- The Fatal Elements vs. Zero Tolerance -

Taking Sides

It was a Union that was formed out of hate, a hate for a group of people who believe their on top of the world because they have the Ďhigher-upsí shoved in their back pockets. A Union that was formed between two groups who share the same feelings and want to achieve the same goal and that goal is to destroy the organization known as the Black Circles. The Union wasnít built upon friendly factions who pass each other in the hallway with smiles; it wasnít formed with high fives and pats on the back. But when two groups share the same common goal their differences can be set aside and focused on the task at hand. The Fatal Elements and Zero Tolerance havenít been known to see things eye to eye as the groups have had their battles and the tensions have been tight with each group claiming its victories over the others and boasting those wins back in the faces of the two groups. ..But things change and when the Black Circles hit the ring the common bond was felt between the two groups. ..The Union was formed but the hate is still there and those the two groups will never agree on everything its only one goal their focused on and the Black Circles will die a slow death at the hands of the Union. But can two groups, who hate each other with a passion, be able to work together? Can they put the past matches, wins and losses aside, and work together as a team? As a Union? The Black Circles were built on numbers, not talent, and with these two groups formed as one the Black Circles will fall and the world will see that the power lies not with the management and their pawns, but with the Union between a growing group who hasnít been around the GWA as a long term staple, but a group who has shown they can dominate and become that staple, The Fatal Elements. And the other group, the staple of the GWA and the longest running active stable the industry as ever seen. A stable whoís displayed their dominance, a stable who everyone wants to see fall Ė but never willÖ Zero Tolerance. The Black Circles may believe they have the determination and will to take out the Union, but the two groups form something that the GWA has never had. An alliance was built at Anarchy between the hate and despise for one another but the feelings of the two groups will be focused on the one, ..the Black Circles. The direction of the GWA is about to change, the Black Circles will feel the heat and know their the hunted, ..their ones with the targets on their backs, the ones who built themselves on numbers while the Union built itself on talent to compete with the numbers the Black Circles bring. It was time for a change, and the change has been made Ė and now? Now is the time for the Black Circles to fall

Jaymz stormed back to the Tahoe from the gas station and jumped inside; he tossed the Monster cans into the passenger seat as one of them bounced off into the floorboard. After slamming the passenger door closed he peeled out of the parking lot of Omar's Basic Foods; damn near hitting the blue Taurus that was parked next to him but missing by inches. His nerves were short this morning and he had had it with Omar and his "helllloooo" and "try not to work too hard" bullshit. He was like a fuckin robot and he wouldnít be going there anymore, even though one of the deals Erik had told Omar was that Jaymz would continue to spend his money in there - but not anymore, he couldnít stand the fucker. He jumped on the highway, still sitting in silence as he didnít even wanna turn the radio back on in fear that some crap that he couldnít stand would come on and cause him to swerve into oncoming traffic and kill himself. He weaved around the traffic and cut several people off - but he was late and these Business Snakes wanted to see him in person for the deal to be completed. He took the exit ramp into Memphis after the short trip and ran a few close calls on some yellow lights turning red but he didnít even seem to notice as he worked his way into the center of town and to the Zero Tolerance building. He pulled across the street into the parking garage, pulled out his parking pass and went to his designated spot where the bosses parked, ...but someone was there.

He beat his hands on the steering wheel while he screamed and cussed at the sumbitch who had parked in his spot. He put the Tahoe in park, went to the back and pulled out a chain and dropped it on the trunk of the car with a hard thud leaving a few small dents on purpose. He didnít know what kind of car it was and didnít really care. All he knew is that it was a nice, expensive looking foreign car that was parked in his spot. True, he could have parked in Rex's spot, or Crazy J's for that matter - but the point was, is that this asshole was parked in HIS spot. He pulled the chain off the car and laid down on the ground hooking the chain to the undercarriage then hooking the other end to the huge steel bumper of the Tahoe that he had bought when he got the SUV. Laughing to himself he got back in the Tahoe, angled it right - put it in reverse and hammered the gas. The car lurched up and hit the side of Erik's BMW as it came out of his slot.. He didnít care about Erik's car cause the man had enough money to get it fixed. He laughed to himself again as he got from the Tahoe and took the chain off of both vehicles and this time tossed it in the back seat. He then shifted the Tahoe back into drive and slammed the huge steel bumper into the back end of the expensive foreign car moving it out of the way so he could park in his spot.

He lit up a cigar as he pulled the Tahoe in and put it in park; he stepped out - locked his doors and headed out of the parking garage admiring the brutal beating the ass end of the car had taken. But as he passed it he noticed the front license plate look familiar with three words "Solid Gold Sensation." 'ahh fuck' he muttered to himself, it was Stacy Fuckin Kissingerís car. He rolled his eyes and shook his head and thought to himself, 'well thatís what she gets for parking in my spot!' He shrugged his shoulders as he walked from the parking garage and out into the street. There werenít many people walking the streets and he found it kinda odd - usually the streets were packed right now, but maybe there was some event going on that he didnít know about, ..nor cared. He crossed the street quickly moving from the first lanes as a truck was coming and onto the sidewalk in front of the massive Zero Tolerance building; he took the steps up to the building and the huge glass doors and swung them open walking inside. The main lobby of the Zero Tolerance building was all done in marble and in the very center of the room there was a fountain roughly around ten feet tall and as the water splashed from the top it created a noise that drowned out the talking and murmur of the ZT employees and customers. The security guard at the door nodded to Jaymz and let him go on his own way. He pushed past a few men wearing nice suites and carrying briefcases and over to the elevators where the man working inside stepped out and pushed the button of the destination that Jaymz was taking.

He stepped in, turned around and watched the doors close before the car hit with a sudden jerk before lifting up. It rose to its destination never coming to a stop on any of the other floors as this was the elevator that only Higher ZT Personal could use; moments later the elevator came to a stop with that *ding* sound all elevators had and the doors opened up. The office of Tristan Bale looked more like a house with the white furniture, carpet and walls. He had expensive art draped all over the walls giving off the only color in the room. His secretary sat at her desk with her head down in her arms, ...she was sleeping. Jaymz gave her an odd look as he walked up and tapped his knuckles on the desk; she stirred slightly for a moment and then became still again - he tapped on the desk a few more times and this time she shot up, ...and he backed off. He didnít like the way she looked, her face was horribly disfigured as her nose bent off to the left side at a very un-natural angle; her left eye seemed to be swollen inside of its socket and full of blood; four teeth lay on her desk where her head was as she put on a smile and told him that "they were waiting" as she pointed off towards the main office of Tristan Bale. He didnít understand, Christy was a beautiful lady, but there was something wrong. She had no blood, no bruises and there was no sign of a struggle.

The image of her face never left his mind as he went down the small hallway and over to Tristanís main office; he placed his hand on the doorknob and slowly twisted it open - and there was Julie... Standing inside the office with her hairy legs and dirty night gown that she was wearing. Slobber ran down her face as her mouth hung open with her tongue hanging from one side almost like a dog. Tristan was there, so was Erik, Stacy and the health insurance group that was turning over their business to Zero Tolerance. She turned to face him and he could see that her eyes were pitch black and tearing the skin around the corners of her sockets; and the blood that ran down her cheeks wasnít red - it was black. Julie was back to her old self, no more being held hostage at a hospital or any of that - she was back reeking havoc on the people that she hated most. She took her stare off of Jaymz and looked at the far end of the room which happened to be the west side of the building that had no real wall; but instead it was all window and there Tristan loved to look out over the city of Memphis in the mornings. As Julie stared down the window it began to crack in one place, ..then another, ..and another; until the cracks zigzagged across the massive windows and finally shattered. In an instant wind filled the room sweeping papers from Tristanís desk and sent them flying about the room from one crazy direction to the next.

Julie looked back at her King and gave him a sick smile,..he shook his head 'no' as he knew what she was going to do. She then looked over at Erik, who she hated with a passion for having her committed to the institute, and stuck out a single finger - beckoning him to come to her. He stood up from the chair where they were all sitting and walked over to her; it wasnít a walk that looked like he was doing it himself - it look almost as if he was being pushed from behind by something unseen. He stood next to her and she ran a finger down his chin, to his neck and down his chest. The strong wind coming in from the broken window blew her hair in her face but it couldnít hide the horrible eyes that had taken their place inside of her face. Jaymz shook his head 'no' again as he knew what was about to happen; he looked over at Stacy who was terrified - Tristan who was in shock and the four health insurance members who surely now wouldnít be selling their company to Zero Tolerance. Their hands shook out of fear and no knowing what this girl was doing, or who she was exactly. She took Erik by the hand and led him over to the window that looked out, and down, to the city of Memphis below. She held out her hand, palms up, out the window - Erik looked up as his feet slid on the glass and his body took a lurch towards the window. He didnít want to move, and he tried not to but the unseen ...thing...that pushed him from behind gave him one more huge shove as he let out a yell. Jaymz ran across the room and dove, but it was too late - he missed Erikís hand by several inches. Stacy screamed as did several of the health insurance men. Jaymz laid there on his stomach looking out at the sky knowing that he had missed him friend, that he was no dead because of Julie. He rolled over on his back and looked up at Julie


9:28 a.m. The morning after Anarchy Julie was standing over him as he laid on the floor of his house... He grabbed her leg out of anger and tossed her across the room of the unfinished house; she hit the wall with a hard thud and sunk down to the floor. He stood up and wiped his eyes clearing them of the sleep that he had just awoke from. He didnít like this, not what Julie was doing. She was taking his life and turning it into dreams, taking things that really happened and adding her own final touches. He had gone to the office that day after leaving Omar's gas station before getting on the place and heading to Anarchy to polish off Staniak.. He had fucked up Stacy's car, and he had met with the Insurance Group people - and the sale had gone through. Julie was never there, Erik never died all they wanted Jaymz and Stacy for was to sign a few autographs for the insurance men who happened to be fans of theirs. And that burned Jaymz' ass; they didnít want his business opinion on things, they just used him to get the deal signed. Julie stood up from the floor, gave him an odd look and ran upstairs - falling once and hitting her left knee hard but she seemed not to notice.

He put on his leather jacket as the mornings were getting cooler and stepped from the house and sat on the porch. Thoughts rolled through his mind, ..he hated what Julie was doing to him - he wasnít sure what was real and what wasnít.. He knew that she hated Erik and this was the third dream this week that she had sent him in which she had managed to kill the man... But, he might even kill himself once he saw that they had teamed up with the Fatal Elements as a sort of Union bonded by their equal hate for the Black Circles. Yup, Erik and Tristan would be pissed - they had been left out a deal, ..but hey? They couldnít bitch could they? ..They had left Crazy J, Rex and himself out of several important decisions that impacted who they worked with, ...so now - now they were even. It was then that his phone rang, he pulled it out of his pocket as he sat on the front porch and looked at the number, ..it was Erik - and there was no doubt in his mind that he was fired up about the Union and that he wanted to meet with the guys, ..and girl...to talk about it


I wasnít a believer in the words that rolled from Staniakís mouth last week and I damn sure hope that he wasnít a believer in that trash he spoke either. It didnít matter how mad that he was, or how pissed he was about losing the Global Title Ė and it damn sure didnít matter that he tried to convince me that he was the better man. I told Stan time and time again that I was the better wrestler and I had shown that to him in out past matches when he failed repeatedly; but did this man listen to me when I told him that nothing had changed? Did he listen to me when he acted as if I had become washed up and torn down since our last match? No, ..he didnít. And Stan paid the price for that. We suffered through mixed results last night at Anarchy as it wasnít the most successful event that weve ever been a part of; we had a chance to gain a few belts and let them slip through our fingers, but on the other hand it was A.P. Feight who felt the wrath of Zero Tolerance and Crazy J showed him that nothing has changed since he had retired; and maybe, ..just maybe, Crazy Jís ass kickin he put on Feight will make him stay retired this time around. Yeah, he thought he could come in and get an easy win over Crazy J since he hadnít been in the ring for a while as Crazy J fights week after weekÖand Feight was wrong. Maybe Feight was still a little upset about the shit that happened a few weeks ago when we popped from the ring floor as he was waiting for his asskicking at the hands of the Black Circles.

But we accomplished what we had set out to do at Anarchy last night and that was to form our Union with The Fatal Elements, ..and we shocked the world. Were hated by the fans, the media and our own peers so when we met with these men it didnít go over real smoothly but se settled our differences for the time being and decided to work as a whole, as a unit. We knew that if we teamed up with the Elements that we would have a hand up on the Black Circles and destroying them would make it that much easier. ÖThey came to the ring and did they get in? Did they manage to come in and save Jade Dragon from the hands of Crazy J and Mason Storm? No, because in that one event weve already shown the muscle that we have Ė that were not merely numbers as the Circles are; but that we get by on our skills and our talents. We didnít let them inside as we formed a wall and let J and Mason do their work on the former Champ, a fraud who couldnít even win a match after taking home the Global Title. Lucky for her the Title wasnít on the line but Im sure shes feeling the pain of the beating that she took last night. We knew that when our Union surfaced that it would take some heat and that the bosses would do whatever they could to destroy it, ..and so here we are in a Fatal Elements versus Zero Tolerance match. And the fun doesnít stop there, ..the assholes, ..er-uh,,,the bosses are the ones thatíll be the refís and their little Black Circles friends will be the ones on the outside as the lumberjacks.

..Can we smell screwjob coming here? Yeah, ya damn sure right that something is gonna happen with these assholes at ring side. And we all know theyíll be there with smiles on their faces just waiting for one of us to fall from the ring cause they knows its their only chance to inflict a little damage on us, ..theyíll let us wear each other down, fight until theres nothing left Ė and thatís when theyíll strike. Thatís when the Black Circles will do their dirty work, ..and if Al and Grinder manage to get in my way durin the match then its gonna be lights-fuckin-out for those assholes and I donít give a damn if the match gets thrown out for it, and I know my ZT brothers will feel the same way.. But you see what their trying to do? They wanna break us apart before we even get started; we have their numbers matched and now we can see the fear in their eyes as we formed our UnionÖ But this Union isnít gonna break for a match, it isnít gonna go all to hell just because they wanna see us beat the shit outta each other, ..naw it donít work like that. This week, we fight each other Ė and should the assholes as ringside decide to step in then its time that Union forms back up and we fight as one.. But until that happens itís the Fatal Elements versus Zero Tolerance, ..and Iíll tell ya Ė I donít have a damn problem fightin these guys cause I still donít like Ďem and Iíll still enjoy putting the beating down on the Fatal Elements as weve done in the past..

These boys know what were capable of and they know standing in the ring with Zero Tolerance isnít a very healthy way of moving your wrestling career forward. Ive been in the ring with Mason Storm and Pain and I know them, especially Pain, better than most people in the GWA.. Ive had my battles with them and for the most part, ..well, its been Zero Tolerance thatís come out on top and I donít think thatís gonna change this week. I donít know much about Owen Idol or this Kayser guy, but I do know that Rex isnít too damn happy with this Idol guy who managed to defeat a Zero Tolerance member in his first try, ..so Iíll give him credit for that Ė and I hope that he enjoyed that win over Rex because its going to be his last; ..and he was one lucky sumbitch to get that win over Zero Tolerance in his first try. Maybe hes getting a big head, maybe his ego is a little inflated after the win, ÖI dunno, but that typically seems to happen when someone gets a win over us Ė and why is that? ..its because we dominate, its because we donít lose very often and the world cant stand to see it when we win. And the men who collect these few wins treasure them as something they can look back to over a course of several years and pin-point it as a Ďbig win.í ..And this happens because were the best, because were the ones that everyone wants to beat Ė yet they cant.

Things are changing around the GWA and its not the Black Circles that are on top, ..its not the Fatal Elements, ..its the same group that everyone hates, the same group thatís been here and staked our claim in the GWA organization. We were never a group that thrived on numbers of members win our wars and our history has shown that; its something that the Fatal Elements have learned the hard way. And I know what you all will say, ďIf Zero Tolerance is on top then why did you guys team up with the Elements?Ē ..And its because their numbers are too great, thereís simply too many of them to fight off at once. Split Ďem half, and weíll beat ĎemÖ Then give us the other half, ..and weíll beat them too. And its because we use the talents that we have, the experience that we have in the ring and knowledge of the sport. Theres a reason that weve outlasted EVERYTHING thatís been thrown in our way, ..and there isnít a damn thing thatís gonna change that. I donít like it that we have to fight these men of the Fatal Elements this week even though I hate them, ..I would rather focus my energy on the assholes whoíll be at ringsideÖ But thatís fine, they want us to run through each other just to get a piece of them, Öso let them have it that way, cause there isnít a damn thing thatís gonna stop this Union from coming together and fighting the Black Circles until theres nothing left of Ďem.