- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Stacy Kissinger -

Up Above

The sun fell in the west casting its hues of orange, red and pink on the horizon as if someone hit a dimmer switch on the lights. There was a breeze, but it was a lot more stiff ontop of the Zero Tolerance building in downtown Memphis. Jaymz stood atop the building with his toes hanging over the edge. He watched the cars below as they looked like lines of ants moving back and forth going to their destinations. The sounds of their motors and horns could be heard, as well as the other sounds of the city as he gazed on at the city. His leather jacket flapped in the breeze behind him slapping his legs but he seemed not to notice. Grey stubble covered his face and his hair was flat on one side of his head from sleeping on it; dark circles were under his eyes and they looked to be glazed over. He had been sleeping in the Zero Tolerance building for the last couple days; he had gone home once in attempt to get away from Vadim – but it didn’t work, somehow Vadim had beat him to the house. He had turned around and left heading back to the ZT building where he spent the last few nights. His supply of pain pills was running low and he tried to think of a way to fool Dr. Star Trek into giving him some more but he couldn’t think straight. His upcoming match weighed heavily on his mind and it was all because he had to fight one of his own.. He hated it, hated it everytime this kind of shit happened; but he knew there was nothing he could do about it.

He had to put Stacy down, had to lay her out and collect the three hand slaps that would retain his Title. A gust of wind blew hard and he stumbled, almost losing his balance and toppling over the edge of the building.. His heart raced for a moment and his mind told him to take a step back; but he didn’t and kept the tips of his boots hanging over the edge as he watched the cars below. The sky grew darker in the east and the lights on the tall buildings of downtown Memphis began to come on. Office lights scattered around some of the buildings, some off and some on, looking like stars in the sky. The lights of the Pyramid casino stood out above them all and left a beam of light in the sky as the bright colors on the west horizon began to fade. He sighed, knowing that another night was coming – and another day closer to putting Stacy down on the mat. Gunshots rang in the distance and he counted them out of habit. Four was the total, and he was sure he would hear about it on the news later if he had watched, and was also certain that anyone else who heard them didn’t count and they would guess five or six. But these were city folks, and city folks didn’t count gun shots. He lived in the stick long enough to know that you counted the shots; cause the cops would ask later when they found the bodies, ..and country folk always got the number right. Jaymz looked down and noticed that he was hanging over the building father than he had realized – but it didn’t bother him

“Just jump, …go ahead..”

Jaymz cringed at the voice. It was sinister and evil as it had been the last several days. The voice carried in the stiff wind and at fist he wasn’t sure that he heard it, ..but he knew that he had – and it was none other than Vadim. He glanced over his shoulder and didn’t see anyone; but in his own mind Vadim was standing there right behind him
“No.” Jaymz spoke in a soft voice and he wasn’t sure that Vadim had heard

“Why not,, Alexi? …These people don’t like you, they use you like everyone else always wanted to, ..but I didn’t let them.”
Jaymz looked down at the ground below again, “Then why do you now?”
The voice hissed and floated in the wind, “You never wanted to listen to me, ..I guided you down the right path before, ..but now? Fuck it – why should I care?”

Jaymz didn’t reply, he looked up at the sky and noticed a few bright stars that shined above the intense city lights that drowned out most of them. He was tired of Vadim and wished that he would leave, he was scrambling his mind and he wasn’t sure what to think
The voice came again, “So, ….go ahead. Just jump. ..You have nothing to lose, I mean, your gonna lose to that girl, ..and shes not even that good”

Jaymz cringed again, he didn’t like the statement and he didn’t agree with it. Stacy wasn’t a bad wrestler and she deserved the chance at the US Title that she was getting, ..he just wished it was someone else, ..anyone, anyone at all outside of Zero Tolerance. Losing wasn’t an option, and losing never entered his head.. He dreaded the match but he never had any other thought besides winning – as usual.
“Im not. I wont do it. They don’t use me, ..Drache did.” He as confident, but there was something in his voice that gave away fear of the voice that spoke to him; the voice inside his head, “…Tristan and Erik wouldn’t do that, and they never have. And you wouldn’t know because your dead.”

The voice screamed in his head, but he heard it from behind him – right over his shoulder. “They tell me you are…” The fear was in his voice again.
“And yet, you told Tristan that I was alive and he argued with you. Told you to go back and see the shrink.”
Jaymz could smell the evil, he could almost taste it as it spoke up again
‘Im alliivvveee, more than I ever have been… Alliivveee….Turn and face me…Look at me… Look at me..”

Jaymz didn’t want to turn around, he still looked down at the ground below but he couldn’t see the cars anymore. Darkness had swallowed them and all he could see was their headlights. He took a few deep breathes and felt himself turning around. His mind told him not to but his body didn’t take the orders. He took a small step back from the edge of the building and slowly turned around. Vadim was gone, but Stacy Kissinger was there. She stood no more than ten feet away with that sexy smile on her face.. He could smell her perfume as the wind carried it; and he caught himself staring at her breasts that hid behind the black ZT tube top that she was wearing. She took a couple steps closer in that sexy walk that she has, the smile never leaving her face. She stopped and looked him over from head to toe and began to walk again.. His mind told him to run, to get away from this thing that was Stacy Kissinger but he wanted to be here, ..he wanted to touch her. Stacy walked up the big man and ran her hand across his stubble filled cheek; she stood on her toes and, as best she could on the tall man, wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his arms around her waist and lifted her up pulling her face close to his.. She licked her lips and began to speak. He no longer smelt her perfume; it was now the smell of dead bodies – bodies that had been sitting out on a rock in the heat of July, decomposing. She opened her mouth to speak, but it wasn’t the voice of Stacy Kissinger.. It was the evil, sinister voice of Vadim

“Alliivvee… Im allivvvee..”
He dropped the Stacy Kissinger and his body froze, her eyes rolled back into her head and bulged from their sockets; blood ran from the corners and her lips stretched into a smile. But the lips stretched too far, the smile too wide and the skin seemed to tear a little. (RUN) his mind told his body but it didn’t obey. The thing that was Stacy Kissinger took a step closer but now it wasn’t the click of her heels on the ground, there was a wet sucking sound where the feet used to be – leaving wet footprints behind. The thing reached its hands out and placed them on his chest; he reached out to grab them but it was too late. The hands pushed off his chest and he felt his left foot slip off the building. His heart raced and he flailed his arms; he felt his massive frame going over and he tried to reach out as he fell. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as he saw his right hand reach for the edge of the building, tearing away his thumbnail. The lit office windows of the building flew by fast; the wind rushed in his ears – and everything was peaceful. He was going to die, he waited for his life to flash before his eyes but it didn’t. he closed them and listened to the sounds of the rushing air before everything went black.


He opened his eyes, pain filled his skull and the grabbed at it with his left hand.. He looked around quickly and realized that he was still ontop of the building but there was a massive bump on the side of his head. The sun had gone down but the lights ontop of the ZT building shined bright. He stood up, rubbing the bump, and thinking of what just happened.. was it a dream? Had to of been – or he would have been dead. He turned away from the city and looked back at the top of the building. There were wet spots, ..almost like footprints.


The next day - and several pots of coffee later

I stood there for a while wondering if it really was a dream, ..but I dont think it was cause I seen them footprints.. But whatever it was, ..it helped me sleep. That office chair aint the most comfortable, but it got the job done. Its the first I've slept in two days and I feel fresh and that might have a little to do with the coffee, ..but refreshed none the less. The week has been hell on me, I've been stressed out about the match ahead of me.. Its not stress about losing cause thoughts of losing never cross my mind.. I know it does for some people and those are the ones that lose - those are the people who aren’t successful in this business and I have no pity for them. But today I feel the stress is gone cause Ive come to terms with the facts of this match. I cant worry about Stacy, I cant worry if I cause her pain and I cant worry if I cripple her, or even kill her in the ring.. Naw, I dont want to but Stacy has made it clear that she’s gonna bring the fight and she isn’t gonna back down.. I knew she wouldn’t but since the words have rolled off her tongue and she’s coming for me. For now, Stacy is no different than anyone I have faced in the ring and the people that I have destroyed in the past. I wont talk to her the way I do everyone else cause those are the people that I despise; the people that hate and could give a fuck less if they were dead, ..and that’s the only difference at this point.

I have to do what I need to, and that’s defend the US Title successfully like I claimed that I was going to do when I took it out or Bill's pathetic hands. Sorry Stacy, but right now its my time and I dont know how many more days I have in this business since I'm on the verge of being an old fuck.. You, you got lots of time and years ahead of you to capture the things that you wanna achieve and this is why I wont let you take the US Title away from me. Some things dont change Stacy, and the US Title changing hands is one of them when it comes to this week, ..and no - you cant change me and I wont ever change.. I'm too old and set in my ways, I'm a loner and a sucker to routine and that’s the way I'm gonna live the rest of my life. I dont give you much of my time, because like I said - nobody gets much of my time.. But make yerself feel special cause in just a few short days yer gonna get a few minutes of my time and were gonna get to know each other real well; on a level that we really haven’t met on before: On the same side of the fence, but different sides of the ring and doing battle over something that we both want. I'll deny you just like most who have crossed my path in the ring and you'll leave disappointed - just like you did that day in Mexico when you came to see us when I was being an asshole. But Stacy, dont think that I’m gonna be an asshole at Anarchy.

When I have to hurt ya and slam yer little frame into the mat with the Silence, ..dont get too pissed and still think Im an asshole cause this is a business and this is my job and I dont let others stand over me like you wanna do. I wont be like Bill, I wont fall into lust if you show me a little leg or pull off a sexy little dance cause I aint like that. It worked against him, and it worked against Grinder when he reffed the match when I faced Goth. No, that time it wasn’t you - but it was the same 'ol trick that distracts some people.. girls and sex aint on my mind when I'm in the ring just like outside matters and personal life problems, ..they all take a backseat. I've been in this business long enough to know not to play those games cause they only get ya in trouble. Ya know, facing Crazy J isn’t an advantage for you - I've faced him before, I've faced Erik Black and Rex all in the past, ..and several more old ZT members who are no longer with us.. So you dont hold an advantage there Stacy cause I've been in this same situation before and every time something has been on the line. Erik fought me for my World Title in another promotion as did those former ZT members and I fought Rex for a spot in the Psycho Circus and I had to overcome those men to keep what was mine, ..and this isn’t gonna be any different Stacy. I know you want it to be, but I cant allow it - and I wont.

..You think I was wrong about you Stacy? No, I wasn’t. When you joined Zero Tolerance you had to PROVE your worth - I didn’t say that you were gonna turn on us cause if I thought that I would have run you into the ground from the day you signed that contract with Erik. I dont sit around say "Dont sign her, ..she'll fuck us over." I just dont like people Stacy and I didn’t like you when you came along. To me, you had to show us that you were Zero Tolerance material - that you could run with us and keep up. I wanted to see if you could make it, ..and did I want you to fail? A part of me did. ..Just like that same part of me wanted Cash to fail as well cause I didn’t want new faces in our family. So no, I wasn’t wrong about you - you proved yourself while we were gone, ..you and Cash both. You've shown that you're loyal to ZT but being loyal and winning the US Title are two different things. I can just go in to Anarchy and "let" you win just because you've shown that your Zero Tolerance material, just because you've carried you're own weight and then some. You're gonna have to work for it just like everything else that you've ever done, but I’m sorry to say that your efforts in this match aren’t gonna equal a victory and gain you the US Title. You're just gonna be the first victim of my Title reign and the world will see that I have no problem in laying out one of my own for something that I want, ..for something that I said I was gonna do - and I’m gonna hold this belt for a long, long time.

Your ranked in the Global Division Stacy so you'll still have things ahead of you and I'll remind you of that when I help you back up after I get the three-count over you.. I'll keep the US Title and you can go on and fight for something else - something that you can take from the Black Circles, ..something that will put a smile on all our faces when you bring in the Global Title. You seem happy and I can see the sparkle in yer eye when it comes to the US Title - but I've seen it before Stacy, I've seen it in the eyes of many men when I come to the ring with a belt around my waist and I take pride in destroying peoples dreams cause I love to see people suffer, ..I love to see people in pain and agony. Unfortunately, you're gonna lose that sparkle because as much as you want this belt I wanted to hold it and keep defending it even more. ..And I know that you dont wanna give in, that when we hit the ring you aren’t gonna give up and lay down at my feet... You'll get up time after time and each effort is gonna hurt just a little more, but you'll keep on going ...fighting for the belt that you wanna hold. ..But there’s gonna come a point Stacy, and you'll see that I'm just too much... That I'm too big, that I'm too strong and that I can outlast you in the ring. I'll try not to mess up that pretty face of yer’s though, but I cant make you any guarantees if you keep coming back at me like I know that you will.

I'm gonna leave you battered and bruised and you'll see why people dont wanna face me one on one, you'll find out first hand why Im the fuckin best singles wrestler in the GWA. Its gonna be a hard lesson learned for you Stacy but maybe you'll get something out of it - maybe it'll be a good lesson for you in your young career but it all depends on how yer feelin after the match and the way you look at it. It's best we just get this fuckin match outta the way cause I know its gonna be kinda awkward backstage as we wait our turn to step into the ring and do battle.. I prolly wont speak to ya and I may not even been in the locker room. I wont wish you luck before the match cause there isn’t a damn thing lucky about having to stand across from me in the ring; lookin into my eyes and seeing the will and focus I have on keeping the US Title around my waist. Things may be better between us after the match, ..no - not directly, but maybe a few days later when you've accepted the defeat and go on to better things, ..things that dont involve having to go one on one with me again. I'm the US Champion for a reason Stacy and taking out Bill was the easy part, ..now all eyes are on me. Most wanting to see me fail, wanting to see the big man go down and lose the US Title after I claimed I was gonna hold it for a long time.. Those people, like you, are gonna be disappointed as I leave Anarchy with the US Title, ..and this fuckin match behind us.