- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Morbius Tassius -


What don’t you people understand? …How many beatings and public humiliations is it gonna take? Everyone wants to sit back in fear of the Black Circles and ignore what’s really happening while were creeping up under the GWA with our hands out, ..and now were closing them slowly… We laugh at you all with your attention focused on the Circles as we pick you off one by one… But this isn’t a new pattern; we did this when we got to the GWA almost two years ago and now its time to clean the house again.. Stables fell, careers ended and gold fell into our laps and that seems to be happening all over again… Dominance. That’s what we showed at Anarchy as ZT came out not taking a loss; and again – this isn’t a new pattern either. Maybe you all should have listened to us; but no, were a washed up group of wrestlers living in the past… but as you all live in denial we keep taking care of our business and going after even more of the gold… We own the Tag division, the US Division and now got two more fightin for the Global… and were living in the past? Ive wiped out five up the best the GWA has to offer me; one after another Ive walked over them and taken the things I want, …and whos gonna stop me? James Weck hasn’t been seen since he felt the Silence and neither has Chase Daniel.. ..and whos to say were living in the past? I look around and I see the dominance that we perform in the ring and the benefits we reap. …Were stronger than weve ever been, as big as weve ever been, …and now? ..Ever Sinner Has a Future…


“..and now you got to go back to Texas, …maybe you can re-live that old family history.. Lots of blood there..”.

Jaymz looked at the plate, there was a face in the ketchup that he had drawn with a fry, but that’s where he was hearing the voice from. He looked at the ketchup face next to the half eaten burger as the voice came again
“..He’s come back for you Alexi, just go back and see him. But get rid of him, ..make him disappear.

Jaymz only looked at the plate as the waiter came back over and refilled the water that he was drinking. Vadim was talking about his son. The boy had come to the ZT offices last week in search of his father but Jaymz had been avoiding the issue.. he didn’t want to see the damn kid; wanted nothing to do with his son… But Tristan had put him up in a hotel in Memphis for a while until he saw what Jaymz wanted to do… Tristan wanted him to see his son, thought that maybe it would change him a little – but it wouldn’t. ..he didn’t know this kid and had only seen him once since he was eight.. He was nineteen now and had only seen him last year in Russia; but the meeting was brief as his daughter had died of a drug overdose.
“I don’t want him here either” Jaymz muttered as he took a drink of his water, “…He wont stay long; I’ll get him a house and shit somewhere on the east coast, pay all the bills and whatnot.”

“No” said the voice from the ketchup and Jaymz frowned, “..get..rid..of…him.. No good is going to come from it; when have I ever steered your wrong? ..when have I ever told you anything that wasn’t the best for you?”
Jaymz glanced around making sure nobody was looking, “..you used to be different…You’re not the same.
“wrong. ..Things have changed, ..thats all.”

He stuck a fry in his mouth and talked as he chewed, “nothings changed, ..only you.”
“whatever, ..ah look, theres a pretty face”
Jaymz didn’t understand what he meant as he stuck another fry in his mouth; but then he heard footsteps behind him. A hand came and reached down to the back of the chair across from him. A hand with rings, big diamonds, ..a girls hand. He flipped his leg in the chair and prevented it from being pulled out. It was Stacy. She wore a black dress and looked as good as she always did.
“Seats taken” he mutterd

She pulled the chair with a jerk and his leg fell down the wood floor with a thud. The only two other people in the restaurant looked over as they heard the loud thud. Stacy smiled and sat down on the chair,

“Now, the seat is taken.” She looked at Jaymz with serious eyes; but with the smile still on her face.

“what are you doin here? Jaymz spoke in a hateful tone.
Stacy placed her arms down on the table and looked over at Jaymz ignoring his tone of voice, “I saw Tristan leaving. He didn’t look like he was in a good mood, and I can see that you aren’t either. So whatever it was that you two discussed had you getting all pissed off didn’t it?”
Jaymz made a running motion towards the door with his fingers, “run along Stacy.”

“No” Still with the smile on her face, “Ya know.. Im tired of it. You treat me like shit and it was Jason and I who held ZT together while you three were gone! ..What the hell is your problem!?”
The only couple in the place got up to leave as Stacy got loud, a waiter came over and she wanted nothing but water. Jaymz chewed on the burger as this went on but kept his hatful glare on Stacy.

“..You wanna know?” he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and took a drink of his water, “..I don’t work with girls. I got a fuckin problem workin with girls; and ones who keep on hounding something they should just leave alone.. Ya know, we can be on the same team, ..and I got yer back – but were better off keep our distance.”

Stacy was disgusted, “You STILL cant get over that!? ..What does it matter!? I held my own against you last week and fought you harder than most people do”
“oh well, I guess you grew a set of balls then, huh?”

Stacy leaned across the table and backhanded Jaymz across the face. A slash from them corner of his lower lip leading down to his chin from the ring on her finger. He jumped from the table and wiped the blood from his face.. There was fire in his eyes and he wanted to jump across the table and strangle her. But Stacy didn’t back way, she stood up and walked across the table and stood facing him looking him in the eye,
“Im not going anywhere Alexi, your going to make this group weak if we cant get along.. Im trying, I’ve tried to get along with you since day one. You need to accept change old man.”

“You, …you need to get the fuck outta my face.” He was still fuming over the new cut on his face. “Im to old, to set in my ways to change.”
She still didn’t back away as several waitresses and cooks peered around the corner at the screaming, “Then you keep hostility among us. Im Zero Tolerance as much as you are; and we both know you’re walking at thin line with Tristan and Erik. ..The way you’re going I’m gonna be around here longer than you… and theres something wrong with you, I’ve seen it since you got back from Mexico”

He backed away from her and looked around, pulled a cigar from his jacket and lit it up, “..I got fuckin problems in the attic” he pointed at his head, “don’t act like you don’t fuckin now.”
“No” she shook her head, “that’s not it.. Your eyes are all glazy, ..what are you takin?
“..Its none of your business.”

The waiter came back out, sweat was rolling down his face as he came to the table. Neither of them were sitting but Stacy soon did as he refilled her water.. Jaymz followed her motion a few seconds later, ..still irritated with her, and even more so as she started to talk again
“Im not letting this go Alexi, we’ll be even stronger if you get past this ridiculous hate you have for me. Zero Tolerance needs me, and this is where I wanna be – I always wanted to work with the best and that’s where we are. ..Im not gonna sit around and let you treat me like shit and shun me away. Im here and I want to take a piss in your mouth.”

What??? Did she really say that?? Jaymz shook his head and blinked a few times unsure of what he had just heard.
“so what do you say? ..Deal?” Stacy looked on at Jaymz
“huh?” He didn’t know what she was talkin about, he was still hung up on what she had said. A laughing came in his head and he looked down at the Ketchup Face – it was Vadim who had done that.

Stacy cocked her head to the side and looked at him in disbelief, “you’re not even paying attention to me are you?”
“Uh, yeah…”
Stacy smiled, he wasn’t sure why or what he had agreed to and didn’t really want to ask right now. Stacy stood up, “ok. I’ll see you around then.”
Jaymz looked at her with confused eyes as she walked away. He watched her leave and noticed he caught himself looking below the waist as she turned back to him, “oh and uh, ..you said we would never have dinner? ..I guess this was pretty close wasn’t it?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she turned and walked out of the restaurant.


Ya know, I’ve had a helluva time in the ring the past few weeks and its gone just as I had thought; I’d come back into the GWA and clean house in the singles department on my way to collecting gold. Darius didn’t believe it and I can almost guarantee that it hurt his little pride, …that he got his little ‘ol feelers hurt. Good, cause that’s what he deserved. Dumb sumbitch shouldn’t have gone around callin himself the US Champ before he even done a damn thing against me. All week I heard about how he was gonna outlast me, ..how no opponent I ever had could hang in the ring as long as him… Well, ..it didnt go the way he had visualized it in his head and I had to show him how we operate in ZT; but damn – I wrestled pigs in the mud when I was a kid that put up more of a fight that Darius! Hell, you gotta last a long while to wrestle muddy pigs.. ..yeah, so you managed to stick around for a bit – didn’t pass out like I had wanted you to, but ya got what was comin – and next time.. Don’t go around callin yerself the Champ until you do something worthy of that name. Think about it Darius, your name goes on the list just like everyone else, ..and you know what you mean to me now? ..Nothing. you don’t matter. Ive destroyed you, tossed you away like the piece of shit that you are, and look on to better opponents. All I can do is laugh for a few days, ..and after that you become a face in the past – just one of the hundreds of souls that fallen to the Silence, ..and yer no different than any of them..

Mike Steele, ..Derek Von Erik, …yes, you’re the same level as them to me Darius and though I’ll never give you a second thought; you have to live with the fact that I you gave me everything and you still, ..still came out the loser. But this week I roll on to other matters, ..not that Morbius Tassius is much of a matter. But they stuck this guy in a Barbed wire match with me?? Me?? Oh fuck yeah! ..its bout damn time that I get back to some hardcore action, cause there aint nothin better than some skin tearin and blood pourin out on the canvas… Theres a reason my face looks the way it does; these deep scars don’t come from punches opening up a little skin over the eye.. this is glass, ..its metal and razors that made my face look like a canyon. But since its been a while that Ive been in a match like this I’m even wonderin those barbs are even gonna draw blood… hell, I got so much scar tissue there may not be any blood and I think Stacy got the only piece of face I had left that aint been stitched up yet. ..Its Morbius Tassius, ..right? ..Did I say it right? ..Thats kind of an odd name, ..does it mean some shit in latin or something?? ..you got some special meaning behind that?.. ..or did you just come up with that yerself? I know, I know, in the end your name don’t mean a damn thing and your gonna kick my ass right? ..Well Ive watched you in the ring a few times including last week and I damn sure wasn’t impressed…

I mean, if you cant even hang with Alex Storm – or whoever – and you honestly think that you have a slight chance to take me out? …That you can do something that Goth, Stacy and everyone so far hasn’t been able to do? ..Naw, it aint gonna happen Morbius. This week I’m gonna break you in, I’m gonna use you and make you my bitch in the ring. I’ll run you across that barbed-wire until that shit gets tangled up around yer bones; and I’ll enjoy the screams of pain that’ll fill the arena. I’m the one guy you
Didn’twanna have a match with Morbius, I’m the one that you need to run from – but ya cant now, ..now yer locked into it. We’ll get to the ring and I’ll show you why I’m a part of Zero Tolerance, why we make quick work of our opponents and make ya think twice about runnin yer mouth about us, ..if you were to do such a thing. Cause we’ll hunt ya down, ..and we’ll shame you in front of the world… We’ll slit a throat for a dollar that we loaned out if we had to, Morbius. ..and that’s just for a dollar, ..but you wanna take my pride and damage my win streak, ..and that’s gonna cost your punishment more than what a borrowed dollar would, …and lucky you – there’ll be plenty of sharp edges for you to feel. ..And ya know what’s even better than that Morbius? ..You really have nothing to gain out of this match besides getting the satisfaction of beating the best, …but that wears away over time..

Being a Champion doesn’t; cause you’ll always be remembered for winning the Gold and getting your name into the books… beating me? Sure, you’ll look good for a week or so – but whos gonna care after that once you start losing to people like Alex Strom again? ..You mean nothing to this business and that’s the reason that you don’t get a Title shot; your not even close to being US Champion material. All you are, ..is a warm up. Just something to keep me fresh going into the next week when I’ll prolly have to place the US belt back on the line and watch some other pitiful moron crawl up off the mat after they feel the Silence. But this match? Hell, this one is gonna remind me of the good ‘ol days when I fought nothing but hardcore rules… I used to not give two shits about winnin a World Title – cause I was hardcore, ..and I liked the blood. But that was the young me; and I wanted to last a few more years so I got the hell outta that shit… But I still love it, it’ll always be me and I’ll always fight regular matches with the hardcore brutality that Ive always have… hell, this might even make me feel young again, and if I was you Morbius, and that happened – you just better fuckin run cause I wont let up even after the bell rings. ..If you didn’t understand yer place in the GWA last week when you choked to Storm this is gonna be the one that makes you re-evaluate your career…

This beating might make ya think about moving on to a less-competitive place where people like you actually have a shot at winning matches… I’ve stood toe to toe with some of the best the front office can stick in front of me cause they wanna see me lose like the whole world does… But I’m not going to cause losing aint in my mind.. But if…IF…I did manage to accidentally beat myself it damn sure isn’t gonna be at your hands. Its gonna take someone who can play this little game in the ring smarter than I can, ..and since Ive been in the GWA there’s only been two people – two people – that managed to give me trouble.. Two people. ..they managed the game and played the same way I did because they were smart men; we traded victories and the majority of my GWA career losses have been to those two men… and you, Morbius, you are
Nowhere near the level of those men and never will be. Tell me, ..do you like the way my faces looks? ..Is it attractive? ..is this something that would help you pick up the ladies? ..Oh yeah, let me tell ya – they fuckin hate it. ..But yer gonna find out what its like; you get to be the lucky sumbitch that’s gonna look like a mini-me Jaymz when I lasso your head in them barbed wire ropes and fling ya around.. And just thing, ..if your still conscious, ..or still breathing – then you can join the ongoing list of people who’ve felt the Silence…