- United States Champion Jaymz Yaroslav vs. Stacy Kissinger -

The Incident

The pin was made and a new United States Champion was crowed; The world was told that Zero Tolerance was coming and nobody wanted to hear the warnings. The world was told that Zero Tolerance was stronger than in the past; but we were only mocked. We were told our days were behind us but at the first pay-per-view as the new strong unit we took our hold on the GWA belts. There were new Tag Champions crowned and now those belts belong to Zero Tolerance as well. We rolled into Terminal Meltdown and took everything we could, just as we said we were going to. Theres more belts and more ZT members walking around waiting to claim those as well. There are no more warnings but some fools will always be blinded to the facts and fail to see what group runs the GWA; but let them be, and the beatings they will receive will only be that much sweeter. Some people see the facts though, and those are the men up stairs. They set a match trying to get ZT to fight each other for several reasons.. They wanna break us apart – which isn’t gonna happen and they wanna keep ZT members fighting for the same belts. They know we’ll take over, but they don’t wanna let the Circles to get tossed to the curb. But hey, if they wanna keep us all fighting for the US Belt then that’s the way it is. I face Stacy this week; a friend is a friend but this is business.. Stacy, one of only two people who came to see us when we were locked away… Ya remember that day Stacy? That was the day that everything went to shit, ..thats when I lost it and went off the deep end…


Beads of sweat rolled down his face and to the tip of his squared chin, they fell from there and into the dirt stained shirt where the sun soaked them up as quickly as they appeared. The time in the yard was worse than sitting in the cell; people hung in their groups doing nothing more than talking quietly and keeping an eye on everyone else in the yard. Some milled around making deals with other groups and trading things off; but they usually ended up dead and a going three days in the yard without having someone shanked was a pushing a new record. Scorpions crawled the dirt, and these were a lot bigger than what crawled around inside and that took Jaymz a few days to get used to when they arrived. Jaymz sat against the wall of the prison face turned towards the sky; he wore no shirt and the scars that filled his body looked no different from his face – his jeans were filled with holes and coming apart in places – but this was life. There was a little breeze today and that helped but it was still to hot to even talk, except for Rex who was makin a deal and gettin things done. Crazy J sat there, clothes as pitiful as the other two, and drew things into the sand. Jaymz would of asked, ..but that took too much effort. Rex nodded to the man, Hector, one of the few inmates that spoke more than a few words in English. Rex sat back down next to the other two as Hector got a few looks from members of the other groups when he left the three men, …but he would be fine.

Some things hadn’t changed and it didn’t take a week for the three to take charge and show they weren’t to be fucked with. They stood out terribly, the only three huge white guys in a prison full of Mexicans. They were the targets of everyone; but after several men had to be taken out of the prison and into medical care the attacks were less – and they turned the tables. Jaymz had thought of the things Stacy had told him earlier in the day – but he had blown her off, ..and it was the best thing for her. He was starving, annoyed and fuckin tired of this place. He knew he needed his meds and being as big as he was – staying in that cell was eating his mind alive. He sighed, it was even to hot to fuckin think.. he tilted his head to the side; another bead of sweat rolling from his nose as he slowly opened his eyes. The sun was bright and it took a minute to adjust; he saw a group of men directly across from where he was looking. He stared at them for a moment before someone noticed him; Jaymz wasn’t exactly sure who the man was, and didn’t really care. The man muttered something in a language that he didn’t understand and smiled a little; then turned his head back to the sky and closed his eyes. He listened to the soft breeze and the patter of feet hitting the dirt of the yard; something crawled across his hand but he never moved – the heat was unbearable.

..And then he smelt it – cigarette smoke. Someone was smoking. He wouldn’t have moved for a thing but when the smell hit his nose – it was time to move. He leaned his head back down and opened his eyes; he scanned the sides of the buildings and around the yard. The guards were gone, and of course they were. They stood just inside the doors on the horrid days and stayed in the AC; they knew there weren’t gonna be any problems on the hot days because nobody moved. With a grunt, Jaymz pulled away from the wall; leaving a sweat stain the size of his back on the wall and pulled a smashed, half torn cigarette and a match from his back pocket. He struck the match on a small rock and the flame came to life. He held the cigarette over the tear near the end and fired it up.. The taste was bad but it would calm him down and make him wanna move a little bit. He saw a few others smoking and watching the doors and the top wall with quick eyes. He inhaled the large puffs wanting to smoke it quick not knowing how much time he would have and how many more days it would be, ..it had been 9 already. The cherry was long and he looked liked a freight train, even Crazy J looked up and looked as if he wanted to say something but didn’t. Moments later he got to the end of the cigarette and buried the butt in the dirt.. he felt better; he was a bit light headed but knew he would be as fast as he smoked. He sat up, wiped the sweat off his head and stood up.. he stretched, and growled as he did so, knowing all eyes would be on him, ..and he liked it.

He looked around the yard meeting their eyes, just hoping one would jump for him – but they knew better. A few began to look away and eventually they all went back to their own business. Jaymz took a deep breath and sighed, he was still light headed and his stomach didn’t feel well now.. He hadn’t eatin or drinkin much and had a bad case of cottonmouth; but it was the nicotine that was kickin his ass and puking was his next thought.. He didn’t want to; he hated puking more than anything and he would hold it in if he had to. He bent over and put his hands on his knees; things were spinning worse now and he closed his eyes again…. And then, it was there. He couldn’t it. He puked between his legs, Crazy J who was sitting next to him jumped over Rex and rolled out of the way. Jaymz puked again, this time no more than a few chunks and dry heaves. He went down to his knees and sat there, ..he heard a laugh. He pulled his shirt from his back pocket and wiped his mouth.. The laugh came again and Jaymz looked to his right. A tubby little Mexican; one that had had a problem since they first got here. He wiped the sweat from his face and stood up, ..yup – just fine, all he needed was a little puke. He looked over again at the Mexican who had laughed at him, and this time he smiled. Jaymz looked around and muttered something; swatted once at the sky and stomped his foot; then muttered something once again as Crazy J looked up,
“Is that Russian your speakin or some shit?”

Jaymz didn’t look back at Crazy J, he dropped the shirt he was holding and started to walk over to the man. A couple of the people he hung with bowed up and spoke a few things that he didn’t understand. A bigger man took a step left and cut Jaymz off.. Jaymz looked him over and met his eyes – and his mind snapped; he gave the man a head butt that shattered his nose and sent him to the ground. The man who had been laughing was then there and Jaymz grabbed him by the neck pulled his head close to him. The man screamed and blood flowed from his face – Jaymz felt a shard pain in his leg as someone stuck him. The door of the prison flew open and rubber bullets began to fly. Groups of men fell to the ground, Rex and J were on their way to help Jaymz and suddenly became easy targets as J muttered to Rex, “Damn, ..we didn’t even do nothing to get shot” as the rubber bullets hit ‘em takin the two down to the ground. A few men around Jaymz went down and he got up, blood running from his face as he spit out a chuck flesh. The man rolled around on the ground screaming in pain; and though there was a lot of blood you could still see all the teeth on the right side of his face plain as day; his cheek was five feet away from where Jaymz had spit it. He ran at the guards and made no fight of it as they brought him. They got things settled back in the yard, got Jaymz strapped up and put in the small room.


I achieved what I set out to do, and that was to take the United States Title from that pathetic man Bill Barnhart. It wasn’t a tough task, I had prepared myself for more of a battle but Bill couldn’t give that to me. I figured that since I had slaughtered him several times in the past that he would be ready for what was coming; that Bill would take me a little more serious this time around, ..but I guess that he didn’t. But hell, we all knew there was something wrong with this mans head when he told the world that I was in semi-retirement when he knew damn well that I was in Mexico.. but that makes no difference now, cause I’m the one holding the US Gold around my waist and I damn sure like the look of it.. looks a little smaller on me than most people cause of my size; but that’s alright cause the only thing that matters is that I’m the one, Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav, lookin at my reflection in this piece of gold. Bill wasn’t a worthy Champion and Im here to show what yer suppose to do with this Title and I’ll set the bar high in my first Title defense. This is the third time to hold this belt and I plan on doing better with it this time around than I did the second time; that was a tired Jaymz – a man who was beaten down and a man who overlooked some of his opponents… But that aint happenin this time around and I overlook no one, ..and it starts this week. Overall, Meltdown was a success as we claimed the GWA Tag Gold as our own as well as the US.

Stacy managed to win her match and leave Crazy J out in the cold when it comes to title shots, but that’s the game – and that’s how shit goes down. I wished he could have won, but it was a lose-lose situation for me.. J is an old friend, but Stacy is a friend also and a ZT family member so I cheered for nobody and only hoped one would remain alive after the bell rang and a winner was announced. But that wasn’t the end of the fun fer us; and things couldn’t have gotten when we came to the ring and had a little feud with the Circles and the looks on their faces were priceless when we hit the ring.. And we said fuck it, fuck Al and Grinder and their little stipulations that we couldn’t touch a Black Circle member outside of a match.. Stipulations damn sure didn’t stop us, did they? Hell no, cause were Zero Tolerance and we do as we damn please. I do hope that Chase Daniels enjoyed the ride he took; something like the first drop on a roller coaster except this ended with more of a bang as he shattered the Spanish Announcers Table with that pathetic waste of flesh that he calls a body.. Aint the first time, in fact, it’s a pleasure of mine to send people through that damn Mexican table as he was about the ten thousandth member of that little group…And ya know what? He deserved it. Because ANYONE that loses the Global Title to Goth deserves to die a slow death; a person that falls to Goth and watches as he gets up and takes the biggest belt in this business in a fuckin loser.

Yeah Chase, that’s you. You choked bud, and you choked on one of the biggest stages of the year so you deserved nothing less than a Silence through that table. You disgusted me, cause ever since I set foot back in the GWA I saw this love-fest for you that the rest of the roster had, ..claiming you to be the best – and ya know what? I didn’t see you as the best. I did see you as one of the top in the business, ..but the best? …Naw. Because the best wouldn’t have lost to a man named Goth; and Goth better be lucky that I didn’t have my eyes set on him after your match – but I was too pissed off tha you flopped in the ring and turned that precious piece of gold over to the worlds biggest over-achiever. ..What is it with you people? Always dropping like flies to Goth as if hes some kind of God, ..not me though – and he fuckin knows it. Theres only man whos gonna be considered a God in the singles competition and that’s none other than myself. Pain is gone, A.P Feight is gone, Mason Storm is gone, James Weck has fallen from the face of his planet, Jade Dragon is gone and so is that bitch Lady Ashe. Yeah we got some new names around the GWA, ..people like Owen Idol, Darius O’Hara has been around here a while – but other than that its Goth and Chase Daniel, ..but not for long. Cause Jaymz is back and now it’s the US Title sitting on my shoulder and its gonna be a damn long while before I come close to losing this Title.. I know people are gonna want it, but will they want a piece of me?

Is sacrificing more than you ever have before in a match worth the Gold? ..And if you did manage to take me down, ..would you even be able to defend the belt the next week? I doubt it, and I’m taking over the US Division and the GWA wont know what to do when I cant be knocked off… It seems that I’ll have to knock off one of my own to keep this belt and it’s a cheap attempt by management to get ZT in some turmoil within ourselves, ..but that isn’t gonna work. It didn’t work last week when Stacy got the best of J, he got up and shrugged it off – knowing that there wasn’t a person better to lose to, it was a battle of respect and that’s the same damn thing that’s gonna happen when Stacy stands across from me in the ring. I haven’t spent that much time with Stacy, and in fact, I was quite pissed off when Erik and Tristan signed her up to be a part of ZT.. I doubted the little girl and didn’t think she had the talent to step into this big time group, ..but I was wrong – and that’s a rare occasion. Stacy earned her right to be in the match and face me for the US Title, and she’ll be only the second girl that I’ve ever faced in the GWA… I faced Charlotte, ..er uh – Lady Ashe, I call her Charlotte, ..but that’s a long story. Anyway, we came to the GWA and took it by storm and I won the Extreme Title after a long Tag Title run with Crazy J. ..and this bitch, the first bitch who’s ever defeated me took that Title from me..

She pinned me, but it took some chemical that she placed on a rag and over my face to knock me unconscious. I was livid, I lost to a girl – and not only that but she stole my Title. But Al and Grinder knew better, ..back when they didn’t hate ZT too much, and signed her back in a match with me the following week at the Pay-Per-View. Ya know what happened? I knocked that bitch out, and not only did I pin her and get my Title back – but I sent her out of the GWA. I beat her so bad that she didn’t return for a long, long time… That’s what she got for taking a cheap win over me, that’s what she got for taking my Title that I went on to hold as one of the greatest runs as an Extreme Champion.. that was the old Jaymz, ..the one that over-looked people, ..especially girls. But no, not now – and not this girl. I know Stacy and I know what shes capable of, ..I know she wont pull some cheap shit like Ashe did to take my Title from me either. Do I look forward to this match? No, I never look forward to fighting one of my own… but this is the stress that’s been placed on me, and when Im stressed I like to talk about my problems. I knew I was gonna win this belt last week and I was more worried about what friend of mine that I was gonna have to face to keep this Title that I was gonna win. Friend or enemy, it don’t matter cause when we step into the ring its all business and I know Im the one leaving with the US Title, and that’s all that matters.

I feel sorry for anyone who stands in my way, they say the third time is a charm and I’m damn sure gonna see that it is. I’m focused and more ready than ever, the matches that Ive won so far since my return should have shown that – but some people are blind and their the ones who’ll hurt the most. I’m on a path of destruction and the goal is the US Title, ..cause the hardest part isn’t winning it – the hardest part is getting up every week and putting it on the line knowing that whoever stands in my way is gonna want to take it, that their gonna give me their “A” game and I have to be ready for it. You wonder why I say the U.S. Title is the goal? Cause when I step into the ring they take it from me, and at that point it doesn’t belong to me until the conclusion of the match.. A draw? It comes home with me and I retain my Championship run and a win will do the same. When I hand that belt over to the ref it may be the last time I touch it, ..and there will be a day that comes, but it wont be soon and the carnage that I leave behind me will be like nothing anyone has ever seen in the GWA. I knock people out, I’ll send em to the hospital – and some will flee from the ring screaming in terror wishing they had never signed on for the match.. Cause this is my time, and the US Title stays with me.