- Mike Harrison vs. Jaymz Yaroslav -

The Ride pt.I

There was a look in his eye that hadn’t been there before; it seemed as if things were more calm in his mind. The random, strange thoughts that stormed through his mind had slowed – but things had changed now and a new thought was on the front of his mind. Katie. He had been with Katie the whole week and been the only thing on his mind; and that was a damn good think considering he caught a break in the ring for a week. He forgot about his problems with Tristan, the taco stand and all the shit that happens in the GWA. He was infatuated with the girl and loved the way she thought, she was just as random and brutal as he was and that’s what he liked the most. She would say what was on her mind and told ya how she felt and something her rants wouldn’t even make sense; but if you fuckin told her she was wrong then shes comin after ya. Her scene she made at Burger King last Wednesday got ‘em a little trouble with the law. She had jumped from the booth and clawed Jaymz one time across the face; went into a screaming fit before he could get her out.. And all because her pickle slid from the burger and slapped down on the paper wrapper.. He didn’t see how it was his fault, but apparently it was and Jaymz found the whole outburst exciting and wished she would claw his face again..

..And Katie was still at the front of his mind – and in the passenger seat of the Tahoe. He glanced away from her and swerved back into the right lane. The headlights pushed the night back as far as they couldn’t and the yellow lines that ran in-between the lanes were no more than a blur. He looked back in the rearview mirror and still could see the glow of Vegas on the horizon at this early hour in the morning. They had been driving all night; pulled over once for speeding – and the cop wasn’t a real dick but Jaymz wanted to strangle him the man anyway and problems were the last thing he needed tonight. He wasn’t sure where they were going, or what exactly they were gonna do but for the past several hours it was driving in the desert. He wouldn’t need sleep or a break because Katie was there; and it wasn’t that he was in love with her because the man felt no love, ..not for anyone. He liked certain people more than others but there was never a person in his heart that he loves. Not his parents, children, or any member of his family. ..in fact, he disliked all of them more than most. Again he glanced back over to Katie who was sitting with the doll in her lap enclosed in both hands. She was well built, wore revealing clothes and clearly was the best looking girl he ever hooked up with.. He liked it when she talked, liked it when she screamed in his face and loved her ferocious way, and the way she screamed out in the woods when the moon was high in the sky; oh the stories Crazy J wouldn’t want to hear about his sister – but Jaymz liked it, and he craved it.

He felt better when she was here and he even realized how she made his mind a little more clear. She looked at her dark reflection in the window of the truck; her eye brows angled down and a pissed off look came over her face. ..She let go of the doll with her left hand and flipped her reflection off. Goosebumps came over Jaymz and his heartbeat sped up.. A awkward smile crossed his lips and his hands grew tight on the steering wheel as she growled – showing teeth to the reflection. Jaymz almost giggled, ..and then she lost it. She dropped the doll and began to slap at the glass screaming profanities, grunts and words that didn’t have any meaning like “light switch” and “couch.” This filled Jaymz with pleasure, better than what the pain pills could ever give him and his whole body twitched.. But there came a hollow thump and cracking of glass. The window blew out; most going outside but some shards flying into her hair. Katie stopped and looked around, turned her head towards Jaymz. An innocent smile crossed her face and she spoke, “I sure got rid of that bitch!” with a happy-go-lucky tune. He looked away from her, down at the speed making sure he wasn’t gonna get another ticket tonight and back at the road. There was silence in the Tahoe and for the first time in years he didn’t mind the silence, …actually enjoyed that when it was quiet his mind was at ease. Katie was here, and Katie made things better.

He drove on for a while never hearing Katie even breath; just the drone of the road and occasionally looking back at the car that was a ways behind them, ..wondering if it was another damn cop. …And it was then that his heart sunk, he felt like he had died and everything that had changed made no difference in the car.. The smell filled his nostrils and he wanted nothing more than to kill himself. It was a musty smell, but also came the scent of vinegar – and this time he knew. It was back, it had been several weeks, but It was back now. It wasn’t in the back seat, around the corner or just inside the house like it had always been; Vadim was here – and he was sitting next to him. Jaymz kept his eyes on the road as his insides seemed to rot away; and a deep fear crept up inside of him. He refused to look, refused to even glance over next to him – and for an instant it reminded him of when he was kid and spent a few years growing up in west Texas. He lived on the poor side of town and you were always told to never cross the rail road tracks on the east side of town – it was even worse there.. But they wouldn’t wander that way at night; creeping through the shadows but keeping a safe distance from the tracks. You could feel ‘em, you knew they were there watchin ya… Ya saw the people in the day time and could see how bad they were, ..but at night? ..Ya didn’t cross the fuckin tracks. You’d dare each other to cross, to even run to the tracks and touch it with yer foot – and if ya did that you were the fuckin man. ..but nobody did, and when the trains would come by you’d rush the track with the force of the train whipping its breeze across your face screaming in yer ear along with the loud clacking of the cars as they went by… And you could her ‘em, hear ‘em laughing at you from beyond the track – and by the time the last two cars came roaring by there wasn’t a boy who was within fifty yards of the tracks.

Jaymz sighed, his hands wet with sweat on the wheel of the Tahoe, worked up the courage to glance over at the musty smelling thing sitting next to him with fear knotting his insides


A week off can do ya some good; and it’s a damn good thing that I didn’t have a match this past week cause Katie has been on my mind; but since Anarchy ended this evening my mind has been back on business. Im a little more fresh, a little more hungry to get back in the ring, but its not like I could get that much better anyway.. Hell, the little Mexican Vacation just ended a few months ago so its not like I was in dire need of restin this ol’ body of mine – but hey, if they wanna give me the week away then I’ll take it. ..Anarchy was nothing more than a success as usual; though we didn’t have many of our Zero Tolerance members gracing the presence of the ring they went about their business and got the job done because anything less is unacceptable. Morbius wanted to run his mouth tonight about how he was gonna get me at Unleashed – but afterward I couldn’t help but laugh as that was stricken down by that idiot Tadashii… No Morbius, you don’t get that second shot at me at Unleashed for several reasons. One – you had yer shot and ya fuckin blew it. Two – the whole world saw that you had no business standing across from me when I laid you out with the Silence and finished you off… Obviously you couldn’t accept that and you still don’t; but ya need to face the facts and realize that I was better than you that night. ..And not just that night, but any night that you wanna stand in the ring with me is a night that you’ll end up in the same familiar place of depression.

So yer out, yer outta the picture and need to take a seat back to yer future Global Champion… Not only did I get one good laugh out of Anarchy – but I got another later on that night. I was told that I was going to face Stacy Kissinger, friend of mine, at Unleashed for the Global Title.. No, not just anyone – cause we all know that Stacy is gonna hold the Global until its time to swap from one ZT hand to the next. Then, as I’m leaving the building I get a message saying, “oh, you gotta beat this Mike Harrison fella to get that Title shot.” So I just kinda looked around and rolled my eyes cause there aint a chance in hell this Mike guy is gonna stop me from taking the Title that I want. Tadashii done told me that I was getting the Title shot, and now I gotta put asses in the seats for next week? ..I gotta fight this fuckin loser to gain my shot? …Yeah well, I guess anything that the management wants to do just to make a dollar sounds good to me. “Jaymz has to win a match, come watch and see if he can earn his Title fight.” ..well, if that’s the way their gonna put it then theres gonna be a lot of disappointed people comin to the show. …Cause Im gonna make quick work of his moron and show him why he needs to be cleanin sweat off the canvas between rounds instead of trying to build a career fighting the best in the world. …And ya know what the best part is about fighting this guy?

He wants us all to believe that if calls himself a different name, acts a different way, that its suddenly gonna change the way he fights in the ring – cause as far as Im concerned the guy fuckin sucks. Naw, I aint gonna lie about it or sweet talk around the point – the guy sucks. Oh Im sure Lion, ..er—uh, ..Mike is gonna be raisin hell, poitin at the TV when I tell him that he sucks, but I aint a man that’s gonna come out here and lie either. So once he accepts this fact of life then the beating that Im gonna lay on him will be that much shorter and a lot less painful. So tell me, Lion Mike – are you gonna have tears streamin down yer face as you crawl to the edge of the ring trying to escape the torture that Im gonna put you through. Will you cringe as you hear my laughing when I come up from behind you and pull yer sorry ass back into the ring? ..Will you cry like a bitch when I get you back on yer feet and lift ya up in the air? ..Maybe – and I bet you will.. Cuase I aint good ‘ol Stan or Kohut that yer goin up against this week – this is the top of line, yer lookin at stepping the ring with the best the GWA can throw at ya.. And don’t think I aint seen nothing like ya before Lion Mike, everyone who walks down that ramp brings me their “A” game.. When you square off against Jaymz fuckin Yaroslav you gotta bring the best you can, you gotta give it all just to even SMELL a chance of victory, ..and that’s something I can promise that ya wont..

Ya Im like Joe fuckin’ Willie here, I’m throwin out guarantees that I know I can keep and things I know that I can make happen. Lion Mike wants to believe that Im no different than anyone hes beaten in the past? Really, …then tell me who you’ve beaten that’s had success against me in the ring? ..A man whos gotten the best of me more than I’ve gotten the best of them.. Think all ya want Lion Mike, ..but ya cant name one.. There isn’t a man on this roster who can boast a winning record over me, not a person who can say “Well, over the course of the war I’ve proven myself better than Jaymz.” ..naw, that shit just don’t happen and if you wanna believe that Im the same as the rest of the talent that you’ve faced in the ring; then its time I slap a little common sense in yer head. …ya need common sense Lion Mike; cause apparently you and yer little friend don’t have any… Tell me, where on the GWA website does it say that I, ..I – Alexi Yaroslav came over to the States in Nineteen-Fifteen? ..Cause the last time that I checked I wasn’t even born in Nineteen-Fifteen. Is yer friend so fuckin dumb as to see that it says “My Family” came over here in Nineteen-Fifteen? ..and wouldn’t common sense tell you that there isn’t anyway in hell that I could have been alive in Nineteen-Fifteen!? ..And ya wanna know how smart YOU are!? You said “maybe it was a time machine thing.” …A time machine thing????

That’s the best thing that you could think of?? You mean logic didn’t tell you that something about the dates was a little fucked up??? ..And Im suppose to believe that a fuckin moron like yerself is gonna be the one to stop me from gaining the Global Title shot that I deserve?? You went on and on about this thing of me being over Ninety years old, ..and all because you cant fuckin read??? Im glad that you come out here and made a fool of yerself on TV, that you decided to give the world a reason to point and laugh at you….You’re a joke Lion Mike – changing your name and how you wanna conduct isn’t gonna make a damn difference in how you fight in the ring. …But is this new persona, this Mike Harrison-or-whatever, is this the stupid part of you coming out? ..Is this the person that has to read childrens books and cant put dates together? ..You seem to remember Chase Daniel and compare me to what he did – but where did he go Lion Mike, and whos the one that put him out? …Yer’s fuckin’ truly, ..thats who. But since you seem to envy this man would you like it if I did the same thing to you? ..Do you wanna join his ranks of the washed up and never seen again club when I get done with you? …I don’t think yer gonna have much of a choice here Lion Mike cause yer nothing but a little warm up for whatever next week has in store for me.

You aint no meat, bosses didn’t throw me a big fuckin challenge – just a bone to chew on, just something to tie me over until Unleashed comes and I take the Global Belt from Stacy. You got all this talk about “motion in the ocean” and “manhood” but I typically don’t discuss this shit with other guys, ..just aint real comfortable like that, ..ya know? But hell, if it’s a pissin contest ya want then whip ‘er right on out and out-piss the seven foot man, …cause ya know a seven foot man got lots of “manhood.” ..So hell, sounds like I got ya beat in damn never every category that you could come up with; now all that’s left is for ya to step out and prove yerself worthy of the Global Title. ..But if you think that yer the future of the GWA then this company is takin a nose dive and Im fuckin bailin out first – cause I’ll be too damn ashamed if an average athlete like yerself is able to take over the GWA.. …Hell if you took over I’d fuckin give up, all the work that ZT had to do just to rise up and claim the top spot would all be washed away by something that Lion Mike did? ..That he could make a lack luster career in the GWA, rise to the top and over Zero Tolerance? …You ontop of the GWA? ..Yeah right, you wont out-work Zero Tolerance and you damn sure wont out-work me when you cross my path. You wanna find out what its like to be a Global Champion? ..Fine – I’ll show ya what its like to get beat by one.