- James Weck vs. Jaymz -


Two months ago in Mexico:

The floor of the cell was covered in dirt, the walls were a dirty brown and the bars of the doors were rusted to almost the same color. The room was small and it didn’t help that Alexi was so damn big. His white wife-beater was stained and torn as he hadn’t changed in several weeks. A beard covered his face, almost hiding the man from what the world knew underneath the growth. His arms were more defined as the fat had worked its way off and the tattoos that once stretched seemed to take back on their original form from over twenty years ago. His jeans were as ragged as his shirt and his feet were black as he sat on the floor, where the cot was placed. It had been chained to the wall, but his weight pulled the chains out and toppled him to the floor on the first night in his new cell. He hated this place and he put up a helluva fight to stay out of it. He liked it better when he was with the rest of the inmates and they could run the yard the way they wanted it... Things were almost the same in the jail as they had been in the States; they ran the prison the way they wanted to. They were heavily watched by the guards, but after a few short fights the crazy Mexican in-mates saw they stood no chance against the three men and stayed away - or did as they were told. Things were going smoothly in the pen for the first few weeks until 'the incident' that had landed Jaymz in the small cell where he never saw the sunlight for the rest of his days locked away.

He thought about Julie, thought about her often and everyday that passed he etched her name on the wall with a rock that had been in the cell. He didn’t know what had happened to her, didn’t know that she was locked away after the rampage that night he had been sent to Mexico. …And he didn’t know she had forgotten him, dropped him from her memory like a bad habit. He sighed as he sat on the floor looking at the stuff they called food. There was two tortillas, some meat that was suppose to be ‘beef’ but he hadn’t seen any stray dogs runnin around lately either. There were beans, but lots of times they moved and squirmed around and those days he had passed on them.. but it didn’t matter cause it all gave you the shits anyway.. He couldn’t understand the guards and he didn’t care to learn any Spanish but the best he could get was that since he was big guy they gave him an extra helping of the maggot-beans, ..oh joy. He smelled his meal and made sure that it was at least sanity enough to eat and he ate the tortillas and sampled a little bit of the ‘beef’ before he slid the tray away and grabbed his rock.. He sighed as he stood up and went to the far wall where Julies name was scratched in the dirt – he took the rock and held it to the wall for a moment.. He froze, and suddenly forgot what he was going to write.. He looked up and saw all the “Julie’s” and a lost look came over his face

“forget something?”

Jaymz jumped and looked around the cell, ..nobody was there. “who said that!??” He balled his fists up, ready to fight the sumbitch who was in the cell.. “who said that!?!?” he shouted again

“Forgot what your were gonna write?” The voice came again
Jaymz then spoke in a small voice, “….Vadim?.... is that you?”
“yes Alexi, its me, look behind you.”

Jaymz turned around and looked back toward the bars of the cell, and in his own mind he saw his old friend. Vadim Vladislav with his grey hair, the lines of age etched clearly in his face and Jaymz smiled, “You’ve come to see me. I thought you were dead” he spoke to the empty cell.

“No, I was never dead. They lied to you Alexi.. Drache, your good friend Crazy J and Rex.. they all lied to you my friend”
Jaymz shook his head in disbelief, “…no…they wouldn’t do that…”
“They did” The voice was threatening and serious

Jaymz stood in the room for a moment as it he didn’t want to believe what his friend had told him. Why would they lie? Why would they tell him that his friend, who had been like a father to him would be dead… He would kill them when he got out, ..yes – that’s exactly what he would do and that’s what they get for lieing to him. And it was then Vadim seemed to be in his head, “No Alexi, ..dont harm them. Their time will come.” He turned away from the bars with the rock in hand and placed it to the wall again and seemed to forget what he was going to write

“yes” the voice said.
“Who is Julie? ..And why is her name on my wall?”
“Well Alexi – she was a woman who was here before you, and she wrote her name on the wall everyday that she was here.

Jaymz believed the lie, ..his mind had snapped and whatever bond that he shared with the deranged woman who had no soul had been cut. They were dropped from each others memories, and even if Jaymx didn’t drop her – his mind was so fuckin out of wack he would of believed that she was a ten foot dinosaur if Vadim had told him.
“what happened to her?” Jaymz asked with the rock still in hand.

“Well” came the voice from behind him, “you see that beef their feeding you? …do you really believe that’s beef?”
Jaymz’ eyes became as big as dinner plates – the rock fell from his hand but his body never moved, eye never leaving the “Julies” that he himself had scrawled on the walls. After a few seconds he gagged and vomited all down the walls. He choked a little, dry heaved and screamed in anger. Footsteps came down the hall and a Mexican guard appeared.. He took a step back at the smell and saw the vomit dripping down the walls

“¿Qué en el infierno le tiene done?? ¡Usted norteamericano estúpido grande - usted puede sentarse en su propia mierda porque Im no lo limpiando!!” The guard smirked and rolled his eyes

Jaymz ran up to the bars and gripped them tight, pressing his face against them as he screamed, “Did you make me eat her!?? Tell me you FUCKER!! I don’t fuckin eat people – maybe yall do in this third world shit hole! You better hope I never get the fuck out of here” ..he growled.

The guard laughed, “Ah, el norteamericano estúpido grande trata de intimidarme. ¿Me dice, usted gib norteamericano - quién está en la jaula y en quién no es!?” ..He laughed again as he walked off.

Jaymz stood there for a moment, pissed off about what the guard said even though he didn’t understand it before turning back to where he believed Vadim to be, “what did he say”
“He said you’re a whiny bitch, ..and that he would love to do your mom”
“he said WHAT!???” Alexi was furious
“Im kidding, ..Im kidding.. Don’t worry about what he said”
Jaymz sat back down on the bed and looked over the wall. There was something about the name Julie, ..but he couldn’t put his finger on it.


Present day

Cash dropped him back off at the house and got out of the truck still limping about from the smashed big toe – but everything was ok because soon the sun would rise and a trip to ‘ol Dr. Star Trek would be in order. ..And Dr. Star Trek had just what he needed – the little blue pills. He knew he had been acting like an ass, Cash only wanted to have a good time and drink a few beers but he had fucked the whole evening away. The creek was dry, and when the water didn’t flow then his attitude wasn’t the greatest. Cash screamed out the window, “Hollar at ya later, ugly!” Jaymz only turned around and gave him the bird as he heard Cash laughing as the truck started to fly down the street. He felt better at that point knowing that he didn’t completely ruin Cash’s evening – but in the end it didn’t matter cause HE was still pissed off. He looked at his watch and wished the hours would hurry and tick away, hoping the next time he looked it would be Eight a.m. – just in time to run to Trek’s office screaming in pain and agony. "Toe still hurtin?" The voice came from the doorway
"Yeah man, ..hurts like hell." Jaymz muttered and unwrapped the blood soaked towel. The bleeding had slowed considerably but it still ran from the cuts and mangled parts of his toe and he winced as he looked down at it.
"well..." There was evil in the voice, "...Why dont you just go talk to some of your old friends, the ones who aren’t in the slammer - I’m sure they can give you the meds without going to see the Doc."
Jaymz shook his head, "Naw, its too expensive - and I gotta keep my nose clean. Another slip up and I’m back in the slammer."

Jaymz sighed and pulled a cigar from the drawer of the small table that sat next to the chair on the back porch. He bit the tip off, spit it out and lit it up. The glow of the flame shined on his face and he looked ten years older than he really was - the scars on his face looking more like wrinkles of a weathered old man. The flame disappeared and smoke blew from his nostrils - he stood up and checked his pockets for about the tenth time just incase he had missed the lortab on the first nine times.. He had almost asked Cash if he had any pain meds, ..after all - Cash was a wrestler and wrestlers were always in pain, but you had to make it look like you didn’t abuse them, ..which he did. But he didn’t ask Cash the question, and didn’t want Jason to know he was taking as many pills as he was. They knew about the pills his other doctor was prescribing him, ..the ones for his brain - the ones that kept him sane. But he didn’t like talking to the asshole cause he asked too many questions about his personal life - things the Doc didn’t need to know. He took another puff of the cigar and stubbed it out on the back porch.. He would go to bed, though he wouldn’t sleep he would try and wait for the sun to rise ...and for Eight a.m. to come around.


James Weck, a man who Ive faced several times in my GWA career before I was shipped off to Mexico, ..and typically James is a man who likes to talk, ..a man who likes to run his mouth even more than I do… But where is this man? Is he hiding? ..Is he afraid of what might happen to him when he comes to the ring this week? ..Well, if I was James I would be damn worried about my health and the rest of my career. I’ve seen Weck fill the GWA airtime with his pointless dribble and his long winded babble, constantly telling us that hes “determination incarnate.” Well, right now we’ll just call him invisible cause I haven’t seen much of his on TV just yet and here we are, late into Wednesday night. Is this man aware that he even has a match this week or does he assume that hes still on vacation? …Or is Weck just working extra hard preparing for this match.. naw, I doubt it. Hes scared, ..as he should be. Cause James knows what happened the last time that we faced off and it was the tag belts that he was trying to take from Rex and I – but he failed. I came back into the GWA wanting to tear through this place, I was looking for the stiffest competition that could be thrown at me and first I was faced with Goth.. A tough competitor, ..but my bitch none-the-less. A man who has failed repeatedly against me in the ring, ..but James? Weck is a man who’s had success against me in the past, a man that I couldn’t take the Global Title from..

Do I give him respect? Fuck no – no worthless scumbag in the GWA now-a-days gets that from me, ..he doesn’t even get the small ‘credit’ that I gave Goth last week. The only thing that Weck gets is an asskickin, and its one that he should have gotten a long time ago… No, not in the Tags division – but Ive been wanting to get back at the man since he pinned me and I failed to do the job of taking the Global Title.. Yeah I fuckin hold grudges and Ive had this one for a long time and there’s never been any letting it go. Shit stirs inside of me when I almost have something and then I lose it, and that match has been on my mind for a long time, ..and trust me – Vadim and I…uh, “I” had a lot of time to think about it.. My Doc tells me that I need to let all these past feelings go and focus on the future.. Fuck that! That quack doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground yet Tristan pays him hundreds of dollars by the hour for me to sit across the room and answer his pathetic little questions… ..but I should let the past go? What kind of shit is that? I don’t let things go and its shit like that that keeps moving.. its those past confrontations that partially keep me motivated and ready to destroy everyone who wants to stand across from me in the ring. Ive had matches where I should have won against people that Ive never faced – and that’s been my one flaw: to let people beat me when they shouldn’t.

I’d stroll into the match, my head filled with confidence and give less than a-hundred percent, ..and I paid for it. But that was then, ..and now Im back. That wont happen anymore and the day I overlook someone and let them get the best of me is over. Weck gets to walk down the ramp this Monday night against me and I know he’ll prolly be feeling confident, ..if hes aware he has a match…with that shitty little smile on his face and he’ll assume that he can take me down again as he did the last time we faced off one on one… But I’ll laugh at him as I hoist him high up in the Silence and send his body flopping on the canvas like a fish outta water. And from the few minutes that Weck actually did show his face on TV, did you all notice he is STILL worried about what I air on the GWA networks? Did you all notice that he still whined and cried about looking into my life? I couldn’t help but laugh to see that you’re still the same, ..that you haven’t changed one bit. But tell me, what do my promos have to do with the match? Is my TV time gonna win the match for me? ..if it is then I need to look into something different cause getting into the ring and kicking ass is what I do best.. Talkin? Yeah I do a lot, but I don’t know a lot of big words and such – cause I aint the brightest sumbitch in the world. Cry a little more for me Weck cause I think its funny… Really, wouldn’t it be easier to just get Tivo and record my promos and skip the parts you don’t wanna watch?

No, that wouldn’t work – because then you wouldn’t have anything to cry about later when you get on TV, .ya whiny little bitch! ..Weck, maybe you really should take a little more time off – cause the last time I checked I wasn’t the in-ring leader of the Psycho Circus, ..whatever the hell that’s suppose to mean? You’ve been hiding from me Weck because you don’t wanna face me and I think its because you aren’t ready… You aren’t in the same physical condition that you were in the last time we had a match Weck and your fear of me showed when you quickly aired your face on TV. You’re not even concerned with this match Weck and you haven’t learned anything new with your “Zero Talent” statement.. WWOOOAAAHH – you’re a fuckin genius!! Did you come up with that all by yourself Weck!? Maybe we all owe you a round of applause for using the most overstated smack talk to a Zero Tolerance member.. Maybe, just maybe – you’ll say this is “David versus Goliath” since that’s about just as original. Your pathetic Weck, you’ve shown the world that you don’t even care about this match – that you don’t even have a damn clue as to what Ive done in the past month, ..as Ive told the world – or even what Ive done last week in the ring against your former tag team partner. ..oh, but wait – aren’t you the man who says “I pay attention to detail?”

Yeah, that’s what you said but then you say you haven’t listened to one word that Ive said or one thing that Ive done; so how is that paying attention to the details? The one time that you opened your mouth this week you looked like a fuckin fool Weck, ..you made no sense and you showed the world that you don’t have the drive to come into the ring and defeat me. This isn’t gonna be your week Weck, and this damn sure isn’t gonna be your match. You think you can walk back into the GWA ring and take me out? Good, show your cockiness to the world – show them how you aren’t ready to take me on and tell us something about ZT that we haven’t heard a thousand times… You can beat down ZT all you want, but haven’t we heard how Stacy and Cash drug ZT through the mud from everyone the last couple weeks? Sounds like yer just piggy-backing off everyone else Weck; but I think its funny cause I can see that yer nervous and I can see it in your eyes… You know, and I know that your going to lose this week. We both know that at this time, ..that your not capable of beating me and you never, ..ever…will be again. I hope you liked it when Rex, J and myself were gone cause everyone ganged up Cash and Stacy and now those days are over. ZT was never gone and was never weak – it was just that the numbers on our end were low.. and now, all five of us are going to make you – and everyone else – eat the words that you spewed at the name of ZT during the last few months. And now you’re gonna pay and I don’t think your gonna like the pain and torture that I’ll have to put you through, and I damn sure wont be sorry for it.