- Goth vs. Jaymz -


I thought about it in the long nights of the Mexican prison ...thought about all the faces of the pathetic, the weak, .and the spineless people of the Global Wrestling Alliance. I thought of the faces of the men who turned their eyes away from me, the men who shuddered in my presence, the men who’s hearts sank when they read the card and saw that it was them, ..versus Jaymz. I lived my life for fighting, love nothing more than the feeling of the flesh sinking in between my fingers.. Look at this place, the GWA that once thrived under the name of Zero Tolerance seems to bear little resemblance to what I once saw. ...But looking around, I see that Zero Tolerance is still here, ..still alive. The roster is bare, but they got the job done as we always have... and now? Well, now its time for ZT to take on its old shape, its time for Zero Tolerance to reaffirm its self as the top of the wrestling world... Im sure you all would of liked to see me gone forever, and I’m also sure there was cheers, parties and screams of joy when we were takin off in those cop cars..why? you ask? Because everyone loves to see the best leave, they love to see the competition get a little easier and the Tag straps up for grabs. But shits gonna change now, ..I’m a little leaner, a little lighter - but the black fuckin fury that people call my soul needs a feeding, ...and threes nothing better than watching the demise of a breathing human suffering torment at my hands. Im back, Ive got my flag high - the colors are hoisted and the letters ZT stand above any others ..I've told you all before, ..and I dont think that any of you listened to me: Every Sinner Has a Future, and the Future is Zero Tolerance.

Sometimes its like a haze, the dreamy sensation that flows through your head like a creek after a spring rain. ..The rush it gave my body and the feeling of happiness it brought into me was the best thing in the world.. All the problems were gone, all the worries ceased to exist and I didn’t have a care in the world. ..The Doctor though, well sometimes I wondered what hair that dingle berry fell off of. I could tell that he wasn’t real bright, ..in a common sense way that is; with all that Trekky sci-fi shit that hung on his walls like family portraits. His space family, guys with goofy lookin ears and dumbass clothes... But what did I care? Sumbitch gave me what I needed, he gave me the Calm - gave me the waterfall that cascaded through my body and put a smile on my face. ...I didn’t tell my friends, and I wanted to hide what the doctor gave me - but I think they knew because they could see the changes in my eyes... When the creek flowed my eyes were calm, but when the creek was dry they could see the look in my eyes; its was like a storm cloud rolling through the Midwest just waiting to drop a tornado that would tear through everything in its path, ...and that’s what I was like when I didn’t have my gaw'damn pain killers.

Its not my fault though, its not my fault they put us in that fuckin Mexican prison... Them little fuckers, well you wouldn’t believe the shit they do - puttin little kids in jail, ..starvin 'em and never given 'em a chance. They broke my damn arm when we decided it was time to leave - they didn’t agree with our plans but our little vacation had come to and end as far as we were concerned. My arm? Well, Doc fixed it up good after they had to go in and re-break it in a spot cause it took us a fuckin while to get back. ..And that’s when it all started, ..the painkillers. I'd taken 'em in the past, bein in the wrestling business does some fuckin wonders on your body but I never took more than I was prescribed.... but that was then and things have changed. Doc told me this was the end and that the pain should be gone; that my arm was healed and I could get back in the ring... But I wasn’t worried about that, wasn’t concerned with getting back in the ring; I needed to train and get my strength back, ..and its a lot easier with them painkillers. I took the script to the pharmacy and the young blonde put a smile on her face when she saw me - it was fake, but did I give a shit? Fuck no. She was fast and put other people aside to get my shit taken care of; but maybe it had to do with the hundred that I slipped her every time I came in hoping that I could get in her pants at some point and time but she never seemed interested,

..but I aint surprised cause its been that way my whole damn life. I shoved the little bag in my pocket holding onto the pill bottle almost afraid I'd lose it somehow if I let it go.. My hands were shaky, it had been days since my last pill and I looked like a fuckin crack addict in the Tahoe gettin the pill bottle open. I counted em as I always did - makin sure that she didn’t short me one or two, and of course she never would - but I'm addict and addicts make sure we dont get fucked over. I popped two of the little blue Watson’s in my mouth and swallowed 'em dry and at that moment the rain seemed to come and fill the creek once again.. I didn’t need the high, just the fact that I knew it was in my system made me alot happier, calmed me down. Even the cigar tasted sweeter knowing I had my fix, and I had a whole damn bottle of them. I knew there was one problem: in a few days I would run out and the storm clouds would re-appear, ..but that was a few days away, and I wasnt concerned with that at this point and time. I was glad to be back in Memphis though, glad to get back to training and into the ring.. but things have changed, ..changed alot.

The trees were small and had yet to begin to bloom as one by one they seem to greet Jaymz has he pulled the black Tahoe into the driveway of his house. It was a beautiful Victorian structure that had a three car garage to the right with the main structure of the house sitting straight ahead. It was built of a rustic brick and massive windows that seemed to pop out from the house with two fireplaces, one coming from the left side of the house and one in back. There was a huge porch in the back that overlooked the property that he had bought before being shipped to the Mexicans for all those months. Erik Black had gone ahead and finished the house anyway and used it as a show-house since he was even impressed with the way it had turned out, and to him, it was one of the best he had ever built. Jaymz had felt that way too, even though he never planned to mow the yard or take care of the trees it was a lot better than the two other houses that Erik had built him in the past.

He pulled the Tahoe in the garage and closed the overhead door behind him and stepped into the house; the smell filled his nostrils and it was one of a new house, new wood and furniture. It was one of those smells that everyone loved, even a fuckin maniac like Alexi Yaroslav. He double-checked his pocket, even triple checked it just to make sure his painkillers were still inside. Just making sure they didn’t somehow, magically, leave his pocket - the frenzy that would of caused him, ..well... he didn’t even wanna think about that. He kicked his shoes off on the tile floor next to the door way and made his way to the living room where he kicked back on the couch, fondled with his pocket again and pulled the orange prescription bottle from it. He twisted the top off with two fingers and jiggled out two of the blue Watson's in his hand, smiled at them, then dry swallowed. He stared at the ceiling in the empty house, happy to be home - back in Memphis, .. as the waterfall began to pour through his body, and he slowly drifted into sleep.


Ah Hell, ..ya know I think I really missed some of those fuckin faces I saw the other night.. Goth all tied to that post, O’Hara still lookin like the same old moron he always is – and the red pissed off faces of Al and Grinder as they let their boys tend to Goth; all spittin and screamin ..fuckin pointin their fingers around and we couldn’t help but laugh as we watched from backstage.. Yeah, and yall can whine about how we cut from the ring – but the job was done and we did what we wanted to do. ..And I think we did a damn fine job of getting the Elite fired up along with the Circles cause look at the shit that hit the fan since then! We got ZT barred from the ring, all kinds of idiots reffing matches this week and I know damn well O’Hara’s just sittin back fumin over what happened to him. So good, that’s what the fuck happens when ya go runnin around talkin shit about ZT. I’ve heard it, weve been back for a while and Ive watched the shows while Ive gotten back into shape; Ive heard the trash that was spewed to Stacy and Cash, ..and I didn’t like a fuckin word of it. So that shit comes to a stop right now; there’s no more of this ‘Zero Tolerance is dead’ shit and bein’ the lowest stable on the pole. Things are going back to the way that they used to be with Zero Tolerance at the top and this time Kobar comes along for the ride.

So now that weve charged the ZT batteries all yall can go out tonight, have a few drinks to celebrate whatever accomplishment that you may have gotten in the past few months as a group and look upon it as a fond memory. Who the fuck else can come back into the business and on the FIRST DAY have your pay suspended? Be banned from ringside? Barred against attacking any BC members outside the scheduled match and having special refs in your first match just to make sure that we fuckin lose! Of course Zero Tolerance!! Not these little pathetic groups like the Elite, Broken Justice and V-Revolution – or whatever they call themselves – can come in and make shit happen like ZT. We didn’t want to be welcomed back to open arms cause we wanted a bunch of pissed off people and that’s exactly what we did. There’s new faces around here, names that Ive just begun to learn and people that I don’t know – and don’t fuckin care to know either. All they have to know is stay the hell outta our way and you’ll be fine. But I see we have people like Chase Daniels and I got to thinkin we had the Missouri quarterback up here, but that’s the wrong Chase. Others like Lion Heart and Guilty Conscience, new faces and new blood for me to splatter the ring with over the next coming weeks or months.. As you may have noticed I’ve slimmed up a little bit, clothes fit a little looser on me than they did before the trip to Mexico and that’s turned into a damn good thing.

Since weve gotten back and into shape Ive noticed I can move a little quicker and don’t get as tired as soon as I used to…but since I aint no fuckin spring chicken that was the only good thing that came out of the Mexican vacation. Im sure that Im the oldest bastard here and that my years are runnin short in this business but I still got a lot of things that need to be taken care of before these last few years run out on me. Bill Barnheart being one of those; this asshole thought he could just get up and leave Zero Tolerance? Well, that’s what he gets for thinkin but it was time to take the trash out anyway, ..cut off the dead weight. He knew what was happening, he knew his role was a ‘filler’ until things cleared up on the ZT front, ….and when we came back Bill knew his place and understood that he didn’t have what it takes to run with the best… And I aint sorry for usin’ him neither cause that’s just the way shit happens… But I knew Bill had come to ZT and knew when he bailed as we were kept informed on things that were happening back at home durin the little vacation… But now that’s over with and all that we have is ahead of us.. Ya know, I got to thinkin the night before the show, “whos gonna be the first one to get Silenced?” and I assumed we would open the card, they would throw us some bottom dwellers of the GWA to keep all the attention on the Black Circles – but hell no, we pissed everyone off so bad we got them wanting us to go down hard and their gonna fuckin cheat to do it with the reffing!

..But for me? Personally? …I got Goth, I got the one person that I wanted the most… A guy who would love to see me dead and wants nothing more than to rid me of the GWA and never have to see my face ever again… But can I blame him? Naw, Ive been the thorn in this mans side since the day we came to the GWA and I never let up on the sorry sack of shit either. I was thrilled, I wanted to punch a fuckin hole in the wall when I saw I was getting Goth in a match this week… but for Goth? Oh, Im sure he was fired up and ready to fight after the humiliation he had to suffer through… But as the night turned into morning after the rage had passed I bet he damn near shit himself; cause he knows the score and he knows the history that we have in the ring; and that there is his biggest problem with me… Ive been there to laugh in his face after Ive stripped him of his titles, ..to laugh in his face as he got up time after time in defeat. This match couldn’t have come at a better time and the stamp that ZT is gonna leave in the ring at Anarchy is gonna put any questions about our abilities to rest. I know, Im sure we’ll hear lots about ring rust and how its been so long since weve been in live action. But when your as old as me you don’t get that rust; when you wake up every day knowing that this is what you’ve done every day of your life and this is what you were meant for, there is no rust.. That this is my job and its to be done right, we all gotta fuckin make a living and I wouldn’t pick something that I wasn’t good at. Im thinner, moreso than I’ve been in fifteen years and Im fuckin ready to go.

While Goth has had the grind of the Psycho Circus, taking all the bumps and bruises over the last few months… Catching one plane after another to one hotel to the next, ..its grueling. Well, Ive been sitting at home resting up and getting back into shape and preparing for the beating that yer gonna get… Im sure that Goth’s logic wont change any and he’ll assume that all this time off has done nothing but hurt me; but see I train with the best – I get in the ring with Cash, Rex and the rest of the Zero Tolerance to get ready.. Went up against Kobar a few weeks ago and the sumbitch is amazing.. So there aint gonna be no dropoff from me, Im fuckin frothy fresh and fired up as ever to get back into the ring.. I’m tired of fightin with the same ‘ol guys…and girl… and its time to get this movin and back into the ring. So tell me Goth, what’s all changed with you since Ive been away? I assume that life has been a whole lot better without the seven foot shadow behind yer back all the time. That you jumped around in joy when we were taken away from the arena in cop cars? Yeah I’m sure you did and the celebration prolly went on for weeks, ..and maybe you forgot about us? ..I sure hope that you didn’t Goth and I can almost guarantee that you didn’t forget, ..and you never will. Ya know Goth, ..your kinda like the pathetic white trash girl friend… The one that gets smacked around, beatin and abused but you stick around and take it…

Sure, you leave cryin but after the waterworks get shut off you get the courage to come back, ..creep into the door and say ..’hello?’ in a squeaky small voice - only to get your fuckin ass beat again.. Time after time this goes on, but eventually you get smart and come up with a tactic, ..something that only works once and that when the pathetic girlfriend slips into the trailer and get ‘em a good one.. Oh yeah, you run and scream in the streets of the park “I got you – you sumbitch!! How bout now muh’fucker!!” ..And you run on celebrating your victory, …but, ya just cant stay away – just cant let it go and ya come back and we all know what happens. The bitch gets a good beating from the slick move she pulled last time and a little more in advance for any other events that might occur in the future.. And I see ya Goth, yer creepin around the neighbors trailer cause ya see daddy just got outta the pokey and hes back in town, and like a magnet your gonna come in inside and wanna fight, ..and we all know what’s gonna happen. Beating you again is the easy part, …Yes, I know that’s something you don’t wanna hear but we gotta face the facts Goth – lets not pretend that you’ve had a lot of success against me in the ring. The hard part is gonna be getting a fair victory, but fightin off two assholes at one time has never been a problem either. And let me ask ya this Goth; if your so fuckin good – if you’re the king of the world and God of the GWA, ..then why does Grinder have to ref this match?

Why does Zero Tolerance have to be banned from ringside? There’s not a complicated answer to this question, and everyone should know that the answer is: your scared. Not just you Goth but Al, Grinder and the rest of the Black Circles. None of yall want anything to do with Zero Tolerance and just about everything that could be done to unsure that we lose has been. See, there’s no rule that says the Circles cant come into the ring and interrupt the match and infact I’m sure that its being encouraged. ..Cause what can we do? ..Well we cant come to the ring to even out the numbers so its gonna be our asses. …But that’s ok cause it isn’t anything that weve had to deal with before and if I have to fight off the whole damn crew of Circles then Im lookin forward to it. The chance to Silence one Black Circle member after another is the best thing that’s gonna come outta this match besides putting Goth down again and showing him that things haven’t changed one fuckin bit. I know that you expect to see a slow Jaymz, a Jaymz that isn’t ready to step back into the ring yet after having to eat the crap that we were severed in the prisons. Yeah it was bad and the majority of the food never stayed down but after a few weeks your body gets used to the shit they feed and ya just don’t worry about it anymore. Do you expect me to be slow at point of attack? Do you think Im gonna be slow to react to your moves only because you’ve been busy in the ring lately?

I hope you don’t Goth cause I don’t want any excuses when the match is over and the bell has wrung. I want you to get off the mat and mutter, “Im still not as good as the big bastard” as you keep your head lowered in shame. I do know what to expect of your though Goth cause Ive watched you as of late… Ive watched you win, watched you screw up – watched your head reach hot-air balloon size for the Psycho Circus only to have it popped and come out empty handed. I did hear that you succeeded in keeping the value of the Tag Gold up, ..good for you – cause we left in shape when we were takin to Mexico. Those were belts we never lost, those belts had to got into someone’s hands; and since one of them was last touched by me did you consider that a win? Did you feel like you had gotten over on me one good time? I bet you did, you wanted something to hold on to – some way to say that you had come ontop of Alexi Jaymz Yaroslav. Cheap moral victories, ..and those are things that you’ve lived on when you’ve had to face Zero Tolerance in the ring and I guess its gonna be that time against isn’t it? The only problem that I’m gonna have, ..outside being screwed over…is having to wait these long days away until its time for me to hit the ring, the moment that I get to take my time and stroll down and plant my feet on the canvas..

The boo’s will be heard and that’ll keep a smile on my face – the hate that everyone has for Zero Tolerance will all be on their faces and that’s something that Ive missed over these last few months. Just knowing that your surrounded my thousands of people who hate you, the people who throw things at you from behind those barriers and would love to kill me themselves.. I love it, ..and I miss it. Im fuckin ready Goth and the beating that your gonna suffer isn’t like one of the past because Im fresh, ..and when that happens I don’t lose too many matches… Just think back to the day that J and I took the tag belts from you and Fang, ..take that beating you got from me that day and make it even worse. There are no warm up matches for me Goth, I didn’t get stuck with any losers in the first match back in the GWA because the assholes you run with want us OUT! ..And whats even better is they KNOW that we would win the matches, they KNOW that were in shape and were the group to beat… that’s why you’re friends are gonna cheat and do whatever they can to keep Zero Tolerance away from the matches. So does that make you the best they got? Are you the one that suppose to stop the rumblings that weve made last week? ..Is it you that’s suppose to be the one taking away the momentum and fear that weve put in people the other night? That’s fuckin sad Goth, cause Im gonna slap you to the side like the same ‘ol bitch you always was…

One thing aint changed about me Goth, even if I lost both arms and one leg I would still be the cockiest sumbitch youre gonna run across. You know that I don’t accept defeat, that I don’t go into a match thinking that a loss is possible, ..you know better than anyone else that I come ready and I fuckin mean business when I get there. You and the rest of the Circles wanna cut us off before we can ever get started and that’s gonna be the biggest mistake you fools ever made… Weve already dug our trenches and settled in and now you gonna come out and step up? ..Of course you will – cause you wanna put me on the mat for the three count just as much as I wanna rip yer fuckin head off and use it as my hood ornament. You’ve had this one coming to ya for a while Goth and we both knew that when I came back that it was gonna happen again, …and the timing couldn’t have been better. You saw the Zero Tolerance flag raised the other night Goth, you saw the muscle of the GWA emerge – the longest running band of assholes to ever grace the GWA doors come back in full force. Now, heres the problem for you Goth: your forced to succeed. You have everything going in your favor this time around but what can you do with it? Is Grinder going to be enough for you to collect the victory? Trust me, I know when I pin you the three counts are gonna be looonnnngggg and by the time ol Grind’s hand hits the mat for the second time you’ll have kicked out cause Im gonna need a six count to keep you down…

Three slaps of the Grinders hands is gonna take about ten seconds unless I’m the one on the bottom… But the cheating isn’t gonna get it done Goth and if I have to beat you brutally like Ive never done before, ..then that’s how its gonna be. But maybe, I’ll lean close enough, …close enough for my ear to be up to your chest and I’ll hear your heart beat, …slowly…because you wont be able to take much more and I’ll know that Im not done and I may not be done until the beating from inside your chest stops. I wont let up Goth, I wont fuckin stop the beating if you go unconscious, ..cause Im gonna finish you out this time. Im gonna rub you away and cast you to the side like ever other sumbitch whos stood in my way. You all want to hold us back, you want to keep Zero Tolerance from becoming as strong as we were in the past but there isn’t anyone who can do that… No, not at this time. So you and the Circles can try your hardest, do what it is that you all need to do but when the bell rings and the match starts there isn’t gonna be anyone who can stop what we have going for us right now… This is the week that ZT comes back and starts things back off right and its gonna begin with taking the wins home at Anarchy, …and we’ll enjoy watching the pitiful crying and bitching of the fans and everyone else who came to see Zero Tolerance fall apart in their first showing back together again… and that’s fine cause theres nothing I like better than disappointing people… the fans, ..the management, ..and you Goth. The days are gonna drag on Goth cause I cant wait any longer but I don’t have a fuckin choice, …and when the time comes Goth and you find yourself hoisted into the air with the Silence just remember that we own you.….. Zero Tolerance…...owns you.