- Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Stacy Kissinger (Global Title) -

The End

He closed Tristanís office door behind him and started to walk off - again looking at the Championship photos hanging on the walls... Rage built inside of him, his breathing picked up and he clinched his fists drawing blood from his palms as his fingernails dug into the skin. Jaymz was pissed, he bothered him that Tristan wanted Stacy to win the Global Title more than himself. They had been friends for years, fought on the same side and won Titles together in the past. He felt betrayed and thought that Tristan only wanted Stacy to win because of her good looks and that Tristan had feelings for her.. He couldnít stop the rage from building up and thought about the ways the Doc taught him how to calm down, but it wasnít working. He breathed out his nose like a pissed off bull, turned, and kicked the double doors open to the office. The left door flew off the hinges and hit the fishtank embedded in the wall.. A crack shot from one end to the other but the glass didnít break. Tristan stood up in the chair, tossed off his suit jacket and jumped over the desk. He didnít want to do this but he saw the look in the giants eyes and knew he was out for blood. He met Jaymz in the middle of the room and put a right hand to the big mans jaw but that didnít seem to phase him. Jaymz grabbed him by the neck and tossed him back to the desk; Tristan rolled off and back behind the office but he wasnít out of reach of the long arms of Jaymz.

He hit the wall as he backed away and Jaymz caught him by the neck again; spun him around and slammed him against the glass of the window. Tristan slammed both his hands on either side of Jaymz head and made the giant wince as he reared his right hand back. Tristan saw it coming and grabbed the curtains of the window pulled him away from the glass - Jaymz missed the mans head and his fist hit the glass sending cracks all the way through. Tristan almost struggled free but Jaymz tightened the hold on the man and slammed him back against the glass; this time shattering it and sending it down to the ground below. A few people scattered as the wind filled the office and papers flew off the desk. He held Tristan out the window as the mans face turned red - his eyes bulged because he couldnít breathe. Jaymz looked at the man, then down at the ground, and tossed Tristan back into the office. Jaymz fell to his knees and looked down at the floor. What was he doing? ...Why was the going to do that to Tristan?? ..He couldnít believe it and was ashamed he had done such a thing. The Rage had gotten the best of him again and he couldnít control it.


Jaymz shook his head and looked around. The office doors were broken and so was the window that he was down on his knees in front of. He looked back behind him and saw Tristan; but Tristan didnít have his jacket coat off and he didnít look like he had been in a fight. He looked afraid though as he was on the other side of the office watching the freak that he had become. He now understood what Tristan had meant that he was different, that he wasnít the same out of control asshole that he had always been. He was different now, ..he was worse - and it all had started in Mexico with that damn voice, ..and that voice was back.

"You see Alexi, ...you'll hurt anyone."
Jaymz heard the voice, it was on the outside ledge of the building; just around the window where he couldnít see.
"..Your friends, ...your family that you once had, ..you'll hurt 'em all."

Jaymz disagreed and shook his head, "..No, ..I didnít do a damn thing. ..You made me do this"
Tristan looked on at the man who was now talking to himself after he had just beat up an imaginary person, who he assumed it was to be him.
The voice, which sounded like the man had water in his throat came floating from the outside of the building with the wind, "..Its in you. You wanted to do it. ..am I wrong?"
"why dont, ..just fuckin leave... fuckin leave me alone."

The voice laughed, "Leave you alone? I'm only here to advise you Alexi. ...Why do you want me to leave? ..Do you think if I leave its gonna help you straighten out your life?"
Jaymz' voice was almost a mumble, "Yes...it will... things have to change... I cant do this anymore."
"Cant do this anymore!??" The voice found this humorous, "You've always been like this!! ...Its in your nature to cause trouble, ..its just what you do."
"No, it isnít.." Jaymz voice had rose a little, "I was taught to be this way, ...by you."

The voice cackled from the side of the building, "You think so? ..I always guided you Alexi, but you let people use you - take advantage of you, and they made you who you are. ..You were always the outcast as a kid and you had to be violent just to survive. Tell me Iím wrong.
Jaymz started to say something but The Voice cut him off, "..Iím not wrong. You were raised to be that way since the day since you were old enough to care what people thought about you. ..and I felt sorry for you, I tried to correct the problems but you wouldnít let me."

Jaymz stood up and stood on the ledge of the window sill; he could hear Tristan take a few steps closer and knew he was waiting for the big man to take the dive, "..Then what good am I? ..I wrestle my last match and then what? ..I go around beating on people because you wont stay OUTTA MY FUCKIN HEAD!!?? ...I've tried to change, but now you wont let me. ...you're not the same since you came back, ..since you came to stay with me in my cell in Mexico."
The voice didnít respond for a moment, "Fine...Then jump. See if I give a shit, I'll be outta yer head forever that way, ..wont I?"
"Yes...you will." He took a step forward and held a tug on the back of his shirt, it was Tristan.

"I dont know who your talking to Alexi - but dont fuckin do this shit man, ..dont do this." Tristan seemed sincere and Jaymz could see it. But Jaymz didnít reply, he pulled away from Tristan and looked at Memphis, then down across the horizon.
"You died and you left me" Jaymz told the voice.
The voice came back, but seemed serious this time around, "..and it was that woman of yours that killed me."
Jaymz nodded, ..he was beginning to remember Julie now and the crazy way she had acted.. Her vinegar drinking, the pissing on the floors and rubbing shit on the walls - he was remembering all that now.
"And tell me Alexi, ..what happened that week that I died?"
"I dunno" he muttered

"You faced Goth, you won the Global Title. ..You had everything going for you, you were on top of the world and you had your sanity with that insane woman you kept around."
"Yes.. I did.
"...and you want me to leave?" The voice was almost human now.
"ok" The voice flew in the window with the wind, "Then win the Global Title."
Jaymz nodded, "I will."

"yes, if you want me gone you will. ...Cause if you dont, I'm gonna stick around for the rest of your life. I'll make you do things that people will call you crazy for. ..I'll control your mind and send you anything that I wish for you to see."
Jaymz sighed, "nnoo..."
"Then how bad do you want to win that Title? ...I left you the last time you won it; win it again and this time I'll leave you for good, ...forever."
Jaymz stood up, "Iím going to win it."
"not by jumping outta that window you wont." ..and then the voice cut off and seemed to disappear.

Jaymz turned around and the blood seemed to run out of Tristanís face as there was a sight that he hadnít seen in a long, long time. He had hoped it was gone forever; that every time he saw it he wished it was nothing more than a dream. But it wasnít, and the thing that Tristan feared was back. He took a step away from Jaymz whose eyes were pitch black; and the temperature of the room seemed to rise by twenty degrees. His skin seemed to stretch around his eyes and blood fell from the corners of them like red tears. He watched Jaymz turn away from him and out of the office. He heard glass shatter once, then it came again - and again. Tristan ran to where the office doors used to be and looked out in the hall. The big man was moving fast and with every ZT championship picture he passed the glass shattered out and the frame fell to the floor. One by one they shattered and fell until he got to the end of the hallway. The lights above the elevator flashed like he had never seen and saw Jaymz hold his arms out in front of him then hold them out to the side. As he did, the elevator doors opened up and there was someone inside. Like Jaymz, he wore a long black jacket - his hair hung down into his face where there was an evil smile as the man saw the giant standing there. It was Sin and Tristan hated the sight of the man. Jaymz turned and faced Tristan for the last time as the elevator doors came to a close, the black eyes of the man made the hair on the back of his neck stand up; but he almost felt happy. He could see Jaymz no longer needed the pain pills, that his problems were gone, ..all except for the ones he always had.. and to Tristan, ..Jaymz was fine now.


The last days are here, this is the last time my face will be shown on the GWA networks and the next time ya see me? ÖWell, Iíll be the one hoisting up the Global Title. Iíve lived my life for this, for this one moment that I get to call myself the Global Champion for the second time in my career. For me, there will be no defending the Global Title Ė there will never be anyone who strips it from me and gets to claim that they beat Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav. ..Ive done my best at destroying everyone who sets foot against me in the ring and I hold one of the best records of anyone in this business Ė Iíve established myself as one of the top men to beat and Ive seen men backstage take a different direction when I come their way.. People fear me, ..as they should and Ive never hid the fact that the singles division is something that Iíve dominated, ..and now? ..it all comes to an end. There will be no more battles with Goth, Weck, Öand other people of the past like John Harper and Lady Ashe. All thatís left is one little girl who stands in my way of the thing that I want the mostÖ and ya know what? ..Theres something that I cant do anymore, Iím tired of trying because it just isnít me. ÖI did it the last time I fought Stacy Kissinger and it was hard, ..but I just cant be nice anymore. Theres no room to be nice in this business and as hard as Ive tried when Ive been on TV this week its been fuckin hard..

Sure, I respect her as a Global Champion and a Zero Tolerance member, Öshes done ZT proud by holding that Global Title, but now shes the opponent and even when the match is over Iíll help her up off the mat and weíll celebrate the end of ZT, celebrate the fact that we went out ontop and there wasnít a damn thing in the GWA that could stop usÖ But for Stacy? ..Im just gonna have to tear her goddamn head off; I'm gonna make her bleed and cause her pain that shes never felt before. Her screams will echo throughout the arena as I crush her little body between these big hands of mine. Stacy still wants to compare me to those morons shes faced in the past weeks and Iím damn tired of hearin about it. Stacy must be blind cause I aint one of them, ..Iím better than that, better than all of them and better than her. I guess that she didnít understand that when we faced off the last time and maybe the Global Title has gotten to her head as it does with so many others.. They get big egos, their heads swell a little and the next thing ya know they fuckin flop.. They lose the belt because they took it for granted and come into the match not as prepared as they thought they were; and I think the same goes for Stacy. I couldnít ask to be in a better place of the last match in GWA history, but has that gone to my head? Naw, cause even though this is the last match I still have my sights set on the same thing I did when we first came to the GWA. ..Stacy?

..I think I can see the stars in her eyes, ..she knows this is the match that determines the best in the GWA forever and she craves the attention, ..but donít fuckin fool yerself Stacy Ė cause you seem to think these fans are gonna cheer for youÖ People donít cheer for ZT, they donít cheer for the two letters that you represent. Maybe some men cheer for yer good looks and the music that you put out, Öbut being a Zero Tolerance wrestler? Naw, they donít fuckin cheer for ya. There aint many people that wanna see one of us walk out of the GWA with the Global Title in hand Ė but those people donít have a choice Stacy.. And like Tristan, those people would rather see you win the Global Title than meÖ But I like that cause its always been that way. People hate me and they want nothing more than to see me fail, but each week I send those same people home disappointed that I won again Ė that I took the Title that they all didnít want me to have, ..and its about to happen again Stacy cause I aint the one you wanna come and fuck with. But hey, this is the position that you wanted to be in Ė and you wanna prove to the world that youíre the best? ..you wanna show Ďem that you got something that I donít? ..Good luck then Stacy, cause there aint a damn thing, Öoutside yer looks, ..you have that I donít. Youíre not my friend when we step in the ring; your not a person that I run with and stand up for when that bell ringsÖ

cause when it does, it makes you the same as the rest of the sorry fucks that ever crossed under them ropes to get a piece of meÖ And for the most part I sent Ďem runnin back wishin they hadnít made the mistake of tryin to take me out. Itís a mistake that yer gonna make Stacy and yer about to find out why I claim that I'm the best in the business. What ya need to do Stacy is shut yer damn mouth when it comes to Katie Ė you may not like her, but donít come out here runnin yer mouth about her.. Donít sit there and talk shit about the girl I like cause thatís only gonna piss off more than you already have, so when I kick yer ass from one corner of the ring to the next you can remember that it was you who talked all that shit, ..it was you who got me all pissed off and fired up.. And you donít want that Stacy, you donít want me in the ring pissed off.. You saw the Ďniceí me the last time we faced off; but now you just cant seem to keep yer mouth closed and thatís gonna be a big mistake. Donít disrespect Katie; donít cross lines that donít need to be crossed Ė and thatís exactly what yer fuckin doin. Like I said - I'm tired of being nice, I'm tired of tryin to give my opponent respect even though its you that I have to square off against. Iíll hate you like I hated everyone else when the bell rings and I'm gonna make the day you wished that you never stepped foot in the wrestling ring. It has nothing to do with you being a girl Ė it has to do with you actin like I aint shit when I was a part of taking you into Zero ToleranceÖ

You learned some things from the best Stacy and now its time you learn the rest of the things that I never bothered to teach you, ..and Iíll teach you how to beat person whose smaller than you, ..a person who may be a little quicker, ..and Iíll show you how to break Ďem down and make Ďem cry Ė cause thatís exactly whats gonna happen, ..well if youíre still conscious after the match.. Youíll cry, youíll beg and youíll plead for me to back off Ė for me to give you the last shining moment of your career in the GWA. But I cant do it Stacy, I cant back off of the things that I want and ya know? ..Iím gonna enjoy hearing you cry, itíll be a pleasure and an honor to watch the Global Champion grovel at my feet begging me to spare themÖ But I cant, ..and I WONT. I walk around the GWA as the oldest sumbitch on the roster, the biggest asshole to stand in the ring and thatís something thatís never gonna change. I never told ya, but I enjoyed watching you squirm as I laid you down with the Silence.. But that donít make you any different from the rest cause you know damn well that I like watching everyone suffer at my hands.. Watching a person disintegrate before me is like a natural high; knowing that I caused them that pain, ..that I caused them to undergo the most horrible beatings theyíve ever had is makes me keep on goin, and I'm gonna enjoy doing that to you again StacyÖ Friend or not, it isnít gonna make a damn difference to me cause that Global Title is something that I wantÖ

its something that I need and its something that I'm gonna take. I deserve that Title Stacy Ė and as one of the two remaining original ZT members Iím gonna do ZT the greatest justice even though Tristan donít soÖ I know Crazy J does, ..and if we asked I know damn well heíll be rootin for me to take that Title from youÖ You donít think that this match was made for me Stacy?? You donít think they made the Global Title the biggest in the business for a fuckin reason?? The biggest Title deserves to be held by the biggest sumbitch and thatís how the GWAís gonna end. So go ahead and wipe them tears from yer face cause yer about to come up and close to the grim reality that I'm the best and that Iíll take that Title from youÖ But ya better fuckin watch yerself and how ya talk to me cause the more I think about it Ė well, I may not help ya up off that mat.. I may just leave ya fuckin layin there and not give two shits if ya got blood streamin from yer nose and your throat when ya cough, ..but thatís what ya get when you talk to me the way you did.. You can tell me its not your angry side, but I aint buyin that shit for a minuteÖ You donít like what I have to tell you Stacy, because like I tell everyone else Ė everything I say is the truth.. Seems to me that yer still a little upset that you didnít strip me of the US Title, but you best get over that shit Ė and I donít think its gonna be a problem cause that US Title match aint gonna mean shit when you have to spend the rest of your life knowing that you failed in the very end, that in your last Title defense you lost the belt that you love so much..

You speak some truth Stacy; cause right now you do have everything that you want Ė but thatís right now. That isnít this coming Monday mornin when you wake up and yer heart sinks as you look around yer room and realize that your greatest material possession is gone Ė that it was taken from you by someone who was better than you. Talk about Goth all you want and how I lost the US Title to him, ..but this is your problem Stacy.. your STILL too damn worried about everyone else Ė I'm fuckin tired of hearing about Goth, Darius, Makayla and all those other people who arenít in my league.. Get over yerself Stacy, you can go around doin all the barkin you want but you aint beat the big dog; you aint beat the one sumbitch that matters the most, ..and in the end? ..You still wont be able to. Get yer damn mind in the match Stacy, donít worry about all those other losers and that retard Philip, or whoever, who wants nothing more than to get in yer pants. ..and the more I think about it as I keep on talkin, the more I realize that I donít really like ya at all anymore. Its just now snapped into my fuckin head that I donít give two shits about you anymore. I was tired of being nice and when I first started talkin tonight I still held ya in high regard; but the more Ive had time to think about the things youíve said to me and about Katie, ..well Ė you can just kiss my ass. Youíve disrespected me, and by doing that youíve disrespected Zero Tolerance. You think its shitty that I lost the US belt to Goth??

its shitty that you talk about me that way, its shitty that you talk about the heart of Zero Tolerance the way you do when we ride the same horse. Iíll tell ya whats shitty, ..it was your wrestling skills before we picked yer sorry ass up. You were worthless, you were a bottom feeder of the GWA until you decided that maybe you should join up with ZT so someone would have yer back.. Ya know, if I wasnít leaving ZT and this country after I win the Global Title Ė then I would see to it that you werenít around, that you would be dumped off back on the streets where we found ya. When we get in the ring, Iíll show you why I Öalong with J, Rex, Bale and Black brought Zero Tolerance to the level that it is; and then Iíll show you why your below me Ė why it wasnít you that made ZT what it is. You owe your recent success to us Stacy and you should be fuckin grateful that we took you in and showed you the way around the ropes, ..cause well Ė before then, ..you fuckin sucked. I was gonna ignore yer bullshit because I figured it would be best to keep turmoil out of our group, Öbut why now? Why now when theres no tomorrow for Zero Tolerance in the wrestling world. NEVER as a person come to us, joined up and then disrespected us and still call themselves Zero Tolerance. Its pitiful Stacy and I'm gonna enjoy breaking your ribs one by one; and maybe, Öjust maybe then youíll respect me and Zero Tolerance.

ÖWhat the hell is wrong with yer head Stacy?? You tell me that I donít know what I want?? I know damn well what I want and so does the rest of the world.. Theyíve heard me all week long, they know I want nothing more than to be the best and how many times have I said that on TV over the years? Everyone knows whats on my mind and they can see the gold in my eyes; but now theres more than just the GoldÖ Now itís the rage that I have built up because of the disrespect that you showed me and theres gonna come a day when you wished that you never spoke the words you have this week Ė and there will be a day when you realize that it was a mistake talking to me the way you are, ..because its going to cost you more than the Global Title.. hell, I was gonna take that from you anyway but now Iím gonna take yer health, Iím gonna take yer beauty and make you a mere shadow of the beautiful woman that you areÖ ..And youíll wake up everyday looking at the gaps where yer teeth used to me, the curve that runs down yer nose from where it was broke and the scars that Iíll leave on yer face.. But that happens when you get on my bad side and talk your shit about Zero ToleranceÖ Iíll recognize you as Zero Tolerance until you step into the ring, and when the bell sounds your time is done Ė to me, you wont be a part of us anymore.. yeah, I'm leavin, but Iíll always be ZT in my mind. And the time, blood and energy that I spent brining ZT to the top will always be with me.

Itíll always be remembered by the world while you rode the coat tails of something great and just came along for the ride. You donít see a Champion in me Stacy? You donít see a man whos accomplished more than you have? ..You donít see a man that beat people that you never could? ..I watched you fall to the bottom of the GWA and you have the fuckin nerve to tell me that you donít see a Champion?? Youíre blind Stacy and itís the glimmer coming off the Global Title thatís blinding you Ė so donít be surprised when it feels like you got hit by a freight train cause you didnít see it comin. Go to the bar, have yer little fun and pick up anyone whoíll climb in the sack with ya for the night Ė but thatís only because you have something they donít and its something theyíll NEVER have.. but whats gonna happen after you lose the Global Title? Youíll fall, your record sales will decline and youíll just eventually become another random face in the crowd.. But me? Naw, people will remember me till the day I die because of the things that Iíve done and the impressions that Ive left in their minds.. Theyíll remember my ugly mug, theyíll remember that I destroyed some of the greatest that ever walked into the GWA and theyíll remember that I left as the last ever Global Champion.. Iím comin for ya Stacy, and its Crazy J thatís gonna have to put a leash on me to hold me back Ė cause I dunno if I can wait that long just to tear you apart.

Yeah, I'm the Monster of the GWA and it never was Chaos, ..I took that title from him the day I kicked his ass too; I'm the one thatís roams the halls and people back away from Stacy, ..not you.. not anyone. Jís gonna have to keep that leash on tight and when the time comes, ..wellÖits time for me to become Unleashed. This match is mine Stacy and they even put me a big ass canvas in the middle of the arena, and ya know what I'm gonna do with it? Iíll hold ya upside down; put my hands around yer waist and begin to squeeze and turn.. Iíll work my way down to yer stomach and then yer ribs until I hear the gurgle of blood come from yer mouth; and when it runs down yer face and into yer hair Ė I'm gonna use you as my paint brush and Iíll paint the two most powerful letters in the GWA right there on MY canvas, ..Z..T. This is the end Stacy and its time that I hoist the last ever Global Title over my head. I will leave as the greatest and I will always be rememberedí years from now they were talk of me and Iíll be held to high standards; theyíll always say ďoh Jaymz beat that guy too Ė and the asshole also won that Title as well, ..damn he was good.Ē ..Cause I am Stacy, ..Im the fuckin best youíve ever set foot in the ring against, but you play dumb and pretend that I'm not, ..and thatís fine; but the world will remember me. Theyíll always, ..ALWAYS remember the name of the very last Global Champion: AlexiÖ.JaymzÖ.Yaroslav.