- Mike Harrison vs. Jaymz Yaroslav -

Ride pt.II

His skin was a pale white; almost a shade of green from where Jaymz was sitting. He looked on at Vadim who was sitting in the passenger seat where Katie once was. He knew this wasn’t real – that it was all a part of his imagination, ..it had to be. Didn’t it? None-the-less, the fear knotted in his stomach all the same as the rancid smell filled his nostrils. Vadim was staring at him, the plastic pieces on his glasses that held support on his nose sunk into the skin. Two bags of flesh hung under each eye pulling the bottom eye lid down a little; his lower lip drooped with un-natural ease and a line of slobber worked its way from his mouth and rolled down the drooping lip. The top of his head was bald; as it always was, and the hair around the sides of his head seemed moist and clumped together; almost like a chickens fuzz at birth. He wore a long sleeve shirt and nice dress pants with wrinkles in them. Jaymz looked back in the rearview mirror at the car that was still off in the distance, back at Vadim and them back at the road. He wanted to move his mouth; wanted to say something but couldn’t think of a single word. The smell was strong now and his stomach started to lurch as he looked down at Vadims hands and saw all his finger nails had been torn away. He hated the sight of this; hated seeing the man this way. It would have been better if the man never showed himself like he had since Vadim had met back up with him in Mexico. Jaymz looked back in the rearview mirror again and noticed the car was closing in on them a little. The car wasn’t speeding up, ..rather, he was slowing down out of fear.

“So, ..how have you been?” The voice was here, real, and in the passenger seat. But the voice was soft and bubbly, as if water was sittin in the bottom of his throat as he talked.
Jaymz managed to spit out a few words, ”..w-why are you here?”
Vadim smiled, his cheeks sounded like leather as they stretched across his face, “I thought you would have missed me.”

Jaymz only shook his head ‘no’ and lit a cigar; his hands shook as he took it away from his lips and ashed it out the window. He looked back in the rearview mirror again, but this time jumped as Vadim leaned up in the seat. His wet shirt stuck to the leather of the seat and made a sick ripping sound as it peeled away; he reached up and pulled the rearview mirror toward himself - to where Jaymz couldn’t see it anymore.

“I didn’t miss you., …things were better when you were gone. Sin told me you would leave when I came to visit your grave.”
Vadim kept he smile on his face, “Well I guess he lied didn’t he? ..Wouldnt be the first time either. He told me “everything will be fine” as he took me away – you know, when yer ol’ lady killed me.”

Jaymz had forgotten all about Julie and the thought didn’t even ring a bell in his head.. His mind searched for the name but only came up empty. He didn’t feel like arguing, “Im sorry.” ..and he felt like a bitch, apologizing for something he knew nothing about.
His rippled, watery voice came again, “Why do you like this woman, Alexi?”
“Shes interesting. She thinks for herself, …and she knows what she wants.”

Vadim seemed content with this answer as he nodded, but his watery voice came again, “She isnt right for you, she’ll lead you down the wrong path just like Crazy J, Tristan and Erik did. …Have I ever steered you wrong”

Jaymz grunted, “..ppfftt, these past couple months you have.”
“I always told you what was right, and you never listened. ..now, since all these people have told you that I was ‘dead’, ..I’ve simply told you want you always wanted to hear… haven’t we been over this.”
“Just…Just…” Jaymz shook his head, “…leave me alone, …go away.”

Vadim leaned up out of the seat again and got close to his ear. He could smell the mans breath, and it was the smell of rotting corpses. It made his eyes water and his face cringe up as the man whispered in his ear, “I’ll never leave.. I’ve been here since you were a kid, ..and I’ll be here till the day you die.”

Jaymz heart sunk a little more because he knew it was true, even before death the man always kept his word and knew this wouldn’t be any different. He took his eyes off the road and looked down
“Better look up” Vadim whispered in his ear again>

Katie screamed and he slammed the brakes on. There was a screeching form the front of the Tahoe as the rubber of the ties peeled away on the concrete. He saw Vadim in the road, the headights turning his skin a pale green. His features were still dead, his skin still sagged and he looked older than eighty, the age at which he had died. He looked into the mans eyes and saw sorrow, pain and pity. There was another loud thump from the front of the Tahoe – he had hit the old dead man. Katie continued to scream “oh my God” over and over again but he seemed not to notice. He put the Tahoe in park and hesitated to open the door but he did anyway. He got out slow, but Katie bolted out of the Tahoe and out infront of the SUV. She got down on her knees and looked at the huge coyote they had hit. It was barely breathing and Jaymz was glad to see that it was only a coyote. Moments later its chest stopped moving and Katie looked sad; he went over to her and put his arm around her shoulder but quickly caught the back of her right hand to the side of his face. He stumbled back and she jumped up; fire and hate were in her eyes (along with Crazyness, but that was hereditary). She clawed at his face and screamed
“You fuckin bastard!!! You killed it!!! You fuckin killed it!!! I saw you swerve!! I saw you do it!!!! WHY??? Why did you do it!!???

He wasn’t sure what she was talking about, he hadn’t swerved and never saw the damn coyote in the first place. But he loved the fire in her eyes and every time she clawed his face it sent a chill of love and thrill through his body. She jerked away from him and went back to the coyote who was now dead. She bent down and ran a hand over his head; Jaymz walked back over – not so close this time and Katie looked up
“aw, …look at him” The fire in her eyes was gone, now replaced with love and compassion, “Hes soo cute, ..can we keep him?”

Jaymz shrugged and Katie jumped up with both hands clasp together, “ppllleeeassee?? Pwetty pleeeassee???”
The fire and hate she had was completely gone in a flash and the sweet innocent Katie was back. Jaymz nodded ‘yes’ and Katie jumped up and down

“oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! J is going to love him! J always loved dogs when we were kids! We’ll teach him tricks and all kinds of neat things” She was so happy that her face almost gave off light. She went back down to the coyote, held its snout and rubbed his nose against hers. Blood smeared across her face that came from the dead animals nose. She picked it up and creaking of bones that were out of place could be heard; Jaymz opened up the back of the Tahoe and Katie stuck the coyote inside – jumping in the back with him

“c’mon” Jaymz said and motioned for Katie to get out and ride up front.
“NNNOO!!!! NNOO!!!!! I wanna see my brother!!!” the nice Katie was gone, and the one Jaymz loved was back, …for the time anyway.
Jaymz nodded, closed the back of the Tahoe, and got back inside. He pulled the Tahoe over to the side of the road, killed the lights and hopped in the backseat. He planned to sleep and knew Katie had already forgot about screaming at him because she was making googly noises to the dead carcass in the backseat. But in the morning he would give her what she wanted, and they would go see her brother Crazy J


Tuesday, May 13

So Lion Mike really believes he has a chance in this match huh? …I’ve had several people ask me why in the hell I call him Lion Mike and that’s really a easy question to answer. Here is Lionheart, who now wants to be called Mike Harrison. …Why should I suddenly stop calling this loser, who I’ve never given the time a day to, Lionheart just because he wants to be called something else? If I changed my name to Bob, ..people would still call me Jaymz. This man looks the same as he did before and prolly wrestles just as bad as he did when he went by Lionheart. You just don’t fuckin come out and tell the world, I no longer want to be called This, ..so call me That. If you were gonna go back to yer original name then why didn’t you just call yerself Mike Lionheart Harrison? …Kinda like I’m Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav. True, my name is better – and looks better on paper, cause the name Lionheart just made you sounds like a bitch. …Now, yer new name don’t make you sound like a bitch as much as the old one but it sure as hell aint doin ya any favors. So tell me this, Lion Mike, does this new guy have any new moves? ..Is he a better performer in the ring than the old you? I hope so, cause if you don’t wrestle any better than you did in the past this is gonna be one boring ass match, ya know? First off, it’s a fuckin crime that I have to face you to begin with – cause where do you get off being in the Global Title ranks to begin with?

You lose as much as you win and you don’t even have a US Title to yer name, ..er-uh, ..yer former bitch name that is, ..and yet yer now suddenly good enough to challenge for the Global Title??? Please, spare me the shit – its nothing more than warm up match for me; all Al and Grind have done is throw you a bone just to keep you happy so ya don’t bitch and whine about never getting a Global Title shot. Well, this is as close as yer gonna get Lion Mike; you’ll face someone who’s friends with the Global Champ but you’ll never get the chance to actually put everything on the line and compete for it. Sorry, …but that’s just the way things go… The Global Title has been my main focus since I got back from Mexico and I wanted to show the world that I still have it; that I still belong at the top of the GWA where I was before I got shipped off. …Do I need the Global Title just to prove all of that, Lion Mike? Naw, I don’t. But its just the point of the whole deal where I can hold the Title up and say, “Im the best – and I always have been.” ..Cause people are blind, Mike. They don’t give a fuck that Ive run through everyone on this roster, that even the match I ‘lost’ it wasn’t me that got pinned; it was Kayser that lost the US title for me, ..that bastard. I’ve ended two of the biggest names in the GWA within a moth of my coming back, took the US Title and destroyed one Global Champ after another week after week so far, …but is that good enough? Naw, not for those people with blind eyes. But you?

You have to be the sorriest thing that I’ve faced in the ring since my return. I’m used to facing people like Stacy, Goth, and James Weck, ..hell – even that Kohut guy was better than you, and that damn sure aint sayin much. Ya know, I might even bring a chair to the ring this week – no, not to hit you with. I’ll bring it so I can sit down, cause Im gonna get a little bored of pushing you away. You’ll fall, come back at me, and I’ll push you down again. And we’ll repeat this process until you get the fuckin clue that you don’t even deserve to be in the same ring as me. Its an embarrassment that I even have to be seen in the ring with you; it’s almost like the low point of my career… You see how highly I think of you, Lion Mike? You’re a waste of my time, a waste of my energy and a shameful disgrace to claim part of a Number One contender match for the Global Title. Hell, I’ve fought big burly women truck drivers that have more hair on their arms than I do, that have given me a better fight than what yer gonna give me. Oh, but wait – I bet they didn’t have truck drivers when I was alive in 1915, did they? ..Or did you finally figure out that I wasn’t alive in Nineteen-Fifteen… You may wish that YOU were, cause come Anarchy you’re gonna scream yer little lion roar of pain and dream about a time machine. You’ll take yerself back to the moment that you began to walk down the ramp – you’ll change that course of action and haul ass from the arena, ..wouldnt ya?

Of course you would, and I would to if I had to fight myself. But lucky me theres only one Jaymz Yaroslav cause he’s the most brutal sumbitch that I’ve ever seen. ..and you think this week is gonna be ‘fun?’ Fun is getting you ass kicked? Fun is feeling pain down to the marrow in yer bones?? Give me a break Mike, if yer in this match just for ‘fun’ then you don’t even deserve to be a contender for the Global Title, cause I aint fightin this match for fun. Im fightin this match to destroy you, fightin this match to get the belt that Ive had my sights on for some time now. Fun is gonna be watchin you squirm and cry for yer mommy when you cant get off the canvas after I delivered the Silence on yer sorry ass. Fun is watchin the Black Circles lose over and over to Zero Tolerance, ..thats fun. And “getting ready for the biggest match of your career” isn’t when you get a Global Title shot; cause the biggest match of yer career is this week – cause it don’t get any better than standing across from me in the ring. This is yer big match, this is yer big time to show the world that you belong on this stage; but this is as big as its gonna get for ya Lion Mike – cause after this match its back to the bottom of the barrel for ya. You can go on fighting people who don’t make a damn in this business, you can go back fighting in the matches that don’t matter where people will forget you and never remember yer name. But you’ll remember me, and you’ll remember the beating that I gave you - and you’ll remember that you never, …never had a chance of beating me.