- James Weck vs. Jaymz -


The feeling was wonderful as the creek was full of water and Alexi was happier than he had been in days. Dr. Star Trek had stitched up the toe and given the pain meds that he had needed (WANTED) and was very, very generous with them. He slept well that night and woke up the next morning needing his cup of coffee and two pain meds to get the day started right. He felt better immediately, just the thought of the chemical he loved being inside his body made the day that much better even though it hadn’t kicked in yet.. He felt refreshed, energized and ready to go. He put on his one shoe and couldn’t get the other on due to the bandage on the pulverized big toe and headed outside. The day was warm and the Bradford Pear trees were beginning to bloom their white buds putting some color into the dull yard; he went over to the Tahoe and pulled it out of the garage.. He had washed it the night before but the black just didn’t look good unless it was waxed. He got the can of Astroshield and a few rags and began to work on the driver side with a smile on his face as the little blue Watson's worked their way through his body. His work was quick and the Tahoe began to shine; he muttered a few words as he worked and looked behind him as he did - apparently talking to the voice, Vadim, who had been pestering him a lot as of late.

It took a while to complete the job as the day warmed up and sweat began to roll off his forehead; he reached into his pocket and pulled out the orange bottle with the childproof lid and dry-swallowed another pain pill with a small grin on his face.. His knees popped as he stood up and looked over the Tahoe checking for any spots that he may have missed, but didn’t see any. He tossed the wax and rags into the backseat of the SUV and put it back into the garage. "No it isn’t, ..I checked the weather." He muttered to himself. As he closed the garage he looked at the sky and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen, "See - its not gonna rain." He spoke to the empty lawn as he walked back up the porch and sat down on in the chair. He looked around, barely unable to see the neighbor's houses between all the trees that separated them on their five acre lots, as a car went by and a kid jumped up and down in his seat pointing out the window at the big man... A ZT fan he assumed, and was glad the kid wasn’t old enough to drive or he would have been back later - and he didn’t want that.


The chimes of the doorbell reminded him of something Chinese, ..he had never been to China or known anyone who was Chinese and never had anything to do with the country other than the crappy food he ate here in the States. He was in a half sleep trance and didn’t want to get up when the doorbell rang and the first thought that rolled through his mind was, “prolly Cash again” and cussed to himself as he got up – the pain coming back in the toe as the lortab’s were wearing off and immediately reached for his pocket where the pill bottle was. He limped to the door and didn’t bother looking to see who it was as he unlocked and opened it.

“Hi there!” The lady said with a grin. She was holding a casserole dish with foil covering the top. Her teeth were pearl white and that was the first thing he noticed. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair and a curvy body with tits that poked up from the front of her low cut short.
“Im Bailey Resse and I live next door! I wasn’t sure if anyone lived here, but I saw you earlier this morning polishing your car, so I figured I would stop by and bring you a welcoming gift!”

He put on a fake smile and his mind said ‘are you fuckin kidding me!? Is this lady serious? ..shes bringing me food??’ He nodded his head and told her that his name was Alexi… He noticed that she didn’t seem to be shocked at his height, ..and that was a first

“Stick your dick in it” The voice was in the living room
Jaymz turned his head and looked inside, “huh?”
“The casserole, stick your dick in it – then slap her with it”

Bailey looked confused as he turned into the house and began to talk, “Oh Im sorry Ive interrupted if you have company” she said and took a step back – she could clearly see that nobody was in the house.

“No, your fine.. I was uh, yelling at the dog.. he was getting in to the trash”
She believed the lie, ..sort of. “Oh! Haha! Ok, well – I wanted to bring you this dish and welcome you to the neighborhood. Im the head of the association around here, so if theres anything you ever need just come by and let me know. My husbands name is Todd and we have two sons, twins! Twice the trouble you know!” she busted out in laughter

Jaymz took the cue and laughed too, not knowing – or caring – what it was like to have twins, and as far as he was concerned they could both go play chicken with a train. She stuck the casserole out infront of him and he took it
“This is my famous tuna casserole – Sally, who lives down the street loves it and always wants me to bring it to all our parties

Jaymz smirked, but knew better than to look at Vadim who as being him as he talked, “blah, blah, blah – Tell Sally to go stick her head in the trash compactor. Come on Alexi, ..stick your dick in it – freak her out… DO IT!!!!! If you don’t, ..you’ll wish you had.

A look of concern came over his face then at Vadim’s last comment – he wanted to respond but didn’t.
“Im sure I’ll like it – and I’ll return this pan, ..pot..thing to you later”
“Oh it’s a casserole dish” she said with a genuine smile

He lifted up the foil to see the grub inside and a tarantula shot from the dish. He dropped it on the porch and it shattered, he leapt back and smashed the damn thing, “You bitch!!! What the hell!??”

Bailey’s eyes grew wide as she saw the scene unfold before her eyes – she saw the man open the foil, scream for no reason and go to stomping the front porch of his house as the casserole splattered all over wood.. She turned and ran out of fear of not knowing what was going on

“hahahahahahahaha…..oh damn, I gotta breathe, Hahahahahaha” Came the voice from the doorway, “Oh God – you’ve been scared of spiders since you were a kid, I knew that one was gonna getcha!”

Jaymz stopped stomping and looked down, ..there was nothing there but the casserole and the shattered dish – and suddenly he felt like an ass, and was ashamed, “..why did you do that?”
“cause I was bored – and I don’t like her”

Jaymz didn’t respond to the voice as he went and sat down in the chair and watched the flies gather on the food and thought to himself that he needed to fix this problem.. The problem he had with the neighbor, ..and the problem with the voice, Vadim


The end is coming for you James, and really – what more is there to say? You’ve been quiet this whole week and I don’t even feeling demoralizing you any more before the match takes place.. My talking will be done in the ring as I plant your sorry ass down to the canvas with the Silence. You’ve lived in fear of me all week long and I cant say that I blame ya James. Our matches of the past mean nothing and I’m here to start a new streak – last week it started with Goth and this week you’ll be feeling the same pain that he felt, ..but don’t feel too bad cause there’s gonna be many more after you in the weeks to come. And ya know, Im not even gonna waist more of my breath speaking about you, …so I’ll see ya in the ring, ..and you’ll see my laughing as I walk back up the ramp and continue on my reign of terror.