- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Goth vs. Kayser -

Ruling The Earth

Just when I thought I was gonna get to leave this shithole I found out that I might as well stay…Aint no point in taking a plane back to Memphis just to come back to Texas in a few days. Fuck it, ..I’ll stay here as much as I dread it. I hate this place for several reasons; these people who live here think their the King Shit and everyone else is below them – and everytime we do a show in Texas I get hounded by the media, ..and I know why. Its because Im an Okie, and I aint hidin’ the fact that I’m a Sooner and these sumbitches are Longhorns. ..Why does it matter, you ask? ..Because this is Texas – this is where High School and College football are king, ..and these bastards wanna hound me, they wanna see me lose as much as they wanna see the Shorthorns slaughter my Sooners Sixty Five to Nothing. ..But uh, well, ..losing and Zero Tolerance don’t belong in the same sentence. Just look at what weve done in the last two weeks: Seven and Oh. ..Not one damn loss and we own the three biggest Titles in the business.. The Global, the WORLD Tag Champs and the US Title…. Were home to the best tag team on the planet; and the best damn singles wrestler’s as well.. ..Like I said last week: Dominance is Tolerated. Were on top of the world; and we always have been but it takes the Global Title for some people to realize that. But good for Stacy, we may not talk a lot but I guess I’m happy for ‘er. ..and she won it in her home state; this place I wanna get away from

..It didn’t matter where I went cause the media was all over my like hounds on a coon; they wanted to hassle me and give me a hard time. But then again they also wanted to talk about Stacy and the dominance that ZT has displayed since our return from Mexico, specifically the last several weeks as our authority in the ring as been phenomenal.. I answered a few of their basic, boring every day questions as I got out of the arena and headed over to the hotel… I hadn’t talked to Tristan since our blow out back in Memphis; he was at the show but he didn’t appear in our locker room and it was a damn good thing that he didn’t cause we prolly would have had another brawl… I had no need to see the man, he fucked me over on my pills and that sent me over the edge – but what he didn’t know is that I had found some and kept them well hidden incase he wanted to do something dumb and snoop around in my shit.. I talked to Stacy briefly before I left the arena; it was kinda awkward but I don’t think that she noticed cause she was so damn hyped up about winning the Global Title earlier in the evening.. I congratulated her and we talked for a second and that was all that needed to be said; well, other than she told me that we were staying at the Wyndham Anatole in Dallas for the next few days.. I tried to find Crazy J but he had snuck out and managed to avoid the media hounds, ..but I was sure he was at the hotel..

The black limo pulled into the parking lot of the Anatole and a Hispanic man who wore a suit and a Anatole nametag that read: Javier. He smiled as he opened the door and Jaymz stepped from the limo… He hadn’t changed his clothes and there was still blood on his white wife-beater from his match earlier in the evening. He looked at Javier and had a great dislike for the Hispanic man; he was never a racist but he had found out since he had returned from Mexico that he didn’t like Mexicans as much as he once had. The truck on the limo popped and came unlatched; the driver opened it up and handed the three bags to Javier who placed them on the cart and followed Jaymz into the building. The main lobby was done in marble floors and the echos of the heels a beautiful woman was wearing rang throughout the massive room. He gave the lady a look over, she was blonde with an the tight dress that she wore showed the curves of her excellent figure. As she went around the corner he looked away and around the lobby; he saw the check in counter over to the left and headed that way. There was an older woman at the counter who put on her business smile as he went over. Javier didn’t move, he stayed behind waiting for the giant to collect his room key and follow him up.

He gave his name to the woman and she typed it into the computer; moments later a frown came over her face and told him she didn’t see the reservation; she then repeated the spelling his last name to him – it was correct. She hit a button again and let the computer search.. The frown stayed on her face as she shook her head ‘no’ and said that she didn’t have a reservation.. He sighed; and the breath was deep enough for her to recoil from the smell of cigars that came from his mouth. “Gimme a minute” he said and turned away letting the man behind him check in. He reached into the inside pocket of his leather jacket and pulled out his cell phone.. He went through the list of names until he got to Erik Black; cause there was no way in hell that he was gonna call Tristan right now. The phone rang once, twice, three times and twice more before the voice mail picked up.. He didn’t leave a message, only cussed to himself and redialed once again and this time Erik picked up.

“Hey, ..whats going on? ………… “I’m sittin here in the lobby of the hotel tryin to check in, bitch over there is runnin my name through and not comin out with shit, ..yall didn’t fuckin forget about me did ya?” …As Erik responded there came a pissed off look on the big mans face
“..and why not?............WHAT???........No, No! That’s bullshit Erik!!... …Fuck Tristan and fuck you too!!”

He hung up the phone and slammed it down on the marble floor where it shattered into several pieces.. People looked; but nobody said anything as the big man stormed from the building and went outside. He lit a cigar and sat down on the ground with his back to the building. Erik had told him something that he didn’t want to hear; and it was that Tristan stuck to his end of the deal. Jaymz had promised to see the shrink when he got back from Mexico, had promised not to cause any problems with civilians and not to cause any damage to other peoples property – Tristan was tired of cleaning up his messes… And in return they would let Jaymz stay a part of Zero Tolerance; and to keep his stock holders distributions. ..Erik had passed along a message from Tristan, and that he wasn’t going to stay at the same hotels that ZT was – that he wasn’t going to be allowed back into the ZT building until he was clean on the pain pills.. Erik had said Tristan wasn’t bothered by the fight but that Alexi had been lieing the last two months and now he was going to wash his hands of the mess. Jaymz sat against the building puffing away at a cigar as several more cars pulled up; he didn’t know the people and by the strange looks they gave him – they didn’t know who he was either. A few minutes later a limo pulled up and Jaymz heard a familiar voice

“I don’t give a damn! …Jus’ get my damn bags you sumbitch!”

Jaymz looked up and saw Cash get out from the limo with beer bottle in hand, but when didn’t he have a beer bottle in his hand. Cash didn’t see him at first as he was too busy barking drunken orders at Javier who was now getting Cash’s things.
“Hey! What in the damn hell ya doin sittin out here big ‘un?

Jaymz looked up, exhaling smoke through his nostrils, “…well – it’s a long story.”


Jaymz had explained the situation to Cash, who was only staying one night in the hotel and told Jaymz he could stay in his room. Jason didn’t really say much, but then again Jaymz didn’t tell him about the pain pills either. ..Cash told him everything would be fine; that Tristan was prolly just tryin to prove a point and it was best to forget it for the night – and the best thing to do would be to have a few drinks down at the bar, and that’s where they went. It wasn’t a bar that Cash had expected; this place was fancy and the few people inside were wearing suites.. Luckily though, there was one pool table in the large room of tables, chairs and gambling machines
“Damn..this place aint fer me” Cash said as he looked around at the room, “..I like the damn peanuts on the floor and shit, ..know what I mean!?”
Jaymz nodded but not really paying attention, “uh-huh”

“Damn man, get outta that damn funk yer in – lets get ourselves a few drinks and shoot some pool!”
Cash walked over to the bar and ordered two beers and told the bartender he would tip ‘em nice if Cash didn’t have to ask for another all evening long. The bartender, and older man with coke bottle glasses, smiled and nodded as Cash turned and walked away. Jaymz racked the balls and got everything set while Cash went over and threw some quarters into the jukebox and played some Merrill Haggard and began to sing
“We don't smoke marijuana in, Muskogeeeeeeee; We don't take no trips on LSDdddddd; We don't burn no draft cards down on Main Street ; …We like livin' right, bein' free”
Cash slapped Jaymz on the back, “ya like that damn song right!? ..You aint from Muskogee, but its all the damn same!”

“Muskogee is a shithole.” He muttered as he took a drink of the beer that Cash had brought him, “Break ‘em…” He motioned for Cash to start the game of pool.
Jason took the cue, lined it up and the balls scattered all over the table, knocking down two solids – and that was the beginning of the end for Jaymz. By the time he got his first shot he was all ready irritated as he lined it up goin to the corner pocket, ..and he missed – and it wasn’t even close. Cash laughed, took a drink of his beer, shook his head at the big man and finished off the game.
“That was about the damn worst game I ever seen, your damn awful at this..You really ---“

That’s when Cash cut out and the soft sinister voice crept into his head, he could almost feel in it in the back of his skull, “look, ..he doesn’t like you either. He’s sided up with Tristan…” Vadim’s voice seemed close, but it sounded far off and distant, “…He hated you from the get-go”

Jaymz shook his head and looked away, “naw…yer wrong.”
“Huh!!??” Cash gave Jaymz an odd look, “who in the damn hell ya talkin to!? ..aint nobody over there!”
Jaymz took a drink of beer, “Nevermind..it was nothin…”
Cash just shook his head knowing the man wasn’t right and started to sing ”…We still wave Old Glory, down at the Court House; An' white lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all “
“Hit him” Vadim crept back into his mind, “..put him out.”

His vision went blurry, he leaned back against the pool table to steady himself; Cash had started talkin and laughin to the bartender as he brought over a few more drinks. His head ached but his vision started to come back; and this was bad. It was the worst one.. “hit him…Put him out” seared through his mind like a razor. He told himself not to but the voice commanded it.. He stood up away from the pool table and took a step towards Cash.. “no, ..no, ..” he told himself – but the voice again commanded it. He thought the last time this happened was the worst, the one where he found himself outside Darius’ house two weeks ago. ..but this topped it.
Cash turned around and looked at Jaymz and knew the man wasn’t right.. One eye seemed to look off to the left and the other straight on, it was odd. “uuhhh, your lookin like that damn fucker from the damn Goonies, …you alright?”

Jaymz didn’t say a word but only looked on at Cash, ..or what he could see that was Cash. His vision had blurred again and his head felt like it was gonna explode.. He managed to take two steps back and felt a searing pain his arm.. Vadim has loosened control and reality came back. There was a dart in his arm; he had wandered back far enough to be by the dartboard. And for Jaymz, the rest seemed like a flash.. he remembered the man trying to apologize – but hadn’t had enough time to say two words.. Rage took over and hate filled his eyes – but he remembered leaving.. Remembered being at the door and looking back in – Cash askin, “where the damn hell you goin!!??” Jaymz didn’t say anything, but he knew where he was goin, and he heard Cash singing from down the hallway;

”An' white lightnin's still the biggest thrill of all ; In Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.”


I don’t understand the way you people think, the way that your mind comprehends things on a day to day basis… Don’t get me wrong, my mind aint all that clear most the time either, …but really; how many times did you all have to be warned. Zero…Tolerance…Owns…You… Do yall believe I say it just to amuse myself; or do I say it because I like hearing the truth? ..Tell me what the hell has been going on in the GWA the last several weeks? ..Whos slowly taking over and creeping back into things quietly? …It aint quiet no more, cause we have the Global Title in our hands; and half of the GWA’s gold.. Nobody has managed to beat anyone in ZT the last two weeks and that’s a trend that’s gonna continue. We took the gold one piece at a time, pickin ‘em out as they came and we took ‘em with no hesitation. Black Circles? ..shit, they aint nothing but another group of people that we continue to take Titles from week after week; and Payne is lucky Jason didn’t get the chance to take her title too…I laugh at you people who said that Stacy and Jason ran ZT into the ground, but I sure as hell don’t see ‘em losing these days… I see the most dominate thing to cross the GWA in a long, long time and were stronger than weve ever been and this is the way that things are gonna stay

Morbius disappointed me; the sumbitch told me he was gonna rip my face into the barbed-wire and make me bleed like a stuck pig.. Hell, Morbius didn’t hardly do a damn thing - but what did ya expect from an old GWA washup who’s seen better days in the past? I disposed of that man, and it’s a disgrace to ever have to face off against that pathetic match filler, ..cause that’s all he is.. I didn’t have to defend the US Title so they gave me match filler, ..the fill in fluff – kinda like what Barnhart is. ..I also see that we got some Fill In Fluff in my next match this week.. Kayser. …Now tell me, what the fuck is this moron doing in the match? Why in this hell is this man, ..someone who cant even compare to the talent and brutality that’s gonna be in the ring with him.. Hes better off runnin the hell away then standing in front of me and ….who???.....who???? Goth!?? Ooohh, yeeaaahhh! Gaw damn, nothing makes my day better than the text message comes up on my phone and it says that I have to face Goth. I like this match, I like any match with Goth in it because I like pissin this guy off; I like watchin this guy damn near shit himself in anger when I talk, ..I like watching the depression in his eyes when he faces me, ..I like to watch him hurt, ..and I love to win. And theres nothing like beating someone who people claim is the best, ..over, ..and over, …and over again.. I love it; its not a boost to my big ego – its because of the laugh I get when you continue to lose to me..

Watching you suffer is one of the funniest damn things Ive ever seen… ..So, ..this gaw’damn match couldn’t get any better. We get to duke it out on the big stage with a little Fill in Fluff and at the end of the day, …you still wont be better than me.. So lets just get it out in the open Goth; go ahead and tell the world now before it happens again: “I am Goth; I will never the be the man that Alexi James Yaroslav is or ever will be. This man owns me, ..and he always has. And my ass will belong to him again at Borrowed Time.” ..So don’t be ashamed; just go ahead and let it all out… but I think you two should understand something; neither one of you have ever gotten into the ring and taken gold from me… I’ve taken it from you Goth, but you’ve never taken anything from me… and you, Kayser? Well – all your really doing is taking up our time in the ring this coming week. Ya may face me with nothing on the line; or when I want something, and now ya get me when I got something… Theres a different way to approach things; some people are too fuckin stupid to figure that out, ..but ya gotta know what yer fightin for and how to handle that fight…A challenger fights a different way from a Champion, and a rattled man who has no confidence in himself, …Goth…when hes facing someone who he cant beat will never win… Ya see, when I took this Title from Bill, I told the world that I wasn’t gonna let it go.. That I was gonna make my mark on the US Title history, ..and well, ..nothin’s changed since then.

I’m on a roll right now and I’ll be damned if its gonna be Kayser or Goth to end the run that Im on right now.. Cause ya know what? ..I like it; it’s the way things are suppose to be and I don’t come out here just to listen to myself talk when I say that Im the one of the best in the business.. you all have felt it; and ya know what the best thing is? ..Im just getting started. Im just warmin up; I was tensed as hell the first time we met almost two months ago Goth, ..now ya get to feel the momentum that been building up from slaughtering anyone who’s stood against me. I didn’t win this damn Title just to lose it to people like Goth and Kayser.. That would be a disgrace to the US Title as one man doesn’t even deserve to be in this match – and the other just aint on my level as weve all seen. If there does come a day, ..some time in the distant future when I lose this US Title its gonna be to someone good, ..someone who can come into the ring and flat out fuckin beat me. People say that its me who’s a disgrace to the US Title, ..but their wrong. No, I turn the US Title into a painful Brawl… This aint no high flyin, technical wrestlin US Division… Right now it’s a ‘Brutal Ass Kickin” division and uh, ..and I aint seen anyone yet that’s gonna give me a brutal ass kickin like I can give out. You just better step the hell outta the way Kayser cause you aint the main sum’bitch in this match.

You’re one of the lucky few who haven’t had to feel the Silence but you cant avoid it forever cause Im gonna be around here for a long time, and eventually the dice were gonna shake out yer number and land ya in a spot that you really, really don’t wanna be in. You get to experience one of the two original remaining Zero Tolerance members – so ya might even consider yerself lucky in a few years when your able to set back and really take in what the fuck happened that night at Borrowed Time. You can shake your head with confidence knowing that you stuck it out as long as you could, you gave it your all but Jaymz made it look like SHIT! ..You’ll always remember it as the night you realized that you didn’t even belong in the ring with men like Goth and myself… This shit’s fer the big boys right here Kayser, so yer just gonna have to step in the ring and take a lesson from two different styles.. Hell, even as much as I dislike Goth it aint no secret that hes a helluva lot better than you as well – and you get to stand between us? Between two men who hate each other and love nothing more than to tear at each others throats?? You might as well take a step back and help ref the match cause this shits gonna be brutal. You get to find out of close that there aint no give in me, that I damn sure aint gonna back down from nobody and that I hold to my words…

yeah, I got a big mouth and I like to run it – but I tell ya whats gonna happen Kayser, ..so don’t say ya didn’t get a warning before ya find yerself rolling in the bill from the hospital paying for the long visit that Im gonna give ya. ..Ya think that Global Title ya won almost three years ago means a damn thing when you face off against Goth and myself?? You aint no different for Morbius and you’ll have to learn the same lesson that he did –and judging from your overall performance in the ring here as of late you’re on the same path that he is… And its people like you that don’t understand that your day in the GWA has come and gone… This aint the old competition that your used to from back in the day; this is a new time and its people like us, the ones that make up Zero Tolerance, that changed the face of the way things are done now…

Tell me Goth, how have you been since your last ass kicking? …Did you enjoy being a failure at the Global level? ..I aint gonna lie – I loved it when you lost to that trash Makayla, ..loved seeing the disappointed look in your eye that Im used to seeing.. It doesn’t seem things have been going your way as of late and I don’t think its gonna get any better starting this week. You know what I know Goth, so lets not beat around the bush… I know how you fight and you know me – there aint a person out there that each of us know better in how we fight, ..well - besides our own friends we side with. I know what your bring to the ring and how you react; I know how to get under you skin, ..and most importantly – I know how to get the job done. I don’t have to prove a damn thing against you Goth; I’ve proven that many times over the years, ..the only damn thing that I have to prove is that Im worthy of holding the US Title, ..thats all that matters to me. When it all comes to it, you matter as much as the shit on the bottom of my shoe. My mind is on the Title and I fight a little better when I have the gold around my waist.. You’re the one that has something to prove.. You have to prove you can beat me, you have to show the world that your capable of obtaining and holding onto the US Title, …and while you may not know the truth – I do… And the truth is, is that you cant obtain this title… No, not from these hands.. I know you have payback on your mind, ..when don’t you?

Didn’t you want payback from the last time that I destroyed you? …or how about the time after that? …What? ..those weren’t the matches that you were gonna get payback in? ..You were just gonna decide to blow another couple matches to me before you finally got pissed off enough to say “Gee, I’ll really get him this time.” That’s fuckin pathetic Goth, cause we all know you wanted the payback – but how many times are you gonna say it? ..Hell, you’ve all but admitted that you basically dream about me every night; and ya just cant get me off yer mind can ya? Naw, ..cause you cant handle the dominance that Ive displayed over you during our careers. I’m the one with the US belt Goth; I’m the one that holds it for a reason… You weren’t capable of putting Makayla away and you lost the Gold you had, and it damn sure didn’t take you long… I aint like that Goth; I hold onto the things that I get…We won our Titles on the same night, ..and here you are – trying to take mine. You envy me, the success that I have and how I can continually defend Titles week after week and keep from becoming a one week wonder such as yourself, …cause lets not pretend that this was your first one week wonder with the Global Title and that’s what makes me a better than Champion than yourself.. I know how to keep this Title wrapped around my waist; …and in the end?

..Well, me being the Title holder this time around is just another stipulation to add to the many matches that Ive defeated you in, Goth. ..Ya know, you are right about one thing – the past is gone. ..but then again, some things never change Goth. While the past may not be here you’re still not the wrestler that I am – and you never will be. So you can pretend our past matches never happened; but when your in trouble in the ring all that doubt is gonna come creeping back. The thoughts of “oh shit, Ive been here several times – shits really goin downhill now” are gonna run through your head and that’s when your gonna lose. Ya, you’ll try and tell yourself that you can take the US Title with a win, but you wont have the endurance… you wont have the strength to kick out of the Silence. I listen to you talk and I hear your confidence, I see it in your eyes – but I see it every time, ..and ya know what it is? ..Its a lie; it’s a shield and it hides who you really are.. You may scare some people before they even set foot in the ring with you, ..you may intimidate them with your resume of accomplishments and glory.. But I know what’s behind there Goth, cause those aren’t the same eyes and attitude that I see in the ring when thing are going south for you. You don’t fool me Goth, I know what you are and the beating your chest telling me how great you are doesn’t change my mind… Nothing will, ..nothing ever will cause we’ve gone face to face to many times and your shit don’t work with me.

People will fill the seats for this match and you know what they’ll be wondering Goth? Their gonna wonder, “Is tonight the night that Goth is actually going to beat Jaymz where there isn’t ten people in the ring?” Well, the answer is ‘No.’ They’ll come to watch because there’s hype that surrounds our matches, because they wanna see the man who thinks hes the GWA legend face off against a monster who has his feet planted firmly.. A man who’s dominated the GWA over the course of two years… Things aint changin Goth; the Circles will be the Circles and Zero Tolerance will be the best. You need to understand your place Goth and now its clear that you do. You’re the Challenger. You’ve always been the Challenger. I’ve taken Title after Title from you; stripped you every time I had the chance but they called me the Challenger… No, ..I was always the best in the ring and now its time you take your proper place.. Below me. ..The place where we both knew you always belonged, ..but the place the world didn’t want to see you at… They cant hide that anymore Goth, its time you sit back and accept that you’ll never be capable of beating me.