The scene opens up inside of the hotel room that Jaymz is staying in, after a few days of staying here the room has started to look like a mess. He had refused to have anyone come up and clean it, he was weird about that type of thing – he always thought they would come in a steal some of his money, which at the moment was lacking severely. He knew the old trick of hiding your money and jewelry in your in your socks, but hell, every person that has cleaned a hotel room knew that too.. In the past few days Jaymz had hardly left the room; he talked to Tristan, Crazy J and Vadim about the future of Zero Tolerance and the financial situation that they were all in but other than those three he had been keeping to himself. Mostly he sat around the room watching GWA promos and going down to the first floor of the hotel and working out. It was yesterday that something out of the blue happened, something that he didn't expect to happen. He had just walked back into the room from the balcony as there was a knock at the door, he unlatched the chain and undid the lock…and there at his doorway stood two police officers. He didn't know these two men, which was surprising with the amount of time he had spent with them in the last several months. One was an older man who had a thick mustache mixed with a hint of grey and was a little heavyset.

The other, to Jaymz, looked more like a bird. He was exceptionally tall and had a long nose, the kind that has the little hump in the middle. He wore glasses that were too big for his head and his uniform seemed a little bit to small. If he only had feathers he would fly away, Jaymz laughed to himself at this thought.. The older officer gave him a queer look before asking if he minded if they came in. He stepped back from the door and the two officers walked into the room, carefully looking over their surroundings. Neither of them said anything for a while and the silence was awkward. Moments later the bird-looking officer asked Jaymz if he knew of a certain incident that had happened in the parking garage the following day. Jaymz, knowing all too well what they were talking about, played stupid to the question and asked what had happened. The older office, obviously not buying Jaymz’ lie, told him the story of the broken windows and the seat that had been urinated on. Jaymz appeared to be offended by the accusation and slammed his fist down on the small coffee table. Both officers jumped back as the table cracked from the inside, he looked at the men and told them he would never to such a petty thing like that and said he had no reason to do such a thing.

The bird-officer told Jaymz they asked him because his Tahoe and the truck were so close together that it seemed Jaymz would never have been able to get out of the Tahoe. He only shook his head and told them men to come back when they had something real to put against him, that he had just gotten out of jail and now people hated them and didn't want them around town. The officers understood that, and being the convincing man that Jaymz was; they bought his story of how he had to squeeze out between the tiny space and that the truck was fine when he was in the parking garage. They responded in saying they were sorry for bothering him and walked towards the door, he walked behind them and noticed that Bird Officer was carrying a notepad with his name and room number on it, ..above that was the name McDowell and room number seven-oh-three. …McDowell..that must have been the man who parked to damn close…he might just have to go pay him a visit later on, he thought…


That wasn't the only time an orderly was injured in my room back at the treatment center, after the incident with the fork and the eye I was restrained in that room for a week – and you can forget about them bringing me any plastic silverware at all from that point on. Tabon threatened to have me put back into court and tried for it, but I had to remind him that the Courts said I was a cancer to society and that I wasn't fit to live with other people. So they knew the risks of sending someone in my room. Tabon testified at the trial and told them all before that I was legally insane from past experiences in my life and that on my medication I would have been fine. He knew I wasn't taking it and he was the main reason that I was back in here. I sat in my room for over a week, they never gave me any more sedatives – no one ever came into the room, closest anyone ever got to my room was to slide my food tray under the slot in the door… Food was bad from that point on because all they ever gave me was sandwiches…no condiments, no sides.. Just a plain ol’ ham sandwich. That shit got really old after about the third day and Tabon would always come over the intercom and tell me “now if you hadn’t killed that poor man, you would be eating better food – but since you have to act like an animal, we’ll treat you like one.” Tabon was a fuckin’ moron who thought of this place like a zoo.

I don't think he would love anything more than to tear me open and study every piece of tissue in my body, hell, I wouldn’t put it past him to cut open my colon and study my shit too. That's what kind of a freak Tabon was, ..and they had the nerve to call me a freak. I think, but I'm not sure …because the days all run together when you never get to leave that room, ..that it might have been the fifth day after the Orderly incident that I decided to try something different. I knew when Tabon was in the office, he was a big family man so he made sure to get home to his family and spend time with them…So when they brought me my dinner sandwich I decided to have a little fun with the guy…Now, for whatever reason, there wasn't a case around the fluorescent lights in my room..being tall enough, I reached up there and twisted one of the two lights a little and popped it from the ballast. I was getting hungry and my body got used to the routine so I knew that food was on its way. I went over to the door and sat down next to it, waiting…It wasn't long when I heard the latch from the outside click open and the small slot open up. ..I stood up and raised the light over my head..the tray with my sandwich and paper cup of water came through the slot, and so did the big hands of the orderly..As he was pulling his hands back out the slot I swung the light down hard…You should have heard him scream, the light busted on his hands like dust and I could see red droplet’s appear on his hands as he went screaming down the hall…

I couldn't eat my sandwich though, it was all full of glass. I'm sure he was fine, since I never saw his face I don't know who he was – but it sure scared the fuck out of him! ..I can say that was probably the funniest thing that happened while I was in the treatment center. After that incident, they made sure I was sitting on the bed before they slid anything through the door – that took the fun out of it all. So I sat in that room for two weeks with nothing but a bed, a sink, and a shitter. I cant sit long periods of time with nothing to do and Tabon knew this…I knew he was watching me, and I knew that he was enjoying watching my mind loosen its hold of reality. I cant remember what day it was, ..or if it was night – not that it makes a damn difference.. But my hands began to shake and I was muttering things to myself.. Incoherent babble, that's all it was. ..and I don't know why, or where the urge came from but I went over to the door and stuck the tips of my fingers into the small crack.. I lifted up as hard as I could till the blood came down to the floor…I had ripped off all of my fingernails except for my thumbs.. I remember picking them out of the blood on the floor and putting them into my mouth, chewing them into small bits and swallowing them…This is what Tabon wanted, to see me at my worst and see what I would do. He wanted me to kill myself, I had enough sense not to do that, surprisingly. That was the day they started doping me back up, the horrible headaches came back.

The awkward movement that my eyes saw when I moved my head, and the sick feeling with the drowsiness. This went on for another week or two until I finally couldn't stand it any longer and told Tabon that I was willing to cooperate. I would have died in there, would have killed myself in some way had I not agreed to cooperate. But with Tabon, he always had a way of pissing me off and sending me into a rage – I tried to control that and it worked most of the time. I did his stupid tests, let him hook me up to those machines and pump chemicals into me. The one thing that I never wanted to do for him was re-cap the things I did in the military. For one, I couldn't tell him a lot of the details, the places or people that I encountered or killed. He even went so far and took it to court, saying that it was crucial in my mental progress to talk about some of those things, and he was also denied there. But that son-of-a-bitch put something into me, ..i don't know what it was but he got me to tell him the things that he wanted to know about my past and why I am the way I am. …He only did this once and I vaguely remember it. After that, I don't think he wanted to know those things – but the sick fuck was too interested in what made me lose my mind. Little did he know, that was just one of the small things that corrupted my train of thought. It was after that that Tabon sort of left me alone for a while, quit hassling me as much as he had been.

I think he was scared and he had every right to be… I noticed that on the rare occasion that he came into my room after that he had goosebumps…He was afraid me before, but he was terrified of me after he got the answers that he was looking for. I started getting better food, they even gave me silverware…I still had to be on the bed when they brought the food to the slot or otherwise I wouldn’t eat for two days. They hardly gave you anything at all and Im over seven foot tall, so I don't eat like a scrawny man. My fingernails never grew back right, their all weird and discolored now… I spent my three months in the treatment center, but I know that Tabon did something because ever since he hooked all those machines up to me Ive had outlandish dreams, dreams of my past..things that Ive never, ever wanted to see again…


Jaymz closed the door as the two officers walked down the hall and into the elevator. He was pissed that he had been bothered by the two losers in their uniforms. He had no respect for police and wanted to kill everyone of them. He plopped down in the chair and turned the TV on, but didn't really pay attention as he decided to speak..

Those guys are looking for nothing but a reason to throw me in jail, ..but see, I wont give them one of those. I have new things on my mind, were not officially contracted with the GWA and its time that I get back into the ring. Ive been looking forward to the day for quite some time now and the wait is finally coming to an end…I went back and watched Steele’s past matches, again...just to make sure there was anything else that I needed to work on, ..well, ..When I woke up the tape was over…that's how highly I think of him as a wrestler. Mike is no more than an average-skilled waste of my time. I was actually looking forward to an opponent who could give me a challenge, instead I get stuck with a guy who has no more talent than the orderly I killed back in the treatment center. But at least I can see the whiny brat is going to show is face in this match. He reminds me of a small child who was taken to the video store by his parents and his older bother got to choose the movie..”No, no!! I don't wanna watch that!!” ..throws a fit in public and everyone looks around wondering what in the fuck is wrong with this retard? Steele, could you cry any more over your match last week?? So you got beat by Hemingway, at least he was a better wrestler than the ones that you have faced so far in the GWA.

At least you can look back and see that you actually got beat by someone who possess a little talent, ..and if you thought Hemingway was tough, you haven’t seen anything yet. Hemingway only has a Title because he has yet to go up against Zero Tolerance, but I'm sure in time that will all change – nobody has had the privilege of being defeated by us yet but you Steele, you get to start the trend. Not only that but it will be the continuation of your losing streak that I'm about to put you on. How do you honestly expect to win this match when you came out and told everyone that you didn't prepare and train to win the Title? If you didn't take that one chance for gold seriously, then who the fuck are you to stand in the ring with me? Do you anticipate me to take you seriously when you cant even get up for a Title match? You showed your worth in that match Steele, you showed the world that you are a failure who isnt worthy of even receiving another shot at any title. You got caught up in the Hype?? What hype?? Who hyped you for champion?? I was watching promos all week and I never once saw a single promo, news cast, or commercial that hyped you up for this match. It was all Hemingway this, Hemingway that..blah, blah, blah.. Nobody cared about you, everyone had you written off for the trash that you are and you know what Steele? ..you proved them right.

How dumb can you be? I'm glad you asked that question. Well, for one: you failed to prepare for your Title match. Two: your about to step into the ring with me, Jaymz. That's exactly how dumb you can be Steele…I do hope that you have enjoyed your wrestling career because there may not be much left of it when I get done with you, whether you prepare for it or not. You also showed us all how highly the guys up stairs think of you…This girl that you run with sure isnt helping you any by talkin about “well your not in the first three matches on the card any more, your moving up.” ..Ok, well, if being out of the first three matches is a big deal to the two of you..then how come I step right in to this match when you had to “work your way up to this level.” This is rock bottom for me Steele, this is the lowest Ive been on a card in years...Your two baby steps is my lowest point…That shows me that I expect greater things, that I set higher goals and push myself to limits that most people don't. And your girl is right, the guys upstairs should probably fire you for the reasons being that nobody is going to come and see you wrestle…you don't sell the tickets and put asses in the seats, that's what Zero Tolerance has done and now that everyone knows that were back in the business you can expect the demand for tickets to rise.

I'm sure that the whole world, love or hate us, will be pulling for Zero Tolerance in our first matches. They want to see the dominate force back in the ring causing damage and carnage to anyone so stands in our way. Steele I know that my Titles don't mean anything to you, I was letting you know who I was and what I'm about…So if your unimpressed, then why did you go off and tell me about the titles that you have held…am I suppose to be impressed? Youre made your first impression on me when I saw your lazy ass get beat down at Anarchy a few days ago…I wouldn’t care if you told me you were a World Champ on a forty-seven match win streak and that was your first loss.. You showed, and admitted that you were lazy and you didn't take that shot seriously; so don't come around here telling me about the Titles you’ve held… What I don't understand is that you run around saying this is a chance for you to show the world youre as good as you say you are…So um, why didn't you do that last week? And another thing Steele, your not actually running around here telling people how good you are anyway, so it’s a lie for you to say that…You’ve been saying that you didn’t take your match seriously, that you didn't prepare…So how good are you? Not very good I say.

What you don't understand yet Steele is that your better off keeping your mouth shut. You talk of the things that I have said have been told to you time and time again..But your going to make me “another notch in your belt,” “another step up the ladder” Gee, thats original. Wrestlers were saying that when I was a kid, and I'm Forty-three these days. So before you go spouting off your mouth you need to make sure your not guilty of what you accuse me of. But Steele, I can tell you anything that I like because I know that what I say is what I’ll back up in the ring. When I tell you that I'm going to beat you and collect the win, that's a true statement. Its something that you and the rest of the GWA is going to learn over the next few weeks as I plow through each one of you and go for the goals that I have set for myself. Call me a “notch” a “rung” in the ladder, I don't really give a fuck. I sit back and I laugh at you, I laugh at the fact that you seem to have this opinion that you better than anyone here, I laugh when you say that you can win this match. Its humorous, it amuses me and I haven’t laughed so hard in several weeks..so thanks for that. When I watched your promo I did nothing but shake my head at your stupidity and arrogance, wonder who put these ideas in your head that you even deserve a title shot and who in the hell even entertained the thought that you could beat me. You cant. But, I guess you get to find out the hard way

the scene fades to black as Jaymz quits talking and changes the channel on the TV.