But somehow, in the end.. everything always turned out ok. But it was hard to get over, those times of his life had been hell. It was just something that you learned to cope with. He got on the Hotel phone and dialed his old home phone number, he wanted to check his messages.. Make sure that they still hadn’t sold the house and that nobody was living in there yet..The government took it from him when they went to jail, ..just another thing they couldn't get back.

The computer voice on the other end told him that he had one new message, he pushed the speakerphone button to listen while he put his shoes on, the recording said

You have one new message on February tenth two thousand and six **beep** HEY!!! HEY YOU SONOFABITCH!!!

Yup. That was his neighbor, Kyle Frasier. He knew he would get a call from him


You have no more new messages. Thank you.

So Kyle was a little mad, well that’s just too damn bad isn’t it? Fuck, that message was old. He had asked hi nicely several times to not let his dog do his business in Jaymz' yard. Frasier didn’t listen, so why does he even think he had room to complain? Let that nasty little dog shit in his yard, so Jaymx took control of the situation and killed the nasty little fucker. Jaymz got his stuff together and walked out the room, He closed the door, turned around and looked down the hall. his eyes got wide with what he saw. All up and down the hallway, written in blood was "Goth" ...no way. He didn’t do that,... did he? No. He couldn’t have. He had a hard time sleeping, but he wasn’t sleepwalking last night was he...he scratched the side of his arm for no reason, and when he did pain rushed up the side.. He pulled the sleeve of his shirt up and looked at his arm.. there was a huge gash, that apparently fixed up himself last night. He quickly put his sleeve back down, there were people all over the place looking at the mess in the hallway. He quickly made his way down the hall to the Elevator and down into the main lobby. He returned his key to the lady at the front desk and quickly walked out the door and got into the Tahoe and sat there for a moment…

What in the hell had he done last night??? Who else was going to do something like that to the hotel wall, and plus he had the huge gash in his arm. He was a little worried at this point, at least nobody had seen him…If they had he would be in trouble by now. It was ok, not many people knew that “Jaymz” was staying at the Hotel. …Always goes by his fake name and stays at places that are least likely to have younger people around, …less people to know him… He pulled out of the parking lot.

Anarchy is coming up in a few days and the huge Tag Match looms on the horizion.. All week we have been criticized by our opponents, downgraded by them. Goth talks of our past Tag Titles more than we do, Hernandez compares us to classic movies, Hollywood thinks Ive been slapped in the face with a shovel, ..and Taxx? Who is that? At one point they will tell us they aren’t looking past us, but later in the promo they claim were push-overs and no challenge what-so-ever. I'm convinced that the GWA is full of men who don't know what they say from one minute to the next, and honestly, Ive never seen anything like it. If they want to come out here and talk all this smack you would think they could remember what in the fuck their talking about…Instead, they say one thing but contradict it with another. Its almost as if they cant make up their mind on what they want to say or what stupid comparisons their going to make up. Will this be an easy match? No. Is this a match that we can in? absolutely. Crazy J and I plan on winning this match, more than that, we know that we can win this match. I guess you can say that we’ll “shock” the GWA and the world, well, ..maybe not everyone; but I know that the six opponents that will be in the ring are going to be shocked, amazed and stunned that we have come out on top.

Goth, did I ever tell you to drop the dark “act?” ..so its an Act that you have? Youre not real? You don't live what you preach? I told you to show me evil, you have yet to do that – because you cant. You don't know the true meaning of darkness or evil, ..maybe if your lucky, I will show some of that to you. I feel sorry for you Goth, you want us all to see how spooky you are but yet at the end of the day its all fake? All for show? Your pathetic. Goth I have asked you many questions, called you out on things that you have said, and have you responded to any of them? No. Its because Ive been right, Ive told you the things that you have said were false and untrue. You come out here making shit up, and ive asked you about it, ..but you seem to have avoided all of that…And whats even better is that you claim that you don't care about our past championships and how they mean nothing, …then why do you come out here and tell us that you’re a double champion and you’ve held this title for so long, and you held that title for so long…well isnt that like the pot calling the kettle black? Do you think being a double champion is going to help you any when you get into the ring at Anarchy? Is that going to help Tony Jackson as well? No Goth it wont, in fact, I'm not even sure that Tony Jackson can even help you win this match.

Hey Goth, do you realize that you said the most STUPID THING EVER??? Last time I checked winning in the ring came down to who was more talented, how had more endurance and who was mentally stronger..I think we both and agree on that, right? NO!!! According to you, and I quote “I guess doing these socalled boring promo’s must have gotten me somewhere” What in the fuck are you talking about?? So by you showing your ugly face, which Im sure is painted for a reason, to the World – helps you win matches? Your promos got you far in the ring? That's like me saying “Do you see how far taking a shit has gotten me?” Does that make sense Goth? No, it doesn’t – and neither does have the shit that comes out of your mouth. Congratulations, you have come up with the most idiotic quote of the week..and that was tough to beat with Hernandez Do you really expect me to take you seriously when you say things like that? When your telling me that airing promos has gotten you somewhere, that made me laugh Goth, best thing Ive heard all day. Your meaningless bullshit means nothing to me Goth and the same goes for your partner Tony Jackson…Neither of you seem to realize that this is our match to win, and we take what we want.

Hollywood doesn’t seem to care that I have defended this country, and that's fine because my day goes on whether or not he cares… He doesn’t have to respect that but when we get into the ring he will see what other men have seen, feel the pain that I have inflicted on other across the world..these hands that have spilled blood will destroy Hollywood and his movie re-maker Hernandez. So when I step into the ring I will be stepping into your warzone? Oh good, Ive been in those and as you can see, I'm still here. I don't think that bodes will for you Hollywood – I know that you will come out here and tell me different. I'm glad that you will come out to the ring and defend it with your life and give everything that you have into this match. Its only going to make it that much better when you walk your sorry ass back to the locker room and have to come to terms with the fact that you failed, you failed to win this match and you failed to beat Zero Tolerance. Ya know Hollywood, I wouldn’t go around here making promises that you cant keep, pretty high of you to come out here and promise that this is something that I “wont be ready for.” ..Right there youre already wrong about that. You and Hernandez may thing you have this match one, but I live for this..this is my passion and I'm always ready. Don't come out here telling me that I wont be, this is what I do.

This is a business and I take it very seriously…Like Goth, you made an ignorant statement that you cant back up..One that your wrong about but I guess that the truth will be found in the form of an asskicking by Zero Tolerance. ..And then we have these Gold Diggas? Where are they? Where is this Taxx fellow? It almost seems that their afraid to even be in this match, I'm sure that these two know better than to come into the ring expecting a win against us, or over the other two teams for that matter. Jay Gold told us that we weren’t much of a threat, but I haven’t seen him around lately so I assume that he has changed his mind about that. How can Gold say we aren’t a threat when it appears that hes not even training for this match, that he doesn’t even seem to be concerned if he and his hushed partner have been so quiet. You two just need to give it up here and don't even bother coming into the ring. Everyone is counting us out, they say that we don't stand a chance…Anarchy is only a few days away, only a few days until the GWA sees what they have let come in and sign contracts…They will be looking at the faces of future champions.