Green Card

Your watching Channel 6 news, were the stories are brought to you first. Hello, and good afternoon; I'm Ryan Jenkins and along side me is Debbie Reid. We have a lot of stories at this midday hour and some strange weather may be headed our way; Terry Stone will update us on that later in the broadcast. But first, we want to bring your attention for the story, that we brought you first, involving members of the well-known group Zero Tolerance. Two members who go by the name of Crazy J and Jaymz were at a promotional event signing autographs yesterday, this come after their release from jail just a few short weeks ago. You may remember the public outcry to see that these two men were only slapped on the wrist and given six months on incarceration, three of them being in the mental ward. And the two seemed to be back at their old ways yesterday as the autograph signing with sour. As you can see from the tape on your screen that the event was going smoothly until Jaymz said something to a fan who approached him from behind.

Unfortunately it was so loud in the building that we couldn't get any audio, but you can see the two having words before the huge wrestlers jumped up from their chairs and attacked him brutally. And only moments later they went on to attacking another man after Crazy J said something to the mans child. These men are still a menace to society and it doesn’t appear that their attitude has changed, so we at Channel 6 News did our own searching and found out who treated these men in the asylum but he refused to answer any of our questions and placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of the promoter. “I told him not to let them do that event” was all that he gave us, so we contacted the promoter and he declined any comment what-so-ever. Can jail time and treatment really cause a change in a person? I believe not, these two men are examples of the reason that Detroit has gone downhill. In other news, a local car chase led to the deat----

“Can you believe that shit?” Jaymz turned off the tv and rolled his eyes, “Their trying to make us out as some bad guys.”
“It didn't even happen that way, you told that idiot to get back in line – hell, he cut through everybody” Crazy J looked over at Truman who was standing there in the corner of the room with his arms crossed.

They were in a small room backstage at the Channel 3 News Studio, Truman had called them here earlier, “Well that's the spin that people want to put on it. But you guys are going to go live on the air and explain what really happened. This way you don't have to be around all those people and nobody will interfere. Plus, you can hype up this match and get people on your side”

Crazy J looked up at Truman, baffled, “Get people on our side?”
“Why would we want to do that?
“Guys, it gives you more exposure, I mean, you have been off for eight months.”
Jaymz stood up as there was a knock at the door, “nobody forgot who we are. We don't need to go on tv.”

It was then the door opened and a lady stuck her head inside and told them they were on in twenty minutes. Jaymz and J started to leave the room and Truman came over and stopped them. The two looked at each other and then grabbed Truman, shoved a towel in his mouth that was in the room as Jaymz held him on the ground. Crazy J looked out the door and there was a bunch of wound up cable, he took his pocket knife out and cut off a decent sized piece and went back into the dressing room. He grabbed a chair and Jaymz sat Truman down as Crazy J went to tying him up. They checked to make sure that he wasn't going anywhere before they opened the closet door and tossed him inside as he tried to protest. They went out the door and into the studio. They could see the set over to the left with the anchors relaying the latest news, producers and the rest of the nobodies walked behind the cameras with their notepads and cell phones trying to dig up another story. They seemed to pay no attention to the two men as they walked around backstage. The background of the news set was a glass wall and on the backside there were computers lined up that people were working diligently at.

One of the news anchors was a man, the other a woman. When they came closer to the set they both stopped and stared at her. She was beautiful, she was of Mexican decent and she had stopped them dead in their tracks. It was Maria Salina, the co-anchor. Crazy J then had an idea, he spoke quietly to Jaymz and they parted directions…Crazy J went left to the backside of the set, Jaymz went to the right and disappeared around a corner. He went down a small hallway and came to a door, he knocked and an older man with a beard popped his head out. Jaymz told the man that he needed to speak to him about some of the language that he was going to use so the man would know when to bleep it. He opened the door up and as he did Jaymz slammed it hard, hitting the man in the head. Jaymz looked around in the room and was surprised to he was the only man in this small production room, he closed the door and locked it behind him He sat down and put the small headset on so he could communicate with the cameramen, he looked over the screens and what the line up for the show was. The male anchor was reading the latest story off the teleprompter about a drunk driver who had killed several people in a crash last night. Jaymz spoke into the headset to the cameraman, “Zoom in on her boobs.”
“what!?” came back through the headset
“Don't fuckin argue with me, zoom in on those tits, ..thats what the world wants to see!!”

Jaymz watched on the screen as the camera zoomed into Salinas breasts. The male anchor, noticing this on the TV across from him started to laugh as he tried to finish the story, a gasp could be heard from Maria as she picked up the papers in front of her and held them over her breasts, little did she know that Crazy J had gotten hold of those papers before Maria got them during the commercial break, and on the back written with black magic marker, “I fucked Crazy J for a green card.” As Maria looked up at the screen and saw what was written she turned the papers around, her face turning red. Jaymz laughed hard as he told the cameraman to zoom back out…the producer called for a sudden commercial, then came over his headset and asked Jaymz what in the fuck was going on up there!? Jaymz changes his voice as best he could and responded that he was having some technical difficulties and that everything was fine, moments later the News continued:

Were sorry about that everyone, we were having a few difficulties but everything seems to be fine now. And our top story for the night is how Detroit Lions receiver Roy Williams is helping a local autistic boy. We have a very nice piece put together for that and uh, ..oh my…

The segment that popped up was a couple of drunk teenagers puking all over the sidewalk, it was the unedited version of a story they were going to run in a few days. The producer came back on the headset screaming for Jaymz to go to commercial again and to quit fuckin things up.. They went to commercial and the whole time the producer kept screaming at the man in the production room, telling him that one more screw up was going to cost him his job. And as the news was about to come back on, all the lights went off for a second then came back on. But this time, sitting next to Maria Salinas, was Crazy J. He had a huge “no, I don't know where the anchor went” grin on his face and he was wearing the anchors suit jacket that didn't quite fit. Salinas looked shocked to see this man sitting next to her

“Welcome back assholes!” Crazy J smiled and leaned over the news desk. “If you don't know me, you should. I do the news now and from his point on, I, Crazy J, am the lead man on this newscast.. Jaymz, roll the tape!!”
Maria jumped back and scooted away from the desk as he screamed, she rolled out of the chair and began to run.
“If she doesn’t want to be here that's fine, - I do this show better by myself…but that bitch wont get her green card, that's for sure.”

The segment rolled and it was a baby calf sucking on the momma cows tit, it was a short segment but kept replaying. Crazy J added the comments, “So for the local GWA news.. as you can see here, we have Goth and Sapphira – and yes this is Goth, no folks, that's not a black and white dairy cow….Its just the bad job he did with he did with all that paint he plays with..isnt he scary?” Uumm, anyway – this is Crazy J and I'm OUT!!”

The producer stormed the set and J jumped up from the chair, everyone else stood around in shock as he took off and Jaymz came back from the opposite direction and just as they were leaving the door Truman, extremely pissed at this point, came out from the dressing room and followed them out of the studio. The producer inside gave up as they left and Truman came flying outside
“What in the hell are you guys doing!??
Crazy J looked over at Jaymz and shrugged, “..the news.”
“you guys are killing me, these are things that you HAVE to do!!”
“No, we don't have to do a damn thing we don't want to do” Jaymz got up in his face and Truman backed away
“Look, you guys said you would do these things, so you goys gotta quit fuckin around.” Truman pulled a card out of his pocket and handed one to each of them. They looked at the cards but seemed unconcerned, they ignored Truman as they parted ways and got in their vehicles. Jaymz sat there in the Tahoe for a minute and lit a cigarette, he rolled the window down and flicked the ash out

Truman needs to get over himself and its not like we don't know, hes just waiting for us to get paid because that idiot wants a piece of it. Oh well, I have better things to talk about than him. I noticed that when I came to the GWA there were a few interesting people here who seem to think their “dark “ and “evil.” You know, those people..like Goth, like Havok have absolutely no idea of the things that I can do. Ive changed. I lived by what was inside of me, I let it control me and overtake my senses. Ive come along way since then and I choose the ignore the impulses that are inside of me, the thing that is inside of me. I promised myself, Zaslaw, I promised Vadim that I would never let it happen again. I'm not a good person and never have been – but I could never be what I once was. ..Ive broken lots of promises before Goth and maybe its about time I break another one. For you to see what a true evil is, for you to see what true evil is about. ..because you don't have a clue Goth. You question Zero Tolerance and ask us if our tolerance is zero, that's a stupid fuckin question isnt it? We have zero tolerance for people like you, people who run around thinking their someone that their not. So your sorry that you got the wrong information and sorry for being an arrogant ass? How did you get the wrong information, besides you saying five thousand times that Hernandez makes everyone look young. That's a lame excuse, you got the wrong information because you had none in the first place.

You spouted your mouth off just talkin some shit when you didn't have the slightest clue as to what you were sayin. You made a lot of accusations and false statements and for going into this blind you made a fool of yourself. Goth I look past your antics because you really haven’t done anything, you cant really sit there and tell me I need to look beyond that; I sit here and I watch your promos and laugh at how you try so hard to intimidate your opponents with this “dark “ stuff. It amuses me because you sit around in candles and that's suppose to be evil? I laugh at you Goth, I assumed that with how many false statements you made in your first promo that you would correct that but I can see that I was wrong, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Goth, what really makes you think that I got mad watching your promo? Why would I get mad? Did you rob my house and burn it down? Did you have one of my friends killed? ..Naw, so you haven’t really done anything to make me mad..I have no reason to be mad, even when we get into that ring and I'm throwing you from one side to the other I still wont be mad..I’ll enjoy it, I’ll take pleasure in the terrified look on your face when you know that you are beaten and that you have no chance…I can see that under the paint Goth, and that's all I need to see..thats when I will also know that you are beaten and that its time for you to listen to the Silence. That's when you will see what a true “fuckup” is. You came out again and called me a fuck up, and again, I ask you to elaborate on that for me.

What have I fucked up on? Stepping into the ring with you? Hahaha, shit, I call that an easy win. You can go ahead and call me a fuck up all week if you like, though it doesn’t really make sense, but when Anarchy rolls around I don't think you will be calling me that any more. And no Goth, I wont have you bow down to my feet – for one because your not worthy of it, and two; making sure that you lose this match is going to be even better. How big is that ego of yours Goth? So big that you’re the GREATEST Tag Team wrestler in the world!?? Holy Fuck, that makes you a “singles” wrestler!! Because inst a tag team a TEAM? So how can you be the “greatest tag team wrestler in the world” if it takes two to be a team?? See Goth, this just goes on to the list of stupid shit that you say..you like to talk a lot so this is becoming a big list. I mean, you don't know Tag Team from Singles so im not sure if you know the wrestling ring from a sandbox. So if you do show up to the right place for Anarchy, I don't expect you to be scared of me Goth..No, not this time around. But there will be a point where we will meet again and that is going to be the time that you are scared of me. The second time is when you come into the ring knowing that your still looking for your first win against Zero Tolerance. You walk around the GWA with your head high but when we show you what real power and strength is all about you’ll be walking around backstage lookin in the corners, mortified that we’ll be coming for you.

..you are half right about one thing though Goth, ..I will be begging, ..but I wont be begging for you to spare my life, I’ll be begging you to step back in the ring for future matches…you’ll be the scared little bitch coming to the ring with thoughts of losing on your mind. The one that comes to the ring with fear, shame, and regret; knowing that there will be no success versus us here in the GWA. Like you don't care about our past accomplishments I could give a shit less about yours as well, ..so what makes you think that I'm going to be impressed? Why come out here and tell me that you could care less, ..yet..you come out here saying the same shit!? What the hell Goth? I hope that your wrestling isnt as inconsistent as your mouth is because if it is, this is going to be a simple fight between us. There will be no destroying us Goth, that isnt going to happen…you and Tony Jackson don't stand a chance against us and I could give a shit less if it was a basic two team match or the match we got this week.

We have this Tony Jackson who like to bitch about the length of our promos and how boring they are, this takes alot of nerve from a guy who goes ice-skating in his promos...Is that suppose to be entertaining? Do you really think that anyone gives a shit about going ice-skating? Not only would anyone care about that, but you came out here and fed me the the oldest thing Ive heard since the day Ive been in his business "Learn how to spell your name, James." Yaaaawwwnnn...Could you be anymore original Michael? I mean, uh, Tony? Your about the nine thousandth person to tell me that, so please, go get some new material before you try and talk to me. But what I don’t understand, by criticizing my name - what is that going to do for you in the match? How is the way that I spell my name going to help you any? I could spell it, T-o-n-y... i-s.. m-y...b-i-t-c-h if I felt like it, so don’t concern yourself with the spelling of something that is completely irrelevant to what is going on. You bore me Jackson, watching your promo was worse than watching a Soccer game, you said nothing of any importance and nothing that was remotly close to entertaining either. So just because you were in the GWA longer than we have been makes you something special? Looking at your overall record, it doesn’t appear to me that you have done anything worth taking note of, nothing that I can say "oohh, hes such a great wrestler." your wrestling skills are less than impressive and if it came down to it I would take a four year old dyslexic child as my bet to win a match against you. You dont have to worry about be proving myself Jackson, we knew coming into the GWA that was something that we have to do and in our second match you just get to be the victim of us proving ourselfs..I don’t even know why your in this match Jackson, after all, your partner is "the greatest tag team wrestler in the world" he should be able to win this match without you, right?

He seems to think so. that doesn’t sound like a Team to me, and in the end that is going to be the downfall of you to. Then we got this Hollywood guy with his partner Felix Hernandez, two guys who seem to be complete opposites and two more guys who go around saying stupid shit and making things up...Like Hollywood telling me that "I got my faced slapped around with a shovel." Just one more stupid statement by my opponents..Hollywood, do you know why my face is covered in scars? You may think it was from a shovel, I don’t know where you came up with that shit..but to me it looked like a lame attempt at humor...I got these scars from defending our country, I got these scars from being in the military and going to places that you aren’t even aware of. I’ve done my time, I’ve taken people out across the world that are threats to our country and you make fun of my physical appearance? ..weak. Maybe you should team up with Goth then the both of you could run around here saying a bunch of stupid random shit. And you think that our luck wont continue on in Tag Matches? No, our luck is only beginning. Crazy J and I excel in Tag Matches and it wont be long before we are the GWA Tag Team champions, ..no, it wont be this week that we get those belts this is just the weeks that we show everyone in the GWA what a real Tag Team is, how a real team performs in the ring. How well do you know Hernandez? How long have you been wrestling with him? Do you know his strengths and weaknesses? Do you know what hes going to do in the ring at any given time? I don’t think either of you know know that much about each other and that’s the biggest part of a Tag Match. Hernandez seems to think that just because our mental state is what you would call, ..normal; that we cant win matches. What the fuck is this guy talking about? Is that like saying a blind man cant play the piano?

That would be an incorrect statement because its been proven. Who says that we cant wrestle because of that? I’m in for a rude awakening Hernandez? And what? Your going to be the one that beats us? I hardly think so, you of all people stand no chance against us in the ring...When did I come into the ring and act a fool Felix, can you tell me about that? I acted a fool in making quick work of Steele last week? If that’s the case then I guess I have to act a fool again. Then he comes out comparing all his opponents to characters in a movie that was made when he was a small child...so then you are you Felix? the Wizard? Some little punk bitch hiding behind smoke and mirrors? Thats all you appear to be to me, someone who sits back talking all this shit but isnt able to back it up in the ring. If you want to come into the ring thinking were witches and what-not, then go right ahead because when were done with you, you'll be uttering that famous line from that movie you love so much, "I dont think I’m in Kansas anymore" as youre looking around and see that Crazy J and myself have our arms up high in the air claiming the victory. How do you go around calling yourself a Superstar and us "has-beens?" because youve been in a hundred matches and lost damn-near all of then? Because you’re a two time Global Champ..wow, I bet those were the two shortest title holds in wrestling history. One thing that doesn’t make sense: "Hollywood and I have shown you that both have so much ring rust blah, blah.." What the fuck is that suppose to mean? How have you shown me that we have ring rust? Did you get into the ring and beat us? No, you sure haven’t. So how can you show us that we have ring rust when we haven’t even been in the ring with you? our quick victories here in the GWA show that we have ring rust? Im not following your here Felix, maybe you could elaborate on that for us or something...

And we couldn’t crumble to the floor in a "heap of rust" anyway, because remember, were the "wicked witches" not the Tinman...Try to stay on track Felix, if your going to compare people to this and that; then you need to stay with your one story and not change it up. But really, in the end none of this matters..you can call us what you want right now but in a few days you'll have no choice but to call us "the winners." Felix, I don’t really care how old you are or what you have done in the GWA, like everyone else, they all seem to think their something special just because they have been in the GWA longer than we have. That means nothing to us, all that means is you know more about the other opponents than us, which isnt going to favor us any because neither have we stepped in the ring with any of you. Then we have this other team, the Gold Diggas? I think this Taxx guy lost his last match and ran off...I mean, where is he? Its ok, I would run to if I had to face two members of Zero Tolerance in the ring at once. And theres his partner Jay Gold who’s in the GWA hall of fame but all he does is bitch about not being old like people say he is, whine about losing his past match and on and on and on...Jay what makes you think that you can just throw us to the side in this match? After all, you did say that and then later in your promo you said "but I wont overlook them." Make up your mind, which one is it going be? Are you going to move us out of the way like were nothing, or are you going to take us seriously? You contradicted yourself, you fuckin idiot...Do you not remember the things that you say from one minute to the other?? Maybe you should contact a professional writer and have them type up a script that you can read to all of us that way you wont make a jackass out of yourself. You claimed that you wont make that mistake a third time, but it looks to me that your already making it.

Sure, throw us to the side like were nothing since were not a threat, ..but your gonna take us seriously? Tell me Gold, does that make any sense at all? I was confused watching your promo because I didn’t know what to believe since you cant keep from contradicting yourself. And no Gold, you don’t see us boasting about our wins from the previous week, ..because we all told them they weren’t in the same league with us...Yes, I’ve told you that I won that match, ..but am I boasting? Have I come out here and told you that I’m the greatest wrestler in the world because I took out Steele in no time? He wasn’t a challenge, he was just the warm-up match for me...and I beat his ass so bad that he hasn’t been seen since then - kinda like your friend Taxx. What you, Taxx and the other two teams have to realize is that Zero Tolerance isnt a group that can be thrown around, were not people who come into the ring to lose because those thoughts never cross our minds. This match is our match to win and there will be nothing less accepted. This is our second match in this place and we will keep the trend going that we started last week, winning.