- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Goth vs. Kayser -


There wasn’t a good radio station in Dallas; or not one that he had found that interested him. ..But then again it was hard to focus and he wasn’t really listening to any of the songs anyway. He drove down the highway out of city limits and into the open land of Texas on the highway… The headlights shined ahead pushing the darkness away, keeping it far from the road as it tried to reach out and swallow up the pavement. The yellow lines swished under the car one by one almost in a blur and Jaymz tried to count them for a second but he was going too fast… And this car went faster than he was used to – but then again it wasn’t his car either. It was a Ford F-350 that sat on wheels that made the cab shake and give off a rough ride; ..and he didn’t like it. He would have been happy to take a cab and get to the airport for a short flight – but Vadim had thought otherwise… He thought it was better that Jaymz take a car and make the trip to his destination on the road. He remembered everything; even remembered trying to stop his body from doing the things that it did. He didn’t feel sorry for the man but at the same time wished the event had never happened.. He remembered going to the parking lot of the Anatole and seeing a man kissing a woman as he had her pressed up against the cab of the F-350…He remembered the woman’s scream and the sounds of the mans head repeatedly hitting the side of the truck before his attempts to get away from the big man fell limp.

“Hes not hurt – hes just faking it,” Vadim had told him, “Now get in the truck.” Again, the voice seared thought his mind like a razor and he obeyed, but as he thought about it: he wasn’t sure if he obeyed – or if Vadim had done it himself. He scanned the roads for police; and had passed a highway patrolman sitting in the median clocking the speed of everyone who went by… But he wasn’t speeding; he knew better. Jaymz ate the pain pills one by one hoping it would keep the hallucinations away; that it would keep the vivid thoughts back that his mind produced, ..and maybe – just maybe, it would keep Vadim locked away in his mind but he knew he wouldn’t be that lucky. He set the truck on cruise control and looked in the consol between the seats; there was a bag of pot which he chunked out the window, ..he didn’t need that mess on his hands if he had gotten pulled over.. There was a few condoms inside and it was clear what the owner of the truck had in mind this night. There was a few wadded up bills, not mounting more than forty all together but he shoved it in his pockets anyway. He drove on through the night, going six under the speed limit, and trying to keep things in his vision straight but even that was getting harder to do. He wiped his eyes and lit a cigar as a voice came from the backseat

“Hey, ..were gonna need some gas – and get me a newspaper while your at it. I need something to read.”
Jaymz nodded, he wasn’t going to argue with Vadim as he had shown what he could do when he pleased. Maybe just maybe, he wasn’t dead as he claimed… His shrink would never believe it though, and he didn’t plan on going back.
“I’ll stop in a minute” He said, and looked back into the rearview mirror to where the voice was coming from.

It wasn’t but a few minutes later the gas light came on and for a while Jaymz began to worry that he was gonna run out of gas before he saw the lights come up ahead and the exit ramp. Without using his blinker he pulled off the highway and took a right pulling into the Loves gas pumps. Fuckin gas was expensive but he didn’t care, he had forty extra dollars now.
“Hey!! Hey!!” The voice came again, “…Don’t forget my newspaper.” The voice drifted out the back window and seemed to swim around his head as he walked up to the store and went inside.

There were several truck drivers and they stared at him – but who didn’t? He was fuckin seven feet tall.. But he walked with authority as if nothing was wrong even though his head was filled with strange thoughts and images that he wasn’t sure were real or not… He went over to the cooler and pulled out three Monster cans and a bag of sunflower seeds and snatched up a newspaper on his way to the counter.
“Imma get sixty in gas – and this shit here..”
The lady at the counter smiled, “is that gonna be all?”
“yeah…” He spoke so low it almost wasn’t a word but just a muttered sound.

He handed her a wad of money and she handed him the change; and before she had a chance to ask him if he wanted a sack he snatched the stuff of the counter and went back outside.. He liked the air here, ..it was fresh – and he could see the stars. He got back to the truck and tossed the cans of Monster and newspaper into the back window and heard Vadim turn the pages of the paper from inside. He pumped the gas into the truck, and before long the pump stopped and he got back into the Ford – started it up and pulled out of the parking lot

“so where are we headed?”
The voice was now next to him in the passenger seat, but this wasn’t the voice of Vadim – it was the voice of someone else.. and it was someone he knew. Jaymz turned his head to look and his eyes froze on the figure that sat next to him. It was Goth.
“..where did you come from!?” Jaymz demanded

“I saw you around here and decided I would take a ride with my good friend Alexi.” Goth had something in his hand, the darkness of the night sky hiding whatever it was.. And he wore black which didn’t help any.. But Jaymz could see his eyes; they were hidden by his hair – but he could see them anyway.
Jaymz glanced back down at what Goth had in his hand, “whatcha got there?”

“this?” Goth looked down at his hands, “Its nothing my friend. …focus on the road.”
“show me.”
A dark smile crossed his face and he held up his right hand, the moon light cast a silver sparkle off the blade he held in his hand.. And there was something black on it, …no – not black. The night sky made it look black, …it was blood. Goth ran his finger down the blade getting the blood on the tip of his finger. “..Dont worry… I got rid of him – I figured you would be tired of him.”

Jaymz didn’t understand, “who?”
“Vadim. Who else?”
Jaymz looked into the backseat and his eyes grew wide, "what the hell have you done!??"
"I told you." A smile crossed Goth's face, "I got rid of him"
Jaymz swerved off the road and pulled the wheel back to the right getting back on the highway.. He saw blood covering the backseat of the truck.. It was splattered everywhere, "You sumbitch...you killed him!"

There was satisfaction in his voice, "I suppose.."
Jaymz didnt say a word, his hands tightened around the streering wheel and he didnt know what to do. He heard Goth laugh and the laughing got louder, it made his head throb and he closed his eyes for a second hoping it would stop; and after a few seconds it did.
Goth looked back over at Jaymz, "I got rid of him just like I'm gonna get rid of you." Confidence rose in his voice as he raised the knife and leaned towards Jaymz; he put the blade agaisnt his neck and applied pressure. "Your screams of pain will bring me pleasure; ..It'll sound like Angles singing in the heavens to my ears"

Jaymz could feel a trickle of blood run down his neck, but he liked the feel. He turned his head and looked at Goth but his features had changed. His pupils had rolled back in his head, his grin was wide and his teeth were long, sharp fangs that were spaced evenly apart. His hair seemed to move; seemed to reach out for him. Goth laughed but it sounded distant as if it was a million miles away.. He kept his eyes on the Goth as a crackled whisper came from its voice, "Goodbye Alexi"


Stars rolled through his head as intense pain filled his face.. He felt the steering wheel slam him in the chest and take his breath away, he sat there for a moment and let his breath come back and the pain to roll from his head.. He looked around and saw the front end of the truck crumpled up through the cracked windshield. He knew he must have taken his foot off the gas or he would have been dead; he had run off the road - through a trench and slammed into a tree. He sat there for a moment letting his mind gather itself before pushing the door open and getting out.. One of the headlights that was still intact shined and he saw a sign up ahead on the highway and it read: Welcome to the great state of Oklahoma. He was almost home but there was something else.. He looked back around at the truck, quickly moved over to the passenger door, ignoring the blood that was streaming from both nostrils, and flung it open.. He pulled his fist back to hit Goth - but he wasnt there. Jaymz looked around and saw the knife on the floor...Things werent mear thoughts any more, ..things were getting real.


Is stupidity hereditary? ...Is it passed down to one generation to the next? ..Because when I hear Kayser talk I cant help but wonder if his parents were as fuckin stupid as he is. I face people very week - they say and do alot of dumb things but when Kayser’s mouth is moving I cant help but wonder what planet this moron has been living on. But lets get this out in the clear: I’m not overlooking you Kayser. I’m just giving you all the credit that you're worth...Its hard to overlook something that isn’t even worth looking at, ..right? You want respect, you want to feel like you belong in this match but why should I play pretend and act like you really do belong in this match? ...You want Goth and I to look you in the eyes and say "you're a threat in this match." But I wont lie Kayser, cause saying that you're a threat in this match is like saying I'm Five-foot-seven, ...everyone knows the difference, ..ya know? Maybe Al and Grind did just put you in this match just to keep you happy, just so you can't bitch and whine that you dont get any major Title Shots. You're not real intimidating when you tell us "I’m a GWA wrestler too" ..yeah well - so is fuckin Alex Storm, ..so is Morbius, ..and lots of the other losers on the roster - but does that make them special too? Like I give a shit if you're a GWA wrestler; that aint stopped me from slaughtering people before so why should it matter now!? ...And ya know - you really dont make any sense either Kayser.

You told us that you didn’t care if we took you lightly and tossed you to the side, ..but in the same breath you bitch and moan about how you dont get respect and that’s why you joined up with that stable, ..who’s name I forget - but I have a tendency to do that when it comes to insignificant things... So what is it Kayser? ...Do you not care, ..or do you? ..Cause you damn sure cant seem to make up your mind. But that’s ok, I’m gonna make up your mind for ya in just a few days; but it wont be on the subject that you talk - it'll be in the ring. You'll make up your mind that you wont ever, EVER, wanna step back into the ring with me after the beating that I lay down on ya. You dont have a chance in this match Kayser cause you’ve already submitted this match to Goth... You've come out and claimed the part of being his bitch; "I may not win - but Goth will." SO what your telling me is that you know that you cant be me, or Goth - and that you'll be just as happy to see Goth win? ...That means you already know that I’m better than you, that you dont deserve to be in this match. You dont even know a damn thing about me do you Kayser? ..You dont think that I can beat Goth? Really? ..Then tell me what happened just a about five weeks ago when we met in the ring in my first match back... Are you even aware that Ive been here before? That I’m a former Global Champion and haven’t lost a step since I've come back from Mexico?

...I laugh at you Kayser, cause if you dont believe I'm on a roll then you dont even understand this business, do you? ..who else have you seen that’s gone undefeated in the last six weeks and beat names that you'll NEVER beat.... ...And tell me this Kayser, when was the last time in the GWA that you even won three matches in a row? ...Hell, I’m past that - but I know I’m better than you so I gotta cut it down a bit for low-lifes like yerself. So you think that if this was a one on one match that you could come into the ring and beat me? ..I would really like to know why that is cause you didn’t really give us any direction how that would go.. I mean, you've already said that Goth is prolly gonna be the winner of the match - not you - and yet, ...you think that you can beat me in a one on one match? ..That's the funniest thing that I've heard all day Kayser. See, you cant match the strength that I have, ..and you damn sure dont have the ring smarts that I have - yet you can beat me one on one, ..but not in this three man match? Doubt has crept into your mind Kayser and you've already lost... And I'll tell ya this; as much as I fuckin hate Goth I think the two of us could have a helluva time teamin up on ya - kickin your ass from one side of the ring to the next and show you why you aren’t US Champion material... We would laugh and point, spit on you as your unconscious and make sure you understand your spot in the GWA - and that’s below the two of us.

Kayser, if you wanna believe that were all equal then you go on and think that - but that’s a losers way of thinking.. Were not equal, there’s not a damn thing about us that’s equal... I’m a Champion, the US Champion... And like I told you the other day - your nothing more than the Fill in Fluff. You're Mine and Goths whipping boy in this match; and really nothing more than an asshole to get in the way of our business that we have to settle in the ring. After Borrowed Time; you'll know your place in the GWA, and you'll see that, no, ..were not equal and that I’m the better, ..better than you - and better than Goth. ..And speaking of Goth, I’m sure he has the same feelings towards you that I do. Cause I know what Goth wants and he can tell the world that its the US Title he’s after, ...but is it? Is it really that, or does he wanna see blood run from my head and make sure that he put me out for good? ..Yes, it would be the latter. Me, I have no goal of taking him out because its a task that I've performed many times before and honestly, ...its getting a little old. Sure, people wanna hype up this big rivalry between the two of us - but there is no rivalry. Its hate, ..its all hate. I hate him as much as he hates me, ..but where is the rivalry? Its a rivalry something that’s built on by one man, or team, trading victories with another? Yeah, that’s what it is and the Jaymz/Goth series isn’t a fuckin rivalry.. Its been a one-sided ass kickin that Goth just cant get around.

I've enjoyed watching the despair on his face and the blood pour form his body... I like watching him pull up off the mat as hard as he can; just to get back up again and fuckin fail... over, ..and over.. and over.... Isn’t that right, Goth? tell me this Goth, are you listening to Kayser? …Are you believing the shit that’s coming from his mouth? …he’s a man who thinks that I cant beat you, ..and do you believe this? …I’ll tell ya Goth, you better not even listen to this man cause you know me better than anyone who isn’t a member of Zero Tolerance; you know what I can do in the ring and you know how badly I can beat you… I like the position that I’m cause I have everything to lose and nothing to gain… Beating Kayser isn’t something that I’ll put on my list of accomplishments and beating you again, Goth, isn’t anything special these days. The US Title sits in my hands and if you two think that’s gonna change at Borrowed Time haven’t been paying attention to me; that or yer just to fuckin dumb to listen. ..Cause I aint letting go of this belt and there aint a person on this roster that’s gonna take it from me… How much more do you have to give against me Goth? ..How many times can you come into the ring and fail over and over again? ..Arent you getting tired of hearing my name called out in victory every time we stand across from each other in the ring? …You wanna bury me Goth?

…You wanna put me in the ground and end the dominance that Ive held over you and every stable that you’ve been a part of? ..I know you do; cause theres nothing you want more than to end me and Zero Tolerance all together… But ya know what Ive done Goth; Ive taken your name and smudged it – I’ve taken you from the upper elite class of wrestlers and brought you down a level because of the simple fact that you cant seem to beat me.. You’ll be remembered as one of the greats in the GWA but you wont be remembered as a man who dominated everyone; a man who put men and women down each and every week – coming out with a winning record over all of them, …nope. That aint gonna happen for ya bud. Because I came here and the day I walked in the GWA doors I ended what you had going; I’m the block in the road that you still cant get over – and you never will. You can talk of decay, death and crosses all ya want, but isn’t your career that I buried? Wasn’t it me that put and end to all the “Goth is the best” talk that was flying around the GWA when ZT first got here? ..I’ve been the thorn in your side and Im so fuckin deep that you cant pull me out. The only thing that’s decayed is your confidence when you stand across from me; but don’t be ashamed Goth because that happens to lots of people.. But ooohhhh, that’s right – you aren’t ‘most people’ are you? You’re the one that’s suppose to be better than most, right? …yeah, you are.

But I’m always here to see that you aren’t and its me that’s holding the US Title.. The Title that you want, and the Title that you wont get. I wont go back on my word when I said I was gonna hold this Title for a long time and I find it amusing that you of all people get to face me again for the second time in such a short period, ..and now the pressure is on. The world wants to see if you can hold true to your own word this time around and see if you actually have what it takes to beat me when there’s not more than eight people in the ring… They wanna see if you have the drive to succeed and take the US Title – but Im here to make sure that you don’t. And the screams of pain that’ll come from your mouth is something that I enjoy hearing; and there will come a day when that no longer happens – and I’ll be a little disappointed that I had to end your career sooner than you expected; cause that’s what’s gonna happen if you get a little too cocky and think you really have a good shot at taking this Title from me. Ya know Goth, ..your right – it isn’t all about wins and losses.. For me, its about the pain that I cause your body. Its about the years I take off the end of your life every time we face off. Its about the joy I get from watching you squirm in excruciating pain in the center of the ring… That’s what its about Goth.. It doesn’t matter if I beat you five times for five-hundred times; I just enjoy watching a man of your status fall at my feet.. Knowing that “I did this, I did this to this man, ..and look at him.”

I like it when people hate me; I like it when they all wanna see me lose – and time after time I hear nothing but people picking you to win, ..over and over again.. And yet, these same people are always wrong – and I find joy in that too.. And this time it wont be the same; because now I have a Title to defend against you for the first time and now I have a real reason for tearing you to pieces. I wont let you slide and I wont let you get off easy because it aint gonna happen as long as Im the US Champion; you get to feel the same pain that Stacy did, ..that Morbius and Bill Barnhart did. Kayser will feel it too; and I’ll hold the name of Zero Tolerance higher than any other in the GWA while the world sees that I still have a death grip on the US Title, ..and will so for a long, long time to come. You call yourself the King of Kings and I laugh as I always have cause a King is someone who’s better than all the rest; someone who can stand up and say “I’m better than all you people” ..and that isn’t you Goth. I don’t give you respect but I do give you credit; I give you credit for getting your sorry, pathetic ass back up time and time again to face me – to try and take me out and show the world that you are the King of Kings, ..but you’ve failed Goth and this time isn’t gonna be any different than the rest. I’m your King and you need to bow down at my feet and come to understand that I’m better than you and I always have been. You wanna look into my soul? You wanna see what makes me tick?

..You should already know these things Goth and you should know that I don’t have a soul, that I don’t feel pity for people and could give a fuck less if you, or anyone else, dropped dead tomorrow morning. But please don’t, don’t drop dead tomorrow morning cause I wanna rub it in yer face one more time.. I wanna break yer bones and flatten you like I always have and show you that you aren’t the King and that you aren’t the US Champion. You cant keep up with my brutality, its not in you nor anyone else who steps over the ropes and attempts to take the US Title from me. You know that Im just not some ‘big man’ who relies solely on power moves and strength… You know that I can outsmart my opponents and take advantage of them in the ring.. You know that I can wear people down who are young enough to be my children and make them look like fools in the ring… But pray Goth, pray that you don’t end up like Chase Daniel or James Weck – cause they haven’t been seen since they felt the Silence… Just hope that I don’t do to you what I did to them; so you can live to fight another day – live to fight for another Title that’s held by a weaker person than myself. Someone that you can claim you’re a King over, cause ya damn sure cant claim that over me - ..and you know it. God did make people weak Goth; and that’s why I’m not in the same mold.. He made me as an exception to the rule;

He made me as the one who opens peoples eyes and wonder “where the fuck did this guy come from?” I was put here to destroy people Goth and I do a damn fine job of it. Its one of the only things that I know how to do and I take pride in that.. I aint the smartest sumbitch, hell – I aint even read a book since I was in Junior High and I was always told that I was gonna be a failure, ..but those people were wrong weren’t they? Cause here I am, holding the US Title and not a damn thing has to do with being a bright student. I do what’s best for me, I do what I can with what I was given – and that’s taking out people like you. People who believe themselves to be the best get put in my way and slapped around like the bitches they are and you aren’t any different. I’ve held my ground and I don’t like people trying to take shit from me; cause whats mine is mine and I just don’t go and hand things over… You gotta take it, and you gotta bring down this big sumbitch to do that… but can you? No, you can’t. And there’ll be excuses, there’ll be your pathetic whining and crying about how you should have won the match and should have been the US Champion and you’ll finally have to admit it to yourself. I’ll smile when you do, and you can finally say the words the rest of the world already knows; “hes better than me. Jaymz is a man, he is a God – and I am nothing.”