- Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Stacy Kissinger (Global Title) -

Zero Tolerance Global Title

His fingernails were jagged, they were chewed down as far as they could go and blood ran from the thumb on the left hand. Skin was peeled back from the cuticle and he winced as he pulled it away with his teeth; he then spit the skin out and watched the blood rise into the space between the skin and the nail. He wiped it on his shirt and held his thumb inside his hand applying pressure so the bleeding would stop. His name was Tyler, he was tall and lanky – with a long nose and a chin that was chiseled out of stone. He had the shoulders of a football player and hands of a man who could crush damn near anyone’s. He stood tall, a little over six-foot seven and had tattoos that ran down both arms. His eyes were a bright blue and he looked like a much younger, and thinner, version of his father: Alexi Yaroslav. The hotel room was small and Tyler’s nerves were on end, the two screaming children in the crib were the reason that he chewed on his fingers. He looked over his shoulder in the messy hotel room and saw his girlfriend sitting infront of the TV. She seemed oblivious to the crying kids as she always did; sucking down another cancer stick and knowing she would have another here in a few minutes. The kids in the play pen wore nothing but diapers that sagged down too far and hadn’t been changed in several hours. Their faces were dried with food, green beans prolly, and this saddened him.

This isn’t the life he wanted for himself, he wanted to go to school, wanted a good job that would make his father proud. The father who he had only seen once since he was eight; the father who had him shipped to Russia to live a better life but his sister had been killed; and from there everything had gone downhill. He had come to the States and met her, Jenna. She partied, had fun and made no excuses – and little did he know that she was nothing but pure white trash. He had gotten her pregnant with twins and from there his life had been a living hell. Working for minimum wage wasn’t getting the job done; and it was hard to support the cocaine habit that he had started thanks to his girlfriend Jenna. They moved from trailer to government housing – unwilling to tell his father that he was back in the States and that he needed help. Tyler didn’t want help, he wanted to do everything himself and show that he wasn’t a failure; but he couldn’t let his kids starve – Jenna maybe, but not the kids. He had found Tristan Bale and talked to him, but Tristan lied when he said that Jaymz was busy and would get with him another time, …Tyler knew – knew that his father didn’t want to see him; so he sat here in Memphis waiting for the right time to come along and speak to the man he hadn’t seen in two years. ..And for Tyler, the meeting didn’t go as it he had planned.

Jaymz stepped out of the Tahoe and looked at the kid sitting on the front porch, a fan he thought – he would run them off. The kid stood up as he got out, a smile came over the boys face and joy filled Jaymz – nothing better than ruining a fans dreams by runnin the sumbitch off. He grunted as he walked the steps and saw the happiness in the kids eyes.. He kinda looked familiar as he stuck out his hand and Jaymz only stood there looking on as shadows crossed the scars on his face leaving what looked like dark canyons across his cheeks.
“whadda ya want?”

The kid smiled with his hand still stuck out, “Im here. Im twenty now, I’ve come home.”
Jaymz didn’t understand, “The fuck you talkin about kid?”
The kid seemed disappointed, “Im…Im Tyler.”

Jaymz stood there for a moment unable to say anything. He felt hate, anger, pity, rage and sorrow for the kid. He hated that he was here standing before him, ..hated that he had kids in the first place – but then again felt sorry for the kid for losing his family, his sister and mother both dead.. But that seemed to be the Yaroslav way.
“the fuck are you doing here??” Jaymz stepped closer to the kid and put both hands on his shoulders.

Tyler seemed afraid, “I’ve come home. It safe now isn’t it?”
Jaymz shook his head ‘no.’
“I cant live there anymore dad, ..I cant.” He looked at the man, “I wanna stay here with you.”

Jaymz only shook his head no again and was quiet for a moment, “You cant. You need to leave.”
“No, Im not leaving. I’ve been here for weeks waiting for you – waiting to talk to you.. please?”
“No… didn’t you fuckin hear me?” Anger filled the giants voice

Jaymz grabbed the tall kid and flung him against the wall, holding him there by the shoulders, “I left you so you didn’t fuckin die! ..Those people killed yer mother and they would have done the same to you. Your sister killed herself and I feel no pity for her. I never asked for kids and I never wanted YOU or her in the first place.

Jaymz looked into the eyes of the kid and could almost feel the kids heart break; and he almost felt bad, …almost. Tears welled up in the kids eyes and he remembered the first time he saw the kid in the hospital. He had loved him then, for that one moment he fit in the palm of the giants hand and it was the only time in his life he felt love for anyone. He saw the small infant I the kids face and looked away – he didn’t want the kid to see the hurt that had just sprung up, ..and now he did feel bad.

The rest of the reunion didn’t go so well, he had told his father what a worthless piece of shit that he was and they had argued before Tyler had left. He never gotten to explain his financial situation or the fact that the ol’ man was a grandfather to two small granddaughters who needed the food, needed the money and the help. Tyler stood up from the desk of the hotel and went into the bathroom, Jenna still sitting infront of the TV puffing away on another cigarette that her trailer trash mother had gotten her hooked on. He closed the door behind him, set the toilet lid down and sat down. Tears welled up in his eyes again as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and took out a picture – it was old. It was his family when he was three, his sister was one. His mother was beautiful, ..and his father? Not the stunningly gorgeous thing his mother was, and of course he wasn’t smiling. This was the life he wanted, this was the family who had money, support, security and a solid place to live. His father provided the material possessions while his mother raised them, ..and now they were gone. He took his finger with the ragged nail and ran it across the picture. This was a life he could never provide for his kids, a life his father would never help him achieve. He would struggle as a bottom feeder for his whole life while his kids grew up poor and hung around the wrong people just like he did – and how would they turn out? ..No better than this, he thought. He put the picture back up and pulled a little white baggie that was in one of the wallet’s pockets; he opened it up and placed it to his nose – and with one quick snort the baggie was clear. He tossed it to the floor; stood up and walked over to the bathtub. Like a zombie he stepped over in the tub with no emotion, no meaning to his life, and sat down with his clothes on. He reached over and turned the knob on and cold water shot onto his pants, but seemed not to phase him. His mouth hung slack and his head slightly tilted to the right side as he stared off into nothing, …nothing.


The crickets and the frogs filled the night as Jaymz looked on.. He had wandered off from Katie and the rest of ‘em cause he wasn’t feelin well. Something was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on it at first so he had walked off.. He wasn’t sure where he was but there were trees, bugs, and quiet. It was his escape and always had been; he wished that he could have seen the stars but the glow of the cities lights had made it impossible here. Vadim had hassled him most of the way but even he was gone now and left with his own thoughts. ..Somethin had happened to his son – he knew it. The same feelin he had with his daughter when Sin had shown her the way. He knew there was nothing that could be done; no reason to dwell on it cause it wasn’t a concern in his life and never had been. ..But he couldn’t shake it – this time it wasn’t fuckin leavin and he hated the feelin. He tried to talk himself out of it, and talkin to himself seemed to happen a lot lately these days. But still, it wouldn’t leave – and maybe it had something to do with that being his only living relative, ..as far as he knew anyway. He thought of the kid, mostly when he was real little.. The age of diapers and sputtered sentences fragments that were nothing more than gibberish other than the word ‘NO!’. He was the kids best friend, comin home from shows and havin the damn kid come and latch on yer leg cause their friend is back and its time to fuckin play. But he didn’t want ‘em, never did – and his kids were a burden on his life, and always had been. They had caused him more problems than good… But he thought of the little kid, the look in his eye when he would come home from a show, and he could see the joy. He depended on the man to survive, had been his best friend but Jaymz wanted none of this – and never did. He then almost felt ashamed for what he had done, ..he had done it to that little kid – done it looking into those exact same eyes. The features on the kids face had changed but the eyes were still the same, ..except for the joy. Jaymz looked around at the sky and shook his head in shame… he still wasn’t sure that he felt sorrow because his soul wouldn’t allow it, ..but he was ashamed.. and something, ..fuckin something had to change.


People don’t understand, and ya would have thought by now that they would have figured it out, and that is: Im going to stomp yer fuckin ass. I don’t know how many times I have to say this to people when they step into the ring with me for the first time. Lets face it, Lion Mike wasn’t on my level and I made quick work of the loser. Maybe he’ll listen to me the next time around if he’s unlucky enough to face me in the ring again… But that’ll be a waste of my time and TV ratings when there’s bigger things going on Lion Mike. ..Like the Global Title, for example. The belt that I’ve had my eyes set on since our little Mexican vacation. ..The only problem here is that Stacy Kissinger is the match.. now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great fuckin day when the Global Title is in the hands of Zero Tolerance and Stacy has done a damn fine job of showin why she holds the damn belt, ..I just hate havin to beat her again in this short span of time. ….Sorry Stacy, but ya knew it was gonna be said and we don’t even need to bullshit around the fact that were both goin in with everything we got. I aint no dumbfuck, …most the time, anyway…So I know you aint gonna fork this Title over to me like some others would do. I just don’t like havin to bust up there purty little face of yers; that’s all… I know ya try and help me out; but I aint asked for it – I like to do things my own way and aint much has changed between us, ..Katie don’t like to hear about ya, ..she thinks I got some feelins for ya,

..but I dunno, sometimes I like to be around ya, ..and other times I don’t; but that goes the same for anyone. Hell you talk to Tristan, God knows what he's tellin ya since he’s pissed off at me, but I'm sure it aint good – and I know he wants you to keep the Global Title. I hate it Stacy, I do – but I'm gonna have to take it away. This is something that Ive been wanting for a long time and I sure as hell aint no spring chicken; I don’t know how many days I got left in the ring and this is the last fuckin thing I want. I want that Global Title belt strapped around my waist, I want everyone who hates me – all the people who fear me look at the belt I hold in my possession. The one that tells them that, yes, I am the best in the world and I always have been. This is the belt that stays on my mind, the one I dream about when I sleep and these Global Title shots don’t come around too often. I’ve been in my share, but when the face some of the best in the business ya don’t always win… Of course I say I’ll win every week, cause I aint no fuckin loser and a loser doesn’t even entertain the thought of losing. Stacy don’t, J don’t, ..and neither do the rest of ZT. I’ve had this Title once and should have had it a few times more; and I damn sure aint letting it slip through my fingers this time. I’m tired of not taking this belt only to go on and slaughter the same man I lost to the next time we face when the Global isn’t on the line.. I'm tired of that shit and this is the time that I take this belt.

But the one thing that’s for certain is that Zero Tolerance will end up with the Global Title and all doubt should be put to rest. All the talk of the Circles being better than ZT; the talk of how ZT couldn’t reach the goals they set in the past… That talk is gone. Zero Tolerance is stronger than ever; all the GWA’s world belts are held by the finest group in the GWA… and here we are at Unleashed with Zero Tolerance versus Zero Tolerance for the Global Title. So sit the fuck down and take a backseat cause were here on top and we aint goin anywhere. Unleashed is the ZT show this year and its Stacy and I that get to show the world how a Title match should be fought. There aint gonna be none of this, “you shouldn’t be in this match because you’re a girl’ or any of the “Jaymz is a disgrace to wrestling” bullshit – cause this is all respect and this is the way that it should be done. It isn’t the Black Circles taking turns holding the Global for a week or two before turning it over; its ZT holding it for a long periods of time before handing it over. Stacy put meaning back in this belt, she put it on a level higher than some people have as she took it away from the revolving door that it had become; ..and people want it more. But Stacy does what a Champion is suppose to do: keep the ones who have no chance in the dirt and putting the top competitors down when she has them to… She wasn’t no one-week Black Circle wonder cause this is ZT and we don’t pass Titles around like it’s a fuckin joint.

We hold on to ours and even if it switches hands within ZT we showed who runs this place and exactly why we own you. I got into this business for matches like this, I like it when people watch me and they see the force and brutality that I bring to the ring… The carnage that I cause and damage that I inflict on people is felt by everyone, by the dominance I display week in and week out. I wanted people to know my name, I wanted them to know that I wasn’t something you fucked around with… Wanted then to know that I was best, I'm Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav and I'm the best in the fuckin world. ..I live for this moment and I get to do it one more time.. When you get as old as me ya always look back on yer first time.. The first time you walked to the ring when you got the Global Title shot.. I’d had Title shots before; I damn sure wasn’t no stranger to ‘em – but there was something different about it.. Hell, it was the only time I got a little nervous because it’s the biggest damn belt that I could ever hold. ..Everyone was booin’ me and I was fired up; the biggest Title match of my career, ..and ya know what happened? ..I lost, ..lost to A.P. Feight. It bothered me, but I got that shit worked out and the second time I got the shot, ..I took that damn Title home with me. ..But I don’t forget that first one Stacy, and I wont make the mistake that I made that time, cause now? Hell, its almost natural for me to walk into the ring for the biggest belt in the world.

Yer gonna be the smallest damn person that Ive ever faced for a Global Title Stacy; but we both know that aint shit cause I'm gonna be the biggest asshole ya ever faced as well.. Yer young, you got lots of time to come back and hold down the GWA as the Global Champion and pick up where you left off before I had to go and beat ya down – cause this my time now Stacy. You gave me a helluva fight a few weeks ago Stacy; best damn fight that anyone’s given me since we came back and that’s sayin a lot. ..ya almost put me down, ya almost got me for the US Title.. not Goth or Weck, or anyone else had made me work that hard – but I got the job done, and aint nothing gonna change about that this time either. Last time I wasn’t lookin forward to the match at all, but this time aint the same.. I want this match, and even though its you that I have to slaughter I don’t wanna look away.. I don’t wanna sit around and go “damn, this sucks..” ..cause it don’t. And I don’t think that’s good for ya Stacy; cause you know what happens when I want something – and I want this more than I did the US Title. ..I hate it that I’m gonna have to hurt ya even worse this time; but yer gonna stand in my way and fight for it – as ya should do, cause yer fuckin ZT and that’s how we do things.. You’ve seen me put people out and never hear from them again, ..but you put yerself in the face of that and yer willing to break every bone in yer body just to keep that damn belt..

I’ve always said I was the best damn singles wrestler in the world, you may be the best singles girl in the world – I got no doubt about that, but you gotta get around me Stacy. You’re the Global Champion, you’re better than anyone else but I cant come out here and say that yer better than me; I cant tell you that yer the better ma—er, uh, ..girl in the ring. ..Cause that’s giving in and I cant do that… its not me, my mind tells me that I'm the best and I go with it – and I follow though with its commands. The world only wants to recognize the one holding the Global Title as the best in the world – and that’s not always the case cause even fuckin Staniak was a Global Champion at some point in time… But you, you hold the belt to its name and you’ve proved it to the world over the last few weeks that you can carry the belt.. We always knew it and that’s why Erik and Tristan pulled you into ZT in the first place. Yer part of the damn reason that ZT is at its best, and I give you respect for that because ya fuckin earned it. You brought home the Title that weve only held once in our long years here; you added to the prestige that is ZT and showed why ZT is the staple of the GWA. That’s why this match is so big at Unleashed; we dug in our heels and said if you wanna be the fuckin best then you gotta jump over ZT… They cant jump over us no more Stacy, we sit at the top and they look on with envy, only wishing they could be a part of ZT and reap the rewards that we take…

But these people look on because they aint the best, they aint got the qualities that it takes to be ZT and they’ll never accept it. They’ll tell themselves that they deserve to be fighting for the Title and on the biggest stage in the world week after week – but they don’t. And I got the itch to win the Global Title, Stacy. Ya know, you cant hold it forever.. Even with my ego I know that even I cant - cause some day I’ll be too old or I’ll get hit with a chepshot and that’ll be the end of my days as Global Champ. ..You’ve done well Stacy, but now its time to just hand it over and call it a day. I’ll raise yer arm our of respect, and I’ll tell ya know; its gonna be one of the hardest fought damn matches that Ive ever had. ..but the one problem that we got with this match is the people who’ll be reffin’ the biggest fuckin match of the night. Al and Grinder, ..what a fuckin surprise, huh? I was told that Morbius was gonna be the ref, but that idiot didn’t belong in the ring with us in the first place – at least we got some competent people doin this match; not that its gonna matter since they hate the both us with a passion. ..An I aint gonna be the least bit surprised if those Black Circle idiots decide to come to the ring and fuck around with our match.. I been thinkin about this Stacy and we both know they don’t want either of us with the Title, but I think if they had to pick they would rather see you carry around the belt than me.

I think theres a little more hate for me than there is for you, but in the end its ZT that has the Global Title. People tell me that I should respect these two for what they’ve done.. Because they can hold the GWA at the top of the world and sign the best there is to jump in their ring.. But I cant respect these two, and that’s what they get for bailing on ZT that long time ago. You two told me to my face that you were ZT, that you were gonna stick with us and fight by our sides, ..and did you? NO! You fuckin bailed, you turned on us in a chicken-shit fashion and formed another low-life, ZT owned group. That was a shot at me, that was a shot that I took personal and I damn sure didn’t like it. That was a slap to my face that was a big mistake, ..I’ve never really brought the issue up but I don’t think theres a better time than now. People who cant hold their word are shit in my book and you turned on the greatest thing your company had ever seen. Yeah, we get rid of people and kick them to the side but we have our reasons for it.. People wanted to turn on us, ..some wanted to sit back and relax with the ZT pay and didn’t wanna bust their ass to be the best, ..and those guys had to go.. But you two? ..Naw, you assumed the grass was greener on the other side and turned your backs on us without good reason. ..And I'm suppose to respect you two? Hell no, there aint nothing here worth respecting and never will be. And I’ll gladly kick the shit outta both of ya after this match, or during if you decide to get in the way, because you two need to finally pay for what you did to ZT, and the disrespect that you showed us.

You two were cowards and I issued you challenges on live TV to step in the ring and with two of us just so you could experience the pain that everyone else felt, …and neither of you accepted, ..chicken-shits. But now you find yourselves as the refs of the biggest match, on the biggest stage – and you have to give the Global Title to a ZT member. There aint nobody in the ring for you to cheer for; there aint no ZT member that you can fuck over to send us home without the belt, ..so what do you do? ..Get pissed off, I'm sure – but that isn’t gonna get a ya damn thing. ..But if either one of you wanna stop me from winning this belt and keep me away from whats mine, then I'm not responsible for what I do to either one of you. …and if those boys of yers wanna try and save yer ass then that’s fine, cause they all know in the back of their minds that ZT will hit the ring and their fears will come to life.. Neither of you wanted a match with me, ..didnt want a tag match either – but you might have just found yerself in the middle of one if yall wanna mess around with the way Stacy and I are gonna work in the ring – cause she aint gonna take that shit their. ..And I just cant wait to see yer faces when I have to beat Stacy and I hold my hand out for one of YOU to hand me the Global Title. The look of disgust will be a image that’ll stay in my mind till the day I die… The thing that both of you hate the most in this world is something you have no control over, ..and ZT keeping the Global Title, though its gonna switch hands, is just that.