- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Stacy Kissinger -

No Meds

Tristan adjusted his blood red suit and cleared his throat; he knocked on the door of the office that belonged to Jaymz, but the plate read Yaroslav, but there was now a piece of scotch tape over the plate that read in a scribble, “US Champ.” There was no answer so Tristan knocked again …and waited….and waited…He sighed, rolled his eyes and turned the knob on the door. The first thing he noticed was that the room kinda stunk, much like old trash that had never been taken out. The office was big, not as big as his own – but big enough. The room was filled with Black leather furniture and several conference tables; the walls were covered with framed pictures of the big man in action – most of them holding up the assortment of Title Belts that he had won over the years. Tristan looked around the room and noticed that all the fish in the fishtank were dead. He wasn’t surprised – Jaymz couldn’t take care of a damn thing that wasn’t in a wrestling ring. He shouted out the big mans name once – just to be sure that he wasn’t in the shitter – and got no response. He walked towards the back wall of the office by the desk and saw two boots poking out.. Fear struck in Tristan, his pace quickened up and he shot around the side of the desk where he saw Jaymz sitting under it. He opened his mouth to speak but was too shocked at what he saw. Jaymz was sitting there with a blank stare on his face looking at his index finger that was pointed straight up in front of him.

“wh-what are you doin?” Tristan asked in a shocked, quiet voice.
Jaymz didn’t look back, he only muttered to himself and looked on at the finger. He took his other hand and poked the finger then giggled a little. Tristan was appalled and wasn’t really sure what in the hell was going on here. He kicked Jaymz in the foot and he big man snapped out of his trance and up at Tristan

“what?” he asked.
“Why are you sitting under the desk?”
Jaymz looked around, almost as if he didn’t know why himself. He slid out and stood up not saying a word
“..and what the hell is on your finger?” Tristan grabbed his hand and turned it palm up. There was a drawing on his indez finger, it was a face, smiling, and the eyes had eye lashes. Tristan looked back at Jaymz with a sick, yet disappointed, look on his face. He dropped the hand and took a seat in one of the oversized chairs. Jaymz only stood there and looked back at the finger, a smile crossed his face and he muttered something at the finger again

Tristan slammed his hands down on the lather of the chair, “ALEXI!!!!!”
Startled, Jaymz looked at the man, “what!??”
“you haven’t been seeing the Doc, have you?”

He didn’t want to respond, because he hadn’t been going to the doctor. He didn’t like Dr. Dugan, he didn’t like the questions and he didn’t like that damn Vince Young picture on his wall. “..No, ..not recently.”
Tristan placed his head in his hands, “..make me a drink.”
Jaymx went over to the bar and fixed Tristan a Jack and Coke, and straight Jack for himself. “I cant go back there Tristan.”

“You have to Alexi. That was part of the deal you made when you guys got back from Mexico. You would go to the Doctor and take whatever he gave ya, remember? And in return we let you come back as a part of his company. ..But you’re not holding your end of the bargain Alexi.. Ya know, you were fine for several weeks, ..but these last few – ever since you guys got back into wrestling, ..you just haven’t been right. You stopped taking your meds when you hit the ring, ..didnt ya?”

Jaymz sighed, “Damnit Tristan, they make me lazy – and I cant focus.”
“Cant focus!?? You seem to be focusing pretty damn well on that face you’ve drawn on yourself.”
Jaymz only shrugged at this, he knew it was true.
Tristan finished off the drink, “We have a problem Alexi”

“its you. You’re the problem, and its got to be fixed” The look in Tristan’s eyes was serious. “Did you not see what you did to the owner of that Laundromat last week? He has a collapsed lung and broken ribs from the Galaga game that you pushed over on him.”
Jaymz laughed, “so what!?”
“You were gonna go to fuckin jail Alexi!!” Tristan’s face as almost as red as his jacket. “We had to pay him off – and pay him well – just to keep you outta jail. We cant be doin this shit again Alexi, ..we just cant.”

Jaymz rolled his eyes, “so what? ..that was one time – I’ll watch it.”
“One time!??? One time???? Bullshit!!! When you were with Cash you snorted a line of dirt, and what happened after you left the Laundromat that night?”
Jaymz looked around the room, “uuhhh…I don’t remember?”
“The hell you don’t! Alexi, someone saw you. I’m not gonna say who it was, but they saw you rolling around and crawling in an intersection two blocks away from the Laundromat.

Jaymz didn’t speak for a moment because it was true, but he broke the silence. “Yeah well – Vadim was telling me that my cigar had caught my jacket on fire, ..so I fig—“
Tristan cut him off, “Vadim, huh? ..So you still talkin to a dead man?”
“hes not dead Tristan” Jaymz wanted Tristan to believe and seemed desperate to, “He’s here. ..He’s everywhere.”

Tristan got up and put the glass back down on Jaymz desk, “Heres the deal Jaymz. Since I have to treat you like a kid that’s exactly what were gonna do.. You promised me you would see the Doctor – and you were in better mental condition when you did. Your gonna go, or I’ll drop you from this company – and your going to bring me a note just so I can see that youre going.. I want you here Alexi, I really do. But we cant keep cleaning up your messes, its getting really – really expensive”

Tristan didn’t wait for a reply, he looked at Jaymz with concern then turned away from the man and walked out the office door. Jaymz sat down in his chair and lifted his finger, the smile came back as he looked at the face he had drawn on his finger and muttered something again. ..and then he stopped
“just kill ‘em”
Jaymz looked around the room, “huh?”
It was Vadim, Jaymz heard him from underneath the desk, “Tristan. Kill ‘em. Hes choosing sides with the doctor, ..he aint your friend.”

Jaymz stood up, almost in a panic. His hands were shaky as he reached into the drawer of his desk and pulled out the keys to his Tahoe. He had to leave, he had to get away from Vadim before something terrible happened.


Have ya ever gotten so pissed that ya beat one of yer kids? ...I dont mean kick the shit outta them; but whoop 'em a few goods times. Maybe more than they deserved? I have a short temper and when my wife was alive she wouldn’t let me be the one to discipline the kids - cause she knew I would go overboard, ..I was too damn big and strong and couldn’t contain myself. ..But when I got a hold of 'em, ..they would listen and their asses would be red... Then ya feel bad, ..cause ya dont like hurtin one of yer own. Stacy Kissinger aint no kid and she can hold her own in the ring, but I’m gonna feel like shit when I have to place her little ass in the middle of the ring and get the three count on 'er.. It aint a matter of that she’s a girl, and it wouldn’t make a damn difference if she was a man cause Ive faced ZT family before - and outside whoopin my kids a few too many times it was the only thing that’s made me feel like shit. I dont look forward to this match, but this is a fuckin business and there’s a prize on the line, ..my US Title. I cant go easy on Stacy and I cant take her lightly; I gotta come into this match as if it were the same as Goth or A.P. Feight. ..Cause I know Stacy and I know she wants this damn belt as much as I do - I haven’t talked to her this week but I’m sure she has the same feelings that I do..

She wants the belt but dont wanna get in the ring with me, dont wanna face someone who’s on the same side of the fence. I could say it would be hard to me to prepare for this match since I’m dreading it, and if there wasn’t gold on the line maybe I would have different feelings. But I got something to hold on to and I told the world last week that when I won the US Belt there wasn’t gonna be a damn person who could strip me of it. Everyone heard me say I was gonna hold this belt for a long, long time and I gotta hold my word on that, ...I cant back down from it cause that aint the kind of person that I am. I’m gonna take care of my business in the ring, help her up, and go about things as they were before the match... I know all you bitches watching this from your livings rooms are just waiting for me to call her a whore, a slut and tell her that I’m rip her head off and wipe my ass with it like I would tell everyone else, ..but that isn’t gonna happen. And I know you're also waiting for me to say that I could never lose to a girl and how shameful that would be, ...but losing to Stacy? naw, it wouldn’t be shameful.. It would be shameful that I lost the US Title in my first defense; that I couldn’t back up my words and that I was a failure... But that dont happen too often, and the belts that I've won in the past weren’t lost the very next week - cause that would be a disgrace and a pathetic champion, ..which I am not.

Now Stacy does have her flaws, ..the main one being that she’s from Texas. Fuck Texas, I hate that fuckin place and everything about it. ..Best thing I ever seen about Texas was a note scribbled on a wall in a gas station bathroom that read: "Here I set, bun's a flexin', givin birth to another Texan." And that’s about the damn truth, but I guess we can make an exception for Stacy cause she dont look like shit, ..and the last time I seen 'er she smelt pretty damn good to. She's always tryin to be nice to me, comin to see us when we was locked up in Mexico and I would blow her off.. I wanted nothing to do with her before the trip to Mexico and while we were there, cause I didn’t think she was serious about bein Zero Tolerance... I figured she wanted to live the name and help herself but joinin' up with the best damn group of wrestlers in the GWA. ..But, as it turned out it was a rare occasion and I was wrong. ..and now here we are, were gonna be squarin' off for the first time and she plans on takin somethin from me, ..its gonna be a hard lesson learned that ya dont come in the ring with high hopes against me. ..And fortunately for her were on the same side so we wont have to do battle very often - and I hope never again cause I aint gonna take joy in liftin her little ass up in the Silence and droppin her like I do everyone else... And seein how she dont even weigh a buck-fifty its gonna be pretty damn easy gettin my hand 'round 'er neck and tossin her around.

But that’s the price she’s gonna have to pay if she wants to take the US Title from me. Family is family but business comes first, ..and that’s how we do in Zero Tolerance. So when Stacy comes to the ring I wont take it easy on 'er, she’s gonna get the same beatings that the rest of my opponents get.. I wont humiliate her though and I wont beat her into a bloody bag of flesh either, well - unless she keeps on getting up then she just might look like a bloody bag of flesh, ..but I'll try not to do that.. Stacy's gonna hurt, and she’s gonna hurt a lot but she knows that’s the price people pay when they cross paths with me in the ring and attempt to take something that I dont to give away.. The only good thing is that the US Belt is going to stay in Zero Tolerance hands no matter what - and people dont wanna see that. They would rather see people like Kohut or O'Hara carrying around the GWA gold, ..but their not either. And there’s still more Gold to claim, Stacy or I will walk out of the ring without the US belt and we'll fight for something else. ..Just another piece to add to our already growing current collection of GWA Titles; and it wont end there either – cause were taking over the GWA again since were back to full force. But I see how things are done around here, and I pointed this out last week but after a few days I can see how I was right… Management wants to keep ZT away from the Global Title and keep their own in the Global ranks…

They knew they had to make us happy just to keep some of the heat off of ‘em so they had Bill get his ass handed to him by none other than myself. They made J and Stacy fight over the number one spot for the US Title, ..while on the other hand they had Black Circle versus Black Circle for the Global Title, ..and this week? Welllll, whadda ya know!? Its Black Circle versus Black Circle again for the Global, while weve got ZT versus ZT for the U.S.? …See the pattern? No, now nevermind the fact that Stacy is ranked up in the Global Division to get a shot sometime soon, ..but who is she fighting this week? Yeah, ..I shouldn’t have to spell it out but some of yall are dumb enough were I gotta. Hey, I’m fine where I’m at cause I got the Golda round my waist, ..but how long are they gonna try and hold us down? How long are they gonna keep Zero Tolerance out of the Global Title matches? ..Sure, they’ll never admit it and they’ll claim “That’s just the way things worked out.” ..And I call bullshit on that because they know what happened the last time ZT was in full force and we held four of the six Titles in the GWA… And they think they can blind us by giving us the US Title – by having Bill face someone he never had a chance at beating; but don’t tell Bill that because he’s a man who says he can beat me anytime he wants to, ..but uh, the last time I checked Bill is Oh-and-Four when it comes to facing me..

But Bill tells lies and we all heard that last week when he spewed his trash into yer living rooms – and Im sorry yall had to hear his lies, ..and still have to. Nothings gonna shut that idiot up but that’s fine because we all know whos holding the US Title right now. ..Maybe Stacy feels I’ll notice her more if she’s US Champion, but I don’t think that she quite understands me – she thinks that she does, but she’s got a lot of learnin to do. I notice her, and I’ve noticed her more since I’ve gotten back cause I’ve seen the contributions that she’s made, ..but that’s just me and how I do things.. I ain’t never been high on anyone joinin up with us.. I didn’t like Cash, I didn’t like Sin, Fong or Bill… and I Didn’t like Darkness from back in the day.. Rex? Rex was alright, though I still wasn’t too fond of him.. But I lived with these people, and to me, they all had to prove something. Not just to me, but to Crazy J, Tristan and Erik as well.. Cause we built this name, we helped Drache make Zero Tolerance what it is and I don’t like new people comin in and fuckin things up, ..But outside Fang and Bill nobody has fucked things up… So I come back from Mexico and see that Stacy and Cash held down ZT as basically a tag team… And ya don’t think I noticed that Stacy? I aint blind. Naw, I don’t talk to ya a whole lot but I don’t talk much to anyone outside Vadim cause Im a loner and I always have been..

I aint no businessman, I don’t sit behind this desk all day doin paperwork and ever since I hooked up with Drache, Crazy J and Erik Black I lived by myself in the sticks.. Even when my wife and daughter were alive we lived far away from the city and those were the only people I socialized with. ..Ya don’t know me that well Stacy, and does it bother ya that I don’t talk to ya? That I don’t call ya up and say “lets go have dinner?” ..Well, I hope ya aint waitin around by the phone for that call. You are right on one thing Stacy, I don’t agree with the thoughts you got rollin from yer head – cause that involves me handing over the belt that’s mine. A little time in Mexico almost did make me forget the Silence that I handed you those months ago; and yes you did get up – but that head was a little groggy wasn’t it? It was kinda difficult to stand up straight and keep the room from spinnin, eh? ..I know it was Stacy, I know how that move effects people.. but tell me this; would you still have gotten up if I had put you don’t for the a three count? Would it of been as easy to kick out from my then three-hundred–seventy-five pounds? ..Thats a lot of weight to put on that little frame of yers Stacy, and no… I really don’t think you would have gotten up. Yeah, Im a little lighter this time around, not much though, and not enough to make a difference when I put you down with the Silence one more time, ..and hopefully this time will be the last.