- Jaymz vs. Bill Barnhart - (U.S. Title)


...Another week and yet another victory for Zero Tolerance as we finish with more matches won than we lose, ...but that’s no big surprise is it? All the people who claimed that Zero Tolerance had died, that we had fallen of the earth were wrong - just as we told them they were going to be. ..Black Circles haven’t faired too well since ZT has been back at full force and the Elite managed to fall this past week as well. I expected more a fight from James Weck the other night, but I put that sorry piece of shit back to the curb where he belongs... The owners of this company have been trying to keep us down as they know the force that we bring to this company cant be held back, ..but they'll try - and in the end, ..like every other sorry sack of shit that stands across from us in the ring.. they will fail as well. Two matches Ive had, and against two of the best this company could throw at me, ..and I fuckin ran through 'em with no problem. Al told us on the air that J and Stacy would face each other this week to see who gets a shot at the US Title next week - I dont know if that stipulation has changed as someone has told me - but I heard it from the mans mouth the other night at Anarchy... But why does that mean anything? ...Cause I'll win the US Title at Terminal Meltdown from an old friend of ours, "FIF" as J likes to call him. "Fill In Fluff" is a Fif - and that’s exactly what Bulldog Bill was. Bill will lose the Title at Terminal Meltdown and from there the owners will assume that ZT will claw and tear themselves apart to get a piece of the US Title.. They want to see J and Stacy kill each other, ..then to see one of them stand across from me a week later... That’s fine, cause in the end its still gonna be ZT with the US Title belt... I get my first chance at Gold in only my third match back and I'll be damned if I let it slip through my fingers....


Noble, Oklahoma. Easter Sunday, 1969.

Laughter filled the clear blue sky and the wind took it across the plains and down into town. The Bradford trees stood out along the massive yard with their white blooms that always caught your eye, and the old women always talked of how beautiful they were. Cars parked all up and down the gravel driveway and kids ran around the yard wearing their Sunday's best; girls in their white dresses and hats that were too big for their heads- boys in their slacks and some in suites, ..which were going to get dirty since that’s what boys did best. The gathering was at the Yaroslav house, the aunt and uncle of Alexi, as they held every year for anyone who wanted to attend after the church services and considering most of the people who lived in the small town of Noble were poor - well, they took advantage of the free food. The house was immaculate and so was the yard, Mrs. Yaroslav and a few other women brought trays and pots out to the tables that were lined up on the porch as people worked their way through - cleaning out most of the deviled eggs.. The back door to the house opened up and a young kid - though much taller than the rest - came outside with his hands crammed in his pockets and his head held low. He hated these things, hated these events his uncle and aunt always seemed to have with the people from the church..

Mostly because he hated the kids that went there, "poor white trash" as he called them. They didn’t bother him at school when he was around his own friends, but it was times like theses when they cut loose on him since nobody was around... but he also knew that if it was just ONE of them and not the whole crew - well, they would run since he towered over them. Most of the boys were seven and eight, ..two years older than him but he looked the part of twelve year old - a tall twelve year old. He plopped down in his uncles chair with his hands still in his pockets when his aunt came over with a smile on her face.. She loved these times and nothing made her more happy than getting all her friends around. She tried coaxing Alexi into getting a plate to eat but he only shook his head and stared on at the kids in the yard, wishing they would leave. One kid caught his attention, it was Katy. Katy was ten and the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. She wore a purple dress and her pitch black hair fell down over her shoulders; he looked on at her wishing she said more than "hi" and "bye" to him at school and church. He had heard stories about what men and women do when they were in love, and the thoughts of those things crossed his mind. He could only imagine ---

His thoughts cut off as something slapped the side of his face.. It was warm and fell down to his shoulder. Laughter came from around the corner as Alexi stood up and wiped the mashed potatoes from his face and off his shirt. He stepped around the corner of the house and down the steps to where Jason, Philip and Chad were.. They stood there laughing and pointing at him - rage built up inside the boy and as he took off a hand grabbed him from behind.

"woah, woah, woah - what’s goin on here!?" It was Vadim. The three kids saw him and ran
"Their throwin mash' taters on me" Alexi mumbled.
Vadim looked around where the kids had been and shook his head, "..I know ya dont like dem boys, ..I'll keep an eye on 'em. Just dont go off and no somethin' stupid, ya hear?"

Alexi didn’t respond, he only nodded and looked back down at the ground. He liked Vadim, Vadim had been like a father to him - not to take anything away from his uncle who had raised him, ...but he liked Vadim better. Vadim was an older man who had come to the States with Alexi's grandfather and stayed with the family ever since. Alexi looked around and saw the kids were getting ready to hunt eggs. "fuck huntin eggs” he thought. His aunt would be soo caught up in the all the activities that she wouldn’t even notice he wasn’t there - so he took off for the barn and watched the kids run through the lawn, which was mostly weeds this time of year, and pick up the colored eggs. His uncle had once told him that the chicken's laid the colored eggs, but he snuck out one night wanting to check for himself and he saw all the eggs were white.. But he played along with his uncle and never told him he knew better. ..He then heard his uncle fire the gun, kids screamed in laughter as they took off around the yard – he couldn’t see most of them as he sat on a bail of hay in the barn that was behind the house; he picked up a piece of straw and held it between his fingers as if it were a cigarette and pretended to take a few puffs. He then messed around for a bit, lost in his own thoughts and time slipped away as his imagination took over. Had he stood there sulking in silence Alexi would have heard them; the crew of three boys that had come back in and snuck inside sliding door that he had left open.

Alexi muttered to himself as he played with some toy soldiers he had left out here when the egg hit him in the back. He spun around, shocked at first – but anger took over when he saw the three boys laughing. Chad picked up another egg, a white one – one from the house that wasn’t boiled and smacked Alexi in the face.. He couldn’t see – but knew where he was going when he jumped off the bail of hay and ran for the boys. Their laugher stopped, Philip and Chad bailed quickly but Jason wasn’t to damn swift and Alexi caught him from behind dragging him down by the back of his shirt. The boy screamed like a girl – and the ones who heard it said they thought it was a girl. Alexi climbed on the boy and began to pound away with his fists, but something caught him out of the corner of his eye, bailing wire. There was several pieces of the stuff and as he kept his weight down on the boy he folded it over in half, raised his hand back and lashed the rusted wire across Jason’s face. More girlish shrieks came as the wire could be heard cutting through the air with every swipe and slapping down on the boys face.. He whipped the boy’s face again and blood splattered to the stable door, and again – and again before the screams finally stopped. Alexi was then hit from the side and knocked off as Vadim and several other men, ..Philip, Chad, and Jason’s parents were some of them – pulled Alexi off the boy.

There was blood in the dirt, on the stable side wall and covering the boys face. Vadim pulled Alexi away and attempted to take the wire away as the other men tended to the boy.. A tall scraggly man tore his shirt off and placed it on the boys face for a moment. He then moved the shirt and open wounds could be seen before the blood filled back in and poured across his face. The worst was the one that had caught the boy right in the eye – and it would be useless from that point on. Alexi’s aunt screamed and cried at the sight of the boy, unwilling to believe that her Alexi, the Alexi that she had raised would do something like that… but Vadim believed, cause things like this were a family trait.


Memphis, Tennessee. March 17, 2008

“..ah, that was a good day wasn’t it?”

Jaymz tried to ignore the voice as he flipped the channels on the TV. His toe was looking better, still swollen but at least to a bit more of a normal size – and he still had his pocket full of painkillers. “yeah it was fuckin great, ..had a blast?” His tone was sarcastic.
“Ha, boy you really got yerself into some trouble for that one.” The voice came from the bedroom, the door halfway closed.
“so what?” Jaymz shrugged his shoulders, “Kid was a walkin freakshow after that – hell, his face looks worse than mine does now! ..and that fake eye he had didn’t help neither. Damn, that’s when I first had to go and see the doctor, ..they thought I was fuckin crazy…. Why you bring this up anyway?”

There was silence in the house for a moment before the voice came again, “..just wanted you to remember – that’s all.”
Jaymz looked back at the TV with the good lookin anchorwoman as she spoke: ”..the body was found just on the eastside of the river, police weren’t able to identify the man at the time, but they---“

Jaymz tuned her our after that and it was Vadim who spoke back up from the bedroom, “…found another floater did they?”
“a floater?” Jaymz laughed a little, “You make it sound like they found a terd!”
“..eh, dead and stinkin whats the difference?”

“Not much I suppose” Jaymz turned off the TV and stood up
“where you goin!? There was anger in the voice
“To the Doc, ..so he can tell me how fucked in the head I am, and tell me how you’re not really here” Jaymz walked out the door and didn’t hear Vadim respond, but he didn’t need to. He could feel the tension in the house as he left...


Could things get much better for Zero Tolerance? Well, of course they could – but I don’t think we got any room for bitchin after what just happened the other night. ZT’s reloaded and were headed back down the road we were on before the three of us got taken away.. Everyone who was at Anarchy the other night should be happier than shit that we didn’t pull any of our tricks that we usually do. See, we don’t have a damn problem with humiliating people and making them look like fools infront of the world.. In fact, its something that we take pleasure in and its something that’s gonna happen again.. But after making our return and tying up Circle, Elite and GWA members to the ring – followed the next week by having Bulldog takin away and beatin up by midgets, ..which ya know, couldn’t have been too good on the ‘ol ego and all… But yall got a break this last week as we decided to sit back and watch yall look over your shoulders, waiting to see if Zero Tolerance had midgets comin for ya! No, we just took care of our business in the ring and got the job done…again.. Yeah, Crazy J didn’t quite come out on top but he damn near had that match and we all know that Goth got a little but lucky on that one, ..hell – even he knows that. And I bet he gets that big head of his again this week, filling the TV’s across the world with all this “I’m still the Best” crap that he likes to spew.

But lets see that sumbitch step back in the ring with me and see if his attitude changes any; I bet it would but I got better things to do and bigger accomplishments to take on right now, ..no time for messin around with wash-ups who cant give me a fuckin challenge! This week I get back something that I want, something that I wish I had led on longer to the last I it was in my grasp; that US Title. It’s a belt that Ive held twice in the past and both those times I won it from Pain, but that idiot is here this time and now I get to beat around on some fat ‘ol man who carries a slobberin dog around with him… hell, this guy carries more gut than I did before I took that little vacation to Mexico and I damn near had the wattery-shits again in the Pen when I heard this guy was part of Zero Tolerance.. That made me sicker than any of the food I ate in that hellhole and I couldn’t help but wonder what in the holy-fuck Tristan and Erik were thinkin when they hired this guy! I know numbers were thin …but Bulldog Bill??? Hell, someone like Jack Faust was better than this guy ever was – I would rather had that wash-up Chaos who’s getting back in the ring this week.. But once I got out of the Pen and talked to Tristan about this problem I could see that he was desperate. That Tristan wanted the ZT name to live on forever and he panicked, but he also told me that Bill BEGGED and pleaded over phone messages to be a part of ZT; but Bill has to realize that he was no more than a filler.

"FIF" as J likes to call him. "Fill In Fluff" is a Fif - and that’s exactly what Bulldog Bill was. I know this is something that he may not want to hear – but he prolly doesn’t like to hear that I jumped up and down and cheered in my Pen when I was told that he left Zero Tolerance. Did he really think that anyone was going to miss him? Hell, I didn’t need to talk to Cash just to know that he was glad Bill was gone too! So Bill is gone, ..good.. but now Bill has something I want.. See, it used to be the other way around when he was down on hands and knees beggin to be a part of ZT… From me, well, there wont be any begging cause Im just gonna come in and snatch up the things I want and put his sorry ass down on the mat. Now Bill, you know what I can do in the ring and you’ve seen how I toss people to the side like the waste of my time that they are, ..and you really believe that you stand a chance in beating me!? I hope ya do, cause kickin yer ass isn’t gonna be as fun if you come in and concede the match. Sometimes that happens Bill, Weck did it this past week. I could see the look in his eyes and it was from then that I knew the match was worthless – that I had gotten into his head and he had lost the match before the bell even rang. But you’re the US Champion Bill, you’re suppose to be the next best thing to the Global Champ, but look at your track record and seein how you cant hardly hold on to this belt tells me a different story.

You’ve been the US Champ since, what? Beginning of March? Good – and now you get the extra week to hold on to it without actually having to defend it so I guess it’ll put some stock back into the Title cause the last time you held it you sure didn’t to it any favors. Your last US Title reign was a week.. A week!? That’s pathetic Bill and that means you take all the prestige out of the Belt – that you take everything its worth and drive it straight to the ground. Look at what Rex and I did with the Tag Belts, then what Goth and Weck did with them. Between our two teams we held them for almost seven months, that Bill, that’s what makes those belts worth fighting for. And we didn’t lose those belts Bill, they went all those months without taking a single loss and that’s why their worth fightin for, ..or well – they were at the time before the Tag division went all to shit.. But at least this time you haven’t disgraced the US Belt like you did the last. Thankfully you’ve put a little stock back into it after you drug the name of the US Title through the mud after the reign that Kohut had. Look at the belt everyday Bill, shine it up real nice and get it all good lookin for me cause were gonna call this your “fee.” Yes, this is your fee of getting out of ZT without getting a good ass-whoopin. Bill, we don’t do things the way that you did ‘em, we prefer people to get “Fanged”, ..if you know what Im sayin. Were the ones who say when you leave and how you leave and were the ones kickin your ass to the door..

But no, you wanted to bail on us because you knew that when Rex, J and myself came back that you would be on the curb anyway… You didn’t get to pay the price Bill, but now its time that you do – and your going to pay it with the US Belt. I’m thrilled that I get this match Bill, getting a chance at the gold in my third match back is fuckin great… How many other people get to come into the GWA after all this time and they say, “Here Jaymz – take some Gold, get a shot and take it home.” I mean, what else could they say? “Here Jaymz, heres a loss to our US Champ Bill Barnhart!!” Haha, yeah right – cause we all know damn well that isn’t gonna happen. You know what Im gonna do with you Bill? After the match Im gonna take that belt and fling it over my shoulder and get a big ‘ol paper bag – I’ll toss you inside it and we’ll go up to Grinders porch. I’ll set you down inside that big ass bag and light it on fire – then ring the door bell and hide off in the bushes so I can watch you, a pile of dog shit, take two beatings in one night. The stomp of Grinders foot isn’t gonna be shit to the beating that your gonna take earlier in the night when the US Title has a new holder. See Bill, Ive been waiting to get another shot at this belt for a long time and I didn’t give a damn who I was gonna have to kill to get it – but it gets even better when you’re the one that gets to feel the Silence.

And don’t think that I wont take advantage of this Bill, cause this is the only time that I can touch a Black Circle member the whole night. Bill, you and I both know that the stipulation was only set because of the fear that Al and Grinder have for Zero Tolerance.. are they protecting you? I would have thought they were if you asked me two weeks ago – but they sure as hell cant be if they decided to stick you in a match me with the Gold on the line. Oh Bill – I almost forgot!! Tell me, how did it feel to be humiliated on TV while in front of the whole world? Did you laugh as hard as I did when the midgets, eerrr.. ’little people’ came out and kicked your ass? They looked like a hoard of ants carrying your big fat ass to the ring and droppin those little leg-drops on ya. C’mon, be honest – that right there was some funny shit! And I know the other night you had to of been lookin around for them midgets, and I bet you prolly shit yerself the first time you saw a kid backstage, huh? Don’t lie Bill, wipe the slobber off your chin you retard and lap yerself in the face and just admit it: you were afraid of us. You were afraid of Zero Tolerance and you left to go somewhere where the food bowl was a little cleaner and where someone would wipe your ass for ya. I’m glad yer gone Bill and I’m glad I never had to put up with ya; and I’m also gonna be glad that I’m the one who’s gonna strip ya of the US Title. So howl up at the moon, lick yer ass or whatever it is that yer gonna do – but get that Title all shined up for me, cause when you feel the Silence your gonna get up a loser, ..a loser with no Gold.